J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 117


Auction Ends Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020
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Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.

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Lot 300 HOLBURN CO, HOLBURN CIRCUS, London maker featuring brass guard, checkered horn handles, blade and grippers on the other end. Described as a castration knife. This is the actual knife pictured on page 81 of "The London Knife Book, 1820-1945" by Ron Flook. Exc condition. (jjb). (rel XHB185) Minimum Bid $150.00

Lot 301 IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Group of IXL advertising and display boards, 12X10 1/2", 12 X 9 3/4", and 8 3/4" x 6"(jjbXHB084) (rel XHB084) Minimum Bid $20.00

Lot 302 Mint Remington pre-WWII three blade, tip bolsters, R7104, with Remington marked leather pocket sheath. Think of the survivability of a knife to be in this condition after almost 80 years. 3 1/4" closed. (rgot XVII-019) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 303 Mint pre-WWII Remington pen knife in Remington marked leather pocket sheath, pyremite handles, etched, did I say MINT? (rgot XVII-020) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 304 Schrade-Walden peachseed bone serpentine stockman with punch, long second blade, grooved bolsters, #899, 3 1/2" closed. Mint. (rgot XVII-021) Minimum Bid $110.00

Lot 305 Cargill one blade stag with AECA shield, sowbelly, 3 5/8" closed, mint except fo a single spot on the front of the blade (see photo) (rgot XVII-022) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 306 Schrade Cut Co peachseed bone whittler with bomb shield. Rare pattern in Schrade knives, early. 3 5/8" close, swell center, excellent except there is a handle pin missing on both sides on the lower end. (rgot XVII-023) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 307 Maher & Grosh, Toledo peachseed bone Schrade made pen trapper, also marked Maher & Grosh on the tang. Exc, 3 3/4" closed. (rgot XVII-024) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 308 Winchester pearl handed 3 1/4" small stockman, #3340 full blades, etching visible, but some spotting, as you would expect for a pre-WWII knife. Excellent plus. (rgot XVII-025) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 309 John Pritzlaff Hardward whittler, 3 3/8" closed, pyremite handles, etched, "Everkeen", mint except for a tiny waffle on the edge that does not effect value. Salesman's number on the back of the master blade (rgot XVII-026) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 310 Challenge Cutlery Bridgeport, Conn, jigged bone square bolster moose, long pull, with crest shield, cleaned to exc. (rgot XVII-030) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 311 Minty pre WWII Remington wood handled 2 blade jack, etching still plain, original polish, R1062, five or six pits on the back pulls it down to high exc. (rgot XVII-031) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 312 Anheuser-Busch St. Louis stanhope Busch knife, four blades, relief metal handles. Photo inside is very clear. Blade is full but pitting puts it to vg on the master blade. (rgot XVII-032) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 313 Three jigged bone Winchester knives, modern era, 3 7/8" stockman, teardrop dogleg, and 2 blade Physican's knife. #2978, #2857, #3964, All MIB. (rgot XVII-033) Minimum Bid $85.00

Lot 314 Trio of NKCA knives, all stag handles, 1981 Queen big cigar, 1982 Schrade USA trapper, and 1994 Bear MGC serpentine stock, all mint, one box. (rgot XVII-034) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 315 Remington Pre-WWII jigged bone handled sleeveboard whittler, R6723, 3 1/8" closed, long pull, mint. (rgot XVII-035) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 316 Schrade Walden peachseed bone wharncliffe pattern, crest shield, full blades, rare. #887 3 5/8" closed, cleaned to near mint. (rgot XVII-036) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 317 Pair of Bulldog Brand knives, pearl handled gunstock, first generation, frost etched blade, long sheepfoot blade as the 2ed blade, presentation case, mint. (lmi XVII-319) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 318 Super nice KA-BAR, Union Cut co yellow handled hobo, 3 piece take apart, yellow handles, but what sets this one apart is the elaborate outdoor scene on the front handle, sailing scene with "Alaska" on the back handle. Mint. (rgot XVII-401) Minimum Bid $125.00

Lot 319 Pair of Buck Knives, 110 finger groove (1992) and 112 Ranger,(1986) both with leather sheaths, on sheath shows some carry scuffing, otherwise mint. (rgot XVII-396) Minimum Bid $55.00

Lot 320 Four bone handled Winchester modern era knives, lockback toadsticker #1950, fishtail with guard #1901, serpentine stockman #3964, and swell center 2 blade #29093. Mint In Box. (rgot XVII-407) Minimum Bid $120.00

Lot 321 Larry Mensch PA stag handled 9" dagger, slightly tapered tang, hand tooled oakleaf motif sheath not original to the knife but fits. 8 1/2" oal, 4 1/2" blade. Mint. (wcav XVII-409) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 322 Poole.2 stag handled small ulu style skinner, 5 5/8" oal, 2 1/2" blade but blade is 2 1/4" wide too, 3 1/2" of cutting edge. Mint with leather sheath. (tgg XVII-408) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 323 Pair of Marbles vintage stacked lather washer handled knives, Woodcraft minty and small hunter pitted but full blades, low exc, both with stamped leather sheaths, (rgot XVII-400) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 324 Vintage pre WWII Remington pocketknife, cattle pattern moose R2263 full blades and unused, Spear master blade etching is plain, long putt but spotted so low exc (dnk XVII-411) Minimum Bid $85.00

Lot 325 Case 61093 10 dot bone Texas Toothpick, unused but spotted, near mint. (lmi XVII-337) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 326 Case 10 dot (1970) 64052 with nice reddish handles, congress, mint, except at some point the master blade was hitting the top of the coping blade as it closed and dinged the edge. (rgot XVII-402) Minimum Bid $55.00

Lot 327 Pre 1940 Remington R6103 2 blade half-congress with grooved bolsters. Etching plain and original polish, clear etching, and a few specks, call it mint with some specks rather than near mint--it is that good. (rgot XVII0-412) Minimum Bid $50.00


Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-299

Lots 300-327