J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 120

Your relief from lack of knife shows to obtain some new and different knives for your collection is here!
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Auction Ends Tuesday,June 2, 2020
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Lot 1 Randall No. 1, Heiser sheath, white stone with part of the label still visible. Drilled lanyard hole in the pommel, nut on the end, small rivets on top of the sheath, a rare Randall in the post lanyard loop on the pommel and Moore sheath era. Spacers appear to be the same width. Exc. (cbi 120-331) Minimum bid $600.00

Lot 2 Knife from a Legend. John Nelson Cooper mini-Bowie, Classic Cooper distinctive styling that was his and his alone. Brass fittings, braized guard to the blade, stacked red micarta handles with color spacers. Logo is from his California era, no sheath. Knife is unused but has some specks on the edges. 7 1/4" oal, 3 1/2" blade, mint, no sheath. ABOUT JOHN NELSON COOPER: He was known as knifemaker to the stars, making knives for actors such as Sammy Davis, Jr., James Drury, Buddy Hackett, and the knives featured in movies such as Jerimiah Johnson and Night of the Grizzly. He made knives from WWII on. He was featured in every early book or magazine about knives, was a founding member of the Knifemakers' Guild, and has been the subject of two well done books. ( cbi 120-001) Minimum bid $500.00

Lot 3 John Nelson Cooper small hunter, brass fitting and spacer, stacked brown micarta handles, black fiber and brass spacer in the middle, 8 1/4" oal, 4" blade, no sheath, and the distinctive style of this legendary maker. If I have to explain the significance of this man's knives you likely not be a strong bidder, this is for those who understand. (cbi 120-004) Minimum bid $400.00

Lot 4 Spindale fully engraved folder. Taught by H. H. Frank, this rare knife shows a lot of that influence, oak leaves in relief design, bear on the bolster on one side, everything metal on this knife is engraved including the lockbar, as well as the plate on top of the handmade wood presentation case in which it comes. Smooth stag handles with what appears to be natural checking. slant dovetailed bolsters. Quail and turkey in relief on either side of the blade. Check out other sites and see how most value these rare examples of his work. Rare. 4 1/2" closed, 8" open, mint. Also marked on back of tang, "Lorain O 1977." ( cbi 120-005) Minimum bid $900.00

Lot 5 Michael Irie, Colorado Springs, CO engraved art dagger. Exceptionally clean lines and wasp shaped blade, mastodon handles, skull crusher pommel, fully relief engraved guard on both sides by Adeam, mosaic pins, dovetailed bolsters, leather sheath. Mint. 12" oal, 6 5/8" blade, ( cbi 120-008) Minimum bid $400.00

Lot 6 Ron Fraizer spectacular fighter. His typical near-flawless craftsmanship, mastodon bark fingergroove handles, blued steel guard, grooved ferrule, engrave guard and pommel with gold wire inlay, leather sheath with metal throat and tip. Double ground into a clip point, 14" oal, 8 1/2" blade. Sheath has an engraved throat and point. Mint but the mastodon is not 100% flush with the edge of the guard and the pommel. Pure elegance with a keen edge. (cbi 120-012) Minimum bid $500.00

Lot 7 Charles Clifton Georgetown KY double edge subhilt fighter. "S" on the tang, unusual lugged brass and nickel silver guard, with a brass and nickel silver ferrule. Both edges fully sharpened, 13 1/2" oal, 8 1/4" blade. Tapered tang with black liners, stabilized wood handle, basketweave leather sheath. Mint and nice! (cbi 120-013) Minimum bid $300.00

Lot 8 Walt Kneubler (W anvil K mark), Massie Bowie, 17 1/2" oal, 12" blade, round stag handle, hidden tang, heavy nickel silver guard and pommel, scalloped guard, nice sheath with metal throat and tip with decorative edging. Stars along the top edge of the blade. "V" on back of blade, and acorn outline stamped on the bottom of the tang. Kenubler was years ahead of his time, specializing in buckskinner type knives as his primary market, among who he is a legend. His output was small and his work is found in the finest collections. Unused but does have the occasional speck and scruff that is mandatory on a knife this old. ( cbi 120-014) Minimum bid $300.00

Lot 9 J. S. Diana, Carmichaels, PA dark micarta handled drop point hunter with fileworked blade back and tang, brass fittings, fancy leather sheath, tapered tang, 9" oal, 4 1/4" blade. Drilled for lanyard. mint. ( cbi 120-016) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 10 McKee Bowie, wood and ivory micarta handled, brass fitting, tooled leather sheath, and unique engraving as the blade is relief engraved, as is the guard and the ivory micarta ferrule, all in the same pattern. A unique approach that works on this nice knife. Lugged guard nests into special cut outs on the sheath, highly tooled sheath, 11 1/2" oal, 7 1/4" blade. ( cbi 120-018) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 11 McKee hunter, his logo is different, a M with a key, and in this hunter he added engraved mirror polished blade with a rabbit on one side and beagle on the other in relief , with his distinctive relief engraving on the pommel. The ferrule is stacked ivory micarta, with brass and black spacer--all of which are engraved as a part of the same pattern that includes the guard and all five parts of the ferrule. Distinctive and mint, tooled pouch sheath. 8 1/4" oal, 4 1/4" blade. ( cbi 120-019) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 12 GEK inside a diamond mark (George E. Koutsopoulus) fully engraved handmade lockback folder, black micarta handles, all 4 bolsters deep engraved, marked "D2 steel", 5" closed, 8 1/8" open. George passed in 2003. mint. ( cbi 120-021) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 13 Randall miniature Model 3, round stag handled, red white and blue spacers on each end, with sheath. #532 Pristine mint. ( cbi 120-022) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 14 Well used knife by Rudy Ruana, not marked but his unmistakable styling in a small hunter, squared frame dates it to 30's and 40's, elk horn handle, 9 1/4" oal, 4 3/4" blade, tooled sheath probably not original to the knife. Aluminum frame cracked on the bottom (common in knives of this age) leather sheath--this one likely was forged from a Studebaker spring like he preferred, germane to that era. ( cbi 120-023) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 15 Walt Kenubler W K marked large Blackfoot dag, 13" oal, 7 1/4" blade, 2 1/2" wide, antler handles, fancy awesome fringed Indian style sheath, mint except for some light water spots. ( cbi 120-026) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 16 Hugh Bartrug Push dagger, handled in Walrus tusk, multicolored Damascus, "HB94" mark, fileworked and blued tang, 5 1/2" oal, 4 1/2" blade, 3 1/4" handle, in a finely tooled Dan D (Dan Dennehy) sheath, not original to the knife as the holder strap down not fit. (cbi 120-027) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 17 Ruana hunter, with Ruana straightline marked sheath, dovetailed, stag handles, unused but some specking. No M, 7 1/2" oal, 3 3/4" blade (like a smaller 14B pattern) (cbi 120-028) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 18 Richard Essegian, Fresno, CA double edged fighter with tapered tang. Essegian was a top engraver that with the encouragement of Paul Basch moved over into knifemaking. 10 1/4" oal, 5 1/4" blade Fully engraved guard and pin heads, drilled for lanyard, leather sheath. His workmanship is among the best. He produced a limited number of knives so their availability is buy it when it comes up. (cbi 120-029) Minimum bid $300.00

Lot 19 Unusual Randall micarta handled boot knife, handles with 4 pins, straight tang, slab handles, and the sheath is gold embossed, Elmer Bradley 7-10-198, mint. Engraved on the back "W.D.R. FOR J.P.R. 1975". (W.D.R. is W. D. Randall.) Boot clip on the back of the sheath. 9 1/4" oal, 5 1/8" blade. Mint. ( cbi 120-030) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 20 Randall Bowie with curved nickel silver guard, finger grooved round stag handles, sharpened and used but near mint, 12 1/2" oal, engraved on the back of the blade, "Conrad W. Cotino" no sheath, exc. ( cbi 120-032) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 21 Miniature Randall Model 14, green micarta handles, #660 mint. ( cbi 120-118) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 22 Vintage Ruana fighter, unmarked, WWII eara, square cut frame, 11 1/2" oal, 7" blade, elk antler handle, blade is excellent overall. ( cbi 120-034) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 23 Vintage Ruana fighter, unmarked, WWII era, Elk antler handles, exc, 12 1/2" oal, 7 1/2" blade, comes in an Alfred Cornish Omaha, NEB fringed sheath. (Cornish sheaths are typically found with Nichols and Richter knives and are rare and extremely collectible in their own right). ( cbi 120-035) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 24 Burney Ivie Bowie wood handles, red liner, straight guard, straight tang, rough finish 15 1/4" oal, 10 1/2" near mint, unused but a storage spot or two. No sheath, ( rhh 120-046) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 25 Hartsook wood handled Bowie with lugged guard, unusual slanted pins across the handle. Rough finish, 13 1/8" oal, 8 1/4" blade, Straight tang, no sheath. ( rhh 120-047) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 26 Ozekes Sinop, Turkish Bowie, wood handles, spacers very well made. "Branden" marked on the guard, 15 oal, 9" blade, nm. ( rhh 120-048) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 27 Wood handled Bowie, well made, "T" within a star, basketweave sheath, brass fittings with red white and blue marking. Brass fitting, 2 snaps on the sheath, 17" oal, 11 3/4" blade, cleaned to near mint. ( cbi 120-108) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 28 All Pendray wood handled camp knife made from a wood rasp, some of the teeth marks are still visible, kydex sheath, lightly used, staminawood handle, 13 3/4" oal, 8 5/8" blade. ( dht 120-225) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 29 Zolan McCarty Georgia made oosic handled Bowie, tooled leather sheath. 13" oal, 8 1/2" blade. ( tgg 120-329) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 30 Ron Fraizar California style art Bowie. Silver wrapped handle around abalone scales, fancy ferrule that matchs the sheath throat and the inlay on the metal windowpane sheath, abalone insert on the sheath, 13 1/4" oal, 8 1/4" blade, amazing balance and lightness, double etched, spectacular quality (cbi 120-036) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 31 Pair of Bear & Son, USA made jigged bone barlows, of of 400 made in 2009 as youth knives for the National Knife Collectors Association. Both MIB. (lmi 120-002) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 32 Gerber Bolt-Action Hunter in the old orange box, complete with original advertising insert and cordua sheath. Designed by Blackie Collins. This one is especially rare as it is dated August 1984 and etched, "First Production Run." MIB. ( ddc 120-003) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 33 Marbles, Gladestone, Mich Trailmaker, stag pommel, stacked leather washer handle, round "Marble" stamp on the back of the tang, thick stock, 15 1/4" oal, 10" blade, 1 3/4" wide, nicest condition I've seen of one of these. Basketweave sheath is newer and likely not original to the knife. ( cbi 120-033) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 34 Twin Mountains Handmade tactical ax, micarta handles, kydex sheath, blacked, appears unused but coating is wearing and growing thin. 12" oal, 4 1/4" edge, Near mint. ( mbc 120-328) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 35 Remington leather washer huge hunter, unmarked but screams Remington, gimping all along the top edge of the blade, cleaned to near mint, 15" oal, 10" blade with leather sheath, long blood grooved, stacked leather washer and spacer handles. ( cbi 120-024) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 36 Remington RH38-8" leather washer huge hunter with leather sheath, long blood grooved, stacked leather washer and spacer handles. Fancy filework on both sides of the upper edges, 12" oal, cleaned to near mint, Remington marked sheath. ( cbi 120-025) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 37 Rare Case stag handled Nobel Trio set of carver, ford and steel, in original box. Near mint, etching still plain on the carver, Case logo in gold on the velvet underlid. ( kso 120-037) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 38 Case Founders knife, stag handled Daddy barlow 5143ss with color etched blade in wood wall hanging case. Mint. ( lmi 120-039) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 39 Will & Finck, San Francisco vintage carving set, handled in walrus ivory, over 100 years old, and therefore legal, in original presentation case, excellent. ( lmi 120-040) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 40 Browning, Solingen, Germany Damascus hunter, Damascus blade, thuya burl wood handles, fancy bolsters, in a locking wood presentation fitted case, mint. 1 of 500. ( cbi 120-042) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 41 Six miniatures of classic knife patterns, two bowies with a Texas star (one is inside the closed box in the photo), plus daggers and a total of three different style Bowies, made by Windless and called the American Heritage collection. All MIB. (lmi 120-043) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 42 Four knives, pair of Wrangler lockbacks with channel inlay and turquoise handles, both mint in gift boxes and two stag tin handled Damascus daggers with fancy leather sheath, MIB, imported. ( lmi 120-044) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 43 Pair of knives, on is SOG Bovernment gaent and the other has a SOG look to it but it is unmarked and likely a knock-off, sheath is marked 19204, ASSY 8448475m NFG 12m 803. (rhh 120-045) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 44 Three modern versions of Walden Knife Co. marked knives, made in USA, trapper, stockman, and muskrat with wood handles, etched "Walden Knife Co." (lmi 120-049) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 45 Buck Special with the Upside Down mark, in weathered old yellow box. (one corner of the box is torn loose) Mint. (1967-1972) (ddc 120-050) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 46 Three knives. NKCA Sargent jigged bone trapper made for NKCA in 1992, Christmas tree small trapper Fight'n Rooster, and Case THES2165 horn handled tiny folding hunter 2 blade. All mint. ( lmi 120-051) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 47 Three Horn handled Smith & Wesson trapper, mini-trapper, and 2 blade serpentine, all mint in the box, imported. ( lmi 120-052) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 48 A. G. Russell pair of knives, jigged bone, wharncliffe and a spear with double pulls, sliplock. Imported. Both mint. ( lmi 120-053) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 49 Winchester modern stag handled moose W15-2913 1/2 stag, plain shield, 1988 MIB. ( ddc 120-054) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 50 Buck Pony, #0666, etched blade. Mint, gold embossed lid on the presentation box. ( ddc 120-055) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 51 Robeson Shuredge Rochester used tool knife, Patent applied for on the tool blade with a match striker nail mark, bottle opener, wire stripper, screwdriver, and square prestolite tank opener, rough black handles with a tiny bit of shrinkage with a bowtie shield, very good, swell center. #621510, 3 1/2" closed. ( rgot 120-056) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 52 Five fancy ceulluloid handled knives, top to bottom, E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter pyremite handle exc, Imperial serpentine cracked ice, Imperial stockman nm, Winchester pre-1940 3-blade brown and cream swirl cattle vg, and crimped bolsters Texas Toothpick, no marking but has Jackmaster look to it, exc. ( pyo 120-057) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 53 IXL stag handled 3 5/8" four blade cattle knife, mint, etching IXL Wostenholm, Sheffield, England. I'd estimate late 50's in age. (ddc 120-058) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 54 Three etched blade IXL knives, all unused, specs on the Scout with a thin rivet crck on the back handle but otherwise mint, patterns include 4 blade scout, equal end long pull, and dogleg, all rough black handles. ( ddc 120-059) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 55 Three etched blade IXL knives, all with imitation ivory, equal end with bolsters, sleeveboard shadow pattern, and 3 7/8" stockman etched "Premium Stock Knife." (ddc 120-060) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 56 Pair of well used pre-1932 Russell barlows, one blade and two blade both spear, blades good-low very good, one crack on the front and black of thetwo blade. ( pyo 120-061) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 57 Three knives. One is a Case 20159 pattern thermoplastic with "Christ is King" on the handle. 1989. one of the few knives ever made with BOTH the Parker and Case tang marks on the same knife. Super rare, plus a Parker Gem lockback in pearl, and an imported Frost steel warrior on bone. ( ddc 120-062) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 58 Bowen USA etched belt buckle knife (no belt) with etching by Dillingham Etchings 5 1/2(they also did the etchings and bolsters for the 1970's Smith & Wesson knives with the sterling silver bolsters.) 5 1/2" oal, 3" blade, MIB. (ddc 120-063) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 59 Two Tekna Micro knives in the box (front and back view is shown. Knife is unique in that the blade is fixed, but the thermoplastic blade cover springs back into the handle, basically unsheathing the blade, when the red button on the end is depressed. Shirt pocket clip on each, both mint. ( ddc 120-064) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 60 Pair of knives, Queen City jigged bone English Jack 1 of 40 made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery club plus a Schatt & Morgan stag two blade with grooved slant bolsters and keystone shield MIB (tgg 120-065) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 61 Three Chattahoochee Cutlery Club (Atlanta) two horn handled KA-BAR USA 1977 trappers and Fight'n Rooster stag 1983 trapper, all mint. ( tgg 120-066) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 62 Three Knives, Parker Edwards jigged bone trapper, spotted, Remington belt buckle and 1982 Worlds Fair Knoxville Parker one blade knife MIB. (tgg 120-067) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 63 Two stag Bulldog Brand knives, both with stag handles and frosty etch "Tennessee Walking Horse", one stockman, one canoe, 2000, both spotted but unused. ( dso 120-068) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 64 Three Case knives, TB61546 Backpacker Case, 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback in rootbeer bone, and 62131 blue bone with white Case logo overlay, all MIB (dso 120-069) Minimum bid $110.00

Lot 65 Four Schrade USA made knives with delrin handles, two blade folding hunter 225, stockman 881Y, 293 trapper, and 787 "Improved Muskrat" etched on the blade and stamped on the shield. Includes Schrade-Walden marked plastic tubes for the knives (with the plastic lids still with them) Mint. ( lmi 120-070) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 66 Case Bradford Bonanza 6250 sunfish, 1980's, exc. (lmi 120-071) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 67 Pair of stag handled Cripple Creek knives, 1991 toadsticker trapper and a 1993 moose sowbelly, both made for the American Edge Collectors Association Lake Michigan Region, both mint. ( lmi 120-072) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 68 Bridgeport Gun and Implement spear small Bowie, bakelite handles, leather sheath, original polish, 9 1/2" oal, 5 1/2" blade, exc. (bev 120-073) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 69 Pair of stag handled Parker Brothers knives, both lockbacks. K115 and K128, 4 3/4" and 4". ( tsk 120-074) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 70 Three Parker, Japan sandbar stag bone handled knives, Parker-Imai K47 folding boot knife, 267 lockback and a 443 Parker & Sons double lock, all mint. ( tsk 120-075) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 71 Three Parker jigged bone knives,5" full size folding hunter, 4 3/8" mid sized folding hunter, and 4" oversized canoe, all mint. ( tsk 120-076) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 72 Four Parker bone handled knives, jumbo trapper 4 1/8", one blade folding hunter 4 3/8", four blade 4" oversize canoe, and 3 1/2" five blade sowbelly, all mint. ( tsk 120-077) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 73 Three Parker stag and bone handled knives. Sandbar stag bone lockback, stag two blade Thoroughbred, and Parker Christmas giveaway knife (never sold) etched, "It is more blessed to give than receive" and "Seasons Greeting from Parker Cutlery" with bone handles cut to resemble stag. All mint. ( tsk 120-078) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 74 Three knives, Parker Edwards Damasc smooth bone trapper, Parker Japan jigged bone Stallion, and a United Boker green bone jigged trapper "Hunter's Trapper" unused but spotted on blade and backspring, mint except as noted. ( tsk 120-079) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 75 Four vintage pearl handled knives, Carrier Cutlery Elmira, NY 3 3/8" whittler, rehandled, Ames Cutlery whittler 3 3/8" closed, Booth Bros. Sussex NY 3" whittler, rehandled; and Enterprise Cutlery St Louis 3" with a rivet cracks. ( Pyo 120-080) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 76 Four vintage tip bolster knives, larger cracked ice Western States 3 1/4", Boulder Colo with Elks emblem on the back side inlet into the pearl nm, Syracuse Cutlery Co. 2 blade cracked ice, Keen Kutter K19 cracked ice with bail nm, and Western States yellow handled pen knife exc. (pyo 120-081) Minimum bid $10.00

Lot 77 Three wood handled knives, Miller Bros. with their patented screw on handles vg, shadow pattern, and two pen knives with wood handles and long bolsters, Valley Forge Newark NJ and very good condition knife marked "The Robeson Cutlery Co." All are 2 3/4" to 2 1/2". (pyo 120-082) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 78 Four fancy pearl handled knives, Vermont Cutlery Co. with carved bolsters and pearl handles, vg, Jacoby & Western pearl with tip bolsters mint with the old black polish, Simmons Hdw. Germany Hornet, nm but natural flaw in the pearl, and a JY Collingshaw fruit knife with sterling silver blade and carved pearl. ( pyo 120-083) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 79 Four vintage pearl handled knives, J. Hoester's Sons Germany with grooved bolster half congress, Kissing Crane Robert Klass with pinched bolsters, shadow pen cannot make out mark, stamped Vancouver, BC on handles vg, and Curtin & Clark Cut Co. vg. (pyo 120-084) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 80 Trio of English knives, Weatley Brother horn handled pen etched, "Wheat Sheat Knife sleeveboard, Joseph Rodgers & Sons wood handled 2 blade with second blade full length almost like a trapper jack with same etching on the 2ed blade and jigged bone handled G. Butler "Real Lambsfoot" 3 3/8" closed. ( pyo 120-085) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 81 Henckel & Joyce Hdw with "Woodman Accident" etching still visible, excd 3 1/4" oal, and three Imperials: 2 blade cattle, exc, 2 blade serpented blued blade exc, and 2 blade cattle, mint. ( pyo 120-086) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 82 Three pre-1940 Remington knives, jigged bone cattle knife full blades R3443, swell end jack with black celluloid handles clip long pull exc R1072, and smaller swell end jack with blue celluloid handles exc R1905. ( pyo 120-087) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 83 Pair of vintage jigged bone handled knives, Humason & Beckly (H&B) jigged bone whittler with through the tang nail mark (early), cleaned to nm and F.C.Co (Frary Cutlery) swell end jeck, very good, one chip on the corner of the blade. ( pyo 120-088) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 84 Three bone handled vintage knives, Bristol Cutlery Co. 4 blade 3" low vg, H. Dorwall Solingen, Germany (Early Boker brand) 3 3/8" with a rivet crack on the front, spotted, near mint whittler, and Dixon Cutlery Co nm jigged bone coke bottle shape 3 5/8". ( pyo 120-089) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 85 Three vintage swell end 2 blade jacks, Camillus Cutlery easy open with bail, pitted blade, Graef & Schmidt low vg, and Camillus Cutlery 4 line with crest shield, vg (pyo 120-090) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 86 Three pre-WWII Remington knives, jigged bone 2 blade serpentine, etching visible but blade is low exc, metal handled 3 blade 3 3/8" small stockman exc with etching faint but visible , and Big Cigar R1225 with white composition handles, low exc. ( pyo 120-091) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 87 Pair of vintage pearl handled knives. Jackson Freemont, OH sleeveboard whittler with tip bolsters, engraved "Perry, Ohio" in the pearl with J. D. Thompson on the back, and Tidioute on the small blade but cannot make out tang, small half congress, very good. ( pyo 120-092) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 88 Four Peachseed bone handled vintage knives, all Schrade made, Schrade Cut swell end 2 blade jack, Equal end, Ulster equal end, and Keen Kutter with keystone Keen Kutter shield three blade equal end, all exc. ( pyo 120-093) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 89 Three Vintage fancy celluloid handled knives, Pinned Imperial Providence, RI, two blade stock near mint, three blade serpentine exc, and mini-toothpick vg. ( pyo 120-094) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 90 Four Vintage wood handled jack knives: Crown Cut. Co, good, Thomaston 3 1/2 with pen blade broken, Henckel & Joyce Hdw, Wilbert Exc, and H&B Cattle 3 5/8" low vg. (pyo 120-095) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 91 Two knives, A. G. Russell wood handled Texas Toothpick lockback, bullet shield, and pearl Bill Elliot No. 9 peanut by Frost. Both mint. ( rgot 120-096) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 92 Pair of Robeson made knives, Robeson Shuredge Rochester interframe with rough black handles #628173 3 1/4", "Pat appld for" on the 2ed blade, and Terrier pearl handled dogleg peanut, cleaned to near mint. ( pyo 120-097) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 93 Two dogleg knives, Hammer Brand New York knife exc jigged bone, and jigged bone Camillus USA peanut both vg. ( pyo 120-098) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 94 Pair of Cattaraugus knives, hard rubber handled hunter with pouch sheath nm sheath shows some carry wear and Cattaraugus bakelite handled household knife with original paper slipcover. sheath shows some carry wear. ( bev 120-099) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 95 Case Tested XX stag handled hunting knife, vg, no sheath. "Cody" on back of tang, 9" oal, 4 5/8" blade. ( bev 120-100) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 96 Russell Green River Works vintage checkered wood handled fish knife, vg, some deep pitting, no sheath. 9" oal, 4 3/4" blade. ( bev 120-100a) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 97 Pair of Western made fixed blades, West-Cut Boulder Co hunter K3, 7 1/4", and other not marked Western but is marked Official Boy Scouts of American on the tang, leather sheath, exc/nm (bev 120-101) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 98 Pair of vintage hunting knives, LF&C Universal etched "Ranger" no sheath exc with integral one pice design, and checkered wood handle Masapoag Works fixed blade with pouch leather sheath, very good. (Masapoag is a lake in Mass. Near Boston. Cutlery company approx. 1837-1875). (bev 120-102) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 99 Vintage American hunting knife with checkered wood handles by "American Cutlery Co. 1865", excellent, with leather sheath. OLD. 11" oal, 6" blade. (American Cutlery Co. was started by a brother and brother-in-law in 1865, also made knives under "Chicago Cutlery", in 1880 had over 80 employees. Around 1929 they moved more into making scales). ( bev 120-103) Minimum bid $45.00


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