J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 124

Auction Ends Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020

Bidding begins Dec. 3, 2020!

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.


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Lots 1-99

Lots 100-200

Lot 1 R. W. Loveless early Lawndale mark, utility hunter, stag handles, pinned brass guard, #836, original leather sheath. 10" oal, 5" blade, mint. (A124-009) Minimum bid  $3,000.00

Lot 2 Harvey Dean small Bowie, Mastersmith mark, silver sheath. 10" oal, 6" blade, hand rubbed finish and typical Harvey Dean quality. Mint except the swell center of the cutlery handle is ruffled a little, as if lightly banged at some point. Mint otherwise.  (A124-147) Minimum bid  $450.00

Lot 3 Jerry Fisk Mastersmith mark small Bowie with stag handles. Hidden tang, steel guard, all expertly hand rubbed finish, 10 3/4" oal, 5 3/4" blade with leather sheath. Knife is mint except for three tiny specks (look in the high res photo and see if you can see them...they are that small).  (A124-154) Minimum bid  $450.00

Lot 4 Joe Kious Wharncliffe slip joint, pearl handles with a gold shield. 3 1/2" closed, 6" open, hand rubbed finish, dovetailed bolsters. Mint (A124-090) Minimum bid  $325.00

Lot 5 Joel Chamblin lobster pattern slip joint, black lip pearl with gold pins. Fileworked on both inside liners, three blades, 2 1/4" closed, 4" open, mint. (A124-144) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 6 Warren Osborne folder, lockback, jigged bone, John Robyn engraving, etched prototype on the back of the blade, 3 1/2" closed, 6 1/2" open, dovetailed bolsters, and exceptional Osborne quality you come to expect. Mint.  (A124-122) Minimum bid  $500.00

Lot 7 Lloyd Hale early fighter with black micarta handles. 13 1/2" oal, 8 7/8" blade, artistic curve and sweep to the full length sharpened false edge, lugged brass guard, with brass pommel and spacers. Cleaned but unused. Matching leather sheath has a white whetstone in the pocket.  (A124-179(2)) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 8 Corbet Sigman boot knife fighter, finger groove ironwood handles, inlaid with a 25th anniversary of the Knifemaker's Guild shield. 8 7/8" oal, 4" blade. Leather sheath, mint, very well done, dovetail bolsters, tapered tang.  (A124-023) Minimum bid  $170.00

Lot 9 Big John Fitch Mastersmith Bowie with Desert Ironwood handles, grooved ferrule, hand rubbed finish, hidden tang, a big 18" long with a 12 1/2" blade, mint except for two tiny water specks that should clean. Comes in a top Kenny Rowe windowpane sheath with exotic animal skin inside.  (A124-135) Minimum bid  $175.00

Lot 10 Joe Flournoy Damascus Mastersmith Bowie with fossil ivory handles, small crack in the ivory. Damascus guard, 15 1/2" oal, 10 1/2" blade, grooved Damascus ferrule, Damascus pommel cap, Comes in a sheath that fits it but sheath is stamped Jay Hendrickson, so while a very well made sheath it is not original to the knife  (A124-165) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 11 Ken Steigerwalter (KAS with shell) stag handled bird and fish knife. Hidden tang, nickel silver guard with micarta spacer, 7 5/8" long, 3 3/4" blade, leather sheath, mint. Fileworked thumbrest. (A124-195) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 12 Harvey McBurnette lockback with polished stag handles, Harvey did his own engraving. Dovetailed bolsters, engraved line around the shield border, 3 1/2" closed, 6  1/2" open, mint.  (A124-096) Minimum bid  $225.00

Lot 13 Ken Steigerwalter (KAS with shell) stag handled folder, slip joint with stag handles and scalloped stainless bolsters. 4" closed, 7 1/2" open, mint.  (A124-120) Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 14 W. D. Pease lockback folder, sheephorn and micarta handles, fileworked backstrap. 4 1/4" closed, 7 1/2" open, "36M3" engraved on back of blade, intricate zig-zag spacer between the bolsters and the handles, 40 decorative pins adorn the edge of both handles, thumbstud opener, lockback, hand rubbed finish, mint. Unique in it has micarta liners that are integral with the bolsters, all one piece on each side.  (A124-159) Minimum bid  $175.00

Lot 15 Ron Fraizer drop point hunter, maple scales, nickel silver bolsters, tapered tang, hand rubbed finish, 8 1/2" oal, 4" blade. Leather sheath that has some scuffs, mint knife.  (A214-207) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 16 W. D. Pease Sidelock folder, big horn sheep handles, engraved bolsters by Harry Liming. 3 3/4" closed, 6 1/2" open, mint.  (A124-098) Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 17 Frank Centofante Tampa Fl stag lockback. 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open, made by a man in the Cutlery Hall of Fame and leader of the Knifemakers' Guild when at its height. (A124-108) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 18 Jay Hendrickson Mastersmith hunter, maple handles with wire inlay, brass filed guard and pommel, leaves are cut into the handle and surrounded by wire inlay. Intricate embossed leather sheath by Buxton, 9" oal, 4 5/8" blade. Mint.  (A124-155) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 19 D'Holder , Phoenix, Az clip point hunter, handles are wood with coral and amber spacers. Hidden tang, nickel silver guard, 8" oal, 4" blade, tooled leather sheath. Mint. (A124-152) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 20 Dr. James Batson Damascus Scagel style hunter of stacked leather and mastodon. Brass guard. 8 1/2" oal, 4" blade, unused but some light storage specks, leather sheath.  (A124-150) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 21 Eldon Peterson, Whitefish, MT deep worm grooved jigged bone handles to look like stag, hunter, mirror polished dovetailed bolster, hand rubbed blade finish, drilled for lanyard, tapered tang. Top workmanship, pouch leather sheath. Mint. (A124-181) Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 22 Randall Model 18, riveted roughback Johnson sheath, Vietnam carried per the consignor, some verdigris  green crud damage to the brass guard, stone pocket has been removed, 5" blade, near mint.  (A124-166) Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 23 Randall Model 1-7 brown pakkawood handles, rough back Johnson sheath, orange stone, mint (A124-146) Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 24 Randall Pathfinder made for LL Bean and so etched on the blade back, stag handles, 8" oal, 3 3/4" blade. Pouch Randall marked sheath. Mint.  (A124-060) Minimum bid  $250.00

Lot 25 Russell Easler boot knife, engraved bolster with gold inlay framing the engraving, slant dovetailed bolsters, tapered tang with red liner, California buckeye handles. 7 1/2" oal, 3 3/4" blade. Mint.  (A124-177) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 26 John Salley elegant slim hunter, stag handles, mirror polished flats, brushed on concave edges, hand rubbed bolsters, dovetailed, straight tang, 8" oal, 4" blade, pouch leather sheath, mint.  (A124-078) Minimum bid  $100.00

Lot 27 Bulldog Brand pearl congress set, "Matthew, Mark, Luke & John". Each knife is 3 5/8" closed, engraved on the pearl, with blade etching quoting a verse from each of the four gospels. Comes in a glass presentation case. All Mint.  (A124-145) Minimum bid  $130.00

Lot 28 Pair of Schrade LB7 5" folding hunters, sc507 scrimshaw and stag Copenhagen USA with blued blade. Both mint. (A124-001) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 29 Bulldog Brand Germany stag handled cotton sampler, c.1998, boxed. (A124-002) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 30 Kershaw, Solingen, Germany stag handled lockback, 4 1/4" closed, mint.  (A124-003) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 31 KaBar bone handled large sunfish, 1987 Texas Knife Collectors Assn. (A124-004) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 32 Col Coon Tenn USA early stock jack knife, lightly used, exc, 2 blade, stag handles (A124-005) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 33 Remington vintage bone scout knife, R3333, official Scout shield, exc (A124-006) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 34 Case XX 2383 slick blade handled swell center whittler, cleaned to nm with some light specking (A124-007) Minimum bid  $100.00

Lot 35 Pair of Schatt & Morgan NKCA club knives, equal end 2004, and gunstock 2007 both mint.  (A124-008) Minimum bid  $70.00

Lot 36 Buck Lucite Hunter with sheath, etched Drummond American, Chuck Buck signature on the back of the blade, Buck stamped sheath, Mint.  (A124-010) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 37 Case Classic 63046 3 backspring whittler, jigged green bone handles, 1994 mint.  (A124-011) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 38 Parker Handmade Japan folding Bowie, bone stag handles, relief cast bolster, 6 3/8" close (A124-012) Minimum bid  $30.00

Lot 39 Puma 4-star fixed blade, wood handles, wood box and sheath. (A124-013) Minimum bid  $90.00

Lot 40 Three discontinued vintage Japanese made Kershaw knives, 2001 2 bl, 5250 golfer, 5200 (A124-014) Minimum bid  $30.00


Lot 41 Browning Auto 5 commemorative lockback, Japan made, wood handles, MIB (A124-015) Minimum bid  $35.00


Lot 42 Winchester pearl wharncliffe whittler, 38907P, made by Queen, c.1996. (A124-016) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 43 Buck Custom shop Harley Davidson hunter, wood and glass presentation case. Edition V, Evoloution, Mint.  (A124-017) Minimum bid  $100.00

Lot 44 Early Western USA Knife-Ax combo, brown pakkawood handles, Hunter has an "H" date stamp, the ax has "D" date stamp. Double sheath. Mint.  (A124-018) Minimum bid  $75.00

Lot 45 Arno Bernard large hunter, giraffe bone handles, elephant hide sheath. South African based maker, tapered tand, 9 1/2" oal, 5" blade, polished flat, hand rubbed concave sides. Mint.  (A124-019) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 46 A. G. Barney Barnes boot knife, Mastersmith mark, maple handle with turquoise inlay on both sides, stippled oval with wire inlay around the turquoise, hidden tang, nickel silver guard and pommel, 8 1/2" oal, 4 1/4" blade, pouch leather sheath. Very well balanced.  (A124-020) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 47 Bill Buchner camp knife with maroon micarta handles, straight tang, 13" oal, mountain man style leather sheath. Mint.  (A124-021) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 48 Red St. Cyr Damascus hunter, Mastersmith mark, burlwood and polished stag handles. 9 1/4" oal, 4 3/4" blade, mint, with leather sheath.  (A124-022) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 49 Sarratt Custom Bowie, engine turned on the blade flat, fileworked guard and blade back, straight tang with black liners, blade, mastodon ivory handles, black leather sheath, 12" oal, 7 1/4" blade, mint.  (A124-024) Minimum bid  $90.00

Lot 50 Jeff Morgan fighter, exotic wood handles with a coffin pommel, straight tang, dovetail bolsters, 10 1/2" oal, 5 3/4" blade, 3" sharpened false edge, pouch leather sheath. Mint.  (A124-025) Minimum bid  $60.00

Lot 51 Great Eastern Northfield stag sleeveboard, 2012, mint in original tube. (A124-026) Minimum bid  $70.00

Lot 52 Lot of two discontinued vintage Gerber knives, wood handles. (A124-027) Minimum bid  $25.00

Lot 53 Case stag handled twin finn set, c.1990's, original cardboard box. (A124-028) Minimum bid  $90.00

Lot 54 Buck early model Duke #500, micarta handles in the original box and sheath. (A124-029) Minimum bid  $35.00

Lot 55 Buck hunter's ax, Model 106, discontinued, mint in the original box.  (A124-030) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 56 Two Early Buck knives, now discontinued, 313 Muskrat and 321 Bird knife. Pre-dating system (A124-031) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 57 Pair of Winchester USA knvies, bone sunfish (1998) and jumbo trapper pattern one blade slip lock (1996), Made by Queen, both mint in the colorful pony express rider box.  (A124-032) Minimum bid  $75.00

Lot 58 Robeson Shuredge one arm man Barlow, 521199 strawberry bone handles, near mint.  (A124-033) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 59 Buck Trailblazer folding hunter, Model 317, discontinued. Pre-dating system, cleanable light tarnish on the backsprings, otherwise mint.  (A124-034) Minimum bid  $35.00

Lot 60 Case 9 dot Sidewinder, no box. Mint (A124-035) Minimum bid  $75.00

Lot 61 Emerson Knives SARK Reese Weiland conversion,  toxic green handles, titanium, MIB (A124-036) Minimum bid  $110.00

Lot 62 Queen USA Joe Pardue design large stag handled congress, original box. 1 of 400. MIB (A124-037) Minimum bid  $75.00

Lot 63 Case Clasp knife '72 pattern, ocean blue jigged bone handles, c.2008, original box. (A124-038) Minimum bid  $45.00

Lot 64 Seki Cut Japan hunter, 7 1/4", etched temper line, VG10 steel, anodized aluminum and wood, boxed with sheath.  (A124-039) Minimum bid  $45.00

Lot 65 Case Classic 1990 62075 moose, moss green jigged bone handles. MIB (A124-040) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 66 Case/Winchester classic 62091, Rogers bone handles, original box. (A124-041) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 67 Schatt & Morgan folding guard lockback, red jigged bone. c.1992. (A124-042) Minimum bid  $35.00

Lot 68 Puma Cub model 960, wood handles, green and yellow plastic box. (A124-043) Minimum bid  $75.00

Lot 69 Pair of Case Classics, 630093, one red bone, one green bone , c.1995 (A124-044) Minimum bid  $80.00

Lot 70 Schatt & Morgan small Mountain Man, reconstituted stone handles by Painted Pony/Michael Prather (A124-045) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 71 Two Queen made knives, carved bone muskrat and Moore Maker rose bone jumbo stockman. (A124-046) Minimum bid  $75.00

Lot 72 William Henry locking liner, pearl handles, leather carry pouch. (A124-047) Minimum bid  $110.00

Lot 73 Pair Schatt & Morgan and Queen City ABCA club knives, ebony handled folding guard lockback 1993 1 of 600 and stag large stockman whittler 1991. Both mint. (A124-048) Minimum bid  $60.00

Lot 74 Craftsman vintage moose, jigged bone, etched blade, near mint. #9494, 4" closed.  (A124-049) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 75 Case XX (1945-65) Toledo Scale knife, mint. (A124-050) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 76 Schatt & Morgan cotton sampler, stag handles, 1996, made for the Western Reserve Cutlery Assoc. (A124-051) Minimum bid  $60.00

Lot 77 Two Case XX pearl handled knives (1945-65) 82053ss and 82079 1/2 ss (A124-052) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 78 Case Red stag handled copperlock, R51549L SS, original box. (A124-203) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 79 Case Midnight stag mini-copperlock, M51749Lss, original box.  (A124-202) Minimum bid  $40.00

Lot 80 Case Tested barlow, green bone, sheepfoot master blade. Very good.  (A124-054) Minimum bid  $45.00

Lot 81 Bob Conley, Jonesboro, TN large clip point hunter with stag handles, near mint with some storage specks, brass fittings and 2 piece stag handled with brass, white, and fiber spacers, 10 1/2" oal, 5 1/2" blade, 9208, has been cleaned. With leather sheath that shows some carry wear. (A124-055) Minimum bid  $60.00

Lot 82 Troy Brown, Park Hill, OK Scagel style hunter with stacked leather and spacer handled and a crown stag pommel brass guard and spacers, 10" oal, 5" blade, mint. Leather sheath.  (A124-056) Minimum bid  $70.00

Lot 83 Blasingame Damascus Fighter/Bowie, stag handles with Damascus fittings. Grooved guard, fileworked pommel, hidden tang 12 1/2" oal, 7 1/2" blade, leather tooled sheath mint. #197 on the back of the tang. Mint. (A124-057) Minimum bid  $100.00

Lot 84 Randall Model 1-6, stainless, stag handles, curved brass guard, duraluminum pommel. Finished back sheath. Mint except for a green gunk pit on the brass guard that should polish out.  (A124-058) Minimum bid  $300.00

Lot 85 Jim Behring Jr large Scagel style hunter with fiber spacers and crown stag pommel. 11 1/4" oal, 6" blade, basketweave leather sheath but tip punctured the leather slightly, mint otherwise.  (A124-059) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 86 John Smith, (Arkansas, anvil mark) drop point hunter. Tapered tang with red liners, drilled for lanyard, well balanced, 8 1/2" oal, 3 3/4" blade. Mint. Leather pouch sheath.  (A124-061) Minimum bid  $80.00

Lot 87 Tiny Spencer (Alaska) clip point hunter with oosic and amber handles, hidden tang, brass guard, spacers, and pommel. 9" oal, 3 3/4" blades. Mint, with leather sheath.  (A124-062) Minimum bid  $70.00

Lot 88 White small hunter, bead blasted finish, micarta handles, straight tang, drilled for lanyard, leather sheath. Mint except for a tiny speck on the blade edge. 6 1/2" oal, 3" blade. Mint, leather sheath.  (A124-063) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 89 Dusty Moulton hunter, mastodon ivory handles, dovetailed bolsters, tapered tang with black liners, handrubbed finish, 10" oal, 5" blade, finger groove choil, pouch leather sheath. Mint.  (A124-064) Minimum bid  $200.00

Lot 90 Bob Dozier hunter, clip point, black micarta handles, kydex sheath. Straight tang, 9" oal, 4 1/2" blade, with lanyard. Mint. D2 steel.  (A124-065) Minimum bid  $100.00

Lot 91 Dan Winkler Winkler Knives II micarta handled Operator, 8 1/4" oal, 3 3/4" blade, leather lined and leather overlaid kydex sheath. Mint.  (A124-066) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 92 Jim Behring Treeman large Scagel style hunter, stacked leather and crown stag handle. 2015, 10" oal, 5" blade, tooled leather sheath, mint.  (A124-067) Minimum bid  $150.00

Lot 93 Dan Winkler Winkler Knives II Field knife, 10" oal, 5 1/2" blacked blade, gimping thumbrest, tapered tang, and exceptional leather over kydex sheath. Mint. (A124-068) Minimum bid  $125.00

Lot 94 Boz Dozier wood handled utility hunter, kydex sheath, D2 steel, drilled for lanyard, straight tang, 6 1/2" oal, 3" blade, mint. "Crotts Design" on back side of the blade.  (A124-069) Minimum bid  $60.00

Lot 95 George Walker, Alpine, WY Damascus drop point, wood handle, hidden tang, drilled for lanyard, brass fittings, 8 1/2" oal, 4" blade, pouch sheath, mint.  (A124-070) Minimum bid  $80.00

Lot 96 A. C. Warren drop point hunter, fileworked, mosaic pins, slant bolsters with spacer, tapered tang with red liners, 8 5/8" oal, 3 7/8" blade. Elaborately tooled leather sheath.  (A124-071) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 97 Tiny Spencer (Alaska maker) Bowie knife, exotic wood handles with a leather and mink sheath. Brass fittings with spacers, 13" oal, 8" blade, with Tiny Spencer marked polishing cloth. Mint.  (A124-072) Minimum bid  $100.00

Lot 98 J. B. Moore, Ft. Stockton TX hunter, mesquite wood handles, 8 3/8" oal, 3 5/8" blade, pouch leather sheath, #1190 on back of tang. Dovetail bolsters, tapered tang, drilled for lanyard, mint.  (A124-073) Minimum bid  $50.00

Lot 99 M. H. Jones, Portland, OR hunter, stag handles with a wood spacer. Hidden tang, some basic filework on the blade back, serrations on the back edge, 10" oal, 5 1/4" blade, pouch leather sheath, mint.  (A124-074) Minimum bid  $75.00



Lots 1-99

Lots 100-200