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Auction Ends Tuesday, April 28, 2020
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Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.

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Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-298


Lot 100 Four Case knives, all in minature. 52154 2009 Junior member Shepherd Hill club, scroll bolsters, 6.52154 bone in a tiny trapper, tiny muskrat, and baby doc 6.5252 two blade with spatula, all MIB. (lmi fl20-140) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 101 Five knives, four clampack knives, Winchester lockback, two stockmen, Old Timer lockback, and United push dagger MIB (lmi fl20-141) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 102 Pair of modern Remington bullet knives, Imitation Tortoise toothpick R1615T with handles pulling a bit and R103B, 2004. Mint except as noted. (JGMI fl20-142) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 103 Three knives, Frost oversized display knife in a three blade canoe, Grohmann Canada 2 blade wood dogleg mint, and Cattaraugus 3 5/8" celluloid 1 blade vg (KSO fl20-143) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 104 Six knives, Smith & Wesson sunfish with turquoise inlaid handles etched "First Production Run" and 1996 stag handled stockman, both MIB plus a Frost Little copperhead set with four miniature knives handled in abalone, stag, pearl and smooth bone in a presentation box. ( fl20-144) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 105 Two Boker annual commemorative knives, 1990 18 wheeler relief metal handled lockback, and 200th anniversary of the constitution etched blade jigged bone congress, 1987. Both MIB. (TLO fl20-145) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 106 Four Case knives, jigged bone clasp knife antique bone plus 2002 set of life, regular and junior member in the form of a lockback, seahorse, and peanut in burnt moss bone, all MIB with zip up leather Case embossed cases. (lmi fl20-146) Minimum bid $125.00

Lot 107 Pair of Scout knives, pre-1940 RS3333 scout knife, exc and Enterprise with black plastic handles and "Scout" bowtie shield, vg. (jgmi fl20-147) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 108 Case Collectors Club 1987 2 blade knife mounted on a crest wood plaque mint. (tlo fl20-149) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 109 Case Collectors Club 1982 2 blade '51 pattern, jigged bone, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-150) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 110 Case 1992 6205 raz blue bone with gold bomb shield, made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-151) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 111 Case 1989 6211 1/2 jigged bone, made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-152) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 112 Case 1988 stag handled 5214 1/2, etched blade, made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-153) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 113 Case 1985 C51050 with raised letter gold shield, made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-154) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 114 Case 1993 5299 1/2 with gold bomb shield made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-155) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 115 Case 1991 jigged red bone with bomb shield, made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-156) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 116 Case 1984 6488 jigged green bone with raised letter shield, made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-157) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 117 Case 6165 flat ground folding hunter 5th anniversary, 1981-1986 made for the Case Collectors Club, comes with a crest shaped inset wood wall plaque. (tlo fl20-158) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 118 Four used Case knives, 3254 vg, 62009 1/2, Case tested 5208 good, and jigged bone USA 6308 vg (SDGA fl20-159) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 119 Three vintage swell end jacks, Remington tear drop jack with acorn shield punch R191, wood handles, vg, Robeson wood handled swell end jack bowtie shield 122056, low exc, and Case Tested 6230 1/2 vg 3 3/8". Green bone. (SDGA fl20-160) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 120 Four used Bone handled Case knives, 70's and 80's. 6254 bone trapper exc, 80's moose exc, 80's 6249 copperhead good, and 6318 bon 70's, exc. (SDGA fl20-161) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 121 Robeson strawberry bone pair, half congress with grooved bolsters 622088 , and three blade serpentine, 635594 near mint, etching visible. (SDGA fl20-162) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 122 Three Case knives in tins, 2001 life, regular and junior member, hobo trapper, Russlock and 62083 All in colorful tins, mint. (lmi fl20-163) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 123 J spade B mark, Wood handled hidden tang handmade hunter, near mint, 11" oal, 5 1/2" blade, hidden tang, cracked handle. (tgg fl20-165) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 124 Five Victorinox 4 classic knives with a variety of handles, red, black plastic, plus gold lip pearl Bijou, mother of pearl, and horn bone, all mint in the boxes or cases. (tlo fl20-168) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 125 Two sets (four knives) Taylor Cutlery Phantom lockbacks, made as limited editions for the Soy Knife Collectors Club, fileworked both in presentation cases. (lmi fl20-169) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 126 Group of six delrin handled Case knives, 6143 Daddy barlow nm, 61048 cracked nm otherwise, 62027 vg, 6235 1/2 vg, 62009 1/2 vg, and 6318 vg. (kos fl20-170) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 127 Pair of pearl handled collectors knives, Ka-bar pearl handled coke bottle folding hunter with spacer made for their collectors club and a pearl handled wharncliffe Fight'n Rooster "Captain's Rooster" unsharpened but bad splotches on the back of the blade. (tlo fl20-171) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 128 Two Case 6111 1/2 bone handled folding guard lockback, 1970's, 4 dot, both mint. (rgot fl20-172) Minimum bid $145.00

Lot 129 Set of two Muskrat knives with serrated edge on the second blade, jigged green bone and red bone handles. Made as a special factory order. Both mint, 1980's. (lmi fl20-173) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 130 Three Case knives, 2138Lss sodbuster, SR6185 Doctors knife 80's, and 6347 70's dots, bone. (lmi fl20-174) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 131 Three Case trappers, 6254ss bone 70's, 3254 yellow 70's, and 2254 slick black 1980's. All mint. (lmi fl20-175) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 132 Three limited edition knives, 1986 Parker-Edwards stag copperhead Blade Show knife (reads 1 of 600 but only 100 were actually made and delivered due to manufacturing issues), 1987 stag handled Fight'n Rooster stockman 1 of 400, and 1983 lockback whittler with jigged bone handles American Blade tang mark. All mint. (tlo fl20-176) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 133 Four well used vintage Case knives, Tested (1920-1940;s) 09267 lp with both blades marked, rough blade 63047, 3202 with the back handled chipped and cracked, and W. R. Case & Sons wire jack. Good condition or worse. See photo. (kso fl20-177) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 134 Three used Case knives 70's 6265 sab folding hunter laminated wood handles 70's vg, 5254 stag trapper, good condition, and stag baby copperhead exc. (kso fl20-178) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 135 Trio of pearl handled Victorinox handled knives, Ambassador, Golfer, and Executive. (tlo fl20-179) Minimum bid $95.00

Lot 136 Two Swiss Army Victorinox classics, pearl and horn handles. (tlo fl20-180) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 137 Two Victorinox knives, one a pearl handled 3 blade, and the other a Timekeeper cased red handled with a clock inlaid into the handle. (no guarantee the clock will work. Made only 1991-2007. (tlo fl20-181) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 138 Three Victorinox Swiss army knives, classic patterns handled in red plastic, metal, and horn. Moneyclip, Ambassador, and horn classic All MIB (tlo fl20-182) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 139 Victorinox pearl handled SwissChamp, MIB (tlo fl20-183) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 140 Three Schrade USA bone handled serpentine stock knives, two are etched for Schrade Cutlery 95th anniversary, one glass dome with commemorative marked stand inside, plus the same pattern in jigged red bone with Texas Rangers shield and etching. All 3 mint. (lmi fl20-184) Minimum bid $85.00

Lot 141 Plumb St Louis Military bolo marked Plumb, St. Louis, with canvas and leather sheath. 15" oal. AKCO. RMS on the sheath, exc plus (lmi fl20-185) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 142 Group of five knives and tools. Corneta vintage sugar cane machete 21 1/2", Henckels butcher knife stamped "Grand prize Paris 1900 St. Louis, 14 3/4", Clauss Freemont, OH. Sal 15 1/4", Bread knife marked "Slice Mother's Bread With Me." Danville, IL. (lmi fl20-186) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 143 US Military 1919 bolo, wood handle with a wide gap between edge and the pommel, some call this style sheath the Marine Corp sheath, red and blue pained metal sheath, marked US LF&C 1918, vg (lmi fl20-187) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 144 Military 1917 bolo, Plumb, Phila, 15" oal, with canvas and leather sheath. Exc (lmi fl20-189) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 145 WWII era KA-BAR USN Mark II (made by KA-BAR), Nord BN fiberglass sheath (lmi fl20-190) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 146 Unmarked well made pipe tomahawk, oak handle, 18 3/4" x 6 1/2" head, 2 5/8" sharpened edge. (lmi fl20-195) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 147 Milpar M5A bayonet, plastic checkered handle, fiberglass sheath had the Marine corps globe and anchor wrapped around the sheath. Near mint. Korean War/Vietnam eras. (lmi fl20-198) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 148 Three bayonets, AK47 Legend series comp handle, (2 with "Ini toledo" mark with scabbard. (lmi fl20-199) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 149 Imperial, Providence RH folding machete, extended guard covers the blade edge when folded. U. S. Army Airforce bailout adapted 1942 as the B4 Bailout, for attaching to a chute harness. (lmi fl20-200) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 150 Chinese SKS Spike bayonet, fluted, 15" (lmi fl20-202) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 151 Pair of WWII era survival kit folding machetes, Case and Camillus, both still have the metal blade guard that covers the edge when folded. Very good condition. (lmi fl20-208) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 152 Two cutlery items, crown stag knife made from a sheep shear blade marked "Ohio Clippers, Columbus, OH, nice primitive, and a reproduction of a WWII bayonet, plastic instead of fiberglass sheath, mint. (lmi fl20-209) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 153 Three bayonets with metal scabbards, wood handles, one grooved, exc to near mint, marking are CSC-6 17 1/2", 505 CORTS sm 15", NPEAV13 in an arch over 45, number on blade matches number on the sheath. (lmi fl20-210) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 154 Utica Sportsman USA inexpensive hunting knife with fancy tooled leather sheath showing a horse and rifle. Knives of this type are rare in this condition, as few people collected them or kept them around, giving this knife a nice cachet because of condition. (lmi fl20-211) Minimum bid $10.00

Lot 155 NKCA Museum Founders set produced in 1980, Schrade USA clasp knife, Kissing Crane German made stag whittler, Case appaloosa bone 6250 sunfish, and Fight'n Rooster pearl handled stock knife made in Japan (only FR made in Japan). All in the original presentation case. (lmi fl20-212) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 156 KA-BAR etched blade Collectors Club 30th Anniversary, leather washer handle, gold etched clear lid in a wood presentation box. (lmi fl20-213) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 157 Pair of Parker Edwards, Jacksonville, AL trappers, one with sandbar stag (bone) and two Damascus blades, the other Damascus spay blade with a regular steel master blade. (sdga fl20-214) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 158 Pair of Parker Damascus knives, small 405 lockback with sandbar stag handles, Parker-Edwards and Parker USA 1989 ABCA club knife, locking liner with stag handles. (sdga fl20-215) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 159 Two Canal street knives, 1 of 155 one blade trapper and 1 of 485 muskrat both with sheep horn handled knives. Made for the NKCA in 2009, in original boxes. All MIB. (lmi fl20-219) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 160 Schrade Walden pre-1960 peachseed bone Hawbakers style muskrat, etching is sill vivid, original polish, but has some rusting that has gotten to the blades. Unused knife, and rare and hard to find in any condition. Hard to grade this one. Take a look at the high res image from the non-bid catalog and judge for yourself. (lmi fl20-388) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 161 Robeson Shuredge USA strawberry bone teardrop jack, 622730 mint, still has much of the varnish that was put on knives utilized on their display boards, mint. (sdga fl20-221) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 162 Robeson Shuredge USA strawberry bone pen, 622319, 3", mint, still has much of the varnish that was put on knives utilized on their dsplay boards, mint. (sdga fl20-222) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 163 Robeson Shuredge USA strawberry bone serpentine, 633729, 3 3/8", etched but the frozen heat edge covers much of it. Slant bolsters, very rare. mint. (sdga fl20-223) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 164 Robeson Shuredge USA small cattle knife, 3 3/8", strawberry bone handles, mint. (sdga fl20-224) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 165 Robeson Shuredge USA strawberry bone serpentine stock with punch, 4", 633595 etched "Premium Stock", mint, still has much of the varnish that was put on knives utilized on their dsplay boards, mint. (sdga fl20-225) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 166 Case Collectors club stag 1990 knife with crest wood plaque inlet for the knife. (tlo fl20-226) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 167 First Edition Case Collectors Club 1981 6151 pattern, with crest shaped wood plaque, mint. (tlo fl20-227) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 168 Case Collectors Club 1983 6251 take apart hobo pattern, bone handles, with crest shaped wood plaque, mint. (tlo fl20-228) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 169 Pair of Robeson knives, very good Daddy barlow with strawberry delrin handles and vg 2 blade swell end 622636. (sdga fl20-229) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 170 Three cutlery pieces, Robeson brown jigged composition equal end with tip bolsters, AA Fischer fishtail with black composition handles, filed with X hatch decorating, and a imitation bamboo handle Shapleigh, St. Louis straight razor, ner mint. (sdga fl20-230) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 171 Four used Robeson Shuredge Strawberry bone handled knives, pen, swell end jack barehead, whittler, and small swell end 2 blade, all exc, but one is nm. Pattern numbers 622353, 622026, 631219, 622331. (sdga fl20-231) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 172 Pair of Case Tested XX pearl handled knives, 82079 1/2 exc plus and 83053 with file and scissors, blade is good, about 40% gone with one chip around the rivet on the edge cannot see in the photo. (sdga fl20-232) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 173 WWII era Machete with a cord wrapped handle, original sheath and belt, 1945 True Temper. Canvas sheath marked 1945 also. (rhh fl20-236) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 174 Socket Bayonet with original scabbard, 26 1/2" oal, proof marks are WD crown E 7 on the scabbard, and Crown BR 13, leather part of the sheath is crumbly and some of it missing. Tip is held to the throat by a long strip of thin metal. (lmi fl20-238) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 175 Marbles pair (two) matchsafes, used and carried, original. Matches are not vintage. (clp fl20-241) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 176 Western Boulder Co. three blade punch stockman, grooved bolsters, cleaned to near mint. (clp fl20-242) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 177 Remington pre WWII stag handled whittler with crest shield, blades vg (clp fl20-243) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 178 Two knives, Bull brand four blade congress with stepped bolsters, bone handles and a Kershaw 2000 interframe lockback. (clp fl20-244) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 179 Two Boker Knives, Kennedy congress with brown bone handles in box and a used boker 2 blade worn enough you can carry in your pocket, good. (clp fl20-245) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 180 Gerber Paul Knife, first generation, #4 date number on the inside, near mint. (clp fl20-246) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 181 Three carded items, two Case Nascar lockbacks, Ken Schrader and Ernie Ervan and a Lansky folding diamond sharpening rod (mbc fl20-247) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 182 Pair of Case Tested imitation onyx handled knives, B2048 slim trapper and Running C Tested fixed blade 7 3/4" oal 4" blade, near mint, (no sheath) (kso fl20-248) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 183 Case 5111 1/2 gray etch (1976) folding guard lockback, mint. (rgot fl20-249) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 184 Poole 2 handmade hunter, imitation ivory handles with a U. S. Navy shield inset into the handle, mint, in pouch sheath. Mint. 9" oal, 4 5/8" blade, marked on tang 16/621. (tgg fl20-250) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 185 Pool 2 Giraffe bone handled hunter, natural checks in the handle, pouch sheath. 7 5/8" oal, 3 1/2" blade, mint but tang is a tiny bit raised above the handles, marked on the back 17/671. (tgg fl20-251) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 186 Justin Harrison, Cyclops Forge, Handforged hunter, curly maple handle, distincitive hammer mark design (dkg fl20-252) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 187 Poole 2 handmade stag handled hunter, pouch leather sheath, 7 1/4" oal, 3 1/2" blade, on back of tang, 17/831. Straight tang, leather sheath. (tgg fl20-253) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 188 Case XX 6488 LONG PULL four blade congress, cleaned to exc. (kso fl20-254) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 189 Rial, Greenfield, TN, handmade drop point hunter, staminawood handles, tapered tang, brown liners, 8 1/2" oal, 3 3/4" blade leather lanyard, pouch leather sheath. (ahmi fl20-260) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 190 KA-BAR Union Cut magnificent early 20th century hunter, jigged burnt bone handles, full blades, near mint, deep blood groove, leather sheath also stamped KA-BAR, cleaned to near mint. 9" oal, 4 5/8" blade. (rgot fl20-261) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 191 Case Tested 5375 LONG PULL, magnificent old pebbly stag, blades are mostly there, low exc. (rgot fl20-262) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 192 Robeson, Germany stag handled three blade carving set, gold etched carver, fork, and steel. All pieces marked. No box or sheath. 11 1/2" oal carver. (rgot fl20-264) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 193 Pair of Remington pre-WWII hunters, RH50 leather washer handled skinner, cleaned to exc, sheath stitching is almost gone, and Remington-Dupont tang mark with a Remington UMC marked bakelite handle (transition as Dupont bought Remington from UMC around 1936) Sheath marked Remington Dupont (rgot fl20-265) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 194 Beaver Custom Blades bead blasted hunter with composite handles, copper rivets and lanyard hole, camo design with deep grooves, and lashing holes in the self tang, straight tang, 8 5/8" oal, 4 3/8" blade, bead blasted finish, some rusting on the back side, cordura sheath. (ahmi fl20-266) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 195 R. J. Massey Joshua Tree CA handmade hunter, stamina wood handles, straight tang, angled pouch leather sheath. 9 1/4" oal, 4 5/8" blade. (ahmi fl20-267) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 196 Case Tested PB1050 slide out the blade with imitation onyx handles, rare. A rivet crack on the front handle and on the back. One rivet on a handle corner is missing and the handle pulls on the back side. Otherwise exc overall. (rgot fl20-268) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 197 Case XX green bone 61011 hawkbill, drilled for lanyard, one hairline rivet crack on the front, one very hard to see hairline on the front, and some spotting on the back, unused. (rgot fl20-269) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 198 Case XX 5375 stag handled jumbo stockman, spotted so near mint, hairline rivet crack on the back. (rgot fl20-270) Minimum bid $105.00

Lot 199 Case XX 6488 bone handled congress, expertly cleaned to NM (rgot fl20-271) Minimum bid $110.00

Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-298