J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 125

Auction end Feb. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.
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LOT 100 Two Fight'n Rooster stag handled 2 blade knives, Little Jimmy Dickens 1 of 100 Hall of Fame 1987, minty, and stag handled copperhead. (125-023- cdgi) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 101 Fight'n Rooster Deuces Wild par of knives, one jigged bone, the other stag, bar shields. Coke bottle shape jacks. Mint. (125-024- cdgi) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 102 Pair of Bowen bullet patterns, one with bullet shield and delrin handles and the typical crack at the lanyard hole, and stag handled lockback without shield, both drilled for lanyard and mint. (125-025- cdgi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 103 Barry Wood butterfly knife with micarta handles, with has been very used (only one of these this worn I have ever seen). Blade is about 30% gone. If you want a handmade name maker knife for everyday carry that will amaze your friends, this is the one. (125-026- cdgi) Minimum bid $75.00

LOT 104 L. L. Bean stag handled jumbo trapper by Bowen, USA, Limited Edition bullet knife. Drilled for lanyard. Tang mark is LL Bean, both blades etched with the spay blade an elaborate outdoor scene. Mint. (125-027- cdgi) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 105 Pair of knives, jigged bone long swell end jack Governator with sheep foot blade, 4" closed, and Scrimshawed white bone handled IXL 2-blade canoe, both mint. (125-029- cdgi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 106 Browning USA folding hunter with wood handles, brass bolsters, lockback. Designed by Gil Hibben in the 70's, basketweave sheath, in the original box. Mint. (125-030- tlo) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 107 J. Russell Green River Works thistle top checkered wood handled hunter with pouch sheath, exc. 8 3/4" oal, 4 3/8" (125-031- bev) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 108 Trio of bullet patterns, Marbles Imported jigged bone 2 blade, One of the earliest 1123 Bullet reproductions issued in 1976 by Bowen, delrin handles, "Authorized Reproduction" on the back of the tang, 1976-450, and Bowen USA baby bullet lockback with delrin handles marked R1303B, all mint. (125-032- cdgi) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 109 Pair of knives. Russell USA wood handled skinner colored blue handle 10 1/2" and WWII style unmarked. (125-033- LRM) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 110 Pair of Remington vintage pre-WWII RS3333 official scout knives, bone handles, one with acorn shield exc, the other with a round shield very good. (125-034- fpm) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 111 Rough finish wood handled hunter with pouch sheath. Tang marked but cannot identify the maker, appears to be a BW with a vertical line, distressed finish, 11 3/4" oal, 7" blade, mint. (125-035- lrm) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 112 Case Brother Little Valley, NY eraser knife, imitation tortoise celluloid handle. "Tested XX" on the reverse tang, near mint. (125-036- fpm) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 113 Three bone handled Case knives from the 70's, 6208 mint except for some spots, 62109X cleaned mint except for some spots, and 6308 whittler mint except for a water speck or two (125-037- rgot) Minimum bid $70.00

LOT 114 Rare Nagle Re-blade tear drop jack, jigged bone handles, long pull blades, vg, one expertly patched spot at the center rivets. (125-038- fpm) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 115 Pair of jigged bone E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter knives, Keystone shields, jigged bone scout utility pattern vg, and 2 blade with long heavy duty can opener blade with bottle opener. Vg with one rivet crack. (125-039- fpm) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 116 Group of four mesc. Knives. Stag handle German miniature lederhosen knife with leather sheath 5 1/4", marked Solingen, 70's dots 6143 Daddy Barlow in Delrin, unused but large pitted spot on the back, worn out old hunter without sheath, and celluloid handled vintage Kinfolks dogleg, vg (125-040- tsk) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 117 Pair of Remington RS3333 vintage pre-WWII scout knives, both with bone handles, and in low excellent condition, one has the acorn scout shield, the other the more common round official scout shield. Both vg, one dig out of the acorn shield one. (125-041- fpm) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 118 Pair of vintage knives. Lone Ranger 2 blade with red celluloid handles, low nm, unused but spotted with a rivet crack, and a Hammer Brand crimpled bolster Hopalong Cassidy scout, blade is full, exc, Includes the rare Hoppy plastic fob on the guard. (125-042- fpm) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 119 Joseph Rodgers Cutlers to His Majesty swell end jack, G crown R mark, so pre 1953. full unused blades, spotted. Tiny bit of shrinkage to the black comp handle. (125-047- bev) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 120 Pair of knives. Case Centennial red bone 6243 2 blade Daddy Barlow, and Remington repo bullet R103, 1999, with delrin handles MIB. (125-048- jgmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 121 Pair of Remington 1123 pattern repo bullet trappers, with bullet shields and derlin handles, one commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Remington poster series, and the other is the 20th anniversary of the beginning of reproducing Remington bullets (2002). Both MIB. (125-049- jgmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 122 "Hi-Yo Silver, Away", four different Lone Ranger 2 blade knives, two spear blades in imitation pearl and red, and two clip blades with imitation pearl and black, all with the same Lone Ranger stamping, Camco, USA marks, all are unused, some spotting on a couple. (see high-res photo). Unused. (125-050- fpm) Minimum bid $80.00

LOT 123 Two vintage Colonial 2 blade knives, Roy Rodgers and Trigger mint except for shrinkage and a crack on the back handle, and Rin-Tin-Tin & Rusty, both with bails, unused, minty. Some celluloid shrinkages. Both long pull. (125-051- fpm) Minimum bid $65.00

LOT 124 Half dozen knife collection in various patterns of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police knives, Mountie on a horse in color, most of the knives are by Richards, crimpled bolsters, long 2 blade fish, scout nm, swell end mint, key ring size mint, and couple of equal ends exc. (125-052- fpm) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 125 Camo carded assortment of 18 Lone Ranger red handled 2 blade knives with spear master blade, cards on a store display card, unused, comes in the original Camillus marked outer box. (125-053- fpm) Minimum bid $350.00

LOT 126 Camo carded assortment of 18 Lone Ranger imitation pearl handled 2 blade knives with spear master blade, cards on a store display card, unused, comes in the original Camillus marked outer box. (125-054- fpm) Minimum bid $350.00

LOT 127 Three vintage English knives, Loxley Liverpool 4 1/2" stag, English jack, excellent but for a single rivet crack, H. Cromwell Sheffield England, stag handles, poor, and W & S Butcher Celebrated 2 blade, poor condition, missing bolsters on the back side. (125-055- bev) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 128 Two Sta-Sharp pearl handled equal end knives. Regular pull whittler, etching visible, lightly sharpened, and a tip bolster etched long pull with a leather pouch near mint. (125-056- fpm) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 129 Pair of vintage folding hunters. Case XX C61050 red bone coke bottle, low very good and KA-BAR USA jigged slick black vg. (125-057- bev) Minimum bid $70.00

LOT 130 Five well used knives, , stag H. Boker good, Sabre good, W. H. Morley celluloid corn knife vg, and cracked bone handled pre-WWII Remington half congress vg. (125-058- bev) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 131 Pair of vintage tear drop jacks. Brass handled easy open marked IrosKeen 3 5/8", and wood handled Valley Forge 3 1/2". Both 2 blade long upp spear blades, both low exc. (125-059- bev) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 132 Pair of vintage knives. Ulster Knife Co. wood swell end barehead jack with propeller shield, long pull, vg and Kutmaster Purina 2 blade in original box. Mint. (125-060- bev) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 133 Pair of Remington vintage pre-WWII RS3333 official scout knives, both with round shields, one exc, cleaned but etching still visible, one vg without bail. Bone handles. (125-061- fpm) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 134 Unusual folding cigar cutter, engraved, five with two still in the original wrappers, illustrated store card. 7" X5" card (125-062- fpm) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 135 "Happy Trails to You," Three Roy Rogers knives in a single lot, fixed blade with fold out bottle opener and can openers, fancy red celluloid handles, Colonial 2 blade exc, and a Camillus one blade mint except for a tiny bit of shrinkage. (125-063- fpm) Minimum bid $80.00

LOT 136 Four electroplates printing plates, showing four auto knives, two Flylocks. (125-064- fpm) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 137 Case tiny muskrat with mammoth ivory handles, in a deluxe presentation box. (125-065- dso) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 138 Pair of Buck Bill Dance knives with blue bone handles, fish shields, three blade "Blastin' Off" etch, and "I'm Hooked" Texas Toothpick, both MIB, Imported. (125-066- dso) Minimum bid $70.00

LOT 139 Two Case knives. Damascus peanut 6220 with jigged bone handle, and two blade '33 with mammoth ivory handles, one blade is a clip one is fold out scissors with presentation box. Both MIB. (125-067- dso) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 140 Three Fixed Blade Knives, Two KaBar stacked leather washer hunter Japan made, and stag handled Hen & Rooster, all MIB with leather sheaths. (125-068- ahmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 141 Prince Albert Can advertising the famous Ulster knife offer, this is the rare version with the yellow starburst on the front, also includes the slide on compartment for holding matches. Mint. (125-069- fpm) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 142 Vintage unused punchboard illustrating six different bathing beauty knives, "Broadway Follies Knives". Mint condition. 9" X 4 1/4" (125-071- fpm) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 143 Pair of vintage knives. Robeson TL29 Electricians knife, "TL29" stamped into the wood handle and screwdriver blade is etched, "To release push center lock to the left", full blades but spotted, exc. And Hammer Brand USA yellow handled fish knife exc. (125-072- bev) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 144 Pair of vintage knives, E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter swell end jack, bone handles, crest shield, 3 1/4" exc, and G. Gibbon & Sons Sheffield stag handled multiblade, six blades including button hook and cork screw, shadow pattern, 3 3/4", one rivet crack on the back side, blade is low exc. (125-073- bev) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 145 Color Rin-Tin-Tin & Rusty counter card with an original knife, mint. Come in original sleeve., Some aging visible on the card. Nice. (125-074- fpm) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 146 Pair of vintage bone handled knives. Empire Knife Co. jigged bone whittler, bar shield, long pull, vg. And John Boyle & Co. four blade equal end with grooved bolsters. Blade vg. (125-075- pyo) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 147 Five vintage pre-WWII Remington pen knives, one three blade serpentine, two bone, one celluloid, one rough black. Pattern are R6635 vg, 643 good, 6633 good, 7853 good with crack rough black, and 3500 serpentine vg. (125-076- fpm) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 148 Bulldog Brand folding guard lockback "Lewis & Clark 200th anniversary" etching, 2006, some light shrinking on the celluloid, and a knife tie clip. Both mint. (125-077- fpm) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 149 Three Case bone handled knives, 70's dots 62109x, 6308 and Case XX 6233 red bone, all exc except for rivet crack on the baby copperhead. (125-078- fpm) Minimum bid $65.00

LOT 150 Trio of Case Tested (1920-1940) knives, rough black 6202 1/2, Midland Chemical Office knife, and 6233 lp rough black, all very good condition. (125-079- fpm) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 151 Card of Camco jet knives, etched "Rail City Museum" on the back of the master blades, color card and comes in the original outer box marked Camillus. Each knife has 2 blades, one spear, one bottle opener screw driver, and plastic lanyard, plus there is a whistle in the end of the knife. 18 knives in all, all mint. (125-080- fpm) Minimum bid $350.00

LOT 152 Two Case mammoth ivory handled knives, tiny muskrat and '33 pattern with fold out scissors. Both in satin lid presentation boxes. Both mint. (125-081- dso) Minimum bid $125.00

LOT 153 Three Case knives, 6254 in Bengal Tiger stripes, 6207 burnt oak jigged bone, and Tony Bose design TB6.52110 mini saddlehorn with jigged bone handles, all MIB. (125-082- dso) Minimum bid $70.00

LOT 154 Three Case 610096 mini-toothpicks, cayenne bone with arrowhead shield, jade bone with engraved bolsters with arrowhead shield, and white bone scrimmed handle. All MIB. (125-083- dso) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 155 Three mammoth ivory handled Case knives. Copperlock I1749, tiny toothpick I10096, and '33 with fold out scissors, with satin lined presentation case with gold stamped Case logo. (125-084- dso) Minimum bid $200.00

LOT 156 Three Kershaw frame lock knives. Cryo 1555TI, Leek 1660, and Cryo 1555 all MIB (125-085- dso) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 157 Case mammoth ivory '33 pattern with fold out scissors, presentation case. There are original checks in the ivory and they are not considered cracks in my opinion. (125-086- dso) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 158 Case TB6.52110 saddlehorn, Navy blue bone 63032 with red shield, and swayback in crimson bone. (125-087- dso) Minimum bid $90.00

LOT 159 Three Case knives, mammoth ivory tiny muskrat in presentation case, 6254 Bengal Tiger stripe bone, and 6488 4 blade congress with antique bone snakeskin pattern engraved into the bone, MIB. (125-088- dso) Minimum bid $110.00

LOT 160 Three jigged Case bone mini-toothpicks, 610096 jigged bone, one with brown bone and red shield, one with leopard print, and etched scrimmed in white bone and engraved bolsters, all MIB. (125-089- dso) Minimum bid $65.00

LOT 161 Pair of jigged bone bone Boker German made serpentine whittlers, both MIB (125-090- dso) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 162 Four vintage knives. Henry Sears & Sons, Prussia jigged bone swell center whittler with bar shield, exc, A. W. Wadsworth three blade jigged bone cattle knife and so etched on the long pull blade exc, Keen Kutter stockman with clear celluloid handles and keystone shield vg and Norvell-Shapleigh two blade jack with spear and long sheepfoot blades, jigged bone and long pull, cleaned to exc. (125-091- dsdo) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 163 Pair of wood handled vintage swell end jacks. E. C. Simmons long pull spear long pull, and Wm. Enderes, 2 blade, long pull with punch. Exc. "Oak Leaf" etching on the blade. (125-092- pyp) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 164 Trio of vintage hawkbills. American Knife Co. Thomaston, Conn bone with brass cap low vg, Henckels wood handle vg, and Camillus wood handle good only. (125-093- pyo) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 165 Four Case mini-toothpicks 610096, cayenne jigged bone, ultra violet smooth bone, white delrin with a red shield, and scrimmed white bone with engraved bolsters, all MIB. (125-094- dso) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 166 Pair of knives, Schrade Cutlery Collectors Club folding guard lockback 2008, and Hammer Brand imported and modern jigged bone jumbo sleeveboard whittler. Both MIB. (125-095- dso) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 167 Three knives, wharncliffe wood handled 2 blade Ulster vg, Owltic imitation ivory sleeveboard Ibbotson Sheffield vg, and Aerial equal end 3 1/4", mint. (125-096- pyo) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 168 Five vintage knives, Paris imitation tortoise E, Mauplot 2 blade with a fold out manicure blade on the back exc, New York knife equal end wood vg, Napanoch Knife Co. coke bottle imitation ivory vg, New York Knife Co. Hammer Brand equal end with waterfall celluloid handles and masonic emblem and equal end imitation tortoise with some pulling stamed, "Fine Steel". All in the 3" range. (125-097- pyo) Minimum bid $75.00

LOT 169 Three metal handled cutlery items. Metal "Walk-Over Shoe" folding shoe hook by JLS Mfg. Co. Newark and when closed the loop allows hooking to a key ring and so stamped on the handle, Camillus 4 line equal end advertising "Star Brand Shoes are Better" mint, and Luthe Hardware Co, Des MOine exc. (125-098- pyo) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 170 Three modern era Winchester USA made knives. Sowbelly #3904 1989, stag three backspring whittler #3904 1991, and 2 blade spatula doctors knife 25082 '03, all MIB. (125-099- dso) Minimum bid $80.00

LOT 171 Kane Cutlery Co. Kane Pa celluloid equal end whittler, very rare mark. Low very good, good walk and talk. (125-100- pyo) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 172 Three Conn. Valley wood handled jack knives, one blade Waterville long pull with crest shield 3 3/8, Excelsior Knife Co. 3 1/2" closed with propeller shield, and American Shear & Knife Co. with bowtie shield 3 5/8" closedvg. (125-101- pyo) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 173 Pair of vintage gray celluloid knives, Case Bradford PA (pre-1920) 9264T, rivet crack on the back side and Camillus 4 line 2 3/4", low vg. (125-102- pyo) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 174 Three Vintage pre-WWII Winchester knives, swell end jack 2 blade vg, Bone swell end 3 3/8", high vg, and 2 blade equal end vg. Pattern number 2925 bone 3" exc with deep poits, #2902 pen. (125-103- pyo) Minimum bid $70.00

LOT 175 The Hatch Cutlery Co. Bridgeport, Conn, 2 blade wood swell end jack, fancy bowtie shield, grooved iron bolsters, both blade long pull, 3 5/8" low exc. (125-104- pyo) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 176 Honk Falls Knife Co equal end, jigged bone handles with bowtie shield, long pull clip master blade, low exc. Honk Falls was purchased by Winchester in 1920 when they started cutlery production. 3 1/4" closed, beautiful deep jigging with no cracks. (125-105- pyo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 177 Case P172 Buffalo in wood case and Kershaw 2 blade shotgun shell shaped knife MIB. (125-106- tlo) Minimum bid $65.00

LOT 178 Pair of Case stag handled knives, 10 dots, 53087 and 5220 in Case boxes. (125-107- rgot) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 179 Four knives, three Victorinox Swiss Army commemorating the 1996 Olympics on card and Superknife on card, all mint. (125-108- mbc) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 180 Six mesc knives: Regal cracked ice nm pen, Germania exc, Victorinox 4 blade metal advertiser vg, unmarked likely an Aerial, Latima Italy lobster, exc, and W> H. Morley sterling silver handled 3 blade exc. (125-109- bev) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 181 Four used knives: Delta Solingen budder, Wragg, Sheffield 1943 Militar issues, 1 horn handle one marked "CD", one unmarked horn. (125-110- bev) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 182 Pair of knives, Case 1980's 6207 mini trapper mint and Schrade exc aluminum handle "Carter Traveler Company" advertiser exc. (125-111- bev) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 183 New York Worlds Fair, 1939, pen, exc. (125-409- bev) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 184 Three vintage knives. F. A. Bower Germany bone handled Daddy Barlow, red composition handled Cattaraugus Texas Toothpick 12184 near mint and Candy striped vg Texas Toothpick marked "Stag Ireland". (125-113- fpm) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 185 Napanoch tool kit, knife blade in the wood handle, and interchangeable tools, file, chisel, screwdriver, awl, and saw blade. Exc. No leather pouch. (125-114- bev) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 186 Three vintage knives. Robeson Shuredge WWII Mark II with stacked leather washer handle, jigged bone Cattaraugus blade is low vg with sheath marked Ovahole Packing, and German military knife Soffe, Germany with no sheath, basically worn out. (125-115- bev) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 187 Pair of stag handled Case knives, 05263 ss 10 dot and 5220 Peanut USA (125-116- rgot) Minimum bid $110.00

LOT 188 Five pearl handled knives, including congress Boker, A. W. Wadsworth, I crack otherwise exc, John Cattallion pen, exc, and chipped abalone lobster good. (125-118- bev) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 189 Rigid USA wood handled hunter, finger grooved with brass fitting and leather sheath. This is a first generation Rigid. Full blade, near mint. 10" oal, snap on sheath part is missing. (125-119- bev) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 190 Western Mark II World War II stacked leather washer handle, blued blade. 8" blade, lightly sharpened, near mint. (125-120- cbi) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 191 Rare Military knife made by Taylor Huff in Ft. Knox Kentucky with massive leather pancake sheath, inset plate in the blade reads, "Made at Ft. Knox, KY" Blade is exc. 14" oal, 9 1/4" blade, canteen snap on the strap. (125-122- cbi) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 192 Group of six Boker knives, bone well used bone trapper, well used stockman white comp. 1971 Wiss Commemorative exc, small 3 blade rough black vg, 2 blade bone Boker USA vg, and Boker Germany rough black pen, vg. (125-130- kso) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 193 Pair of Case XX wood handled knives, 11011 hawkbill vg, and 12031 Electricians near mint. (125-131- kso) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 194 Pair of Household knives, Robeson Shuredge Frozen Heat 14" and Case Old Forge 431-6with paper Case marked sleeve, both unused. (125-134- kso) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 195 Five Case XX knives, 6318 rough black, 2231 1/2 LP, 620035 with shrinking handle, 6208 half whittler rough black, and 2220 peanut. Vg or a little worse. (125-135- kso) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 196 Fixer uppers, four vintage knives with broken blade, Case XX 63087, Swell end Walden knife co., Robeson tear drop jack bone, and dogleg slick black Pocketeze shield. Poor condition. (125-136- kso) Minimum bid $1.00

LOT 197 Three used Case XX knives. 5220, 9233, and 9333 cracked ice. All VG or worse. (125-137- kso) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 198 Knife and fork picnic set, folding knife and fork, Germany low exc, plus a metal handled knife that says in relief in the metal handles, "5 ct Knife", Waller Bros, Germany. Blade is about gone. (125-138- kso) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 199 Group of six imported fixed blade knives, three Marbles, 2 Frost, one folder, one cord wrapped fixed blade made in China, and Blackie Collins Bowie. (125-139- mbc) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 200 Pair of Knives, Blackjack grunt with kraton handle, Ken Warner design and era, and Benchmade thermoplastic lockback with half serrated blade and thumb opening hole. (125-140- MBC) Minimum bid $30.00

Lots 1-99

Lots 100-200

Lots 201-300

Lots 300-363