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Exhibition Knives
With the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851, World’s Fairs and Expositions became the rage. There was no TV, radio, even photo magazines, so if a company wanted to display its wares in front of a large audience, and enjoy the benefits of such exposure, expositions were the venue of choice. Plus, awards were given in competition in the respective categories.

For the cutlery companies of Sheffield, led by Joseph Rodgers and IXL, exhibiting at such events became a primary marketing tool.

To win these competitions, their best cutlers were summoned, and told to produce the finest knife they had ever made, spare no time or expense. Garnish with gold, silver, engraving, filework, exotic handle materials, and place many of the results inside an attractive presentation case.
With a handful the finest knives the companies can produce, the companies vie for awards at various world expositions. The medals won by IXL and Rodgers are arranged neatly at the base of the Norfolk Knife in Cutler’s Hall in Sheffield, England to this day. Very few cutlery award medals are in private hands.

The knives displayed at these exhibitions were not sold, after all the best cutlers had spent unlimited time, and all the bells and whistles were added, making their exhibition knives the costliest the company ever made.
And the polish is one that dates these knives as well, coming from buffing with a beeswax and ashes compound before finishing off on lead faced wheels, in the days before the poisoning effect of lead was known.
No, that one of a kind knife was not sold, instead —the knives were salted away in the company safe or main showroom until the next exposition, when they were again trotted out as the example of what extraordinary work the company’s fine cutlers could produce.
Some of the exhibition knives were shown at many different expositions. What makes these knives significant in the world if collecting was the exhibiting company only needed one of the patten, and in most instances it was a one of a kind. The company only needed one of each, and in many instances only one was made.

The Rodgers knives were scattered over the years. The IXL’s were not. That is another story.

The IXL Exhibition Knives
Bill Adams went to Sheffield to buy old rifle parts initially, but he was diverted. He discovered that many knife factories were closing, and he saw the opportunity. He was soon buying the contents of several factories after they had pulled out what they felt were all the sellable products. Bill called it sweeping their floor.

At that time there was a tax incentive in that the companies would buy other companies for little or nothing, but they could apply that company’s losses to their own profits to lower their taxes. However, once the air cleared, the purchasing company was left with an old factory with knife parts, tools, partially finished knives with which they were wondering how they would dispose of the rubbish. In comes this American willing to buy what is left, and everyone was happy.

Bill saw it as rescuing Sheffield history. Among his floor sweeping project was IXL’s Washington Works, the historic first flatted factory in Sheffield. Among his rescues were the factory records of IXL dating to the 1840’s, which he would later donate back to the Wesley Park Museum in Sheffield.
In his cleaning of IXL’s facilities, he stumbled upon a large safe. He inquired and was told the key was long lost. With IXL officials on hand, a locksmith was brought in and the safe was opened. As Bill describes it, the first knife opened was one of the knives from the IXL Exposition collection. One look and he said, “Oh my.”

The IXL officials quickly determined that the safe contents were not part of Bill’s salvage deal, but a price was struck, and Bill Adams sent the IXL Exhibition Knife collection to America.
In the early 80’s he began to exhibit the knives, occasionally selling one, but his primary customer soon became Cutlery Hall of Fame member Hubert Lawill. He bought most of that IXL collection. Upon Lawill’s death, he donated his knives to his church, who auctioned them. At that auction was Bill Adams, Bill Claussen, Brad Watts, you author, and a few others who between us purchased all the Exhibition knives. These knives then became the base of the book which Claussen and other produced the book "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", the primary reference on exhibition knives.
What we show here are some of the finest knives that could be produced by some of the finest cutler’s in history, during a time that Sheffield cutlery produced the finest knives in the world. Are these knives the finest knives ever made? There is a good argument for that premise. Whose knives were better?
Half of this large collection is already in circulation and found their way quickly into private collections, where it will likely be years before the opportunity for a knife collector to own knives of this quality.

Bear in mind many of these knives have a known continuing chain of possession since the day they were made. Some IXL’s went from the company, to Bill Adams, to Hubert Lawill, back to Adams, Claussen, or your author, then on to the collector from whose collection these knives are now being disbursed. Few knives have that history, but now half of them are out there—and the other half soon will be. It is time to be on the lookout for the opportunity to own some of the finest knives to ever come from a cutler’s hands.

Lot 1 A RODGERS SPORTS KNIFE, Page 36 and 37 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives"(two pages devoted to this knife). Rodgers Exhibition Knife Collection book by James F. Parker. As described in SEK, "This knife represents the quality of cutlery craftsmanship of the era, with 16 pieces. It is a 4 1/4" sports knife, with a master spear blade, screwdriver, bartenders blade (champagne bottle opener), pen, sail needle, fish scaler, hook remover, button hook, and cigar fork." Engraved silver top bolsters and back bolster at the base of the hook pick. It has Yorkshire rose silver rivets, fine pearl handles, a silver crest on one side, an oval shield on the other, with on the back a fileworked horse-hoof piece, a triangular leather punch, corkscrew, (both of those fileworked on the base of the tang, scallop worked inside on both sides too, outstanding filework on the top of master blade, filed with a straight groove down the middle, cigar fork, and gimlet. It also has slide out pricker, tweezers, and a slide out folding lancer. Blades are marked Cutler's to Her Majesty or No. 6 Norfolk St. Sheffield. Simply one of the finest knives ever made. One knife of this pattern was made with gold engraved bolsters for the 1876 American Centennial Exposition and is part of the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The knife has a tarnish to the polish on the top of the master blade before the bevel starts, resembling stain, and the same on the base of the fileworked hoofpick. I know of two instances in the past when this exact knife changed hands for $15,000. Also featured in "The Rodgers Exhibition and Ceremonial Knives" short run and long out of print book. Knives were described by James F. Parker and photographs and introduction was by me. (Page 52). Featured in two books and famous within the knife community--with a provenance of knowing where this knife has been and whose hands it has transferred since in was made in England. This is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the best known and most desired knives of history. (pnmXHB001) (Estimate $5000-$8000)

Lot 2 HARE AND PHESANT TOP EXHIBITION KNIFE, featured on pages 96-97 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . Engraved silver bolsters with a hare on one side and pheasant on the back. Silver bar shield on one side, crest shield on the other, fileworked , engraved, blades include: master spear, screwdriver, pen, sail needle, triangular leather punch, hoof pick, corkscrew, buttonhook, awl, fork, and a manicure blade, plus a slide out lancet, tweezers and pick. Marked Cutlers to Their Majesties (Queen Victoria) pre-1901. Her husband died in 1861 but she still retained the combined title of her reign although "Cutlers to Her Majesty" apply to the same period, thus exempting this ivory handled knife from regulation due to it being over 100 years old. The backs of all blades are fileworked, including the hoof pick. There is a crack in the ivory on each side of the handles, and has been there for a long time from the coloring of the crack. There is some tarnishing in the worked backs on both sides and a bit of pitting at the base of the hoofpick. Also featured in "The Rodgers Exhibition and Ceremonial Knives" short run and long out of print book. Knives were described by James F. Parker and photographs and introduction was by me. (Page 52) of that book. (pnmXHB002) (Estimate $3000-$6000)

Lot 3 JOSEPH RODGERS GOLD ENGRAVED BOLSTER EXHIBITION KNIFE. Four blade congress pattern, gold shield, engraved gold bolsters, gold layered backspring. Scalloped filework inside on the backspring, fine intricate fileworking on the backs of all four blades. Long pull through the tang nailmarks all round, marked "V crown R, Cutlers to Her Majesty" on two blades, star and maltese cross and England on the reverse. The knife is breathtaking, even though not pristine mint. The master blade has been cleaned, and the pin blade and master blade have been tipped. Comes in a leather Rodgers marked exhibition case. Very few Rodgers knives were cased and that is rare in itself. 3 1/2" long closed. (pnmXHB003) (Estimate $4500-$6000)

Lot 4 JOSEPH RODGERS CHECKERED PEARL EXHIBITION CONGRSS. Featured on page 72 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . 3 1/2" closed, with four blades: a master copying blade, a second coping blade, a pen blade and a manicure blade, all with silver bolsters, shield, pins, layered backspring. Backspring is fileworked on the inside. Scales are checkered fiery pearl, c.1901-1910) With Rodgers marked satin lined presentation case. .(jjbXHB004) (Estimate $5000-$7000)

Lot 5 JOSEPH RODGERS WALTON FISHING KNIFE by Joseph Rodgers Cutlers to Her Majesty stag handled knife, featured on page 75 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", folder, with a master sheepfoot blade stamped "Walton Fishing Knife" with a fold out fly tying vice, hook disgorger. Estimate ($4000-$5500)

Lot 6 JOSEPH RODGERS ENGRAVED STERLING SILVER BOLSTER CONGRESS. Joseph Rodgers, No. 6 Norfolk St, Sheffield England, also marked "V crown R Cutlers to Their Majesties". Sterling silver bolsters and shield, sterling covered backspring, scallop file working inside, match striker nail marks all around, 3 1/2" closed. The knife has been cleaned but as close to mint as you might encounter. Comes in a presentation leather cover exhibition box with velvet and satin interior. (jjbXHB074) Estimate $4500-$7000.

Lot 7 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM PEARL LIBRARY KNIFE. Featured on page 90 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", George Wostenholm Celebrated, 3 7/8" long with a wharncliffe master blade, long pen blade, buttonhook and corkscrew all in a shadow bolsterless pattern, ivory blade for turning pages without getting ink on your hands. Milled brass liners. Pre-1901 and thus antique. (pnmXHB007) Estimate $3,000.00- $4500.

Lot 8 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM SHOWPIECE, three blade wharncliffe whittler, featured on page 111 of Sheffield Exhibition knives, 3 5/8" closed, 1/8" or less thick, exceptional narrow and close tolerances, black polish, fiery mother of pearl with bar shield, mint except for speck on the nailmark, in a presentation IXL exhibtion box. (jjgXHB008) Estimate $3500-$5000.

Lot 9 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Huge IXL Sportsman's knife, referred to by the Brits as a Fish knife, but this knife is 7 3/8" closed, 12 1/2" open. Front lock with the exhibition style through the tang nailmark. Magnificent pebbled stag handles that are not found on any type of Sambar stag today. Hook disgorer, and on the back side another knife blade, triangular punch and long corkscrew. The tops of both blades are finely fileworked, as are the top of the tangs on the disgorer and hook. The inside liners are scallop worked. The scissors under the handle are 3 1/4", and the tweezers are 2 1/2". Grooved bolsters and finely filed on the outer edge. There are some specks toward the front of locking bar and at the base of the master blade, but otherwise this is exhibition quality and condition. I would still say it is mint for a knife of this age.(pnmXHB009) Estimate $2000-$4000.

Lot 10 JOSEPH RODGERS GORDON KNIFE, Featured on page 90 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", a Joseph Rodgers knife with finely checkered ebony handle. Five inches closed, 8 7/8" open, front lockback spear master blade, long pen, button hook, can opener, corkscrew, hoof pick, and leather punch, Two screws through the handles are there for harness repair. With bail, etched "Gordon Knife." Milled liners all around, grooved bolsters, marked "Cutlers to Her Majesty." Named for Gordon of Khartoum, a famous 19th century military legend, making his reputation first in China and then later defending Khartoum in the Sudan in a year long siege that was followed closely by the press in England. His defense is detailed in the movie Khartoum staring Charlton Heston. There are two tiny storage specks on the locking bar, otherwise mint. (pnmXHB010) Estimate $2,500.00 - $3500.00

Lot 11 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM SHOWPIECE FISHING KNIFE featured on page 126-127 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", 5 1/4" long with bail, master center front lock spear blade, top side has a corkscrews, a smaller spear blade, and a triangular leather punch. Bottom side has a long button hook and a fish scaler/saw blade with a hook disgorver. Exhibition grade stag handles, U sculpted bolsters on one end. Marked "IXL George Wostenholm, Sheffield, England." Has some spiderwebs along the top of the master blade (visible in the SEK book too). Still mint with specks in my description. 8 3/4" open.(pnmXHB011) Estimate $2500-$3500.

Lot 12 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM SHOWPIECE, three blade cattle knife with horn handles, master blade is etched in beautiful reverse etching, "The Real IXL Cattle Knife". Master blade and sheepfoot are long pull, pen is regular, crest shield inlaid into the handle, handle is pulled so that you can feel it when you rub a thumb over it but not visually, 3 5/8" closed. Back handle is a bit darker than the front. Pristine mint. (jjbXHB012) Estimate $900-$1500.

Lot 13 WADE & BUTCHER ''TEXAS SPORTSMAN'S KNIFE'' pictured on page 233 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . Described as a 10 inch Bowie knife with a 5 1/2" scalloped-back saber ground blade, with a severe clip. "The Texas Sportsman Knife" and Wade & Butcher Sheffield are stamped on the blade. Guardless with a nickel silver ferrule and a nickel silver bar shield. Fine stag handles with a folding corkscrew on the back and a fold out leather punch on the bottom. Under the handle are large slide out tweezers, with a black leather sheath with a fancy nickel silver throat and scalloped tip. Handmilled liner, some filework on the tang of the corkscrew. Some tarnishing in the filework and a speck on the blade, otherwise mint with a spectacular lead-wheel polish the old cutler's called the "black polish." (pnmXHB015) Estimate $1200-$1800.

Lot 14 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM STAG SHOWPIECE Featured on page 130 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . Gold bar shield, gold pins, gold layered backspring, fileworked inside, exhibition grade stag handles, Exhibition Case, four blades: spear with matchstriker nail mark that goes through the bolsters (all nailmarks on this knife do) two pen blades and a manicure blade, 3 1/8" closed. (pnmXHB017) Estimate $1750-$3000.

Lot 15 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM SHOWPIECE sports knife, 3 3/8" closed, exhibition quality stag handles, bar shield, marked "IXL George Wostenholm Sheffield, England" six blades, master blade, button hook, pen, and cigar fork, and on the back a long punch blade and a manicure blade there are very long, almost the full length of the knife. Blade is mint with the beautiful black polish but does have spotting there is also spotting on the long cuticle blade, and a crack at the rivet on the back side. Hand milled center brass liner. Unused but has the storage specks and cracks. (pnmXHB018) Estimate $900-$1800.

Lot 16 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Sheffield, England marked shadow pearl multiblade, featured on page 154 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" where it is called a multi-blade sleeveboard. A big 3 5/8" long closed, 6 3/8" open, fiery pearl with crest shield, through the tang nailmarks, Master blade has nailmark on both sides, pen blade has through the tang nailmark too, plus a button hook, triangular leather punch, a corkscrew, and manicure blade. Basic filework on the tang of the corkscrew, mint except for some specking on the master blade. (See photo in the high res catalog on our home website) Comes with a gold foil embossed leather exhibition case with IXL marked satin liner inside. (Not original to the knife, and will not close tight). (pnmXHB019) Estimate $1000-$1800.

Lot 17 JOSEPH RODGERS Quill maker knife, etched "Rodgers", ebony handles, minty. Salesman's sample numbers still visible on the back of the 1 1/4" slide out blade, 4" closed. (jjbXHB0192) Estimate $300-$450.

Lot 18 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM SHOWPIECE Pearl congress knife, featured on page 222 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . "Congress knife" is etched on the master blade, pinched and grooved bolsters, 2 3/4" closed, marked IXL George Wostenholm Celebrated Cutlery. The knife has been heavily cleaned, and I would rate low excellent condition. Does come with an IXL Gold foil embossed exhibition case with satin lining with the IXL logo in gold foil. (pnmXHB020) Estimate $1000-$1400.

Lot 19 PEARL AND GOLD IXL EXHIBITION PIECE, GEORGE WOSTENHOLM. Featured on page 165 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . 2 7/8" closed equal end four blade pen knife with a gold shield inlaid into the pearl handles, and gold layered backsprings. Elaborate fine filework on the back of all blades, through the tang nailmarks, master blade has nailmarks on both sides, scallop filework inside on the backspring, fiery exhibition grade pearl handles, marked "George Wostenholm, Sheffield, England". Comes with a leather gold embossed exhibition case with a satin liner with the IXL logo. (pnmXHB022) Estimate $1800-$2500.

Lot 20 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Exhibition Sports Knife. Featured on page 147 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . Six blades, most marked IXL George Wostenholm Sheffield, master blade does not have IXL on the tang. Fine filework on the backs of every blade, and is even fileworked inside on the backspring. Fine pebbly exhibition grade stag, bar shield, 3 1/4" close, 5 1/2" open with master blade only. Long pull through the tang nailmarks on BOTH sides of the Master blade, Mint. Comes in a Gold foil embossed leather covered exhibition case with the IXL logo inside in gold on the satin liner. (pnmXHB023) Estimate $1400-$2000.00.

Lot 21 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM, George Wostenholm Sheffield is the mark on this sports knife featured on page 147 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . 3 1/4" closed multi-blade sports knife with a master sheepfoot blade with a long false edge. All have through the tang nailmarks. Master blade has nailmarks on BOTH sides of the blade. Two pen blades, manicure, and a triangular leather punch, plus a corkscrew. Hand milled brass liners. Exhibition grade stag with a long bar shield on the front. The tip of the smaller pen blade is blunted (likely dropped at some point in the past), otherwise mint. Comes with a gold foil embossed leather covered exhibition case, satin lined, with the IXL markings on the satin. (pnmXHB024) Estimate $1100-$1800.

Lot 22 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Congress knife featured on page 122 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", 2 1/2" congress with "Congress Knife" stamped on the blade, with two pen blades and a manicure blade, grooved bolsters, with nickel silver bar shield, milled center liner. 5 1/2" open with master blade only, exhibition quality pebble stag handles. Has been lightly cleaned so cannot call it mint, but most would. .(pnmXHB026) Estimate $750-$1100.

Lot 23 JOSEPH RODGERS LEGENDARY NORFOLK KNIFE, featured on page 91 of "Sheff eld Exhibition Knives", Joseph Rodgers multi-blade sports knife 4 1/2" long, stamped "Norfolk Knife" on the long wharncliffe master blade. Other blades include a hoof pick, working awl, tirangular leather punch, corkscrew, long pen. Slide out tweezer and pick. Nickel silver mounts, engraveed "T.C. Ring", engraved on the inside of the backspring. High excellent condition. (pnmXHB051) Estimate $2500-$3500.

Lot 24 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Sheffield large wharncliffe whittler, thick pearl with elegantly rounded edges, crest shield inset into the pearl, scalloped filework inside on the backsprings, 4 1/4" closed, featured on page 226-227 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", wharncliffe master blade, and a long pen and long spay blade. Described in the SEK book as "Spectacular". The knife has been cleaned to excellent plus, although it does have two deep pitted spots, one on the back of the master blade and another on the back of one of the smaller blades.(pnmXHB028) Estimat $1300-$2000.

Lot 25 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Stag handled lockback folder. Featured on page 140 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", exhibition grade stag handles that are so nice IXL chose to not use bolsters on this model, 4 3/8" closed, 7 3/4" open, humpback front lock, hand milled liners, marked "George Wostenholm Sheffield" Mint. (pnmXHB029) Estimage $500-$800.

Lot 26 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM TWO BLADE JACK Stag handled George Wostenholm Celebrated Cutlery featured on page 152 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . 4 3/4" oversized jack with two blades, one a long spear, the other a working large saw blade, very old pin within a pin rivets (birdseye pins), slide out tweezers under the handle, worked on the inside of the backspring. This is a much bigger knife than first appears. George Wostenholm Celebrated IXL Cutlery is the mark of this very old IXL folder, 2 blades, one is a large spear, the other a saw blade, with birdseye pin within pin rivets (generally this dates a knife prior to the Civil War), pull out tweezers under the handle, fileworked in a scallop pattern in the inside, nickel silver bar shield, grooved nickel silver bolsters. The knife has been cleaned, little blade wear but there are a few cleaned pits, otherwise condition is near mint. If you were this old you'd have a few pits too! 4 3/4" closed, 8 1/2" open. (pnmXHB030) Estimate $1600-$2500.

Lot 27 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Sheffield is the mark on this Gentleman's knife. Featured on page 150 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . Four inch lockback with exhibition grade stag handles, 4 inches closed, 7 1/8" open, bar shield, with pull out toothpick and long tweezers under the handles. Master spear blade with beautiful frosty etching on the old black polish finished blade. Blades include a corkscrew, buttonhook, pen blade, and triangular leather punch. There is some basic filework on the top of the tangs of both the corkscrew and the leather punch. Mint. (pnmXHB031) Estimate $1000-$1500.

Lot 28 WHARNCLIFFE WHITTLER Charles F. Levicks & Co. Sheffield Wharncliffe 4 blade whittler. Pearl handles in a shadow configuration, crest shield inset into the handle. Wharncliffe blade, pen blade, opener blade and on the reverse side is a fold out corkscrew. Scalloped wharncliffe curved design. scallop filework on the inside backsprings Cleaned to near mint. 3 5/8" closed. (pnmXHB032) Estimate $750-$1250.

Lot 29 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Miniature Congress knife, only 2" closed, 3 1/4" with master blade open, featured on page 222 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", four blades, pearl handles, bar shield. In the book the knife has visible pitting, but somewhere along the line the knife has been cleaned, condition is cleaned to excellent. Comes with a gold embossed IXL telescoping box".(pnmXHB033) Estimate $350-$600.

Lot 30 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Showpiece Whittler. Almost miniature swell center whittler marked IXL George Wostenholm, pearl handles with a bar shield, fancy grooved bolsters, through the tang nailmarks, with a pen blade and manicure blade. Only 2 1/2" long closed, 3 7/8" open, and featured on page 124 of Sheffield Exhibition knives. Comes with an IXL gold embossed telescoping box. MInt except for a spiderweb spot on the small pen blade.(pnmXHB035) Estimate $400-$600.

Lot 31 IXL GUNSTOCK PATTERN Featured on page 114-115 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", horn handles, 3 5/8" long closed, nickel silver grooved bolster, 2 blades, long pull master blade. Mint except for some storage specks on the top of each of the blades. (pnmXHB036) Estimate $500-$800.

Lot 32 IXL GUNSTOCK PATTERN-Featured on page 114-115 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . Horn handled gunstock, IXL stamped on the bolster and on the blade, 3 5/8" long closed, nickel silver fittings. Mint except for some storage specks along the top edges of both blades. Step down grooved bolster on one end, IXL stamped bolster on the other, mint except as noted, (pnmXHB060) Estimate $600-$900.

Lot 33 JOSEPH RODGERS Statuette. Statue is of Vulcan holding the Rodgers star and maltese cross (in the original, somewhere back down the line the maltese cross was broken and is now missing.) with a hammer in the other hand. mounted on a wood base. 7 1/2", The significance of this cannot be overstated. The only way to receive one of these was to work for Joseph Rodgers Cutlers for 50 years. (During a time when the average lifespan of a cutler was less than 50 years). I have only seen two in my years in knives. This is one of those two. Pictured in the opening pages of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives". (pnmXHB038) Estimage $600-$1000.

Lot 34 JOSEPH RODGERS & Sons, with tang mark of No. 6 Norfolk St. Sheffield, and star and cross on the tang reverse, grooved bolsters, humpback lockback, 5 1/2" closed, 10 1/4" open, This knife has been used and carried, blade is full but some bent spots along the edge. This is not one of the exhibition knives, but a darn nice old Rodgers folder. High exc. Near mint. (bevXHB039)Estimate $450-$700.

Lot 35 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM, Sheffield, England is the mark on this pearl 4 blade lobster with IXL marked on cuticle blade. Older style through the tang nail marks, fiery pearl, milled liners, master and pen blades, scissors, and a cuticle blade on the back side, 2 3/4" closed, pristine mint. (pnmXHB041) Estimate $350-$500.

Lot 36 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM, Sheffield England is the mark on the tangs of both blades of this pearl handled cattle knife. The Wostenholm scroll etching is still clearly visible, and has been lightly buffed which prevents the mint status. Second blade has been cleaned and knife was likely used at some point in the past. 3 5/8" long, 2 blade, long pull master blade, 6 1/4" open, crest shield. This knife is pictured on page 132 of Sheffield Exhibition knives. Cleaned to near mint. (pnmXHB042) Estimate $750-$1000.

Lot 37 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Celebrated Cutlery, Sheffield, pearl handled 2 blade, Cleaned to excellent, condition, FLORAL BOLSTERS, one in the much older pistol grip turn, 3 7/8" closed, 7 1/4" open. (pnmXHB043) Estimate $750-$1100.

Lot 38 JAMES ALLEN Warranted marked on all 4 blades of this grooved pearl four blade equal end, grooved bolsters matches the handles but with an additional horizontal groove on each, 3 3/8" closed, through the tang nailmarks on all blades. Mint. (pnmXHB044) Estimate $350-$350.

Lot 39 PICQUE PEARL handled knife. This is NOT a fruit knife, as there is not a sterling silver blade, marked what appears to be "HMILE?, London". Carved pearl with a massive number of pins (some of the pins are missing (the pins were not fastened to the liners but merely went through the pearl). Rolled silver covering on the backspring, 3 1/8" long closed, 4 1/2" open, blade has some pitting, excellent. (pnmXHB045) Estimate $300-$400.

Lot 40 H.G. LONG carved pearl pen knife with a JY Cowlingshaw sterling silver fruit blade, tip bolsters, grooves in the pearl run through the bolsters, 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/4" open, a tiny crack at the corner upper left of the front handle, and a crack on the back that runs from the rivet up to the inside bolster. (See photos). Blades are excellent. (pnmXHB046) Estimate $125-$250.

Lot 41 JOSEPH RODGERS swell end jack with pearl handles, marked No. 6 Norfolk St, Sheffield, England with the star and cross on the back of the tang. Deep struck Rodgers mark on the blade, grooved bolster, 3 1/4" closed, 6" open, and has been cleaned to as close to mint as you will see. (pnmXHB048) Estimate $200-325.

Lot 42 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Sheffield England pearl bartenders knife, three blades plus a corkscrew, thick rounded fiery pearl handles, long pull master spear blade, crest shield inset into the pearl handles, salesman sample numbers still visible on the back of the master blade. Mint. (pnmXHB057) Estimate $350-$550.

Lot 43 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM pearl equal end exhibition knife, fiery pearl handles, four blades, gold layered backspring, scallop filework inside, backs of the blade are intricately fileworked. Comes in an IXL Exhibition case, leather with gold embossing. (pnmXHB078) Estimate $2250-$3000.

Lot 44 JOSEPH RODGERS, Cutler to His Majesty silver engraved bolsters pen knife. Sterling silver bolsters and shield, fiery colorful mother of pearl handles, four blade equal end, 3 1/4" closed, 5 1/2" open, milled center liner. Mint except for a water speck on the front and a spot on the back of the master blade. (pnmXHB064) Estimate $1600-$2200.

Lot 45 JOSEPH RODGERS large 4-blade congress. Exhibition quality stag handles, smaller blades marked V crown R Cutlers to Her Majesty" with the two master blades marked, No. 6 Norfolk St. Sheffield and both are struck on the blade, "Joseph Rodgers & Sons". All 4 blades have the star and cross on the back of the tangs. 4 1/4" long closed. Both master blades have through the tang nail marks on BOTH sides of the blade. Cleaned to high near mint. (pnmXHB027) Estimate $700-$1100.

Lot 46 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM GRACEFUL MULTIBLADE featured on page 159 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives" . A 4" multi blade sports knife with a locking master spear blade etched "G. Wostenholm & Son IXL Sheffield". Other blades include: pen, buttonhook, corkscrew, triangular leather punch, hoof pick. Slide out pick and tweezers under the handles. Blade backs and inside the backspring on both sides are fileworked. There is some specking along the back of the master blade and a single spot on the front of the spear master blade close to the tang. Marked "George Wostenholm IXL Cutlery Sheffield" on the tang. Mint except as noted.(pnmXHB025) Estimate $850-$1400.

Lot 47 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Stag handled multiblade gentleman's knife, featured on page 138 of "Sheffield Exhibition knives". Six blades, spear, two pens, scissors, manicure and corkscrew. 3 1/2" closed, nickel silver crest shield, brass liners.(pnmXHB040) Estimate $475-$750.

Lot 48 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Sheffield. Multiblade lockback "fishing knife", featured on page 126-127 of "Sheffield Exhibition Knives", the knife is 5 1/4" closed, lockback front lock spear blade, top includes a corkscrew, pen blade, and triangular leather punch. Bottom has a long button hook and scaler-saw-disgorer. U shaped bolsters, exhibition grade stag, long scissors fit in a sLot under the handle, heavy bail. (pnmXHB061) Estimate $1100-$1700.

Lot 49 HOLBURN CO, HOLBURN CIRCUS, London maker featuring brass guard, checkered horn handles, blade and grippers on the other end. Described as a castration knife. This is the actual knife pictured on page 81 of "The London Knife Book, 1820-1945" by Ron Flook. Exc condition.(jjbXHB185) Estimate $400-$550.

Lot 50 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Group of IXL advertising and display boards, 12X10 1/2", 12 X 9 3/4", and 8 3/4" x 6"(jjbXHB084) Estimate $55-$100

Lot 51 NEW YORK KNIFE COMPANY Hammer Brand (New York Knife) pearl handled Masonic knife, scimitar pattern, with major historical significance. Knife is 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open, with hand milled liners, two blades, manicure blade on the back, and master blade features a unique curve with curved nail mark. Sculpted frame is designed to provide finger grooves when open. The knife is engraved "M. Freeland Kendrick" and on the reverse "Imperial Potentatea North American, 1919-1920. M FREELAND KENDRICK." Kendrick was the Mayor of Philadelphia (1924-1928) and directed that city's Sesquicentennial celebration, as well as a major force in the Shrine, serving as Potentate of the Lulu Shrine for 12 years beginning in 1906, and then later 3 more years beginning in 1920. Kendrick was already known for his work at the Masonic Home in Philiadelphia, but in June of 1920 at the 46th Annual meeting of the Imperial Council, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, it was Kendrick who introduced a resolution that the Shrine establish what would become the Shrine Hospitals. He had introduced the same resolution earlier but it had been defeated, but now he has risen to Imperial Potentate and had the clout to push his idea through. His words at the time, "...We should do something big. And what can you do as big as furnish a hospital for a poor little crippled kid? Suppose it is black; suppose it is Catholic; God put it here on earth and it is up to us to help it." Kendrick is known as the "father" of Shrine Hospitals, which today includes 19 hospitals and 3 burn institutes. With the knife comes the original leather carrying case, a Kendrick for Mayor lapel pin, and one of his mayoral business cards, as well as a notebook with copies of the two articles written about the knife and a copy of Knife World from 2013 in which the article devoted to this knife appears. Mint. (kwpXHB097) Estimate $1800-$2200.

Lot 52 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Electoplates for photos, showing the IXL exhibit where thousands of knives spell out IXL, and the opening page to their catalog illustration that shows all the IXL awards. These came direct from the IXL factory through Norm Flayderman, one is 8X6 inches the other 5 X 7 1/2". (kwpXHB162) Estimate $100-$150

Lot 53 IXL IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Awards Certificate from the Electrical and General Trades Exhibition in Birmingham, England in 1898. Framed, 18 1/2" X 13 1/2", Diploma of Excellence to George Wostenholm & Sons, LTD, Gold Award for their exhibition of Sheffield Cutlery. Mint. (jjbXHB180) Estimate $350-$500.

Lot 54 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Certificate framed and matted from IXL's exhibition at the 1879 Sydney Exhibition. Their award was for "First Degree of Merit, Special." Award certificates are rarer than the knives (and will hang on the wall of your office or knife room much easier too! 29 1/2" x 26" frame.)(pnmXHB196) Estimate $400-600.

Lot 55 HISTORY OF THE SHEFFIELD CUTLER'S COMPANY 2 VOLUME 1905 RARE LL Leader book- Massive oversized reference pair of books, "History of the Sheffield Cutler's Company" published in 1905, and simply the most difficult to obtain set of cutlery references. Research on all Sheffield made knives begins here. In 47 years of dealing in knives, I have only seen one other set for sale, although Jim Taylor did bring in a set or two without covers. If the opening bid is an issue, go buy them somewhere else. Both books are 12" X 17". Vol. 1 has 327 pages, Vol. II 412 pages. Did I say massive?(relXHB197) Estimate $1350-$1500.

Lot 56 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Framed color print, printed in 1852, hand colored of three knives designed by A. Stephens for IXL's Crystal Palace Exhibition. (Stephens was a noted artist in his time and this was an innovative step for any cutlery concern.) Framed and matted, measures 23 1/2X 19 1/2.(kwpXHB181) Estimate $200-$300.

Lot 57 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM internal company advertising reference books. Five large books containing samples of everything IXL George Wostenhom issued in the way of advertising in the 1920's. Samples of ads, catalogs, letters to salesmen and more, crammed with history. These five volumes have remained together since they were purchased from IXL by Norm Flayderman, who in turn sold them to to Paul Davis, who sold them to the current consignor. Each book is 13 1/2" X 10".(jjbXHB182) Estimate $400-$500.

Lot 58 E.M. DICKSON Pearl garter dirk by E. M. Dickson, Sheffield, 7 1/2" oal, 4" dagger blade, sterling ferrule that is stamped with patterning, no sheath, blade is excellent. Marked "Invicta England" on the reverse of the tang, no sheath. (jjbDSC_0403) Estimate $165-$225.

Lot 59 JOSEPH RODGERS History, "Under Five Sovereigns", the one everyone searches for and the source for the fabulous photos of Rodgers ivory and stag room. Vital reference work, and original, embossed cover. A Lot of Wow! In this book. C.1912(pnmXHB049) Estimate $350-$500.

Lot 60 CUTLERY MEDAL awarded by the American Institute in 1890 to "O.K" Cutlery Mfg. Co. The medal is 2" in diameter, with the inscription on one side, the reverse has what appears to be a seated Liberty extending a wreath, with a shield, eagle, staff and spinning wheel in the background. The American Institute was an organization of inventors who formed to present and honor new technologies. Among the items the Institute promoted beginning with their forming in 1828 was the McCormick reaper, and Colt firearms. In 1930 the organization merged and The American Institute name was retired.(pgnXHB201) Estimate $200-$250.


Greenhough Group c.1879 Exhibition Knives

Greenhoughs Multi-Parcel This collection is featured on pages 171 through 185 of the"Sheffield Exhibition Knives"book. This group was displayed at the 1879 Sydney Exposition, and includes not only the certificate but also the medal they were awarded. The scarcity of a cutlery medal cannot be overstated when one considers all the medals won by IXL and Joseph Rodgers are arranged neatly around the base of the Norfolk Knife in Cutler's Hall in Sheffield, England. We have a photograph (included) of the 1879 set with one additional knife that has vanished somewhere back in time before the collection was obtained. Frankly it is in the interest of history that this collection remain intact--but we have also been commissioned to sell this collection in whatever way will obtain the most money for the consignors. To that end this collection will be sold under the multi-parcel auction method, commonly used in the sale of land developments. This intact collection includes a J. Greenhough original catalog, with emblems stating first prize at the London Exposition of 1879, and First Prize at the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1884.

Bids will be accepted in two manners (1) The entire collection, which also included five knives not pictured). or (2) The knives will be offered in smaller lots, some individual some small groups. IMPORTANT: When the bidding has ceased on the night of the auction NO MORE BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED, BUT that is NOT the end of the auction on these items. We will announce the winners on these knives the next day based on the following formula: We will verify the bid on the entire collection as a unit. We will then add up the total of each separte part of the individual lots comprising the collection (even if distributed among a number of bidders). Whichever total is the highest will determine how the ownership of the collection will be transferred. IF the total for the collection is higher than the total of the sum individual bids, the collection will remain intact, it will go to that one bidder, and the individual bids are thus void. HOWEVER, if the total of the sum individual lots is MORE than the single bid for the entire collection, certificate, coin and other items, then the intact collection bid is void and the collection will be broken up and sold to the winner of each lot, providing the maximum return for the original owners. IMPORTANT: Being in the lead on an individual small lot at the close of regular bidding does NOT mean you have won that bid UNLESS the total sum of the small lots is MORE than then intact collection price. If you have futher questions about how this works please contact us. AS these knives are documented as having been in the 1979 Exposition they are over 100 years old, and are therefore exempt from U. S. Fish and Wildlife Restriction on the sale of ivory. EXAMPLE: If the total of the single knives are $40,000, and the bid for the entire collection is $40,001, the knives will remain together and go to the single bidder--and all bids for the individual lots will be void. It is possible to bid both on the intact collection, and singles too, as in the end only one of those categories will be valid.

Lot 61 MULTI-PARCEL BID LOT 61 to enter a single group bid for all Lots of Greenhough items: knives, certificate, medal, catalog, Blyde's bank books, Blyde glass sign, and more. IMPORTANT: This is a multi-parcel auction. The winning bid is decided by comparing the bid for the (a) Greenhough knives as a unit vs.(b) the combined total of the single bids. Whichever totals higher will determine the distribution of the knives and invalidate the other bids. Which distribution method wins will be announced on our website the day following the auction close. Bid here LOT 61 for the entire collection as presented. All are illustrated in "Sheffield Exhibition Knives." A hardcover copy of the book is included should you win the entire group bid. (not available should the individual Lot s side win out. (pgn) Estimate $23,000-$30,000.

Lot 62 J. Greenhough, Sheffield (no England) pair of ivory handled whittlers. Larger one is 3 3/4" closed with grooved bolsters, other is 3 1/2" with pinched bolsters, from exhibition group. Golfer logo on the smaller blades. *These items are part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB065) Estimate $350-$600.

Lot 63 Pair of J. Greenhough, Sheffield ivory handled cigar knives. Both with cigar blades, venting punch blade, pen blade. The larger knife has six blades total, with a manicure blade and a button hook. It is 3" long closed, unused but has some rivet cracks on both sides (see photo). The other knife has a unique blade with a hole in the handle that makes it a cigar cutter. one rivet crack on the front, and one rivet crack on the back. Both c.1879. *These items are part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details. (pgnXHB135)

Lot 64 J. Greenhough, Sheffield Pearl 4 blade equal end worked inside and blade back, milled liners long pull through the tang nailmarks, unusual shield best described as a double crest, 3 1/2" closed, mint except for 2 tiny specks visible in the high res catalog on the upper edge of the blade. *These items are part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB069)

Lot 65 J. Greenhough, Sheffield, Large rounded ivory whittler, bar shield inset into the handles, amazing black polish, 4 5/8" long closed, hand milled liners, mint except for two specks on the two pin blades, visible in the high res photos. *part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB072)

Lot 66 J. Greenhough Sheffield pair of carved ivory handled whittlers, one with tip bolsters, the other shadow pattern. The bolsterless pattern has two long raised lines on each side (ivory removed on each side to obtain this), long spear, small pen and coping blde, milled liners, 3 5/16" closed, mint except for some storage specks on the upper edge. Second knife has grooved ivory handles with the grooves continuing through the bolsters, 2 blade, 3 1/2" closed, couple of tiny specks on the top of the blade but otherwise mint. *These items are part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details. (pgnXHB085)

Lot 67 J. Greenhough, Sheffield Spectacular pearl wharncliffe 2 blade, some gold wash remaining on the shield, gone on the backspring, shadow pattern, 3 1/2" long closed, 5 3/4" open, long pull through the tang nail marks, finely worked inside backspring, and finely worked blade backs. Mint. *These items are part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB088)

Lot 68 J. Greenhough, Sheffield two blade shadow pearl handled wharncliffe, bar shield, long pull through the tang nailmarks, finely worked inside, and once layered backspring that is not gone, top of the blades finely worked, 2 3/4" long closed. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB093)

Lot 69 J. Greenhough, Sheffield 4 blade wharncliffe. Most of the gold wash is gone from the shield, bolsters, and backsprings but some remains, long pull through the tang nail marks all around 3 1/4" closed, finely worked inside, as well as to tops of all the blades. Thin knife with very close tolerances. Mint except as noted. (pgnXHB102) *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.

Lot 70 J. Greenhough, Sheffield exhibition wharncliffe whittler, finely fileworked inside and blade backs, once had gold wash on the backsprings, shield and bolsters, a tiny bit of that remains, through the tang nailmarks, exceptional close tolerances, finely done. 3 1/2" closed. Exquisite. Beautiful old black polish that was obtained only on lead faced wheels. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB106)

Lot 71 J. Greenhough, Sheffield exhibition 4 blade, grooved bolsters, through the tang nailmarks, finely worked backspring inside, was gold washed at one point. Tops of the blade finely worked, crack at the center rivet on the front side and a small hairline on the back, otherwise mint. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB110)

Lot 72 J. Greenhough, Sheffield pair of whittlers one stag, one pearl shadow. Stag is 3 3/4" closed, bar shield, the very old pebbly small grained stag that simply does not exist anymore. The pearl is an equal end 3 1/2" closed with thick rounded pearl and hand milled liner, fantastic polish, both mint. -(pgnXHBV113) *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.

Lot 73 J. Greenhough, Sheffield Cutlery Medal from the 1879 Sydney Exhibition. Framed. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB066)

Lot 74 John Blyde Sign, glass, painted on reverse of the glass, and space with a white background to give it depth. 8 1/2 x 6 3/4" *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB198)

Lot 75 J. Greenhough, Sheffield stag wharncliffe jumbo whittler. One of the finest knives I have ever handled. Old time pebbly fine stag, bar shield, 4 1/2" closed, 7 1/2" open, mint except for a group of age freckles on the reverse of the master blade. J. Greenhough marked on the two smaller blades as well. Milled liners. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB115)

Lot 76 J. Greenhough, Sheffield Ivory wharncliffe. Was gold washed on the shield and backspring at one time, thus the reason for the finely fileworked inside backspring and blade backs, long pull through the tang nailmark, amazingly thin, 3 1/4" closed, mint except for one tiny line emanating from the shield (see high res photo) *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB121)

Lot 77 J. Greenhough, Sheffield Carved ivory whittler with bar shield , a full 3 7/8" closed, 6 5/8" open, exceptional polish and finely done handles, swell center shadow pattern. Mint. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB124)

Lot 78 J. Greenhough, Sheffield Pair of knives, pearl lobster, five blade with milled center liner, 3" closed, 5" open, bar shield, mint , and checked horn smoker's knife, cigar fork and the knife as a fold over metal end cap for tamping down pipes, plus 2 pen blades, button hook, manicure blade and venting punch. 2 7/8" mint except for some specks toward the front of the master blade. (see high res photo) *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB127)

Lot 79 J. Greenhough, Sheffield trio of exhibition knives. Long shadow horn handled 2 blade, 4" long closed, pearl handled whittler with pinched bolsters 3 1/2" long closed, and horn handled 2 blade in the same equal end pattern. All are mint, specks in the photo are bits of grease. Mint. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB128)

Lot 80 J. Greenhough, Sheffield pair of ivory handled whittlers with bar shields, one with bosters 3 1/4" and mint, the other shadow 3 1/4" closed with milled liners. Mint except for a crack on the back side. (see high res photo). Golfer logo on both small blades. Both with bar shields, . *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB117)

Lot 81 Trio of J. Greenhough, Sheffield pearl handled pen knives, two shadow, two with bar shields. Shadow pattern with no shield is 3 1/8" with milled liners. Shadow pattern with oval shield is 2 1/2", unused and mint except for some age specking, and the bolster model is 2 7/8" and mint. Small blades on all three knives have the golfer logo. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB119)

Lot 82 John Blyde Certificate--Already double framed, certificate from the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition with the Certificate of Award to John Blyde with the category of Cutlery, and the designation, "Highly Commended". One tiny stain spot on the lower right and corner. Ask yourself how many such certificates have you ever seen? *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB184)

Lot 83 Perhaps there is no better proof that the Greenhough/Blyde collection came direct from Blyde himself is accompanying the collection was his bank books. Four books, two leather bound, one gold embossed with his name, three have metal snaps to hold them closed. Covers the following years: 1857-1863, 1864-1868, 1874-1878, 1891-1895. All used of course, exquisite hand-dipped pen lettering inside. A unique piece of cutlery history. John Blyde's Bank Books *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB050)

Lot 84 J. Greenhough catalog, 18 pages, 6x10 1/2, plain softcover, featuring panels of Greenhough knives, binding is a little loose, also features a restatement of the Ironmonger 1979 article about the Exhibition of Cutlery at Cutler's Hall in London from 1879. (pgnXHB054)

Lot 85 J Greenhough pair of sleeveboard whittlers, one pearl one ivory, matched pair, 3" long closed, bar shields, both mint. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB132)

Lot 86 J Greenhough ivory smokers knife and ivory pen. Both with golfer logos on the smaller blades, pen is 2 5/8" closed, long pull, mint. Lobster smoker's knife has a sheep foot master blade, pen blade, fold out button hook, cigar fork, and on the back a manicure blade and cigar venting punch, all in a 2 1/4" package. One rivet crack on the front and a chip missing from the pivot rivet up on the reverse side. Blades are mint. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB133)

Lot 87 Wragg & Son Furnace Hill Sheffield stag handled Bowie. Scalloped handle with a one piece ferrule, tang cover and pommel around a hidden tang. Bar escutcheon, straight guard 11" oal, 6 3/4" blade, very quick and exceptional balance. Blade has some wear and pitting, very good. Leather sheath with a belt loop (one end loose) is original to the knife. (bevXHB136)

Lot 88 Manhattan Cutlery Co. Sheffield stag handled Gambler's dagger, crisp stag handles with bar escutcheon, 7 1/2" oal, 3 7/8" blade, nickel silver straight guard, nice blue leather veneer with gold embossing, throat and frog intact, tip is gone and there is some of the very tip of the sheath missing. full blade but some pitting spLot ches, exc. (bevXHB140)

Lot 89 IXL George Wostenholm Civil War era side knife (you can find photos with soldiers carrying very similar knives) fancy floral guard, ivory handles with a crest shield inlaid, stamped IXL on the tang, "G. Wostenholm & Sons Washington Works" on the blade as well as "The Real IXL Knife" and "The Hunter's Companion. 9 3/8" oal, 5 1/2" spear blade, saber ground and false edge comes back 3" on the bevel, tip is straight but doesn't look that way in the photo due to the lighting and rust. Red leather veneer sheath is gold embossed with the IXL logo. No frog or sheath tip, but still has the nickel silver throat. Blade is full, high excellent. Still has a little bit of the original polish on the back side. Hold this one to your hear and you can almost hear the cannon.(bevXHB142)

Lot 90 Woodhead, 36 Howard St. Sheffield small dagger with horn handles inset with three mother of pearl discs on the front side, nickel silver guard, plain on the back handle which has a couple of rivet cracks, a couple of deep pit spLot ches, 8 1/2" oal, 4 1/2" blade, 1 7/8" false edge to the spear point blade, very good. No sheath. (bevXHB144)

Lot 91 Barclay Bros Sheffield big clip point Bowie. 12 1/2" oal, 8" blade, fancy escutcheon that I will not begin to describe (look at the photo) Scalloped nickel silver guard, long saber ground and a sweet deep false edge that goes back 4 3/4", Center of the blade appears to have been used more but as such gives a nice sweep to the blade. Original gold embossed leather veneer sheath is original to the knife, nickel silver guard with frog, tip of the sheath is missing. Would call this excellent overall except for the swag in the center of the blade. Look at the high res photos and make up your own mind.(bevXHB146)

Lot 92 Edward Barnes & Sons, US, and etched "The Real US Knife Hunter's companion. Big Spear point Bowie, saber ground, long rounded end nickel silver escutcheon, nickel silver guard, thick slap stag handles, some tapering to the tang, blade is full and excellent. Original leather veneer sheath still has the nickel silver throat and tip, and someone added a copper belt loop. (Confederates did a Lot of this kind of things to sheaths but usually was galvanized metal--making no such claims here but it is interesting!). 13" oal, 8" blade, excellent. (bevXHB148)

Lot 93 Corsan, Denton, Burdekin & Co. pearl handled fancy dagger, fancy guard and pommel with a floral motif, pear handles, 8 3/4" oal, 4 3/4" blade, some tarnish and spLot ches, blade is very good. No sheath. (bevXHB150)

Lot 94 Alfred Field & Co. Sheffield England small hunter's knife etched "The Hunter's Knife" in a reverse etching, jigged bone handles, nickel silver guard, Some pitting but etching is plain, very good plus. No sheath. (bevXHB152)

Lot 95 IXL George Wostenholm stag handled spear Bowie, marked G. Wostenholm & Sons, Washington Works, The real IXL Knife and The Hunters Companion. Pointed nickel silver escutcheon and guard, 12 1/2" oal, 7 1/2" blade, some deep pitting on the back tang, but has been cleaned at some point in the past, excellent, leather veneer sheath is original with throat, frog, and tip intact though worn. A nice big excellent condition slab stag Bowie. (bevXHB154)

Lot 96 Woodhead, Howard St. Sheffield is the marking on this Gutta perche handled small Bowie, "Liberty" is the design on both sides, brass guard, some scalloped decoration on the back of the blade. Pitting is spread around on the knife but deep. The handles are pulling a tiny bit at each end. Sheath is old leather and wood lined but not original to the knife, 10 1/4" oal, 5 7/8" clip blade, 2 1/4" false edge. Because of the depth of the pits have to say very good, otherwise excellent. (bevXHB156)

Lot 97 Victorian Joseph Rodgers long Bowie. Marked V Crown R, Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to Her Majesty. Slab stag handles, nickel silver guard and escutcheon, some taper to the tang, 14 1/2" oal, 9 3/4" blade. Top of the blade has been hammered through something at some point in this knife's life. Full blade with enough wear to make it a good solid excellent condition. Leather sheath still has belt loop and nickel silver throat and tip. (bevXHB158)

Lot 98 Wade & Butcher stag handled Bowie, spear point, 11" oal, 6 1/3" blade, nickel silver guard and escutcheon, tiny bit of taper to the tang, 3 1/2" false edge. At one point the blade had fancy etching but cannot be made out. The knife has had a hard life, some deep pitting overall here and here on both sides of the blade, 10-15% blade wear I estimate. Very Good condition, leather sheath that is English made but more modern than the knife. (bevXHB163)

Lot 99 George Wostenholm Washington Works IXL marked coffin hilt dagger, nickel silver guard, and one piece ferrule, tang covers and pommel, slab stag handles, concealed tan, 9 3/4" oal, 5 1/4" dagger blade, overall patina somewhat cleaned but spLot ches remain, excellent. Leather sheath that is old but not original to the knife(bevXHB166)

Lot 100 Beautiful Slater Bros, Sheffield marked dagger, horn handles are inset with a white bone cross surrounded with wire inlay and colorful abalone and pearl tiny flowers (and none missing). Nickel silver guard and teardrop shaped pommel. 9 3/4" oal, 5 1/4" blade, with original black leather veneer sheath with gold embossing, frog is intact, sheath tip is missing. Low exc. (bevXHB169)

Lot 101 Barclay & Bros. Sheffield Bowie, 10 1/2" oal, 6 1/4" blade, stag handles with a crest escutcheon, lugged guard scalloped on each end, clip blade saber ground, 2 1/4" false edge, some original polish remains, keenly sharpened with some scratches on the blade, red leather veneer gold embossed sheath is as old as the knife but doesn't fit tight, probably not original. High excellent. (bevXHB171)

Lot 102 G. Gelson Mfg. Co. spear Bowie, bar shield, stag handles, 10" oal, 6" blade, saber ground, 5% appx. Blade wear, with leather veneer sheath with frog missing on the throat. Unusual etching on the reverse that is light but reads as close as we can make out "W. Bufolo". Excellent (bevXHB173)

Lot 103 Wilkinson & Son Sheffield, stag handled Cowboy Bowie, two etching on the blade, one for Special Appointment to HRH Prince of Wales, the other "By Royal Warrant Sword Cutlery to the King" (bottom part of the etch worn away). Sharpened by an idiot, with some deep scratches, rough 7-10% blade wear, scalloped nickel silver guard, original leather sheath but belt look has been torn off. Overall excellent condition. 10" oal, 6" blade. (bevXHB175)

Lot 104 Marsh Bros & Co's Celebrated Cutlery horn handled spear point Bowie, Stamped "The Hunter's Companion", straight tang, nickel silver guard. One hairline rivet crack on the back side. Large spear point 7" saber ground blade, 11 1/4" oal, Very little blade weak, several spLot ches of light pitting one would expect from a knife this old. No sheath. (bevXHB178)

Lot 105 Robinson's Crystalized Cast Steel coffin hilt folder. 1830's-40's cyphered blade of a hunter, dogs, and a pig. Etched "Southern" in a banner and boxed, "Hunting Knife". Horn handles with a rounded bar escutcheon, 2 blade, 5" closed, 9" open. Nice walk and talk. Two rivet cracks on the back handle but amazing condition for a knife this old. Any old Sheffield knives with a designated "Southern" theme are extremely rare. Unusual blade shape makes one think it was broken at some point, but take a look in the high res catalog of the top view, and see how much blade fills the knife frame. Taking age into consideration I have to call it excellent, but look at the photos and decide for yourself. (bevXHB187)

Lot 106 Joseph Rodgers Cutlers to His Majesty, No. 6 Norfolk St. Sheffield England is the tang mark but also etched "Abercrombie & Fitch Co. NY". 9 1/2" utility hunter long before there were bushcraft knives of a similar design, wood handles with a center ridge flanked by two finger grooves, slight tapering to the tang, blade overall is excellent, original pouch leather sheath. More modern than many of the Bowies here, but this knife heralds to a time when Hemingway would go into the story to outfit everything he needed for an African safari. (bevXHB194)

Lot 107 Not a knife item unless you make it so, but imagine carrying a handful of fine exhibition knives in felt pouches inside this James Dixon Sheffield metal case nesting inside this heavy duty leather outer case with two types of straps. In measures 5 1/2X 3 1/4 x1 1/4. In reality it is an English Fox Hunter's (the kind with red jackets, helmets, and tall black boots) sandwich case, made to carry on an over the shoulder strap, or with the long strap suspended from a saddle's D ring. Exellent plus condition. (jjbXHB199) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 108 Joseph Rodgers Cutlers to Their Majesties No. 6 Norfolk St, Sheffield England Gutta Perche handled in black relief Bowie, with leather sheath with belt loop, metal tip and throat, had been cleaned to exc. 14 3/4" oal, 9 7/8" blade, scalloped guard. (twflXHB204) Minimum bid $250.00.

Lot 108 Joseph Rodgers Cutlers to Their Majesties No. 6 Norfolk St, Sheffield, England Gutta Perche handled Bowi in black relief, 11" oal with a six inch blade. Minty, some spotting the back of the blade and the blade edge, appears to have original polish, leather sheath with belt loop, leather throat and tip. scalloped guard. (twflXHB208).


Auction 115 in November will be back to our general selection of a variety of knives in all major groups--and this will be a big one--Over 400 lots. And...we will have one more auction before Christmas, in early December. Look for them all.

LIVE AUCTION: November 2 in Pigeon Forge, TN we will have a live auction Saturday night following the close of our Pigeon Forge Spirit of Steel Knife Show at the Evergreen Convention Center (formerly called the Smoky Mtn. Convention Center--same place as our past shows). This auction will feature many autos (legal in Tennessee). Here are a couple of shots of the knives to be sold there. IMPORTANT: We confrom will all state and national laws and you must be present at this show to take possession of these knives. Sorry, no absentee bids, you have to be there.