J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 111

Auction Ends Thursday, July 16, 2019

Bidding begins July 10.

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.

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Lot 1 Jess Horn stag handled lockback folder, handmade, mint, by one of the legends of knifemaking, #247 with an "S" on the reverse of the tang, flawless hand rubbed finish, 3 1/8" close, 5 3/4" open, mint, drilled for lanyard. (XI-328- lmil) $500.00

Lot 2 George Herron pearl handled interframe folder. Sliplock, 3 1/8" closed, 5 3/4" open, Hall of Fame member Mr. George did not make a lot of folders, and even fewer smaller versions like this one. Mint. (XI-327- lmil) $350.00

Lot 3 Howard Viele Tactical folder, carbon fiber handles, anodized titanium liners, 5" closed, 9" open. Mint except the liner lock does not pop over dead center every time you open the blade. (x-214- lmil) $80.00

Lot 4 TED is the only mark on this large doubled edge Bowie, coffin hilt with white composition handles held with eight pins, guard is engraved, comes in a wood fitted coffin shaped box, mint. 13 3/8" oal, 8 1/4 blade. (XI-319- rhh) $150.00

Lot 5 Chuck Hawes dagger, Damascus guard and blade, unusual all metal handle. 1095-203E 96 layer twist guard + blade, Pure copper handle with John Smith Enameling on it, only the second by Hawes with enamel. No sheath, 9" oal, 4 3/4" blade. Sold in 2010 for $1400.00. (XI-326- lmil) $80.00

Lot 6 Case 6488 Tested long pull green bone congress. This knife in mint condition holds the record price paid for a Case knife, $14,300.00. One of the resons is that one had salesman numbers faintly visible on the back and was pristine mint, the only such knife know. This one is not mint but it is a good, honest, RARE knife. Sheepfoot blade is very good, spear blade is low excellent, you look at the photos and judge for yourself. (XI-111- lmil) $350.00

Lot 7 IXL Wostenholm & Son Washington Works stag handled spear point Bowie, fancy stamped guard and pommel with floral motif, leather veneer gold embossed sheath with metal throat, bar escutcheon. Full blades but a lot of deep patina, low excellent. Same stamp on both sides of the blade, 11" oal, 7 1/8" blade. (XI-247- bev) $350.00

Lot 8 Bill Bagwell handmade "Hells Belle's" Bowie, wood handle that is cracked the length of the handle, otherwise mint. Sheath marked too, from one of the four founding members of the American Bladesmiths Society. 17 1/2", 11 5/8" blade, (XI-104- bht) $300.00

Lot 9 IXL George Wostenholm & Sons, Washington Works Civil War style stag handled Bowie, leather veneer gold embossed sheath marked IXL, tip, throat, and frog intact, spear point with a saber grind, excellent overall. Nice touch is the escutcheon that is engraved, "Fred to Joe". Blade has about 15% wear with some pitting, chip missing on the back handle, very good. (XI-245- bev) $300.00

Lot 10 Wayne Valachovic handmade Damascus taillock folder, with Damascus bead on the lanyard, fileworked liners and rope filework on the backspring, fileworked blade back, Slant Damascus bolsters, and mastodon handles. (Check local laws to be sure it is legal to own mastodon ivory in your state before bidding please). 4 5/8" closed, 8 1/2" open. mint. (XI-057- lmil) $160.00

Lot 11 Ron Gaston, Woodruff, SC handmade mastodon ivory handled sliplock, dovetailed bolsters, and the beautiful Gaston hand rubbed finish, 3 7/8" closed, 6 3/4" open, ivory rides a tiny bit higher than the bolster, mint. (XI-062- lmil) $150.00

Lot 12 IXL G. Wostenholm & Son Washington Works, Sheffield, thick spear point Bowie, saber ground, slab stag handles with oveal escutcheon, nickel silver guard. Excellent, no sheath. 11 1/2" oal, 7" blade. Civil War era. (XI-249- bev) $150.00

Lot 13 Harrison Bros & Howsen Sheffield, Cutlers to Her Majesty" marked double edge Bowie, stag handles, bar escutcheon, straight guard, excellent wit nice even overall patina except for a few pitted spots near the tip and on one edge (see photo). No sheath. 12 1/2" oal, 8" blade (XI-250- bev) $150.00

Lot 14 John Fuller engraved lockback handmade folder, 4 1/8" closed, 7" open, dovetailed bolsters, mint. "S" stamped on the back. Sturdy spring to unlock. (XI-017- lmil) $60.00

Lot 15 Chuck Hawes Damascus folder, sliplock, 3 3/4" closed, mokume bolsters and beautiful black lip pearl, comes with zip up case, mint. (XI-018- lmil) $75.00

Lot 16 Cuck Hawes fancy locking liner folder, with filework. Mosaic bolsers, black lip pearl handles, Damascus blade with a distinctive temper line, well done. 3 5/8" c;psed. 6 1/2" open. Mint. (XI-023- lmil) $100.00

Lot 17 Chuck Hawes large pearl handled Damascus coffin pommel bowie. Damascus guard and pommel, plus wavy Damascus blade, fileworked tang tapered with red lined spacer, and fileworked top of the blade. the top of the blade, 1095 x pure nickel x 1095 x 203E mixed 3 bar twist, rewelded and twisted--reverse twist pattern, no sheath. 13" oal, 8" blade. (XI-027- lmil) $150.00

Lot 18 Chuck Hawes Pearl handled Sunfish, mosaic Damascus blade and bolster, anodized titanium liners with some rudimentary filework on the liners, 4 1/4" closed, 7 1/2" open, nice fiery pearl in a hard to get size. Mint. (XI-059- lmil) $110.00

Lot 19 Mickey Maddox engraved lockback with thumbstud opener, stag handled, half dagger front also sharpened (i.e. 2 1/2" sharpened false edge), 4" closed, 7 3/8" open, mint. (XI-061- lmil) $85.00

Lot 20 L. J. Sampson well made lockback folder, engraved bolsters by B.C., fileworked, jigged bone handles with dovetailed bolsters, mint. 4" closed, 7 1/4" open. (XI-100- lmil) $120.00

Lot 21 Boggs fancy handmade Bowie, wood handles, coffin hilt, sculpted guard, nickel silver fittings, oval escutcheon on ironwood handles, and comes with a magnificent nickel silver sheath. Mint. 15 1/8' oal, 10 1/8" blade, on reverse of tang "038.002", hidden tang. Frog is in shape of a heart. (XI-120- rhh) $160.00

Lot 22 Bob Dozier New York Special handmade, G10 handles with finger groove, straight tang, sharpened false edge, sculpted kydex sheath mint 8 1/4 oal, 3 3/4" blade. (XI-341- bht) $70.00

Lot 23 Bob Dozier handmade boot knife, G10 handles with finger groove, straight tang, double edged, kydex sheath mint. 7 1/4" pal, 3 3/8" blade (XI-342- bht) $70.00

Lot 24 Richard Rodgers handmade black micarta handled hunter, drilled for lanyard, leather pouch sheath, mint. Well executed hand rubbed finish, 6 3/4" oal, 3 1/8" blade. (XI-134- bht) $60.00

Lot 25 Two knives, one sheath fits both, CS is the mark, cord wrapped skeleton handle, and micarta (5 3/4" oal, 2 1/2" blade, skeleton is 6 1/4" oal, 3" blade. Mint (XI-329- lmil) $65.00

Lot 26 Dick Atkinson Wausau, FL micarta handled fileworked lockback with mother of pearl insert on each side. 3 3/4" closed. Thumbstud opening, mint, mady for the Soy Knife Club in 1994, 1 of 10. (XI-258- lmil) $55.00

Lot 27 Bob Conley, Jonesboro, TN engraved sheephorn lockback, filework gimping on the lock and thumb rest, nice hand rubbed finish. Mint. (XI-261- lmil) $150.00

Lot 28 Bob Cargill handmade canoe with leaf shield, both spear blade match, mint except for some tiny specks. 3 3/4" closed (XI263- lmil) $85.00

Lot 29 Mickey Maddox, Ringgold, GA ironwood handled handmade sliplock, 3 3/4" closed 6 3/4" open, dovetailed bolsters. (XI-014- lmil) $40.00

Lot 30 W. T. Fuller (One Hander logo-W.T. lost his hand in an industrial accident and still made very good knives) handmade front lock with jigged bone handles. (His and Harvey McBurnette's front locks were the inspiration for the Al Mar early frontlocks). 3 7/8" closed, 7" oal. (XI-015- lmil) $60.00

Lot 31 Mickey Maddox stag handled handmade sliplock folder, dovetailed bolsters, mint. 3 3/4" closed. (XI-016- lmil) $40.00

Lot 32 Chuck Hawes, Weldon, Ill handmade micarta handled hunter, straight tang, pouch leather sheath, mint, lightweight, copper pins, 8 1/2" oal, 4 3/8" blade. Mint. (XI-020- lmil) $40.00

Lot 33 Schneider, Claremont, IL small bone handled hunter, straight tang, pouch sheath, mint 4 3/4" oal, 2" blade. (XI-024- lmil) $35.00

Lot 34 Chuck Hawes large stag handled Damascus camp knife, stackled washer ferule, brass guard, hidden tang, mint. 14" oal, 8 1/2" blade of aged L6 Sawblade steel, brass guard, tiger strip maple. Originally sold in 2013 for $500.00. Mosaic inlaid on pommel. No sheath. (XI-026- lmil) $90.00

Lot 35 Chuck Hawes Damascus Dagger, brass guard, mokume ferrule and pommel, mastodon ivory slab handles. 5 bar 150 layers per bar, twist outside, 3 color mokume by sakmar. Some states prohibit ownership or purchase of mastodon ivory--please check your local laws before bidding as we will not ship into prohibited states). double ground with deep fuller in the middle, 13 1/2" oal, 8 1/4" blade, mint. (XI-032- lmil) $110.00

Lot 36 Jeff Cover lockback handmade folder with deep jigged bone handles made to resemble stag. Dovetailed bolster. 3" closed, 5" open. Mint. (XI-098- lmil) $90.00

Lot 37 John Fuller lockback with pearl handles and anodized engine turned bolsters. Unlocks by raising up on the stud extending through the bolsters, stiff to unlock. Red liners, 4 5/8" closed, 8" open, mint. (XI-099- lmil) $60.00

Lot 38 Rimpler handmade Bowie with stag handles, blade has intentionally been distressed to make it appear vintage, and he has done a good job on that. With leather sheath, mint. 15" oal, 10" blade (XI-118- rhh) $100.00

Lot 39 REB Handmade wood handled hunter in pouch sheath, only mark appears to be a Civil War kepi hat with "Reb" on the hat band. Mint. 8" oal, 3 1/2" blade, 139D on reverse of the tang. Tooled leather sheath. (XI-119- rhh) $35.00

Lot 40 Frank Vaught Dagger handmade, Louisiana maker, bead blasted fittings, sculpted stacked micarta handles, leather sheath, mint except for a speck or two and some wear on the bead blasting from being pulled in and out of the sheath, 11 1/2" oal, 6 3/4" blade. Leather sheath (XI-122- rhh) $70.00

Lot 41 Well made handmade fixed blade with hidden tang, spacer, brass guard, made by Ozekes Zinop, marked on the back, "Made in Turkey". With leather sheath. Mint. Appears to be ironwood handles (one ding on the back side), 12 3/4" oal, 7 1/2" blade, "2A" stamped on the pommel. (XI-123- rhh) $60.00

Lot 42 Handmade long Arkansas toothpick marked, G. C. Cook, Sumter, SC", black micarta handles, straight tang, brass guard. Mint. 15 1/4" oal, 10 1/4" blade, mint. Marked #001. Leather sheath. (XI-137- rhh) $65.00

Lot 43 GWJ (George W. Johnson, Houston, TX) stag handled hidden tang handmade hunting knife, brass guard and pommel, stacked washers at the guard, mint. 8 3/8" oal, 4" blade. Leather sheath. Mint (XI-221- rtt) $50.00

Lot 44 One of the very rarest, heard of, rarely seen original English Barlow made knives. One of the earliest known names to be marked on a knife, and gives it name to the stronger longer bolsters. A piece of history here. Note it also has the maker's mark used in the days before names were marked, so a transition knife of sorts. Yes, it is rough. If you were this old you would...well, you wouldn't be here. The knife is and you have the opportunity to own it. A must for any Barlow collector, this is where it all began. (XI-042- lmil) $40.00

Lot 45 Chuck Hawes Damascus folder, blade, bolsters, sliplock with an inlaid opal into black lip pearl handles with red liners, 3 3/4" closed, 7" open, mint. Opal is inlaid on both sides. (XI-055- lmil) $150.00

Lot 46 Chuck Hawes, Weldon Ill jigged bone handled Damascus hunter, straight tang, no sheath 1095-203E steels, 220 layer random pattern Damascus, made in 2008. (XI-025- lmil) $40.00

Lot 47 Chuck Hawes Damascus hatchet with stag handles, stacked leather washer ferrule in a brass guardless handle, hidden tang. 12" oal, 1 1/2" cutting edge. (XI-029- lmil) $70.00

Lot 48 Chuck Hawes oriental style hunter, handforged blade with a distinctive hamon line, mokume guard, micarta spacer, hidden tang, W2 steel old Westinghouse ivory micarta handle. . Mint No sheath. (XI-030- lmil) $60.00

Lot 49 Chuck Hawes traditional Bowie, brass guard, curly maple handle, distressed blade that appears older, no sheath, 11" oal, 6 1/2" blade, mint. (XI-031- lmil) $70.00

Lot 50 Two Dan Stidham handmade hunter with multi layer blades, one Damascus, one with what appears to be copper folding in, both with wood handles, no sheaths. (XI-225- dso) $50.00

Lot 51 Four Titusville made knives. Schatt & Morgan wood handled 2 blade Doctors knife, Two Queen Steel saw cut barlow razor knives with S&M etching, one reddish, one brownish, and 3 3/8" stockman, All MIB (XI-196- tso) $100.00

Lot 52 Case XX (1945-65) 62035 1/2 LP swell end jack, black plastic handles. Mint. (XI-001- lmil) $35.00

Lot 53 Case 5265ss gray etch 2 blade folding hunter from the 1976 Stag sets, mint. (XI-002- lmil) $70.00

Lot 54 Case 1970's 6111 1/2 bone handled folding guard lockback, mint (XI-003- lmil) $60.00

Lot 55 Case 70's dots C61050 SAB laminated wood handled extended bolster folding hunter. (XI-004- lmil) $45.00

Lot 56 Case USA (1965-70) 62055 Senator, bone handles, near mint, has a cleaned spiderweb spot. (XI-005- lmil) $40.00

Lot 57 Winchester bone handled sunfish with the buffalo head shield, in colorful pony express rider box. Mint. (XI-006- lmil) $40.00

Lot 58 Case 70's dots 6250 Elephant toe, etched blade, jigged laminated wood handles, mint. (XI-007- lmil) $50.00

Lot 59 Case USA (1965-70) 64052 four blade congress, colorful bone handles, mint. (XI-008- lmil) $100.00

Lot 60 Case early 70's 7-dot 6250 Elephant toe, pre-etched blade,70's dots, and jigged laminated wood handles but with the circle around the shield. (In the late 70's Case would use the circled shield on bone, and uncircled for delrin and other synthetic handle materials). (XI-009- lmil) $65.00

Lot 61 Case USA (1965-70) 61048 slim trapper one blade, colorful reddish handles, mint. (XI-010- lmil) $45.00

Lot 62 Puma 2 blade Game Warden, with shield, wood handles, in the older green and yellow plastic box. Knife is mint. The foam interior has crumbled like all the others do. (XI-011- tlo) $100.00

Lot 63 Case early 70's 6380 Carpenter's whittler, jigged bone handles, mint. (XI-012- lmil) $100.00

Lot 64 Case USA (1965-70) 6202 1/2 bone handled swell end jack, mint. (XI-013- lmil) $40.00

Lot 65 Schrade USA uncommon 100th anniversary 2 blade trapper. Schrade's USA factory closed in 2004 so very many of these anniversary knives made it into circulation, this one comes complet with the blade tech, emblem on the handle, and the colorful 100th anniversary tin. An ironic anniversary knife. (XI-019- limil) $40.00

Lot 66 Gerber Touche belt buckle, detaches from the buckle without removing your belt, invented by Blackie Collins and discontinued. Mint in the original presentation box. (XI-022- tlo) $40.00

Lot 67 Chuck Hawes long Bowie made from a Nickelson file, some of the file grooves still visible, clay hardened with temperline, brass guard, maple and black micarta spacers, stag handle, hidden tang, no sheath. Mint. 17 1/2" oal, 12" blade. (XI-033- lmil) $60.00

Lot 68 Case P197 early 80's sharkstooth, old style shark illustrated box, basketweave sheath, mint except brass need a date with someone who has some time--and a tube of polishing paste. This is a shiner-upper. (XI-034- lmil) $40.00

Lot 69 Pair of Case early 70's delrin handled knives. 6488 large congress four blade and 6205 Raz 2 blade barlow with stepped down bolsters, both mint. (XI-035- lmil) $75.00

Lot 70 Three Case bone handled knives, 62109x baby copperhead 1970s, , 06244 USA (1965-70), and USA 62087, all mint. (XI-036- lmil) $70.00

Lot 71 Three 70's dots Case swell end jack knives, bone 6235 1/2 full blade and unused but scuffed like someone tried to remove a speck with an eraser, 2231 1/2-mint except for two center rivet cracks, and 6231 1/2 LP, all mint. (XI-037- lmil) $70.00

Lot 72 Group of seven mint Schrade USA made (pre-2004) 12OT one blade peanuts, one is still on the original clampack card. Mint. (XI-038- lmil) $55.00

Lot 73 Five Schrade USA made knives, Four 34OT stockman, and International Hunter Education Association limited edition lockback with sheath still on the original clampack card. Mint. (XI-039- lmil) $70.00

Lot 74 Pair of Case 70's Barlows. 6143 Daddy barlow, and 62009 1/2 standard Barlow, both with delrin handles, both mint. (XI-040- lmil) $45.00

Lot 75 Pair of Case bone knives, USA (1965-70) 6207 2 blade, unused and mint except for age specks on the top of the blade, and Case 6202 1/2 swell end jack, unused but some specking. (XI-041- lmil) $50.00

Lot 76 Three 70's dots, Case bone handled knives, 62131 Canoe, etched, Case 62055 Senator bone, and 6269 bone. All mint. (XI-043- lmil) $90.00

Lot 77 Two Case USA knives (1965-70), bone 61093 USA Texas Toothpick, exc; and 6244 bone 2 blade, near mint, sharpened and spotted (XI-044- lmil) $50.00

Lot 78 Pair of Fight'n Rooster 2 blade Texas Toothpicks, made in 1981 for the International Fight'n Rooster Collectors Club, one in pearl handles, the other in stag. Both mint. (XI-045- lmil) $50.00

Lot 79 Pair of Case 70's dot knives, 61011 hawkbill with laminated wood handles, and the 1199shR Whaler, mint but the writing on the handle is a little light. (XI-046- lmil) $50.00

Lot 80 Pair of 70's dot Case knives, both with bone handles. 62131 canoe etched, and 6347 sh sp ss, mint. (XI-047- lmil) $65.00

Lot 81 Pair of stag handled Case knives, modern, 5254 trapper and 620096 mini toothpicks, both MIB (XI-048- dso) $60.00

Lot 82 Four Case delrin handled knives, USA 1965-70 61048 near mint,and three 70's dots 62048 sp mint except for rivet cracks at center rivet, 62052 half congress mint, and 6202 1/2, mint. (XI-049- lmil) $50.00

Lot 83 Colorado, USA stag handled 5 1/4" one blade folding hunter. These were bench made by Skip Bryan in the 70's, there were only two versions made as I recall. Mint. (XI-050- lmil) $45.00

Lot 84 Cripple Creek stag handled clasp knife made by Bob Cargill for the American Edge Collectors Association in 1992. Only 43 were made, this is number 35 and mint. (XI-051- lmil) $100.00

Lot 85 Case Classic Case Brothers 1990 62075 Moose, long pull, with bowtie shield. MIB (XI-052- tlo) $65.00

Lot 86 Case Classic Case Brothers 1990 63091 Anglo Saxon whittler, bone handles, bowtie shield, double pulls, mint. (XI-054- tlo) $55.00

Lot 87 Case Classic W. R. .Case & Sons 1990 63091 Anglo Saxon whittler, bone handles, bomb shield, double pulls, mint. MIB. Mint. (XI-054- tlo) $50.00

Lot 88 Pair of Case modern burnt stags with modern editions of red etch on a 5318 sh sp and a blue etch 610096ss, both MIB. (XI-063- dso) $50.00

Lot 89 Pair of Case Polka Dot handled knives (delrin), '54 pattern trapper an '10096 mini-toothpick, both MIB. (XI-064- dso) $35.00

Lot 90 Pair of Schatt & Morgan Physician’s knife, 2 blade, 2ed blade is a pen, both etched and long pull, and with keystone shields. Standard size with winterbottom bone handles, and smaller with jigged bone, both MIB. (XI-065- dso) $45.00

Lot 91 Two modern Case knives, cayenne bone 6383 whittler and 61094ss Caribbean blue bone engraved bolsters laser cut on blue smooth bone handles, both MIB (XI-066- dso) $40.00

Lot 92 Three Case 1970's jigged bone whittlers, 6308 whittler, 6208 half whittler, and 6383 jigged bone whittler, all mint. (XI-067- lmil) $105.00

Lot 93 Three yellow handled Case knives, 31048, 62048, 70's dots, mint, and 33044 birdseye USA exc. (XI-068- lmil) $30.00

Lot 94 Three Case knives, 70's dots, 2137 Sodbuster, Jr., M279ss, and 06263 ss with delrin handles. All mint. (XI-069- lmil) $35.00

Lot 95 Pair of 70's dot Case delrin handled knives, 6185 Doctor's knife, and 62055 Senator. Both mint. (XI-070- lmil) $40.00

Lot 96 Trio of 70's dots Case delrin handled knives, 61085 Doctors knife, Muskrat, and 6249 Copperhead. Mint. (XI-071- lmil) $60.00

Lot 97 Pair of Case mini-toothpicks. Stag 520096ss and laser engraved brown smooth bone 610096ss, both MIB, modern. (XI-072- dso) $50.00

Lot 98 Two Case stag handled knives. Modern new red etched 5318ss and two blade stag mini-toothpick 510096ss, both MIB (XI-073- dso) $50.00

Lot 99 Pair of Case copperlocks, blue jigged bone with red shield and clip blade, and purple bone with arrowhead shield and wharncliffe blade, both modern, and MIB (XI-074- dso) $45.00





Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-312