J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 103

Auction Ends May 1, 2018

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Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-268


Lot 1 STAG IXL George Wostenholm, Sheffield  jumbo Exhibition knife, genuine stag handles, 4 1/2” closed length, long pull nailmarks that extend all the way through the tang (one of the indications of vintage English exhibition knives, per the grandson of the IXL Exhibition manager). Mint, long pull, the beautiful black polish that was obtained on lead faced wheels. ( rel x3348) Minimum bid    $800.00

Lot 2 IXL Pearl George Wostenholm, Sheffield Real Cattle knife Exhibition knife. A 3 5/8 inch cattle knife with a magnificent etching, reverse frosty etching reading, "The Real IXL Cattle Knife", pieced pearl handles with a metal spacer in the middle, exhibition knife.  ( rel x3349) Minimum bid    $750.00

Lot 3 IXL Horn Cattle Knife etched "The Real IXL Cattle Knife". Mate to the pearl handled knife in the lot above. 3 5/8 inches closed, reverse frosty etching reading, "The Real IXL Cattle Knife", Horn handles. Mint plus. Exhibition knife.  ( rel x3350) Minimum bid    $550.00

Lot 4 Wester Bros 4 blade bone handled congress, Germany, one of the finest makers to ever produce knives in Solingen. 3 ½ inches closed. Deep jigged bone, curved bar shield, step down nickel silver bolsters. Even the small blades are long pull. Anchor and star marks on the reverse of each tang. ( rel x3351) Minimum bid    $300.00

Lot 5 Griggs handmade wood Daddy Barlow, Johnson sheath. The only folder marketed through the Randall catalog, and a former Randall employee. Lockback, and with an inlay of an auditorium guitar. Mint, but sheath shows some carry ( rel x3355) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot 6 William Rodgers, Sheffield, England wood handled coffin Bowie in a presentation case, fileworked tang, guard, and blade back, fancy etch "United States the land of the free and home of the brave protected by her noble and brave volunteers," and "American's ask for nothing but what is right and submit to nothing that is wrong." long rounded end escutcheon. “I cut my way” is in a semi-circle on the reverse tang. This is a post-1890 Bowie, most likely done during the Freddie James era in Sheffield, who did a lot of repos in Sheffield in the 1960's. Still a bona-fide English Bowie no matter what the era. Unused, a few specks on the front and a couple of serious splotches of rust on the back. 14 ½ inches overall, with a 9 ¾ inch blade. ( cho x3138) Minimum bid    $175.00

Lot 7 ONE OF A KIND CASE Knife from the personal collection of R. N. Farquharson, former President of Case. 3547 FIVE blade stockman, comes with a copy of the original letter for Farquharson describing the knife and how it was made as a prototype and declaring it as a one-of-a-kind. Mint. ( awt x3099) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot  8 Case Tested 94062K Salesman's Sample. Marked on the back of the blade with fold out corkscrew, Knife from the personal collection of R. N. Farquharson, former President of Case. Pen blade is also marked Tested  MINT  There is documentation from Faquharson to the current collection owner.  ( awt x3103) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot  9 Case XX (1945-65) C61050 extend bolster coke bottle folding hunter, reddish bone handles, very minty. ( jfm x3087) Minimum bid    $150.00

Lot 10 Dale Warther stacked leather washer handle miniature Bowie (½ scale of their Smithsonian Bowie,  in a presentation box made for the Western Reserve Cutlery Association in 1984, 8 ¼ inches oal with a 5 3/8 inch blade, complete with dovetailed copper blade catcher. MIB Only 50 were made, 40 with the leather washer handle. Mint. ( cho x3187) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 11 Randall Model 12-6, rough back Johnson sheath, round stag handles, brass guard, mint.  ( cho x3161) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot  12 Randall Collectors Club leather washer handled knife, CC on back of the sheath, # 92, 9 inches overall, 4 ¼ inch blade, stacked leather washer handle with brass guard and pommel, mint. ( cho x3158) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot  13 Randall Model 12-6, Rough back Johnson sheath, ivory micarta with color scrimshaw by Rick Bowles of a bluejay and flowers, The blue has faded a little and the yellow of the micarta makes the blue jay actually look green, a testament to the age of this one. Mint, stainless.  ( cho x3156) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot 14 CR is the marking on this wood handled hidden tang Bowie,a big 15 ½ inches overall with a 9 ¾ inch blade, tooled leather sheath, brass guard, some light specks but unused. ( trw x3150) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 15 Wilcox handmade skinner, crown stag handled, basketweave leather sheath, 7 inches oal, 3 1/2” blade, blasketweave leather sheath,  mint.  ( trw x3147) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot  16 RCM marked Handmade burl wood drop point with finger groove, 9 inches overall with a 4 ¼ inch blade. 6 pins, straight tang, white liners, leather sheath. MInt ( rpt x3036) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 17 Randall metal handled fillet knife, no sheath, low excellent condition ( rpt x3038) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 18 Four metal flake handled vintage knives, all from the same material, Three are Western States Boulder, Colo,one is Western, Boulder, Colo.  Two are shadow pen knives, one is stamped “Carlsbad Cavern” ( aes x3001) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot  19 Coleman/Western stag handled Westmark commemorative in a glass presentation box produced in 1984 to celebrate the purchase of Western Cutlery by Coleman. Outdoor scene etched on the blade and gold etching “Two Great Names, One Great Knife”. MIB ( aes x3002) Minimum bid    $75.00

Lot 20 Two Buck fixed blades from their Custom shop, cut outs in the blade of Running deer and Elk, burl wood handles on one, slab handles on the other with laser cut scene cut into the handles, both MIB. ( aes x3003) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot  21 Pair of Western States, Boulder, Colo vintage knives. Bone handled 3 blade cleaned to exc, and cracked ice celluloid Birdseye, with “Harry Brink” on the back handle, exc plus. ( aes x3004) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot  22 Two knives, Schrade-Walden pre-1972 staglon handled fish knife with bail, marked “Stainless Steel” on the blade, and a 32094 Small fish knife, modern. Both mint.  ( aes x3005) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 23 Three Buck Knives. Buck 110 Wild Bill Hickock with gold etched blade, Buck Master Guard #455 thumb opener, and MiniBuck Tool #350. All MIB ( aes x3006) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 24 Super Etched Western States. Butter and Molasses 3 blade serpentine with the rare Buffalo head etching, mint. ( aes x3007) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot 25 Two stag handled knives. Queen 1981 stag handled big cigar knife, mint, and a Remington made R106 Swell end with crest shield that was a second, as the Remington mark has an X stamped in it. (No visible flaws in the knife that I can tell) Otherwise both mint. ( aes x3008) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 26 Pair of Western USA knives (Colorado era) S-522 laminated wood lockback with pheasants etched on the blades, and a long staglon handled lockback 542 with an “E” date stamp. Sheath is used. Knives are mint. ( aes x3009) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 27 Western USA W49 Bowie knife, laminated wood with wall plaque, (no sheath) Mint except for some storage spotches. No sheath,  “S” brass guard. Mint except as noted. ( aes x3010) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 28 Two Western USA Delrin handled knives (Colorado Era) one blade locking liner trapper with Raccoon etching, and small 3 blade serpentine with grooved bolsters. Both mint.  ( aes x3011) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 29 Unusual Western States red handled easy open slim trapper with the handle stamped, “Western Fish Knife”, Blade has been heavily cleaned to low exc. ( aes x3012) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 30 Four Western “53X” series lockbacks. 534 unetched clip blade with laminated wood handles and an “F” date stamp; 534 laminated wood with a clip and and a “D” date stamp, 532 spear blade with “Western” etch and an “A” date stamp, and 533 with Mallards and black handle with diamond shield “C” date stamp.  ( aes x3013) Minimum bid    $120.00

Lot 31 Pair of yellow handled Western, Boulder, Colo USA trappers, both exc condition, one with plain handles, the other with a bomb shield. ( aes x3014) Minimum bid    $38.00

Lot 32 Two Western USA Colorado era lockbacks, S522 with phesants, laminated wood, vinyl snap pouch and color box and a 542 long lockback in leather sheath. Date stamps are C and F ( aes x3015) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 33 Two limited edition USA made knives, Buck 709 Pony with etched blade and matching presentation box, and Western 513 laminted wood lockback with turquoise shield, and presentation box. Both are mint. ( aes x3016) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot  34 Three German made Puma knives in boxes, thermoplastic lockback, metal handled 4 star lockback, and bone handled stockman. All mint.  ( aes x3017) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 35 Pair of Puma German made stockmen, one with white composition handles, the other bone, both MIB> ( aes x3018) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot  36 Two German Wedmannsheil knives. Both with deep jigged bone handles made to resemble stag, one a swell end lockback, the other a large 4 ½ inch lockback canoe. Both MIB. ( aes x3019) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 37 Pair of Western States, Boulder, Colo vintage knives, Butter and Molasses handled 3 ½ inch swell center whittler, and pyremite handled 2 blade physicians knife 3 inches long. Both excellent ( aes x3020) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot  38 Two Western S lockbacks, laminated wood handles, S522 with Phesant etching, and S521 with bobcat etching. Both mint. ( aes x3021) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 39 Two large Western USA lockbacks, both with “E” date stamps, 541 and 542, one box. Mint ( aes x3022) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot  40 Pair of Buck Lockbacks made in 1988 honoring the 25th anniversaries of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter and the 112 Ranger. Both MIB ( aes x3023) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 41 Two Western USA Colorado era lockbacks, black composition handles, S533 with Mallards and S531 with etched blade with “A” date stamp, 2 leather sheaths and color boxes. Mint. ( aes x3024) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 42 Three modern era Remington knives, Six blade Scout bullet R3843, 1996, three blade delrin handled stockman near mint, and yellow handled shooters knife with a choke blade. Two boxes.  Mint except as noted.  ( aes x3025) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 43 Three Western USA knives (Longmont Era) three blade stockman 6504 with “E” date, smaller serpentine #657, and #445 three blade pen knife with an “A” date stamp, all with delrin handles, MIB. ( aes x3026) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 44 Pair of Case knives, modern era, one box, 62131 and 6347 sh sp. Bone handles on both, mint. ( aes x3027) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 45 Pair of Case 61096 tiny toothpicks, one deep cut jigged bone made to resemble stag, and Kentucky bluegrass bone with arrowhead shield Limited Edition and so etched, both MIB ( aes x3028) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot  46 Pair of modern era Case bone handled knives, MIB. 6318 and 6232. ( aes x3029) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 47 Two Puma 4 star folders, one handled in genuine mother of pearl and jigged red bone. Both MIB ( aes x3030) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 48 Pair of Western lockbacks, 521 with bobcat etching and spear blade and F date stamp, dropped point with pheasant model 522 with a “D” date stamp, both with laminated wood handles, colorful boxes, naugahyde "Western" marked pocket sheaths ( aes x3031) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 49 Three Western USA knives, three blade serpentine #657, two blade serpentine #652 and #292 peanut with an “F” date mark, all with delrin handles made to resemble bone, mint.  ( aes x3032) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 50 Pair of Official Boy Scout knives in original tubes. (No end caps for the tubes), Ulster USA delrin handled large 4 blade, and Camillus NY three blade blue delrin cub scout knife.  ( aes x3033) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 51 Pair of Western USA knives, (Colorado Era) Trapper with jigged delrin handles (no date stamp) and one blade trapper with "A" date stamp, locking liner, delrin handles. Both mint, one box.  ( aes x3034) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 52 Benchmark Blackie Collins thermoplastic Rollox Stiletto, etched "1st Prod Run "94" on blade. Mint in original box.  ( aes x3035) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 53 Camillus Cuda push on button and blade flips open (not a switchblade), etched, "First Production Run", tanto blade, G10 handles. MIB ( dcc x3037) Minimum bid    $25.00

Lot 54 Paul Knife, First model by Gerber, stainless handles, in original box., #1 stamped inside backstrap,  (Hinge on the box is broken) Knife is mint.  ( dcc x3039) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot 55 KaBar USA large hunting knife, #1207, stacked leather washer handle, Mint in original box with original paper blade protector sleeve, mint. Made when Kabar had their factory operating in Olean, NY ( dcc x3040) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 56 Gerber Series II Model 2 Paul knife. MIB, composition handles ( dcc x3041) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 57 Spyderco Spyderwrench. USA marked. Old style white box, mint.  ( dcc x3042) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 58 Pair of Case leather sheaths ( rpt x3043) Minimum bid    $1.00

Lot  59 Two Paul knives produced by Lone Wolfe during their brief tenure, Both marked "First Production Run" and come in metal tins and original box. Pauls Pocket Folder in wine micarta and Paul's Perfecto in ivory micarta, Some tears on the outer boxes. Knives are mint.  ( dcc x3044) Minimum bid    $70.00

Lot 60 Al Mar 4x4 tool knife, with leather sheath. MIB ( dcc x3045) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 61 Pair of Knives. GT Knives folder ATS34 steel with half serrated blade, and Meyerco Lightknife Yukon Pro. Both MIB ( dcc x3046) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot  62 Pair of SOG knives. Paratool and Flash II, both MIB ( dcc x3047) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 63 Benchmark , Hunting Classics SOS hunter half serrated. Metal blade cover fixed blade, with hex wrench slots in the handles, etched, "Bench Mark Knives First Production Run by Hunting Classics, Ltd. Jan. 1992" MIB ( dcc x3048) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 64 Three Kershaw locking liner knives, Scallion assisted opener, Lee Williams designed OD-1, and a Starkey Ridge model. MIB, USA made ( DCC x3049) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 65 Pair of plier knives. Leatherman Super Tool and Gerber Multiplier. Both MIB ( DCC x3050) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 66 Two Buck knives, B437 Revolution and a B730 X-tract. ( DCC x3051) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 67 Two knives, Sog Revolver fixed blade, and Outdoor Edge Swing Blade, both MIB ( dcc x3052) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 68 Pair of knives, Benchmade AFCK folder and Buck Twin Peaks folder ( dcc x3053) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot  69 Pair of Case knives, Case USA (1965-70) 06263ss bone mint, and modern "Eisenhower" R05263 MIB. ( cho x3339) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 70 Two German knives, Boker red bone Chickasaw one arm man #85 and Hen & Rooster 3 1/8" pearl handled 4 blade, marked Bertram Cutlery on tang reverse, Hen & Rooster marked on all blades. Both mint ( cho x3340) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 71 Two knives made fo the Western Reserve Cutlery Association Expos. 1996 Sarco Lil Whittler, and an Old Cutler for their 1997 Expo. While 85 of the latter were made this is one of two known that were made with brass bolsters instead of nickel silver, per the consignor. ( cho x3341) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 72 Three Columbia River Knife & Tool knives, two are tools, ZillaTool and Guppie, plus and Ignitor folder. (Note on the Ignitor: The assisted opener requires you push DOWN on the thumb stud to release the knife). All MIB. ( cho x3342) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot  73 Pair of Customized knives (2 knives in this lot, please be sure to look at both photos) 6201R handled in abalone, fileworked overall, marked on the liner, "BI 91", and a 6220 peanut with abalone handles, fileworked everywhere, marked on the inside liner by "JW". Both mint. ( cho x3344a) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 74 Pair of vintage Case knives, Case XX (1965-70) 9279 SHAD, cracked ice handles, mint, and Case USA (1965-70) 6208 near mint. ( cho x3337) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 75 Three throwing knives, Parker-Edwards made in Jacksonville, AL Arrowhead throwing knife, and two Rigid, all there all metal design. Each is different. Rigids come in sheath all are mint and unthrown. ( dcc x3334) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 76 Case USA (1965-70) 54052, exc ( jfm x3061) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot  77 Case XX (1945-65) 6254 Bone trapper,excellent ( jfm x3062) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 78 Case XX (1945-65) 5254 stag trapper, cleaned to excellent ( jfm x3063) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 79 Case XX (1945-65) 6375 bone, mint ( jfm x3064) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot  80 Case XX (1945-65) 6245 bone, buffed on front side only, near mint plus ( jfm x3065) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 81 Case USA  (1965-70) 5488, reddish tint to the stag but greenish on the corners. Unusual, exc/near mint. ( jfm x3066) Minimum bid    $70.00

Lot 82 Case USA  (1965-70) 6296x bone  Citrus, unused, near mint. ( jfm x3067) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 83 Case USA  (1965-70) 5383 Whittler, near mint ( jfm x3068) Minimum bid    $70.00

Lot 84 Case XX  (1945-65) 6165 SAB, cleaned to near mint but you would think it was mint at first glance unless you were looking at it under a lighted magnifier. ( jfm x3069) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 85 W. R. Case & Sons (1905-1920) 6116I (I is for iron bolsters) Rare, very good ( jfm x3070) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 86 Pair of one of the rarest knives, Greenskeeper knives, 4247K, USA and 10 dot, both near mint. ( jfm x3072) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot 87 Case XX (1945-65) 9220 Peanut, mint but tiny bit of handle pull ( jfm x3073) Minimum bid    $25.00

Lot 88 Case XX (1945-65) 6111 ½ L, almost mint ( jfm x3074) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 89 Case XX (1945-65) Muskrat, Green Bone, low excellent ( jfm x3075) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot 90 Case XX (1945-65) 6220 Rough Black, near mint, a few spots ( jfm x3076) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 91 Case Tested XX (1920-1945) long pull 6226 green bone jumbo peanut, very good ( jfm x3077) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 92 Case XX (1945-65) 6220 peanut, bone, mint ( jfm x3078) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 93 Case XX 6380 (1945-65) Carpenter whittler, banana bone, cleaned to exc ( jfm x3079) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot  94 Case XX (1945-65) 3185 Doctors knife, minty ( jfm x3080) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 95 Case XX (1945-65) 62055 Rogers green bone. Mint. ( jfm x3081) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 96 Pair of Case yellow handled knives, Case XX (1945-65) 3185, Case USA  (1965-70) 3347, near mint except for the handle shrinkage. See photo. ( jfm x3082) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 97 Case XX  (1945-65) bone 2 blade citrus, 6296x mint except for a crack at the front corner ( jfm x3083) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 98 Case Tested green bone(1945-65)  62086 1/2 LP, 2 blade Physicans knife, cleaned to near mint. ( jfm x3084) Minimum bid    $75.00

Lot 99 Case Tested 6220 LP Peanut  (1920-1945) long pull with diamond shield, green bone handles. Very good, rivet crack on the back handle. ( jfm x3085) Minimum bid    $35.00



Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-268