J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 103

Auction Ends May 1, 2018

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Lots 200-268


Lot  200 Case Tested Mint PB1050 coke bottle folding hunter with slide out blade, imitation onyx handles. ( cho x3199) Minimum bid    $120.00

Lot 201 Queen City modern era stag handled trapper, mint. ( cho x3200) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 202 Case Tested hunter with imitation onyx celluloid handles, with sheath, mint. Appears to be an M15 pattern. ( cho x3201) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 203 Beautiful Jackson, Freemont, Ohio patriotic razor. Relief stars and stripes on the ends and colorful eagle on the imiation ivory handles, mint. Deluxe box fits but not is original to the knife.  ( cho x3202) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot  204 Cattaraugus Orange Blossom whittler pattern with abalone handles, full blades and mint except for some storage specking. Also has a long fold out nail file blades not opened in the photo as I do not want to put too much stress on the springs but putting them in a strained unnatural position. ( cho x3203) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 205 Ulster Knife Co. wood handled folding guard lockback folding hunter, full blades, exc. RARE ( cho x3204) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot 206 KA-BAR Dogshead coke bottle folding hunter, cracked ice celluloid handles, near mint. 1920's era. ( cho x3205) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 207 Case 6488 1972 (8 dot) 6488 congress with pretty reddish bone handles, mint. ( cho x3206) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot 208 Case 6488 1972 (8 dot) 6488 congress with pretty reddish bone handles, mint. (Different knife than 207) ( cho x3207) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot  209 Robeson Shuredge USA strawberry bone Daddy Barlow, mint.  ( cho x3208) Minimum bid    $70.00

Lot 210 Case USA stag Bulldog, MIB, marked "Handmade in USA" on reverse of the tang. ( cho x3209) Minimum bid    $150.00

Lot 211 Super fixed blade marked "Utica Knife & Razor Co, Utica NY and underneath that "Czechoslovakia" long blood groove like a Marbles Ideal, nice jigged bone handles, leather sheath. Knife is near mint. ( cho x3210) Minimum bid    $75.00

Lot 212 Marbles Vintage Trailmaker, leather sheath, stacked leather washer handle, cleaned to near mint.  ( cho x3211) Minimum bid    $200.00

Lot 213 Early Gerber Mark 1 boot knife, metal handles, old white cardboard box, brochure included describing about how slow Gerber knives are made, #049298. Mint with a light speck. ( cho x3212) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot 214 Remington pre WWII stag handled fixed blade, leather sheath, shaped stag handles, hiddent tang. Exc.  ( cho x3214) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot  215 Olsen Knife Co. HC MI (Howard City, Michigan), stamina wood, brass guard, original sheath and box (sheath is embossed with Olsen). Mint. (Note: Olsen also made some of the 1972 era Colt hunter knives) ( cho x3215) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 216 Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett jigged bone sunfish with double pulls, cleaned to near mint.  ( cho x3216) Minimum bid    $150.00

Lot 217 Western States Cutlery, Boulder, CO flip over lockback on a a coke bottle folding hunter with extended bolsters, match striker nail mark, saber ground, cleaned to exc. Plus. (Tang mark is near impossible to read, although the "Boulder, Colorado" part of the tang is visible.  ( cho x3217) Minimum bid    $150.00

Lot 218 KA-Bar Knife collectors club clasp knife with bear scene under clear celluloid handles, made in 1990. MIB ( cho x3218) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 219 Marbles well used Woodcraft, stacked leather washer handle. Low vg ( cho x3219) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 220 Pair of high quality Japanese made knives, A. G. Russell Catarugus bullet lockback, mint, and Parker Smooth Bone lockback whittler etched "I can did Gold from Quartz" mint except for a crack on the front rivet (see photo) ( cho x3220) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 221 Pair of Kabar company imported knives. KA-LOK patented lockback with wood handles and Khyber with white bone handles and top notch scrimshaw. (Knife made by Khyber, bought by a scrimshander and sold to demonstrate the scrimshaw work.) ( cho x3221) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot  222 Marbles Woodcraft with bone handles cut to resemble stag, made during the Marbles revival era when they tried to reestablish knifemaking in Gladstone, Michigan. American made. MIB. ( cho x3322) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 223 Marbles Woodcraft with smooth wood handle, made during the Marbles revival era when they tried to reestablish knifemaking in Gladstone, Michigan. American made. MIB. ( aes x3323) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 224 Westmark (Western Cutlery Longmont) delux hunter 703. USA Made, in fancy presentation box, mint except for some tarnished brass that had the green crud on it.  ( aes x3324) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 225 IXL Schrade-Wostenholm wood handled lockback, hallmarked nickel-silver bolsters, jigged red bone handles, gift boxed. Mint. ( aes x3325) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 226 Puma Germany Hunter Companion, stainless, stag handles, MIB ( aes x3326) Minimum bid    $45.00

Lot 227 Puma Germany White Hunter II, stainless, stag handles, MIB ( aes x3327) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 228 Puma, Germany Bowie II, stag handles, MIB ( aes x3328) Minimum bid    $65.00

Lot  229 Matched set of Series 54 lockbacks by Western, limited etching and gift boxed with laminated wood handles and staglon (delrin). MIB ( aes x3329) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 230 Large Westmark (Western, Longmont era) fancy hunter, #701, laminated wood handles with aluminum pommel, mint except for some green gunk tarnish on the handles, otherwise MIB ( aes x3330) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 231 Westmark (Western, Longmont era) fancy hunter, #702, laminated wood handles with aluminum pommel, mint except for some green gunk tarnish on the handles, otherwise MIB ( aes x3331) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot  232 Marbles 100th anniversary of incorporation gold etched commemorative, bone jigged to rsemble stag handles, mint. Does not come with a sheath. MIB ( aes x3332) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 233 Pair of German metal handled gents knives, larger one is marked .800 sterling Jowika, Germany. Gold color handle is a Henckels, both with leather pocket sheaths. ( sbt 10140) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 234 Quartet of four Hen & Rooster Solingen, German metal handled pen knives, handles have some machining designs on them, 3 1/4" to 2 3/4", extremely well made with exceptional polish. nice. ( sbt 10141) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 235 Three Voss Cut. Co. Germany throwing knives, house in a single sheath, 7 1/2" oal, 3 7/8" double edged blades, different color handles or blue, green red, mint except for some age specking. ( sbt 10154) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 236 Smith & Wesson 6060 folding hunter, mint but no sheath or box.  ( dct 10165) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot  237 Blackhawk 219 Crucible II tactical folder, button lock, thumbstud opener, MIB ( fmn 10220) Minimum bid    $25.00

Lot 238 Unusual round wood handled knife with matching sheath. Blade is crap but the fitting are nice with some unique wire inlay. Logo looks to be a P facing a reverse P but not familiar with the maker. 7 1/4" oal, 3 1/2" blade. Matching wood sheath.  ( jdm 10243) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 239 Pair of knives made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club, Queen made 2 blade fish knife with winterbottom bone handles, and Case locking liner mid hunter made in 2004 one of 70, 6.51265SAB . Both mint ( tgg 10247) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 240 Pair of Waltcraft, Japan knives. Walcraft was a brand of knife salesman Walter Peabody, who created innovative designs and had them made on contract under his private brand in the 1950's. Metal handled is 5 blades, 3 5/8" closed with machined metal handles, the wharncliife shape has imitation ivory handles, with bail, 3 1/8" closed. Both mint. ( lin 10255) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 241 Case California Gold Rush folding hunter, with gold colored jigged bone handles, in presentation box.  ( fmcd 10277) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot  242 Pair of tool knives. Pro-Worker II squared up knife claiming 18 tools, MIB, and  Richards folding corkscrew (works like a balisong with backsprings, three blades, both MIB. ( dcc x3333) Minimum bid    $10.00

Lot 243 Fancy English knife with exception etching. A. J. Jordan, Sheffield, England, etched, "Graley Blade, Must Not Use for Wood", long pull blade, wood handles, some pitting but exc plus. Only one of these I have seen in 40 years in the business. ( rel x3343) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 244 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched "Everlastingly Sharp", button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. ( rel 78-DSC_0191 rel  78-DSC_0204) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 245 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (rel  78-DSC_0204) Minimum bid    $20.00

Lot 246 Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack.    ( rel 78-DSC_0185) Minimum bid    $5.00

Lot  247 Becker Knife & Tool, BK-15 brown ballistic cloth sheath and kydex sheaths, blacked blade, g10 handles,  ( rel x3336) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 248 Marbles Trout Knife, 5 5/8 inches overall, 2 inch blade, original and vintage, no sheath, exc plus. ( cho x3338) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 249 Case Pearl Harbor Gunboat 3 blade in Genuine Mother of Pearl handles, 500 made.  ( fmcd x3345) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 250 Case Bird Knife 523- 3 1/2. Old style colorful box. Knife is mint, box is in great shape, but the foam underneath has crumbled and is no longer there.  ( rel x3353) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot  251 Three Smith & Wesson Knives, 1st Responder with spring loaded glass breaker, all one piece metal throwing knife, and Viper folder with half-serrated blade. All MIB. ( dcc x3335) Minimum bid    $30.00


Lot 252 no lot

Lot 253 Buck Brian Yellowhorse 110 folding hunter, channel inlay of semiprescious stones and gems, eagle in front of a butte, worked bolsters, Mint in wood presentation box ( bwa x3358) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot 254 Buck Brian Yellowhorse on a 112 pattern, eagle inlay, turquoise and other semiprecious stones, worked bolsters, mint in wood laser engraved box ( bwa x3359) Minimum bid    $85.00

Lot 255 Buck Dave Yellowhorse California Golden Bear on a 112 folder, bear inlay. Metal plate, no box. Mint ( bwa x3360) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot 256 Buck 110 Brian Yellowhorse, "Wolf Tracks II, 12 of 50 made, fancy worked bolstesr, and darkened worked blade. Mint.  ( bwa x3361) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot 257 Buck 112 Bull Rider, made by Yellowhorse Custom Knives, wood presentation box. Mint. ( bwa x3362) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot  258 Group of four items, channel inlay, Kabar, Two imported knives, and a nicely done money clip, all with turquoise, and other inlays such as ironwood, all knives are mint.  ( bwa x3363) Minimum bid    $30.00

Lot 259 Case '65 folding hunter with Brian Yellowhorse's magic worked on it, worked bolsters, worked bolsters, fancy handles, mint. ( bwa x3364) Minimum bid    $90.00

Lot 260 Three lockback folders all with turquoise and other stone in channel inlay designed. Knives are Bear Hunter brand (imported) all mint. ( bwa x3365) Minimum bid    $25.00

Lot 261 Pair of boxed limited editions. The Coal Miner on a Pine Knot three blade stockman with Coal Miner silver round and 4254 trapper with white composition handles for Alan Kulwiki. Both MIB ( fmcd x3366) Minimum bid    $35.00

Lot 262 Buck 111DY Limited edition by David Yellowhorse Bear Mountain folding hunter, channel inlay with ironwood, turquoise and other, design in bolsters, mint, in laser engraved wood presentation box. ( bwa x3367) Minimum bid    $100.00

Lot  263 Dave Yellowhorse United lockback, channel inlay of running dear, lot of turquoise in the handles. Mint in presentation with Yellowhorse emblem on the lid mint. ( bwa x3368) Minimum bid    $60.00

Lot 264 Case '59 pattern Thunderbird with channel inlay, laser engraved wood box. Produced in the 90s, looks a lot like Santa Fe stoneworks craftsmanship. ( bwa x3369) Minimum bid    $50.00

Lot 265 Buck lockback (close to a 500 size) with fany inlay, by Brian Yellowhorse, worked bolsters mint. ( bwa x3370) Minimum bid    $70.00

Lot 266 Case Brian Yellowhorse peanut in presentation box, worked bolsters, running horse inlay. Mint. ( bwa x3371) Minimum bid    $40.00

Lot 267 Brian Yellowhorse bear inlay with worked bolster, 110 size, mint in presentation box. ( bwa x3372) Minimum bid    $80.00

Lot 268 Case abalone handled Saddlehorn on a 62100 pattern, dolphin inlay, worked bolsters, mint in Case presentation box.  ( bwa x3373) Minimum bid    $120.00


Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-268