J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 125

Auction end Feb. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.
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Lots 1-99

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Lots 201-300

Lots 300-363


LOT 201 Group of 4 fixed blade knives, unmarked handmade primitive with crown stag handle vg, composite handle unmarked fixed blade mint, wood hunter mint by Milo and Herters bone handled small hunter vg. Germany. (125-141- ecnj) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 202 Pair of Leatherman knives, Charge IT, and 2O year Wave, one mint in the card, one MIB with sheath. (125-142- ecnj) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 203 Two multi tool knives, Leatherman Charge it, and Victorinox Swiss Tool, both mint in box. (125-143- ecnj) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 204 Pair of multitool knives, Leatherman Charge TTI on clampack card and Victorinox Swisstool MIB. (125-144- ecnj) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 205 Three knives, Victorinox, BokerMatic (blade springs shut by moving the liner) and Cold Steel double edge (125-145- ecnj) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 206 Leatherman super tool MIB with leather sheath. (125-146- ahmi) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 207 Five Western Boulder, Co. stacked leather washer handled knives, each different, no sheaths, all mint. One is a West-Cut. Some specks will keep some from mint. (125-147- ahmi) Minimum bid $75.00

LOT 208 Three stag handled knives, Rocky Mtn. Knife Works. Beretta hunter mint with sheath, trailing point unmarked, and tine stag caping knife with no sheath 8 1/2" oal. Two sheaths. (125-148- ahmi) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 209 Handmade wood handled hunter with what is either VB or BV mark, distressed style blade, tooled leather sheath, straight tang. 9" oal, 4 1/2" blade, mint. (125-150- ahmi) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 210 Three Western knives, stamina wood with sheath and original box marked USA W36 with F date mark, and two hunters with Boulder, Colo marks with stacked aluminum handles but not sheaths, all near mint. (125-151- ahmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 211 Three versions of the Canadian Russell belt knife, one is original Grohmann with leather sheath and box #1 s stainless MIB, second is simply marked Canada, and third is a Cold Steel replica with black handles and ballistic cloth sheath. (125-152- ahmi) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 212 Leatherman Wave, 20th anniversary year marking, MIB (125-153- ecnj) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 213 Leatherman Crunch, MIB (125-154- ecnj) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 214 Five knives, Northern Va knife club fixed blade, two novelty folders, Swiss Tech keyring tool, and Pocketmonkey tool card still on the original advertising card. All mint. (125-155- ecnj) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 215 Pair of Buck Knives, Brian Yellowhorse 110 with fancy bolsters, and Turkey inlay in ironwood, flanked by stone with turquoise insets, with sheath, MIB and Wolf 525 in a wolf design round composite ivory box. (125-156- ahmi) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 216 Four knives. Moore Maker bone handled jumbo trapper nm with leather sheath, Victorinox multi-blade nm, Kershaw half serrated 2410, and used Eye Brand Germany yellow copperhead exc. (125-157- tjms) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 217 Pair of USA made knives, Remington modern stack leather washer hunter RH31, and Bear MGC USA stag handled folding hunter lockback with sheath. (Discontinued tang mark, Bear & Son is the current mark (125-159- ahmi) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 218 Pair of knives with sheath, Western W36 USA mark and Othello Solingen, Germany staminawood handles, two pouch sheaths, one is not original to the knife. (125-160- ahmi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 219 Pair of knives, Bark River blue and black G10 hunter with leather sheath Deer and Deer Hunting, and Colonial Knife TTAG obtained via the KnifeRights.org contributions designed by Abe Elias, 1 of 600. Both MIB. (125-161- ahmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 220 Three Fixed blades, Camillus G10 handle, Bear Gryls , and NRA Hinderer design, black leather sheaths. (125-162- ahmi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 221 Pair of Kershaw knives, fixed blade 1070 Echo and Ken Onion designed 1660 Leek folder (125-163- ahmi) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 222 SOG short run wood handled Tomcat with sheath mint. (125-167- TJMS) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 223 Three fixed blades, Case 315-5 stacked leather washer with sheath, 1980's near mint, unmarked crown stag skinner with crown stag handle and primitive sheath 8" oal, 3" blade vg, and Frost Game Getter 1 skinner (Japan made) with sheath mint. (125-169- TJMS) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 224 Group of knives, Xicar Explorer folder, Beretta lockback folder with computer board inset, CRKT Mike Franklin side Hawg, Bowen wood fixed blade with no sheath, and five Frost Executive Pens (knife on one end, ballpoint pen on the other in the master pack). All mint. (125-170- ahmi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 225 Three knives. Cold Steel Bushman in the box, Silver Blade Germany, no sheath, and a thermoplastic tanto trainer. (125-171- ahmi) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 226 Pair of stag handled knives, Puma Hunter's Companion and Linder German stag handled hunter with sheath, Both MIB but Linder box is banged up pretty good. (125-172- ) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 227 Three Marbles knives, USA made, two staminawood handled Trailcraft game getters, and stacked leather washer handle Expert with crown stag pommel. In original boxes but outside of the boxes have been written on. (125-173- mbc) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 228 Group of five imported knives: Gil Hibben Alaskan Survival, Cherokee Stone Works, Pakistan, Marbles bone sowbelly, Rough Rider hunger, and a Blackjack, China. (125-174- ahmi) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 229 Three vintage wood handled knives, Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett 3 3/4" bulldog pattern, The Hatch Cutlery Company, Bridgeport, Conn cleaned to exc, Henckel & Joyce 2 blade barehead jack with bomb shield, some etching still visible. (125-175- pyo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 230 Three vintage Keen Kutter knives, rough black Muskrat vg, yellow handled serpentine stock with punch nm, and two blade jigged bone exc except for one handle crack, all with Keystone shields, all Exc. (125-176- pyo) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 231 Six imported Smith & Wesson knives, five fixed blade, one used folder: 980, 640, 650, 470, 820 and used Extreme folder (125-177- ahmi) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 232 Three knives, Marttiini puko knife etched blade, MIB, Weidmannsheil, Solingen, Germany staminawood handled hunter with fancy stamped bolster, and Weidmannsheil stag handled small hunter with sheath marked, "Western Germany." (125-178- ahmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 233 Three Boker knives, one designed by Bob Dozier, 520M, 02 BO250, and BO22. All MIB (125-179- ahmi) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 234 Three celluloid handled vintage knives, Winchester 3 blade cattle exc, Keen Kutter swell end jack 3 3/8" , and Federal Knife Co. teardrop jack 2 blade near mint except for a handle crack. (125-180- pyo) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 235 Pair of rare Baldwin Tidioute, PA jack knives, tear drop and barehead jacks, very good. 3 3/8", couple of cracks on the teardrop jack. (125-181- pyo) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 236 Trio of Winchester pre-WWII celluloid handled knives, vg 2 blade equal end #2064, exc 3 blade serpentine , and exc plus three blade stockman 4 1/4" with a crack, #3091. (125-182- pyo) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 237 Pair of vintage wood handled hawkbill knives, Queen City Titusville, PA and Russell Green River Works, Blades low exc. (125-183- pyo) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 238 Three vintage barlows, Keen Kutter bone exc, Keen Kutter with black composition nm, and Robeson Cutlery RCC bolster imitation ivory spay master blade, nm. (125-184- pyo) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 239 Four bone handled vintage knives, Dwight Devine Ulster jigged bone sleeveboard, exc but for 1 crack across the handle, S. Norvel half congress low gv, U.S. Cutlery Co. sleeveboard vg, and Camillus 4 line bone handled equal end with grooved bolsters, low exc. (125-185- pyo) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 240 Five fancy celluloid handled knives. Vanco vg 1 crack, LF&C, Axel Nielsson baby copperhead vg, Stainless Cutlery exc, E. C. Simmons pen vg, (125-186- pyo) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 241 Pair of vintage bone handled Knives. Schrade Cut. Co. peachseed bone pen knife, stainless, exc, and a Simmon Hdw. Hornet, Germany wharncliffe whittler with bone handles, vg with 1 rivet crack. (125-187- pyo) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 242 Three vintage bone handled knives, Valley Forge wharncliffe 2 blade vg, Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett 2 blade shadow sleeveboard vg with a patched repair on the handles, and Cattaraugus 2 blade pen, all vg. (125-188- pyo) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 243 Three Schrade made knives, Schrade Cut. Co equal end with celluloid handles, exc except for 1 rivet cracks, Schrade Cut. Co. swell end jack with punch, pyremite handles, exc and a peachseed bone three blade equal end long pull whittler, vg. (125-189- pyo) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 244 Pair of vintage wood handled swell end jacks, Southington long pull 1 blade, and E. C. Simmons 2 blade (Not Keen Kutter, possibly pre-dates use of the KK mark). Both low vg (125-190- pyo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 245 Pair of wood handled hawkbills, Southington with a metal butt cap and one rivet crack, and Russell Green River Works, both vg. (125-191- pyo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 246 Three fancy celluloid knives, Curtin & Clark etched blade peanut with small blade in the far end of the knife exc, W. H. Morley Germany dogleg with step down bolster and long pull and 2 rivet cracks, and Christmas tree Walden Knife Co celluloid. (125-192- pyo) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 247 Three wood handled barehead spaying knives, Ulster Knife Co. exc, Enderes vg and Brown Camp Hardware, Des Moines, near mint. (125-193- pyo) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 248 W. R. Case & Sons swell end jack, long pull, 62020 1/2, rivet crack on the back handle, otherwise exc. (125-194- pyo) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 249 Three jigged bone jack knives, Car-Van swell end jack exc, Eagle Knife Co. Phila spear 2 blade exc, and Electric Cut. Co. Walden, NY, vg, long pull. (125-196- pyo) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 250 Pair of Peachseed bone handled stock knives, Schrade Made, Schrade-Walden 4" stockman 881 exc, and Herders, Phila round bolster with grooved bolsters, vg (125-197- pyo) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 251 Three Scout utility patterns, Kutmaster Girl Scout knife, exc, Ulster vg, and bone marked "Forged, USA". Low vg. (125-198- alpa) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 252 Pair of pre-WWII Remington knives, pearl shadow equal end R6184 and small shadow imitation pearl, exc. (125-199- alpa) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 253 Kutmaster rough black Scout utility military knife, etched, Property of U. S. Govt, near mint. (125-200- pyo) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 254 Group of 7 mesc knives: Case I278, 2 Colonial, Syracuse; Wolftez, Allentown, Pa; Camillus 1933 Century of Progess Worlds Fair knife, 3 blade pen knife, exc to low vg. (125-201- alpa) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 255 Three well used vintage knives: Remington imitation pearl good, Remington Texas tootpick bone, good; and Remington 2 blade swell end good. (125-202- alpa) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 256 Three bone handled jack knives, Queen crown mark, Levering 2 blade jack with a rivet crack on the back, and Walden Knife Co. 2 blade jack, all low exc. (125-203- pyo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 257 Three easy open tear drop jacks, Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett exc and Pal Cutlery Co. Vg, and Brantford Cutlery Co. with a rivet crack on the back. (125-204- pyo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 258 WWII style turned wood handled dagger with leather sheath. Exc. 4209B on both the sheath and the knife, 13 1/2" oal, 8 1/2" blade with sheath, NB stamped on the tang. (125-213- cbi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 259 Unmarked dagger blade with stacked leather washer handle with aluminum pommel, exc. Leather sheath. 11" oal, 6 1/4" blade. (125-218- cbi) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 260 Ivan Tool Company, Salem, OH combo tool, patented, saw blade back knife with handle that folds to become a hammer and hatchet. With leather sheath. 12 1/2" oal, 7 1/2", 3 snap on sheath configuration, one has pulled loose, exc. Unusual. (125-222- cbi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 261 CASE, stamped on the blade side of the guard, Straight guard stacked leather washer handle M3 WWII combat knife, leather sheath. Unused with some specks, near mint. (125-258- cbi) Minimum bid $90.00

LOT 262 Case XX (1945-65) 6275 LP moose, red bone, near mint. (125-275- rgot) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 263 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6275 moose, mint (125-276- rgot) Minimum bid $80.00

LOT 264 Case XX (1945-65) 5375 Long pull, red stag, very good (125-277- rgot) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 265 Case XX (1945-65) 61048 Rogers red bone, full blades but spots so exc (125-278- rgot) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 266 Case XX (1945-65) 62048 sp slim trapper mint except for rivet cracks on each side. (125-283- rgot) Minimum bid $120.00

LOT 267 Case XX USA (1965-70) 53047, unused blades but spotted, near mint. One natural check in the stag that is visible on the front handle, see photo. (125-284- rgot) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 268 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6229 1/2 tadpole, bone (125-285- rgot) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 269 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6318 sh sp, "For Flesh Only" etched on the spay blade. Mint. (125-286- rgot) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 270 Case XX (1945-65) 6249 Copperhead, mint (125-287- rgot) Minimum bid $135.00

LOT 271 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6318 sh punch, "For Flesh Only" etched on the spay blade mint (125-288- rgot) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 272 Case XX USA (1965-70) 5488 congress, mint (125-289- rgot) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 273 Case XX USA (1965-70) 53087 mint (125-290- rgot) Minimum bid $125.00

LOT 274 Case XX (1945-65) 6488 reddish bone jumbo congress, full blades but spotted, low near mint. (125-291- rgot) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 275 Case XX (1945-65) 6380 Carpenters whittler, mint. (125-293- rgot) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 276 Case XX USA (1965-70) 5392 stockman. Mint. (125-294- rgot) Minimum bid $160.00

LOT 277 Case XX (1945-65) 5347 sh sp ss, Stainless stamped on all three blades, couple of pits, otherwise cleaned to near mint. (125-295- rgot) Minimum bid $170.00

LOT 278 Case XX (1945-65) 6318 sh sp green bone. Cleaned to near mint, some tarnish on the back of the blade. . (125-296- rgot) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 279 Case XX (1945-65) 64047 P colorful bone handles. Mint (125-297- rgot) Minimum bid $170.00

LOT 280 Case XX (1945-65) 64047 full blades, not quite near mint, some tarnish. (125-298- rgot) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 281 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6392 stockman, mint (125-299- rgot) Minimum bid $85.00

LOT 282 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6392 stockman colorful handles, mint (125-300- rgot) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 283 IXL Wostenholm Sheffield England stag handled Bowie, etched "American & Liberty", full blades but pitted overall, leather sheath. Scalloped guard. Near mint, leather sheath (125-303- cbi) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 284 Underwood, 96 Haymarket, V crown R London based wood handled Bowie, sheath spring clip secures the knife in the sheath via a hole on the guard. Hidden tang, near mint. (125-304- cbi) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 285 WWII era knuckle knife, similar to the Messenger style knives, marked on the guard "Jim to Chet", 13 1/4" oal, 8 1/2" blade, a single hairline crack in the wood handle. (125-306- cbi) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 286 Case Tested 61050 green bone coke bottle folding hunter, cleaned to very good. Barehead and no shield model, typical of around WWII. Heavily cleaned to vg (125-325- jsc) Minimum bid $65.00

LOT 287 Pair of Boker Germany annual commemoratives, Fireman lockback, and Steam Engine 5" lockback folding hunter, both MIB. (125-326- tlo) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 288 Schrade Uncle Henry USA made "Chairman" in original counter packaging and a Kershaw pearl handled lockback with engraved bolsters in a presentation box. (125-327- tlo) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 289 Pair of stacked washer handle WWII style heros knives (also called theater knives), with leather sheaths, both with dagger blades and very well made, both near mint, one is 11 1/2" oal with a 7 1/4" blade, and 12 1/4" oal with a 7 1/4" blade. (125-328- cbi) Minimum bid $80.00

LOT 290 Western Boulder Colorado USA L46-8 stacked leather washer fighter, with sheath, but the upper part of the sheath has been cut away. Mint otherwise. (125-330- cbi) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 291 Pair of heroes (theater) knives, one with a finger grooved cast aluminum handle, the other stacked leather washers dagger with cut down guard with what looks like an M3 blade and heavy brass pommel, both with not original leather sheaths. One is 14 1/2" oal, 8 3/4" blade, and the other 12" with a 7" blade. (125-332- cbi) Minimum bid $75.00

LOT 292 Indian Ridge Traders, Sheffield with fancy guard and crown stag handle, scrimmed art on the flat part of the handle, with leather sheath. Large. Fileworked gard, and scroll work on the leather sheath tip, 18 1/2" oal, 12" blade. (125-333- cbi) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 293 Pair of Solingen, German made EdgeMark Bowies, one slab handles with long escutcheon, the other a hidden tang with aluminum pommel. Both with leather sheaths, One is near mint, the other exc. 13 and 13 3/4" oal lengths, with 8 and 8 1/4" blade. (125-334- cbi) Minimum bid $85.00

LOT 294 Pair of Case knives, modern era 6254 ss brown bone trapper, mint, and 1980's 62109x baby copperhead, bone handles, unused but spotted. (125-335- rgot) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 295 Case Classic 6391 banana bone whittler, W. R. Case & Sons mark, made in 1990, only 475 were made. MIB. (125-338- clp) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 296 Case Classic Case Brother RO63094 long pull big cigar whittler, 1000 were made, brown bone, MIB (125-339- clp) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 297 Pair of Parker Cutlery c. 1980's pearl handled lockbacks, Scorpion and Beaver tail, both mint. (125-340- clp) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 298 Three knives, German relief 2 blade with bail, hunting scene, mint and Buck 501 esquire and 505 well used. (125-341- clp) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 299 Case 5275 stag Moose from the 1979 Bradford Centennial stag set, mint. (125-342- clp) Minimum bid $65.00



Lots 1-99

Lots 100-200

Lots 201-300

Lots 300-363