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Lots 1-72

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Lot 1   Dellana "Meltdown" series

THE KNIFE:. The 'melted' areas are fabricated (not cast) in solid 18kt rose gold. The gemstones are natural, (not synthetic or lab grown) rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The pins are 14k gold, and the gemstone setting is a 14k base with a solid 24k bezel. The diamond settings are 14k gold. (Dellana provided us with this description) Dellana produces her own Damascus. The knife is 3 5/8" closed, 6 3/8" open, with pearl handles and is a lockback. A masterpiece. Most purveyors offer this style knife in the $25,000 range. Be brave. You can see even more pictures of this knife in high resolution by going to our primary site, www.jbrucevoyles.com and following the links to the high res catalog

THE MAKER: When the late Ken Warner and I were putting together Knives Digest 1, we discussed what knife to put on the cover that would be the most dramatic and eye catching knife in the world. "I have just the person in mind," Warner said, and the knife was by Dellana. She was an award winning goldsmith and jewelry designer before she was captured by the lure of Damascus steel under the watchful eyes of legendary Jim Schmidt. When I owned Blade Magazine I established a scholarship to the ABS School--she was awarded the first, and was going full time two years later. She is an Art Knife Invitational knifemaker, and says she is "committed to creating the most beautiful, well-crafted art knives that I am able." We listed her in our initial ads as Dellana Artist--that is not her name, her name is simply Dellana. She added that to her Facebook page as they require a last name, and later, because it is not her real last name, they took her page down. Some people just don't get it, too much time behind a computer screen. She has done an outstanding job with the example in this auction. Others think so too, surf the purveyor sites--Dellana knives are typically priced at $25,000--if they have one, which is rare. (pnm  HM13-001)  Minimum bid  $6,000.00

Lot 2  Jim Schmidt goblin face folder.

THE KNIFE: Damascus blade, bolsters, and everywhere else, crown stag carved into a face, "Zendow" marked on the inside liner, fileworked in a rope pattern on the locking bar, and also fileworked inside, fileworked liners, grooved bolsters, 4" long closed, 7" open, , by one of the most desired knifemaker names in the world. Schmidt was the recent subject of a deluxe color book, and a multi-page feature in Blade Magazine. He made only a few knives in his entire lifetime, and this is one of those rare opportunities to obtain the unobtainable.

THE MAKER: Jim Schmidt was one of the leaders in handforged Damascus knives, and a maker represented in the top handmade knife collections. It has been said of him that he set a new standard for Damascus, and had a rare gift of artistry. He is ranked No. 7 on the Blade Magazine list of the top knifemakers in the first 40 years of knifemaking. His knives are Tier One in desirabilty, and is often reflected in their price. When you see one come up for sale (a rare event) they will start at $11,000 and will often be seen priced as high as $22,000 to $27,000. (pnm  HM13-007)  Minimum bid  $6,000.00

Lot 3  H. H. Frank pearl handled engraved gold and pearl masterpiece.

THE KNIFE: Every part of this knife that can be engraved is: bolsters, blade, top and bottom of the tang, inside the backspring, pin heads, even the end of the removeable gold toothpick, and the gold shield. Dovetailed gold bolsters, 3 3/8" long closed, 6" open, dated April 3, 2001, and is one of the most spectacular lockbacks I have ever held in my hand. If you are lucky enough to win the bid on this cutlery masterpiece, you can hold it in your hands and will understand what I mean. You can see even more pictures of this knife in high resolution by going to our primary site, www.jbrucevoyles.com and following the links to the high res catalog.

THE MAKER: Henry Frank started making knives in 1961, and in 1970 thanks to attention by John Ember he left his engineering job to become a full time knifemaker. He is a legend for the awesome design and full engraving on all of his knives. He has been a longtime member of the Knifemakers' Guild from its earliest days, and a mainstay at the Art Knife Invitational, which is considered the top 25 art knife makers in th e world. The Blade Magazine ranked him No. 10 on their list of the top knifemakers in the first 40 years of knifemaking. His knives are among the most valued and highest demand, and can be seen in the aftermarket regularly being offered from $13,000 and up. There is a reason his knives command that price. It is often said it is not when one of his knives are sold, but when another collector allows you to buy one. (pnm  HM13-002)  Minimum bid  $4,000.00

Lot 4  R. W. Loveless fighter

THE KNIFE: , perfectly matched stag handles, and a Loveless classic, naked lady logo front and back views, tapered tang with red line, brushed guard, drilled for lanyard, 9" oal with a 4 1/2" blade, Double ground blade with 1 7/8" of the false edge sharpened, a breathtaking knife. No sheath.

THE MAKER: Bob Loveless was a pioneer innovator, inventing the drop point hunter copied by nearly everyone. He was a President of the Knifemakers' Guild in its heyday, the primary source in the bestselling knife book, "How to Make Knives", and was instrumental in promoting and developing the Japanese cutlery industry as we know it today. His knives are among the "must have" knives in any knife collection and hold their value as good or better than almost any other handmade knife. His knives commonly start at $3500 for a basic knife and his rare pieces bring five figures regularly. (pnm  HM13-011)  Minimum bid  $3,000.00

Lot 5  Ron Lake interframe

THE KNIFE: deep ground false edge, gold lip pearl with gold pins, shield, shackle, and top of the tail lock locking bar. Lake logo is mirror imaged on the back. Hand rubbed finish, 2 7/8" closed, 5 1/8" open. U. S. Patent number is marked inside the liner. Includes a Lake marked leather pouch with "interframe" stamped on the back.

THE MAKER: Cutlery Hall of Famer, Art Knife Invitational member, inventor of the interframe knife, factory knife designer, the first master handmade folder maker, first knifemaker to use a milling machine, and oh yes, Number 3 on Blade Magazine list of top knifemakers in the first 40 years of handmade knives. His knives will be seen offered online by major dealers up to $20,000 to $25,000, with several in the 14,000-16,000 range. If you do not like where the bidding ends on this one, and miss out, dealers may be your only alternative. (pnm  HM13-012)  Minimum bid  $5,500.00

Lot 6  Steve Hoel, Pine, AZ jade masterpiece.

THE KNIFE: Jade handled interframe, with reverse engraving and inlaid gold handles, engraving by J. Mason, coffin and coke bottle shape, 3" closed, 5 1/2 open, lockback, and beautiful.

THE MAKER: As early as 1974 Steve Hoel spent time in the shop of Bob Loveless (Steve Johnson was still working with Bob at the time) and he soon developed an interest in folders, joining the Knifemakers' Guild in 1978 and began making knives full time in 1979. He was among the first of the Art Knife Invitational makers, and his knives are classics the instant they are completed. He is ranked 14 on the list of the top knifemakers of the first 40 years of knifemaking. His knives are among the most desired in handmade knife collecting. (pnm  HM13-017)  Minimum bid  $1,850.00

Lot 7   H. H. Frank horn handled lockback, engraved

THE KNIFE: bolsters, shield, blade, inside the backspring, spacer, lockback to and sides, with gold inlay. Gold inlay on the top of the blade, gold shields on both sides, gold toothpick, engraved pin heads, extended lanyard ring, dovetailed bolsters, 3 1/2" closed, 6" open, nail marks on both sides, spectacular is the only word to describe it.

THE MAKER: See "THE MAKER" under lot three for more about this extraordinary knifemaker. (pnm  HM13-005)  Minimum bid  $4,500.00

Lot 8  R. W. Loveless semi-skinner

THE KNIFE:  stag handles, drilled for lanyard, naked lady logo with front and back views, tapered tang with red liners, 7 1/4" oal, 3 1/8" blade, with Loveless marked sheath that has been autographed by Loveless (faint but clear). Knife is mint, sheath has been handled, rubbed, pulled in and out of zip up pouches (note not carried)

THE MAKER: Bob Loveless popularized hollow ground drop point blades, the tapered tang, and screw-type handle fasteners. He is considered one of the most innovative knifemakers of his time, and is listed on Blade Magazine's top knifemakers in the the first 40 years or handmade knives in the top spot. Number ONE! His knives can be found online, many priced in the $5,000 up to $10,000-$22,000 for his subhilts. He died in 2010. (pnm  HM13-004)  Minimum bid  $3,500.00

Lot 9  Jess Horn 2-blade Muskrat

THE KNIFE: stag handles, two backsprings and locking bars, each blade locks, front locks, 4" closed, 7" open (one blade) 10 1/4" with both blades open, mint, comes with a Jess Horn marked zip up case. Both blades marked "Jess Horn", #006. Mint.

THE MAKER: Jess Horn became a legend for his high quality custom investor quality folders. He passed away in 2016 and left a gap in the market for fine folders with simple clean lines and exceptional fit and finish. He invented the knife lottery system, the first knifemaker to ever have such demand for his knives--and that demand has never lessened. He is listed as Number 11 on the Blade Magazine list of top knifemakers if the first 40 years of knifemaking. A survey of a half-dozen top knife dealer sites show his knives ranging from a low of $1300 up to a high of 4000, and many others in between those two amounts. (lmi  HM13-057)  Minimum bid  $700.00

Lot 10  George Herron Mastodon ivory interframe

THE KNIFE: lockback, 3 3/4" closed, 6 3/4" open, mirror polished, #125 on the inside tang. Mint.

THE MAKER: George Herron is the father of a major style of lightweight deer hunting knives copied by hundreds. This Cutlery Hall of Fame member influenced every Carolina knifemaker, as well as being a President of the Knifemakers' Guild, and his knives typically sold out the instant they hit the table at knife shows. His knives begin in the $800 range and can go up to $2100 for his fighters, even more for his scrimshawed themed sets. He ranks #12 in a tie with D'Holder as the top knifemakers in the first 40 years of knifemaking. (lmi  HM13-053)  Minimum bid  $450.00

Lot 11  Ron Lake lockback folder

THE KNIFE, with exotic horn handles, engraved by the legendary Winston Churchill, stamped "24" on the reverse of the tang. Slide out toothpick under the handle, marked "LAKE" on the front side, grooved bolsters, 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open, knife is mint except as is often the case with horn handles, the horn is pulling and rises above the bolsters a tiny bit. This may be the sleeper Ron Lake knife of all time.

THE MAKER: For more about Ron Lake, please see his bio on Lot 5 in this auction--and I will add he has always been one of the most helpful to other makers, and a good friend to me. As an officer in the Knifemakers' Guild he once said, "To be a great organization we have to do great things." The same can be said of his him--he does great things. (pnm  HM13-013)  Minimum bid  $1,500.00

Lot 12  Steve Hoel, Pine, AZ lockback folder engraved by Julie Warenski.

THE KNIFE: Black lip pearl interframe, rimmed with gold and adorned with gold flowers with gemstones in the center of the flowers, 3" long closed, 5 1/2" open. There are a lot of superlative words to say about this knife, but saying "Steve Hoel quality" sums up what they all mean in the end.

THE MAKER: For more on the outstanding knifemaker Steve Hoel, please see his brief bio with Lot 6 of this auction. (pnm  HM13-015)  Minimum bid  $1,600.00

Lot 13  Warren Osborne engraved pearl

THE KNIFE: sculpted bolsters with gold lip pearl handles, sweeping curves to the bolsters, engraved with gold inlay, engraved shackle too, by Ray Cover, 3 5/8" closed, 6 3/8" open, sliplock, mint. #007 on the blade reverse. Mint

THE MAKER: Australian Warren Osborne came to Texas as a horse trainer and soon transitioned into knifemaking, joining the Knifemakers' Guild in 1986, specializing in fine folders and 2000-3000 grit hand rubbed finishes. His knives have been the canvas for some of the world's top engravers. He was one of the primary designers for Benchmade Knives, among others. He passed in 2016. His knives can be found offered on every major premium online knife dealer site with prices generally in the 1200 to $7000 range, although some of his highly engraved knives are offered at $10,000-$17,000 dollars. (pnm  HM13-050)  Minimum bid  $800.00

Lot 14  T. R. Overeyender interframe

THE KNIFE: , Arlington, TX made fiery colorful pearl interframe, two inset pearl pieces on each side, front lock, tang dated 1989, engraving is by legendary Winston Churchill (also dated 1989), hand rubbed finish, 3 1/4" closed, 5 7/8" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Tom Overeynder began making knives in 1977, and a full time maker since 2001, joining the Knifemakers' Guild in 1983. His knives have won far too many awards to list here, and in 2016 was accepted as an Art Knife Invitational maker. He was a helicopter crew chief/flight engineer in Vietnam starting in 1967, where he would earn the Distinguished Flying Cross with a V for Valor. This hero is considered one of the best interframe knifemakers in the world. His work is top notch, and his knives range from a low of $1200 for his early work up to the $3000 range for his modern knives, with some of his top pieces priced as much as $17,000. (pnm  HM13-109)  Minimum bid  $800.00

Lot 15  Frank Centofante, Madisonville, TN pearl interframe

THE KNIFE: fiery and colorful mother of pearl, fileworked liners, engraved by DB, lockback, 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/2 open, hand rubbed finish, mint.

THE MAKER: The late Frank Centofante made a top level knife, but his contributions to the knife world for this Cutlery Hall of Famer sometimes overshadows what a great knifemaker he was. He was the guiding influence in the Knifemakers' Guild during a time when they produced 400 tables shows and had banquets hosting over 1000. He is one of the authors of "How to Make Folding Knives", and was also a noted knife designer. (lmi  HM13-037)  Minimum bid  $600.00

Lot 16  Harumi Hirayama art piece

THE KNIFE: The front handle is a light translucent natural material with a pearl butterfly with wings unfolded. The back handle is a darker material, representing night, and the butterfly is depicted again, this time with wings folded. A spectacular theme knife. 4 5/8" sculpted bolster fixed blade, bolsters are curved, engraved, 1 1/2" blade, tapered tang. Does not come with a sheath. There was a tiny bit of tarnish on the front bolster near the blade (see high-res photo) otherwise mint.

THE MAKER: Harumi was born in Tokoyo and attended Tama Art University, where her graduate thesis was about a set of unique kitchen knives. Her knives are artworks, unique, and inimitable. She has been in the Knifemakers' Guild starting in 1985. Her output is often sold before it hits her table, and there is no basis among online dealers for value, as few ever hit the aftermarket. In other words you buy one of her knives whenever you get the opportunity--like in this auction. (pnmn  HM13-149)  Minimum bid  $400.00

Lot 17 Jess Horn sliplock

THE KNIFE: marked "Horn" with black horn handles secured with gold pins, #010 on reverse of the tang, unusual swept style blade. 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/4" open, mint. Comes with a Jess Horn marked zip up case.

THE MAKER: For more about the legendary Jess Horn please see his brief bio with Lot 9 of this auction. (lmi  HM13-056)  Minimum bid  $500.00

Lot 18  Bob Terzuola Intrepid knife

THE KNIFE: . Locking liner Terzuola seaman's knife made from stainless steel that was an intergal part of the ship during her commissioned service from August 1943 until March 1974. The design was chosen after the sheepsfoot pattern favored by seafarers. The complete edition was of 32 knives and two artist's proofs. The first 10 knives were donated to the Intrepid Museum Foundation, and only 20 were available to the public. This knife is No. 15, representing the year 1957. Incidentally, this knife was owned by a former crewmember of the Intrepid, a Petty Officer who served with the ship when she was not CVS-11 (slant deck), but CV-11 (straight-deck), during WWII. The knife comes in a wood presentation case, and is 4 1/4" closed, 7 3/4" open, and mint.

THE MAKER: Bob T, as he is known to friends, was born in New York, graduated NYU and was a Peace Corp trainer in Panama, moved to Guatemala, before moving back to the US and inventing the "Tactical Knife." He wrote the book, literally, on tactical knives, and has been a designer, collaborated with others on special projects, pioneered kydex, and G10. He is credited with being the innovator of the pocket clip and in general is one of the nicest people that you would be fortunate enough to know. A survey of his knives among a half-dozen different online dealers shows his knives range from $700 up to $3000, with some special knives as much as $4500. (rel  HM13-118)  Minimum bid  $600.00

Lot 19  Jack Busfield, Roanoke Rapids, NC exquisite pearl lockback

THE KNIFE: engraved narrow border interframe surrounded fiery mother of pearl handles, engraved gold shield, superior Busfield quality, 3 1/4" closed, 6" open. Mint.

THE MAKER: In the 80s and 90s Jack's knives were the reference standard for interframe folders. A survey of the online dealers show his knives are offered from $1400 up to $15,000, with most in the $3500 range. (pnm  HM13-045)  Minimum bid  $700.00

Lot 20  Jim Martin gold Damascus folder

THE KNIFE , marked inside "S'Gold #9" black lip pearl interframe and full coverage engraving in the gold on both sides, tight Damascus patterning, lockback is Damascus too, engraved shackle with a diamond inset on both sides, 2 7/8" closed, 5" open. Unable to find an engravers signature. An awesome knife. You can see even more pictures of this knife in high resolution by going to our primary site, www.jbrucevoyles.com and following the links to the high res catalog

THE MAKER: Jim Martin was one of the top knifemakers of his time, and was one of a very few whose knives were selected by Barrett-Smythe for their top engraved knife themes. (pnm  HM13-010)  Minimum bid  $1,000.00

Lot 21  R. W. Loveless Riverside, CA hunter, no pins

THE KNIFE: in the handle, red liners, tapered tang, naked lady logo front and back, #307, 8 1/8" oal, 3 5/8" blade, mint, brushed finish guard, no sheath.

THE MAKER: See the short bios with Lot 4 and Lot 8 for more about the legendary Robert Waldorf Loveless. (pnm  HM13-043)  Minimum bid  $2,750.00

Lot 22  Jess Horn lockback, Julie Warenski engraving

THE KNIFE: marked "Horn", all metal handles that are fully engraved with floral engraving and inlaid gold borders and overlay by Julie Warenski. Long false edge on the master blade, 3" closed, 5 3/8" open, 1 5/8" false edge on the 2 1/4" blade, #024. Mint. Comes in a Jess Horn marked case reading "A Jess Horn Knife".

THE MAKER: For more about the legendary Jess Horn please see his brief bio with Lot 9 of this auction. (pnm  HM13-014)  Minimum bid  $1,100.00

Lot 23  Dietmar Kressler Stag handled subhilt

THE KNIFE , three handle pins go through like a lanyard ring, pommel forms a triangular lanyard, integral from single piece of steel, tapered tang with red liners, stag handles, grooved guards, 9 1/4" oal, 4 5.8" blade, no sheath.

THE MAKER: German knifemaker Dietmar Kressler brings 30 years as a trained machinist and mechanical engineer to his knifemaker, best known for his flawless workmanship and his integral design. He is an Art Knife Invitational maker as well as a member of the Knifemaker Guilds in Germany, US, and Japan. Among online knife dealers his knives start at a low of $1500 but most rangin $3000 to $4300, but some of his engraved or integral models are seen priced as high as $7000 to $9500. (dht  HM13-022)  Minimum bid  $500.00

Lot 24  Howard Hitchmough Damascus locking liner folder

THE KNIFE: , Damascus frame with black lip pearl handles, decorated with seven gold pins, gold thumbstud, and distinctive pivot pin treatment. Annodized titanium locking liner, 3 3/4" closed, 6 1/4" open. Be sure to check what most dealers sell these for before you bid!

THE MAKER: London born Hitchmough started working in 1958 as a surgical instrument maker and started making knives in the 1960's. He became known to American audiences when he started attending shows in 1982, and became a full time maker in 1985, moving to the US in 1997. If you miss his knife in this auction, you can find several examples of his work with online dealers rangin from $1000 up to $2950, and even $5000 for some examples of his work. (pnm  HM13-063)  Minimum bid  $600.00

Lot 25  Jess Horn stag handled folding boot knife

THE KNIFE: marked "Horn", blade, lockback, drilled for lanyard, 3 1/2" closed, 6" open, mint, comes with a Jess Horn marked zip up case.

THE MAKER: For more about the legendary Jess Horn please see his brief bio with Lot 9 in this auction. (lmi  HM13-061)  Minimum bid  $700.00

Lot 26  Jess Horn marked stag handled folder

THE KNIFE: drilled for lanyard, #523, 3 3/4" closed, 6 3/8" open, mint, comes with a Jess Horn marked zip up case.

THE MAKER: For more about the legendary Jess Horn please see his brief bio with Lot 9 of this auction. (lmi  HM13-058)  Minimum bid  $700.00

Lot 27 Scott Sawby engraved folder

THE KNIFE:, stag handles, curved bolsters, engraved by R. W. (Rick) Simmons, Sawby lock, on tang is "ATS", 3 3/8" closed, 5 3/4" open, mint. (Check out Simmons Instagram page for more of his outstanding engraving).

THE MAKER: Scott Sawby's formal training was as a biologist, but began making knives in 1970, joining with Steve Mullin to form a partnership producing high quality knives in Idaho until 1983, when Sawby started on his own. His Sawby lock is a unique patented lock that is on many of his knives (including the one in this auction). He has broken into the top tier of desired knifemakers and his prices reflect it. You can find his knives offered by online custom dealers ranging from $1600 up to $3900, with most in the $3000 range. (pnm  HM13-054)  Minimum bid  $800.00

Lot 28 Warren Osborne interframe, Sam Alfano engraving

THE KNIFE: black lip pearl with gold inlaid engraving by master engraver Sam Alfano. Lockback, 3" closed, 5 3/8" open, #013 etched on the blade reverse. Mint

THE MAKER: For more about Warren Osborne please see additional bio in the description of lot 13 in this auction. (pnm  HM13-019)  Minimum bid  $1,000.00

Lot 29  George Herron Pearl interframe sliplock folder

THE KNIFE: , gold lip pearl insert, 3 1/4" closed, 5 3/4" open, mint.

THE MAKER: For more about Hall of Famer George Herron, please see his bio with Lot 10 in this auction. (lmi  HM13-076)  Minimum bid  $400.00

Lot 30  Dietmar Kressler micarta handled fixed blade

THE KNIFE: , drilled for lanyard and two rivets for handles go all the way through as well. Grooved guard and pommel, slanted toward the pommel end, tapered tang, 9 1/4" oal, 4 3/4" blade, with black leather sheath, mint.

THE MAKER: For more about AKI member Dietmar Kressler, please see his bio on Lot 23 in this auction. (dht  HM13-062)  Minimum bid  $400.00

Lot 31  Harvey McBurnette, Eagles Nest, NM

THE KNIFE: , sole authorship front lock, canoe shape, engraved with fileworked liners, blade back, and backspring, handles are colorful exotic pearl. 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/2" open.

THE MAKER: Harvey McBurnette was one of the first sole authorship knifemakers--as he had the artistic ability to do acid etching, scrimshaw, filework, engraving, and produce some of the very best folding knives and interframes. His New Mexico era knives are still comparable with anything today. He is credited along with W. T. Fuller with introducing the front lock to handmade knives, a revived concept copied by Al Mar when he produced his first line of knives, all with front locks. With his passing the demand for his finite number of knives has many collectors seeking his knives. (pnm  HM13-059)  Minimum bid  $650.00

Lot 32  Royal Hanson Roseberg, OR interframe within an interframe

THE KNIFE: lockback, fiery mother of pearl inset, with an abalone oval shield surrounded with a metal border inset into that. Tang has "010" in it. . 3" closed, 5 1/2" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Royal was a knifemaker years ahead of his time in quality and design, and passed far to quick for the quality of his work to push his name to the fame level of other makers whose quality at the time was less than his. Today the aftermarket reflects prices on his knives in the $1000 range. Any collection shines brighter with a Hanson knife in it. (pnm  HM13-097)  Minimum bid  $350.00

Lot 33  Paul Fox toggle lock

THE KNIFE: stag handles, dovetailed bolsters, extended opening bar marked with "3" on the reverse side, blued blade and bolsters, 4" closed, 7 1/4" open, mint.

THE MAKER: The late Paul Fox made his first distinctive design as the toggle lock, but his rise in the ranks of top knifemakers came more because of his quality and innovation. He once made a knife with a microswitch and small electric motor that opened the blade of the knife, among other creative ideas for which he is known. (lmi  HM13-121)  Minimum bid  $350.00

Lot 34  Reese Bose jigged red bone folder

THE KNIFE: sliplock with a smooth built in half stop, classic Bose hand rubbed finish and sharp lines, bomb shield, one blade, 3" closed, 5 1/2" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Reese Bose is a top knifemaker in his own right, his folders are highly desired, always in demand via lottery at knife shows, and owning one of his knives is often because of the luck of the draw. It is only after we establish that Reese Bose is one of the best folder makers in the US that we also add he is the son of Cutlery Hall of Famer Tony Bose. (lmi  HM13-051)  Minimum bid  $450.00

Lot 35   Ray Cover lockback folder

THE KNIFE: spalted wood handled, engraved dovetailed bolster, gimping on the locking lever, D2 steel, 3 3/4" closed, 6 3/4" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Ray Cover, Sr. is best know for high quality slip-joint folders. Some have called him one of the very best in that category. (lmi  HM13-113)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 36  Mike Mercer spectacular miniature four blade congress knife

THE KNIFE: 1 1/4" closed 2" open (one blade), full workable congress, hand rubbed finish, jigged bone handles, bar shield, grooved bolsters, and comes in a walnut presentation piano hinged case with legs that itself is only 2 1/4". Miniatures do not get better than this.

THE MAKER: Mike Mercer is best known for producing some of the finest miniature knives, and this is one of his finest of those. (lmi  HM13-101)  Minimum bid  $225.00

Lot 37  Richard Hodgson

THE KNIFE: Precision in steel and pearl is the only way to describe this Hodgson lockback. Mother of pearl handled interframe, precise fitting shackle, 3 3/8" closed and 5 3/4" open.

THE MAKER: His knives have a unique look and flawless fit and finish, and with his passing the supply of his knives is limited and few of his knives are offered for sale. Those that are most often are priced at $2000.00. (pnm  HM13-009)  Minimum bid  $900.00

Lot 38  Durvyn Howard lever lock folder

THE KNIFE: , pearl handles, fancy sculpted pearl inset into the bolsters. This is the same mechanism that Durvyn used on his autos, but this version does not have a spring t to flip open the blade and thus is a lockback only. Extended spacer forms a lanyard hole, 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/2" open. Mint. Durvyn has retired from knifemaking but was a meticulous craftsman who did everything by hand in a day when no knifemaker used water jets.

HE MAKER: Durvyn Howard was one of a group of Alabama knifemakers (Harvey McBurnette, W.T. Fuller, among others) who took exceptional folders to an all new level. Always with low output, during the heyday of Barrett-Smythe engraved masterpieces, Durvyn's entire output was taken by them, leaving his knives for other collectors always in high demand. His engraved Barrett-Smythe knives are in the $7000 and up range, his plainer knives less so. (dht  HM13-047)  Minimum bid  $500.00

Lot 39   Bob Conley, Jonesboro, TN engraved pearl folder

THE KNIFE: engraved lockback, engraving marked "B.C.", rounded bolsters with a dove and flowers on one bolster, floral engraving on the rest, locking bar and blade back engraved, well done hand rubbed finish, gold lip pearl handles, 4" closed, 7" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Longtime member of the Knifemakers' Guild, and regular at all the major shows. His engraved pearl knives have been seen selling in the $450-$550 range. (lmi  HM13-084)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 40  Chris Peterson, Salina, UT Damascus and Mammoth ivory folder

THE KNIFE: , fine grained mosaic Damascus blade, bolsters, and backstrap, intricately fileworked liners, locking liner, Gemstone capped thumbstud, 3 1/8" closed, 5 3/4" open. Mint

THE MAKER: Chris has been a knifemaker for over 15 years, and generally makes his own Damascus. (dht  HM13-040)  Minimum bid  $350.00

Lot 41  Jason William Damascus and pearl folder

THE KNIFE  fileworked backstrap and blade back (Marked J.W. on the inside liner. Locking liner, mother of pearl handles, dovetailed grooved bolsters, 2 7/8" closed, 5" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Also made knives under the name McHenry & Williams (also designers for Benchmade Knives), Bill McHenry was Jason's stepdad, and they are best known as automatic makers and designers. (dht  HM13-031)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 42  W. G. (Glenn) Whitley, Odessa, TX Engraved trapper,

THE KNIFE: , sculpted flowing bolsters and what appears to be mammoth tooth handles. 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/4" open. Engraving by the maker. "08328" pantographed on the back of one blade. Mint (dht  HM13-049)  Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 43  Al Pendray Persian knife

THE KNIFE: wood handle, hidden tang, raised rib through the middle, amazing balance, reinforced tip (as used for splitting open chain mail), 15" oak, 9 3/4" blade, alligator appearing sheath by Kenny Rowe. Mint with a ding or two. Both edges sharpened the full length of the blade.

THE MAKER: Al is a former President of the Knifemakers' Guild, and perhaps more famous in the horse racing community as a top ranked farrier, having shoes Triple Crown and Kentucky Derby winners. Al was a major part of the rediscovery of wootz Damascus, a process that earned a multi-page article in Scientific American Magazine at the time. His knives are rare, and his wootz Damascus knives are virtually unobtainable--until now. (dht  HM13-067)  Minimum bid  $350.00

Lot 44   Jim Crowell stag handled hidden tang Bowie

THE KNIFE:, fancied up with a grooved guard, grooved ferrule with spacer, and a front spacer with elaborate filework. 15" oal, 10" blade, a tiny speck or two on the tang that would clean, awesome knife from an ABS Hall of Fame knifemaker.

THE MAKER: Jim Crowell began making knives in 1980, became a Mastersmith in 1986 and was the first certified ABS instructor outside the founding members. He has taught at many hammer-ins and schools, been a champion cutting competition participant and has won the Blade Magazine award for Best Forged Knife of the Year. His knives range from $625 on the low end up to $1200 for his fancy Bowie (like the one in this auction). (dht  HM13-082)  Minimum bid  $400.00

Lot 45  Matched pair of David Anders Mastersmith stag hunters

THE KNIVES: both with hidden tangs, round stag handles with a red spacer, Kenny Rowe sheaths, the smaller is 8 1/4" long with 3 5/8" blade, the other 9" oal with a 4" blade, both with MS mastersmith marks on the reverse of the blade mint.

THE MAKER: David started forging knives in 1989 when he went to a hammer-in at the ABS School in Washington, Arkansas, where he still teaches today. By 1994, David had earned his Master Smith rating in the American Bladesmith Society. He states that knives have always been a part of his life. He has always hunted, trapped, and used knives. The quality of the blade, edge holding ability, and durability continue to be his emphasis. He is known for his Bowies with S-guards and butt caps. You will find his knives on other sites ranging from $800 to $1200 each. (dht  HM13-127)  Minimum bid  $350.00

Lot 46  Harvey McBurnette coffin handled Natchez style Bowie

THE KNIFE: with scrimshawed bear by Harvey (marked H.M.). Harvey was known for sole authorship long before the phrase was coined. Fileworked blade and tang, brass fitting, smooth stag handle, early, a couple of surface checks in the stag that are natural. 11" oal, 6" blade, no sheath.

THE MAKER; For more about Harvey McBurnette please see his bio with Lot 31 in this auction. (dht  HM13-024)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 47  Durvyn Howard pearl sliplock

THE KNIFE: dovetailed bolsters, fileworked liners, and unique spring mechanism built on a front lock spring holding tension on the blade, but there is no lock slot on the blade itself, thus it is a sliplock, but the moving backspring is only half the length of the knife. 37/8" closed, 6 3/4" open, Marked #01, Mint.

THE MAKER: For more about knifemaking artist Durvyn Howard, please see his bio on Lot 38 of this auction. (dht  HM13-030)  Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 48  Al Pendray wootz Damascus dagger

THE KNIFE:. This is NOT pattern welded Damascus, and hardly anyone has achieved the ability to do this type of steel. Stag handled straight tang dagger, 11 1/2" oal, 7" blade, no sheath. One of the few times I have seen an example of Pendray's wootz for sale.

THE MAKER: For more about innovator and pioneer of the cutlery arts Al Pendray please see his bio at Lot 43 in this auction. (dht  HM13-073)  Minimum bid  $400.00

Lot 49 Durvyn Howard frontlock

THE KNIFE: exotic wood handles with a skull crusher pommel, dovetailed bolsters, fileworked liner, frontlock, thumb opener, 5 7/8" closed, 9 3/4" open. Mint.

THE MAKER: For more about knifemaking artist Durvyn Howard, please see his bio on Lot 38 of this auction. (dht  HM13-055)  Minimum bid  $350.00

Lot 50 Dietmar Kressler Damascus integral subhilt stag fighter

THE KNIFE: , double ground, tapered tang, drilled for lanyard, beautiful red stag handles, 9 1/2" oal, 4 7/8" blade with a leather sheath. Mint.

THE MAKER: For more about AKI member Dietmar Kressler, please see his bio on Lot 30 in this auction. (dht  HM13-124)  Minimum bid  $550.00

Lot 51  Ted Dowell TMD Funny Folder

THE KNIFE: brown micarta handles, 4 1/2" closed, 7 5/8" open, mint except there was a sticker on the handle so there is some discoloration. Mint except as noted.

THE MAKER: Ted Dowell, long-time knifemaker from Bend, Oregon was past Knifemakers’ Guild president and popularizer of the integral knife design, passed away in 2012. Ted was one of the acknowledged masters of the integral knife and was one of the founding members of the Knifemakers' Guild. He was ranked No. 5 on the Blade Magazine's list of the top knifemakers since 1973. His knives bring up to four figures, and his popular Funny Folder is typical seen offered at $600 to $700.00. (tgg  HM13-123)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 52  Alex Daniels Town Creek, AL Pearl dagger

THE KNIFE: Smooth hand rubbed finish sculpted guard, pearl handle, hidden tang. 9 3/4" oal, 5 1/4" blade, comes with an elegant leather sheath with metal top and throat, with a frog on the sheath throat. The knife has an overall old English feel to it. First class. Mint.

THE MAKER: Alex Daniels has been making knives for over 50 yeras, a Knifemakers' Guild member beginning in 1982, and a member of the ABS (Mastersmith). He likes to replicate his take on old English Bowies, but his folders have a nice cachet as well. We have seen his folders listed online in the $500 range. (dht  HM13-066)  Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 53  Harvey McBurnette early front lock stag folder

THE KNIFE: fileworked liners and backstrap, dovetailed bolsters, oval shield, 3 1/2" closed, 6 5/8" open, mint.

THE MAKER: For more about Harvey McBurnette please see his bio with Lot 31 in this auction. (dht  HM13-028)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 54   Corbet Sigman micarta drop point

THE KNIFE:, redl liners, drilled for lanyard, brass fitting, tapered tang, round "C. R. Sigman Maker" shield in the center of the handle. Mint. no sheath

THE MAKER: During his lifetime whenever anyone talked about top makers, this West Virginia knifemakers name was at the top of the list. Many knifemakers today can recount the help they received starting out from Corbet. (dht  HM13-027)  Minimum bid  $160.00

Lot 55  Chuck Hawes Damascus folder

THE KNIFE: , Damascus blade, mosaic Damascus bolsters, black lip pearl handles, anodized titanium locking liner, screw fittings, 5" closed, 9" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Chuck Hawes has been a full-time knifemaker since 1995. He is known for his forged Damascus steels. He makes all of his knives from scratch and designs each piece to be used. He is innovative in producing a wide variety of designs, and his top knives have sold for over $1000. (lmi  HM13-103)  Minimum bid  $250.00


Tomway exotic wood knife storage cabinet, roll top closure, one tray lifts out that holds eight folders, the other tray slides to allow access to the lower compartment. The knives in this auction deserve to be displayed in this style case. Measures 14 1/2" X 9" X 5 1/2". Slots for 32 knives of different sizes. I have owned one of this same style for many years and it sits in my office today. As I recall I paid almost $600 for it then. (lmi  HM13-070)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 57  Alex Daniels, Town Creek, AL engraved pearl handled lockback

THE KNIFE: , basic engraving, gold engraved shield with marking of the engraver Tim George, fileworked liners all around, hand rubbed finish, 3 1/4" closed, 5 3/4" open, mint.

THE MAKER: For more about the artistry of Alex Daniels please see his short bio on Lot 52 in this auction. (dht  HM13-065)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 58  Jack Davenport Pearl and mokume

THE KNIFE. , Damascus blade locking liner folder, fileworked pin heads, anodized titanium liner, dagger ground blade, 5"" closed, 9"" open, mint.

THE MAKER: Jack Davenport grew up in Dade City, Florida where he developed his craft as a gunsmith . When Jack discovered the art of handmade knives and he passionately immersed himself into knifemaking. His knives have been published in Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Knives Points of Interest and several publications in Japan. His knives are sold by aftermarket dealers in the $350 to $700 range. (dht  HM13-083)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 59  Jim Corrado miniature

THE KNIFE: 1 1/2" closed, 2 1/2" open, stag handles with tight small grain, with bail. One hairline at the bail which is most likely a natural check in the stag, there are a couple of other checks away from the pin, but collectors being collectors if I do not say it this way someone will claim it is a crack and send it back. Look close at the high res catalog reached from the main page of jbrucevoyles.com and make up your own mind...before you bid.

THE MAKER: Jim Corrado grew up in the knife business, the son of Carmen Corrado, owner of early mail-order king and Chicago knife shop Corrado Cutlery. His entry to handmade knives coupled with a move to Oregon brought out his outstanding quality but always with an eye toward the finer points of vintage patterns and quality. (dht  HM13-115)  Minimum bid  $125.00

Lot 60  Randall Stag Model 12-8

THE KNIFE:, Rough back Johnson sheath, white stone. Back side of the blade is untouched, front side may have been touched up for a spot, some grunge erosion from that green crud has pitted the brass guard, otherwise mint.

THE MAKER: If I have to tell you about Randall Made Knives, there is a good chance you are in the wrong auction. There are multiple books written about this legendary name. (clp  HM13-119)  Minimum bid  $450.00

Lot 61  Early Tom Overeyender

THE KNIFE: marked "TRO knives", fileworked liners all around, as well as blade back and backspring, 4 3/4" closed, 8 1/2" open, front lock, thumbstud opener, #2 on back of the tang, 2 1/2" false edge, large mother of pearl handles with dovetailed bolsters. Finish is before he perfected the top notch hand rubbed finish of his later work.

THE MAKER: For more about top knifemaker Tom Overeyender please see his short bio accompanying lot in this auction at Lot 14. (dht  HM13-052)  Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 62  Corbet Sigman semi-skinner

THE KNIFE: micarta, semi skinner no sheath, dark gray micarta handles, round shield in the handle with "Corbet Sigman Maker" mark, tapered tang, nickel silver fittings, drilled for lanyard, 8 1/2" oal, 4" blade, no sheath.

THE MAKER: For more about this gentle giant of a knifemaker, please see THE MAKER at Lot 54 in this auction. (dht  HM13-023)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 63  Tomway Exotic Wood Knife Display Case

Tomway Exotic wood knife display case, cantilevered tray much like a tackle box, top tray hold three large folders and three standard size, bottom tray holds eight large folders. A class case for class knives. It measures 9" X 12" (Knives not included, many of the exhibition knives showing for illustration purposes will be in our next auction of English Exhibition Knives).

THE MAKER: These exotic top level boxes were produced of exotic woods from the forests of Costa Rica, and are the nicest possible resting place for the world's finest knives. Tom Haydu pioneered these boxes and they were available at the major knife shows for only a brief time before he drifted into high end cigar humidors and later sold his knife case end of his company. The multi-knife boxes will be seen in the aftermarket in the $500-$600 range. (lmi  HM13-072)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 64  D'Holder horn hunter

THE KNIFE: Peoria, AZ mark, red liner, tapered tang, one handle has the tiniest bit of rise above the edge of the bolster, 7" oal, 3" blade, mint. no sheath.

THE MAKER He ranks #12 in a tie with George Herron as one of the top knifemakers in the first 40 years of knifemaking per Blade Magazine, and D' has been a President of the Knifemakers' Guild (4 terms), a knife designer for Schrade Cutlery, and making knives since 1966. He is best known for his use of stacked layers of oosic and amber in a design he calls simply, "My Knife." D' makes a lot of knives, and as such it means his knives are affordable but with the quality of knifemakers who command much more money. His knives can be founded among dealers from $350 up to $1300, sometimes more. (dht  HM13-060)  Minimum bid  $275.00

Lot 65  Jim Small, Madison, GA long dagger

THE KNIFE: with unique split "S" shaped guards, 14 1/2" oal, 1 3/4" blade, leather sheath, round stag handled with hidden tang, nickel silver guard and pommel cap. Early mint (i.e. not finely finished but one heck of a knife.

THE MAKER: Jim Small is a Georgia knifemaker with a specialized following, as he tends to drift away from knifemaking into engraving and other artistic pursuits. However when he is making knives he is creative and innovative. He was the host of two PBS series, "How to Build a Knife" that went to a worldwide audience for many years, as well as authoring the accompanying book to the series. (dht  HM13-079)  Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 66  Sandro Boeck stag handled Bowie

THE KNIFE: mosaic Damascus, with a Damascus guard and pommel, stag handled, hidden tang, 12 1/2" oal, 8" blade.

THE MAKER: Sandro Boeck is a 40 year old South American lawyer who has a passion for knifemaking, and has made over 400 knives since he made his first knife in 1997. Leather sheath with a Damascus frog. (dht  HM13-075)  Minimum bid  $225.00

Lot 67  Harvey McBurnette's First Knife.

THE KNIFE: The provenance a personal conversation with the owner years ago when he was proudly telling me of his obtaining Harvey McBurnette's first knife. (He collected McBurnettes and most of the ones here came from his collection.) After his passing his family consigned his collection. Note the knife is marked "H.M." and also note in this auction there is a Natchez style McBurnette Bowie with the scrimshaw by Harvey that is marked in the same manner. This knife has been used, carried, and cleaned, with brass fittings, wood handle, and on the back with hand stamped letters H10SS. no sheath. This was reportedly made while Harvey was still working at Goodyear in Gadsden, AL. Exc. 8 3/4" oal, 4 1/4" blade. I will be happy to furnish a letter detailing my conversation with the owner if requested. This is a rare opportunity to own a first knife of a legendary top knifemaker, something that rarely happens.

THE MAKER; For more about Harvey McBurnette please see his bio with Lot 31 in this auction. (dht  HM13-064)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 68  Paula Easler engraved small pearl miniature,

THE KNIFE: Flower engraved with a gold inlaid border, 2 1/2" oal with a 1 1/8" blade, (no sheath), pearl handles, straight tang. This knife still has Paula's price sticker on the back when it was priced at $200.00.

THE MAKER: Paula Easler married knifemaker Russell Easler and she began making miniature knives under Russell's guidance. Hers was a brief tenure in knives due to health issues, but during the time she made miniatures that were both popular and very well made. It is uncommon for examples of her work to become available. (lmi  HM13-116)  Minimum bid  $110.00

Lot 69  Early Ken Steigerwalt

THE KNIFE: marked "KAS", jigged bone, dovetailed bolsters, sculpted handle with a raised lockback, already showing the design flair that makes him one of the very best today. 3 5/8" closed, 6 3/4" open. Fileworked lockback.

THE MAKER: Ken has been making knives full time since 1981 and it shows, having won 11 Blade Show awards and accepted as an Art Knife Invitation maker. His current work ranges from $1000 up to $5500, although his early work is less. (lmi  HM13-029)  Minimum bid  $300.00



Lot 70  John Fuller, Douglasville, GA pearl handled lockback

THE KNIFE: with fully engraved bolsters of a flower design, 4 1/8" closed, 7" open, mint, includes a Fuller knives marked zip up case.

THE MAKER: John Fuller is a Georgia knifemaker who primarily makes functional hunters and folders, but sometimes, on rare occasions, he make a knife that causes one to stop and say, "Oh my", and realize that should he chose to make expensive top-drawer art knives, the talent is there. Most of his knives bring in the $200-$400 range, with up to $1200 for his top pieces. (lmi  HM13-114)  Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 71  Russell Easler semi-minature sliplock

THE KNIFE: ,2 1/4" closed, 4"open, pearl handled, all four blolsters dovetailed and engraved with gold borders around each engraving, mint.

THE MAKER: The late Russell Easler was one of those prolific South Carolina makers who perfected offering a variety of well made handmade knives, sharing influences with his friend Ron Gaston. His knives are underrated and deserve increased attention. (lmi  HM13-074)  Minimum bid  $175.00

Lot 72  Ray Cover engraved pearl sliplock

THE KNIFE: , all 4 bolsters engraved, all dovetailed, genuine mother of pearl handles, fileworked blade back, mint except for a single scratch on the back bolster border. 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/2" open "ATS34" stamped on the tang reverse.

THE MAKER: Ray Cover, Sr. is best known for high quality slip-joint folders. (lmi  HM13-034)  Minimum bid  $300.00


That's all for auction 113. If you have high end handmades give us a call and let's talk about your consigning for an auction similar to this one in the future.


Auction 114 in October will have English Exhibition Knives, many pictured in the Sheffield Exposition Knives book (And through a special purchase if you win a knife pictured in the book you will get a free hardcover copy of the book as well).

Auction 115 in November will be back to our general selection of a variety of knives in all major groups--and this will be a big one--Over 400 lots. And...we will have one more auction before Christmas, in early December. Look for them all.

LIVE AUCTION: November 2 in Pigeon Forge, TN we will have a live auction Saturday night following the close of our Pigeon Forge Spirit of Steel Knife Show at the Evergreen Convention Center (formerly called the Smoky Mtn. Convention Center--same place as our past shows). This auction will feature many autos (legal in Tennessee). Here are a couple of shots of the knives to be sold there. IMPORTANT: We confrom will all state and national laws and you must be present at this show to take possession of these knives. Sorry, no absentee bids, you have to be there.