J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 110

Auction Ends Thursday, June 4, 2019

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.

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Lot 1 Jess Horn stag handled folder, drilled for lanyard, #190, 3 5/8" closed, 6" open. (lmi X-295) Minimum bid $450.00

Lot 2 George Herron lockback folder, handmade, handled in the exotic wood known as pick ivory. This African hardwood is protected and only felled by a very limited permit. It was the royal tree of the Zulu, and only members of the royal family were allowed to possess it until the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879. THe Zulu king and chief carried a pink ivory knob kerry, as well as wearing jewelry made from pink ivory. 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/4" open, Mint. (lmi X-294) Minimum bid $400.00

Lot 3 Paul Fox, Hickory, NC handmade pearl handled lockback with blue anodized titanium bolsters, dovetailed bolsters, 3 1/4" closed, 5 5/8" open. (lmi X-237) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 4 Paul Fox pearl handled folder, anodized titanium bolsters that curve, slant, and are dovetailed, 3 1/8" closed, 5 3/8" open, mint. (lmi X-183) Minimum bid $400.00

Lot 5 Horn jigged bone serrated folder, front lock, marked HORN, this knife is the same design that he released to Spyderco in their C27 model (which are marked Spyderco). #008, has an "S" to the right of the number. (lmi X-292) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 6 Claude Montjoy abalone handled folder, sliplock, fileworked blade back and backspring, deep dovetailed bolsters, 3" closed, 5 1/2" open, knife has been sharpened and carried, near mint. (rdm X-129) Minimum bid $110.00

Lot 7 Howser ATS34 two blade, deep jigged bone handles, hand rubbed finish, sharp grind lines, crest shield, 3 5/8" closed, 7" with one blade open. Has a Bose technique feel to it. (rdm X-130) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 8 Claude Montjoy pearl handled folder with brushed finished blade and bolsters, grooved bolsters, with the tiniest hint of a dovetail, 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/2" open, top quality by one of the best South Carolina makers (according to most of the South Carolina makers I know. (rdm X-131) Minimum bid $110.00

Lot 9 Steve Hill nice lightweight folder, locking liner of engine turned anodized titanium, wood handles with silver wire inlay, ruby topped thumbstud, fileworked screw heads, and fileworked end spacer. Constructed to be made without a backstrap. Sweet little knife, 3 1/4" closed, 5 7/8" open mint. (rdm X-137) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 10 D'Holder, Phoenix, AX handmade ironwood handled lockback folder, engraved bolsters with some pitting on the edge of the engraving. Drilled for lanyard. D' is a former President of the Knifemaker's Guild and designed many knives for Schrade USA. Dovetailed bolsters, 4 5/8" closed, 8" open, mint. (lmi X-170) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 11 KAS, Ken Steigerwalt handmade ironwood handled lockback, handmade, thumbstud opening, nice false edge on this early Steigerwalt. Fileworked backspring, 4 5/8" closed, 8" open. (lmi X-174) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 12 Wayne Valachovic Damascus folder, handforged bolsters and blade, fileworked, taillock with leather lanyard with a Damascus bead, fileworked. 2 3/4" closed, 5" open, mint. (lmi X-220) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 13 D'Holder handmade iornwood handled folder, engraved bolster, fileworked, drilled for lanyard. 4" closed, 6 7/8" open. (lmi X-226) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 14 Frank Centofante, Tampa, FL marked lockback folder, jigged bone handles. Early mark by the legendary President of the Knifemaker's Guild during its heyday. 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/2" open, mint. Hand rubbed finish. (lmi X-229) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 15 Ron Gaston Woodruff SC handmade stag handled sliplock folder, hand rubbed finish blade and bolsters. Sliplock. Dovetailed bolsters, 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/4" open. Mint. (lmi X-231) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 16 Tommy Lee Gaffney, SC Walrus handled folder, dovetaied bolsters. Walrus ivory is readily identified by the pithy appearing center part of a walrus tuck. Visible on the handle in this knife. Some shrinkage has moved the handle out of alignment with the dovetailed bolster, no space but doesn't align perfectly. Fixer upper... (lmi X-232) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 17 Bill Cheatham, Phoenix, AZ stag handled small lockback. This Knifemaker's Guild long time maker was a police officer received a devastating arm wound in shootout, and after much therapy was able to come back and make knives again. 2 7/8" closed, 4 5/8" open. mint. (lmi X-238) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 18 Doyal Nolen horn handled lockback folder, fileworked bolster and liners. 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/4" open, mint. (lmi X-290) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 19 Lloyd Hale well used hunter, brass guard, hidden tang, stag handle, spacers, very early, no sheath, excellent. Round pearl inset into the pommel. 9" oal, 4 3/4" blade. (rhh X-188) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 20 K. R. Johnson warthog tusk Damascus folder, locking liner, fileworked backstrap, 4 1/8" closed, 7 1/2" open, fileworked inside, anodized titanium thumbstud topped with a tiny piece of the handle material, mint. (rdm X-340) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 21 Chuck Hawes Handmade all Damascus one blade trapper, 1095 and 15n20 steel, plus a bit of bomb fragment, originally sold for $250 per buyer's notation, one piece Damascus handles and blade, 4 1/4" closed. Mint. (lmi X-047) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 22 Chuck Hawes Damascus 2 blade muskrat, 2 backsprings, Damascus bolsters, appears to be mammoth ivory handles, mint. (lmi X-072) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 23 Chuck Hawes Big Bear pattern handmade sheep horn handled Damascus double edged Bowie, 140 layers of 1080 and 15n20 steels, 416 stainless guard, no sheath, straight tang, 14 3/4" oal, 9 3/4" blade. Mint. (lmi X-101) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 24 George Muller, Heidelbert, GP ATS 34 handmdae locking liner folder with wart hog tusk handles, thumbstud, 4 3/8" closed, 8" open. Mint. (rdm X-127) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 25 W. Stoddart, Cincinnati, jigged bone handles handmade moose, 4 1/8" closed, has been carried and used, so exc. (rdm X-128) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 26 Jeff Cover smooth stag grayish bone, dovetailed bolsters with liner, sliplock, handrubbed finish, 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/4" open, mint. Handmade. (rdm X-132) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 27 Cory, Hamilton, MT handmade taillock, 4 7/8" closed, 8 1/4" open, dovetailed bolsters, sheephorn handles, blade is mint, bolsters are scratched up a little. (rdm X-133) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 28 Nowland handmade folder, jigged green bone handles, dovetailed bolsters, lockback, mint but not top quality finish. 4 1/8" closed, 7 1/4" open. (rdm X-134) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 29 F. J. Dilluvio handmade locking liner folder, dated 2007 on the backstrap, anodized titianum fileworked loners, dovetailed Damascus bolsters, G10 handles, Damascus blade with thumbstud, 4 5/8" closed, 8 3/8" open, mint. (rdm X-135) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 30 Cleland knives, Ohio lockback folder, long bolster, 3 3/8" closed, 5 7/8", fancy celluloid handles. Only way to say is the fit of the backspring/liners, and back finish leaves much to be desired. Bolsters appeared heavily buffed, so near mint. (rdm X-136) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 31 Hard to make out the script signature of the maker, appears to be Dan E or Ren E with a dagger. Probably wrong but when your signature is that hard to read perhaps you might consider making it more readable for your logo or expect to continue having your name misspelled. The knife: Locking liner with wood handles, 4 4/5" closed, heavy duty construction with thimbstud, 8 1/8" open, mint. (rdm X-138) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 32 Nowland two blade jigged bone trapper, dovetailed bolsters on each end, smooth round shield, red bone handles, 2 blade, mint, 4" closed, 7" open. (rdm X-139) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 33 Mel Fassio, Bonner, MT jigged red bone handmade lockback, dovetailed bolster, long wharncliffe blade, 3 7/8" closed, 6 7/8" open, mint, brass bolsters with a loose fit. (rdm X-140) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 34 Jeff Angelo, South Africa unusual handmade folder with the frame, bolsters, and backstrap all appearing to have been made from a single piece of anodized bead blasted titanium. Appears to be wart hog tusk handles, well made and mint. 3 1/2" closed, 6 3/8" open, mint. (rdm X-141) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 35 Cliff Polk handmade two blade with black horn handles, 3 3/8" closed, 6" open, slant bolsters, two backsprings with a center liner, mint. (rdm X-142) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 36 Dunlap canvas micarta sliplock folder, bomb shield, bolsterless birdseye style, 3 3/8" closed, 5 7/8" open, mint. (rdm X-143) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 37 Alsdorf, '07 sliplock swell end pearl handled handmade folder, diamond shield, nice touch of brushed finish handrubbed tang and blade etch, but bevel is mirror polished. Well done, 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open. Mint. (rdm X-144) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 38 Webb big frontlock folder, fileworked back and blade back, long bolster, stamina wood handles, 4 7/8" closed, 9" overall, has been carried and used, grind lines on the blade are rough, excellent. (rdm X-145) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 39 Cargill handmade stag handled folder with his patented sidelock bolster lock, leaf shield, mint. 4 1/2" closed. Extremely hard to unlock when opened and not a valid reason for returning. (lmi X-164) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 40 Cargill handmade stag handled folder with his patented sidelock bolster lock, leaf shield, mint. 3 5/8" close. Extremely hard to unlock when opened and not a valid reason for returning. (lmi X-165) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 41 Ray Cover handmade smooth white bone handled lockback, fileworked blade back, dovetailed bolsters. ATS34 steel, slick! (lmi X-166) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 42 John Fuller handmade horn handled lockback small folder with engraved bolsters. Screw on handles. 2 3/4" closed, 4 5/8" open, with a Fuller marked zip up pouch. Mint. (lmi X-167) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 43 Mickey Maddox Ringgold, Ga handmade lockback, ivory micarta handles, thumbstud opening, aluminum dovetailed bolsters. Mickey is a teacher, and trained under Ron Little. 4 1/2" closed, 8 3/8" open, mint. (lmi X-168) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 44 Syd Davis, Richmond Texas handmade frontlock folder with color deer scene scrimmed on ivory micarta, curved dovetailed bolsters on each end, 4 3/8" closed, 8" open. Mint. (lmi X-169) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 45 Mickey Maddox Ringgold, GA handmade jigged bone handled sliplock folder, spear blade. Marked on the back 244cm, 4 1/4" closed, 7 1/2" open mint. (lmi X-171) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 46 Bob Conley, Jonesboro, TN handmade buffalo horn handled lockback folder, with dovetail bolster with decorative spacer. #8403 on the back of the tang, 3 1/2" closed, 6" open. (lmi X-172) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 47 Tommy Lee Gaffney SC handmade ironwood handled lockback with Damascus blade. 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/4" open, mint. (lmi X-173) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 48 Steve Fecas handmade oosic handled folder, sliplock, hand rubbed bolsters, black liner, 3 7/8" closed, 6 3/4" open, mint. . (lmi X-175) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 49 John Fuller, Douglasville, GA handmade pearl handled locking liner folder, anodized titanium bolsters and liners, engine turned liners, thumbstud opener. 4 1/4" closed, 7" open. (lmi X-177) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 50 Ray Cover stag handled handmade folder, dovetailed bolsters with a red spacer, sliplock, hand rubbed finish, 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/4" open. Mint. (lmi X-179) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 51 Paul Meyers ironwood handled small lockback, #250, engraved bolsters, slant bolster, #250 (lmi X-181) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 52 John Fuller handmade lockback, sterling silver liners and bolsters, engraved bolsters by David Perdue, black lip pearl, slant bolsters, 2 3/4" closed, 4 5/8" open. Mint. (lmi X-187) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 53 Lee Benchmade lockback hunter with ironwood handles. Tommy Lee's Benchmade knives were still 100% handmade, but rather than do all the work himself he would hire other local knifemakers to do much of the assembly work, some well known makers in their own right. 3 1/2" closed, 6" open, mint. (lmi X-189) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 54 Orvis, made by Kelgin, (Ken Largin) wood handles small hunter with brass guard, fileworked. 5 5/8" oal, 2 1/2" blade, leather sheath. (rhh X-190) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 55 Wilton handmade dagger, brass guard and pommel, two piece stacked handle, bone and smooth stag. Leather sheath 9" oal, 4 3/4" blade. Nm (rhh X-194) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 56 Morseth ivory micarta boot knife, spacers, nickel silver guard, AG Russell Era, leather sheath. (Knives from this era were made for AG but Bob Dozier, Tom Maringer or others). 8 1/2" oal, 4" blade, some cleaned tarnish toward the tip. (rhh X-198) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 57 Harold Corby, Johnson City, TN wood handled early hunter, no sheath. Sculpted maroon micarta handles, straight tang, 9 1/4" oal , 4 3/4" blade. (rhh X-210) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 58 H. T. Scruggs, Augusta, GA wood handled hunter with finger groove, straight tang, leather sheath, 11" oal, 6" blade. (rhh X-211) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 59 Norman Levine pearl handled lockback folder, dovetailed bolsters. Norm was an engineer at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL in addition to making knives. He was one of the first to use ball bearing on the blade actions. Front lock, 3 7/8" closed, 6" open, black liners. mint. (lmi X-215) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 60 W. T. Fuller stag handled front lock, fileworked. W.T. lost a hand in an industrial accident, and it was said by one outdoor writer that WT made a better knife with one hand than other makers did with two. Dovetailed bolsters, 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/2" open, mint. (lmi X-216) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 61 Bob Cargill handmade folder, locks with his patented bolster lock, engraved bolsters by George Sherwood, coffin shaped bolsters on each end, 3 1/4" closed, 5 3/4" open, pearl handles, mint. (lmi X-217) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 62 Norm Levine handmade horn handled frontlock, fileworked blade and backstrap, 3 3/8" closed, 6" open, mint. (lmi X-219) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 63 Steve Fecas handmade lockback with sculpted bolster/wood handles, and shield, ironwood. 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open, mint. (lmi X-221) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 64 Chuck Hawes handmade Damascus folder, mokume bolsters, pearl handles. Sliplock. 3" closed, 5 1/2" open, mint. (lmi X-222) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 65 Doc Hagen handmade wood handled interframe lockback, some basic filework on the backspring, 2 7/8" closed, 5 1/4" open, mint. (lmi X-223) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 66 Mickey Maddox's handmade version of a trapper, stag handles, dovertailed bolsters. Fileworked liners, dovetailed bolsters, 4 3/8" closed, 8" open (master blade) Mint. (lmi X-225) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 67 Bob Conley, Jonesboro, TN handmade folder featuring curved, engraved bolsters, ivory micarta handles with a scrimmed rose in color by Burdette, on both sides. 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/8" open. Mint. On back of tang 8303. (lmi X-227) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 68 Guthrie engraved bolster handmade folder, micarta handles, engraving is marked, "ONE", appears that the bolsters and liners are integral. Sliplock, 3 3/4" closed, 6 5/8" open, mint. (lmi X-228) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 69 John Fuller handmade wood handled 2 blade on the baby bullet pattern. Unused but early and edge is not finely ground. Dovetailed bolster, drilled for lanyard, 3 1/2" closed, mint. (lmi X-235) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 70 Jeff Cover folder with black micarta handles made for the Lake Michigan chapter of the AECA, dovetail bolsters with red spacer, 3 3/8" closed, 6" open, mint. (lmi X-236) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 71 Joe Prince black lip pearl folder, South Carolina maker, dovetailed bolsters, 2 3/8" closed, 4" open, mint. This is 1/2 of a pair, but will be sold singly, see lot 73 for the same pattern in gold lip pearl. (lmi X-239) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 72 BUD stag handled miniature (lmi X-291) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 73 Joe Prince gold lip pearl with black liner folder, South Carolina maker This is 1/2 of a pair, but will be sold singly, see lot 71 for the same pattern in black lip pearl. (lmi X-243) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 74 Mickey Maddox handmade sliplock folder with river pearl handles. Fileworked liners, dovetail bolsters, 3 3/4" closed, 7" open, mint. (lmi X-244) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 75 R. L. Welling Grand Haven, MT handmade subhilt fighter, brass fittings, handle is stacked wood, coral and mastadon ivory handles, exotic leather sheath, mint. 13" oal, 7 3/4" blade, (gkga X-264) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 76 R. L. Welling Grand Haven, MT handmade horn handled hidden tang fixed blade, stacked handles with ferrule area of red and nickel silver stacks, sheath with concho on it, 15 3/4" oal. 9 3/8" blade. (gkga X-265) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 77 Joe Flourney Mastersmith Mastodon ivory Damascus Bowie, hidden tang, some stress cracks and one long crack, no sheath. 15 1/4" oal, 9 3/4" blade. Please check local laws, there are some states which prohibit even the purchase of mastadon ivory. If it is illegal in your state do not bid on it, we cannot ship it to you there. (lrga X-266) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 78 Shane Mastadon Ivory finger groove mosaic Damascus guard and blade, 11 1/4" oal, 6 1/2" blade (lrga X-267) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 79 Ruana Bonner MT, stag handle, dovetailed aluminum guard and pommel, flap leather sheath, no "M" on the mark, 8 1/2" oal, 4" blade, unused, sheath shows some carrying, (rhh X-269) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 80 Rare piece of cutlery history. First the story. The consignor watched Bill Moran doing a forging demonstration at an old Blade show in the 1980's. At the end of the demo, he was taking to Moran and asked him what Bill was going to do with the blank, and Moran gave it to him. He had Moran autograph the blank, and will attest to the above with a letter. Not a complete Moran, but ANY Moran is better than no Moran! (jcf X-102) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 81 Howard Viele Tactical folder, carbon fiber handles, anodized titanium liners, 5" closed, 9" open. Mint. (lmi X-214) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 82 Mike Zscherny handmade sliplock, stag handled one blade, fileworked liners, 4 1/4" closed, grooved bolster, crest shield, hand rubbed finish. (lmi X-218) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 83 Blackjack, Effingham, Ill 1-7 stacked leather washer handled hunter. MIB. (lmi X-104) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 84 Blackjack, Effingham, Ill 1-7 stacked leather washer handled fighter, double brass guard. MIB. (lmi X-105) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 85 US military bayonet, black composite handles, UHF mark with a 1943 tang date, with fiberglass sheath, excellent/ near mint overall, (lmi X-055) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 86 Henry Sears & Son Prussia massive Tom Thumb sleeveboard sunfish, 3 7/8" closed, 6 3/4" open, double pulls, fiber handles, full blades, exc plus. Prussia marked knives date pre 1918. Prussia was dissolved at the end of WWI. (lmi X-224) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 87 Schrade USA made 51OT, also called the Big Timer, with sheath and wood grained box. Mint, although the shield has a stain across it. During the USA made era this was a short lived knife. 4 3/4" closed. (lmi X-001) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 88 Fight'n Rooster 1992 one of 100 Ohio Sunfish, double pulled, bowtie shield, imitation pearl handles that are pulling a tiny bit. Mint. (lmi X-002) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 89 Fight'n Rooster 1990 Pearl handled sunfish, made for the Fight'n Rooster Cutlery Club, double pulls, bowtie shield, a it took a chuck of large pearl to make this one. (lmi X-003) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 90 Fight'n Rooster double pull sunfish, stag handles, bowtie shield, mint. 1990's. (lmi X-004) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 91 Fight'n Rooster Ohio Sunfish 1991, 1 of 100, green celluloid handles that are pulling a bit and some tarnish around the bolsters, Mint with a speck or two, double pulls, bowtie shield. (lmi X-005) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 92 Pair of Kissing Crane stag handled knives, baby butterbean with dates stamp 2825XV and swell center whittler 2735XIV. German made, both mint. (lmi X-006) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 93 Western USA 062 two blade folding hunter, "A" dating stamp (1970's) delrin handles, Western stamped sheath, mint. (lmi X-007) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 94 Case green striple on white bone trapper, MIB. (lmi X-008) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 95 Bowen Bullet. Before the 1982 Bullet reproduction series was even considered, there was the Bowen Bullet, made to the same specifications as the 1123 Remington Bullet, with "Authorized Reproduction" stamped on the tang, MIB. (lmi X-009) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 96 Rare Bowen Bullet. Stag handled version of the 1970's era repo Remington bullet, with "Authorized Reproduction" on the tang. Produced by Bowen Knife Co. MIB. (lmi X-010) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 97 Pair of Fight'n Rooster three blade fishtail pattern knives, multi-color etched blade, made in 1992 in a quantity of 200 for the Fight'n Rooster International Cutlery Club. One is stag handled, the other is genuine pearl. Both mint. (lmi X-011) Minimum bid $60.00


Lot 98 Case muskrat with mammoth tooth handles (genuine), engraved bolsters, presentation boxed, mint. (lmi X-012) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 99 Schrade USA 858OT jumbo stockman. This is a very rare knife. When this knife was introduced there were 1000 knives of the initial issue that were etched, "Made for Collectors" with a note explaining the low quantity inside the box. The knives were mixed in with the regular orders, so there was no way to to determine who got them. Schrade hoped to stimulate collectors that were hunting Case knives to do a similar hunt for these specially marked Schrade knives--but it never happened. This is the first one so marked we have ever offered--as most were used as the buyer didn't take the time to read the insert. Comes with leather Schrade marked sheath and original box. Mint. (lmi X-013) Minimum bid $55.00



Lots 1-99

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