J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 125

Auction end Feb. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021

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Lots 300-363

LOT 300 Case XX 3254 trapper, unused blades but yellow handles should some serious shrinkage, some spotting as well. Back handle is shrinking with cracks. (125-343- clp) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 301 hard to make out but looks like MZ crude skinning knife, deep pitting on the blade, wood handle, with a leather sheath decorated with the end of a 12 gauge shotgun shell. Vg. 6 1/2" oal, 2 1/2" blade. (125-348- tjms) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 302 Blackjack Classic blades Model 5 subhilt with micarta handles, some spotting so near mint. Marked, "Made in Effingham, Ill." (125-350- tjms) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 303 Case Bowie, some spotting and brass tarnish, no box, no stars on the guard, near mint. (125-351- tjms) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 304 Imperial M3 WWII fighting knife, 1943 Milsco M6 sheath with stapled throat, ,the the metal straps over the tip to prevent the blade tip from punching through, minty. (125-359- cbu) Minimum bid $90.00

LOT 305 WWII Era John Ek Camden, MA commando knife, guardless model with extended pommel, with leather sheath. I'd call near mint although it has been sharpened a little and shows some use. 12 3/4" oal, 7" blade. (125-361- cbi) Minimum bid $200.00

LOT 306 Knife-Crafters of Philadelphia WWII era knife made from Civil War era swords during WWII. (See Silvey book ''Knives of the United States Military - World War II''), leather wrapped handle, 12 1/2'' oal, 7'' blade, leather sheath. Cleaned to near mint. (125-362- cbi) Minimum bid $100.00

LOT 307 Gerber Mark II with serrations on the blade, hone steel in the sheath, cleaned to near mint except for some paint flaking on the guard. #023264, but appears the 2 is off centered. (125-363- cbi) Minimum bid $90.00

LOT 308 Gerber Mark II early with the canted blade, #002113, cats tongue finish on the handle, near mint. (125-365- cbi) Minimum bid $125.00

LOT 309 Gerber Mark II 20th anniversary knife, with the canted handle, wasp blade, and cats tongue finish. Mint. (125-368- cbi) Minimum bid $125.00

LOT 310 Collins & Co. Hartford spear Bowie with turned wood handle, exc. No sheath. (125-372- cbi) Minimum bid $80.00

LOT 311 Victorinox Swiss Champ with clock in handles (desn't work) otherwise MIB (125-412 dnk) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 312 Buck 501 Esquire, engraved bolsters, with Chuck Buck '07 autograph, mint. (125-385- cbi) Minimum bid $60.00

LOT 313 Schrade 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (sccc10-1- rel) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 314 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008; etched Everlastingly Sharp; button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. (sccc08-1- rel) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 315 Knives Digest by Ken Warner and Bruce Voyles. The last major knife book I wrote. Good articles. Good writing. Crammed with knife photos. Paperback. I will autograph the book upon request. (XV-007-rel) Minimum bid $$5.00 (knivesdigest- rel) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 316 Sheffield Exhibition Knives is a book by Bill Claussen; Bill Adams; Brad Watts and others. It is a 247 page book; hardcover with a color dust jacket. Published in 1999; it is considered the ultimate reference work of Sheffield Exhibition knives; featuring full color pages of many knives from the Joseph Rodgers; IXL George Wostenholm; and John Blyde/Greenhough exhibition collections. Retail at the time of issue was $89.95. (sheffieldexhibition- rel) Minimum bid $20.00

LOT 317 'The Carolyn Factor'' Novel centered around a knife dealing hero; written by J. Bruce Voyles; writing as ''JJ Bruce''. It is available as an e-book on Amazon; but autographed softcover edition is available exclusively through us. This is NOT an auction item. When you click on the bid box; it will process at the stated price. You can check out a review of this book at Kirkus Review. Retail is $16.99. As a registered bidder your price is $14.99. (smCarolyn- jbv) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 318 Same as above but hardcover with color dustjacket; and also autographed. (If you want it specifically dedicated to someone please specify when you are contacted for the final amount of your winning bids plus shipping. Retail is $25.00. As a registered bidder with us; your price is only $19.99 (smCarolyn- jbv) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 319 Blade Trading Cards; 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids; in original unopened factory pack. (78-DSC_0184-rel) Minimum bid $$5.00 (bladecards1- rel) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 320 Northwoods Knife Co. Gladstone, MICH USA wood handled hunter with sheath. 8" oal, 3 7/8" blade (125-386- ahmi) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 321 Three Cold Steel knives, Canadian Belt knife, Pro-Lite folder with serrated and tanto blade, and SRK Kraton handled hunter, all mint, 2 boxes (125-387- ahmi) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 322 Pair of Case knives, Limited Edition 6143 with jigged green bone handles and bar shield marked Case XX, plus a Case made Rigid brand knife with wood handles, pattern is 22033 but not make in this configuration with a Case mark. Both MIB. (125-388- ahmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 323 Five black thermoplastic handled lockback knives, imported. Kabar Dozier, Smitch & Wesson, Delta Z, Osprey, SOG Auto Clip, and Ford by United, all MIB (125-389- ahmi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 324 Pair of Puma knives, SGB Pounce with "German Blade", and XP Framelock, both imported. (125-390- ahmi) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 325 Three Camillus jumbo trapper knives, Cartridge series 45-70 with bone handles, plus two Safari series with wood handles, Cape Buffalo and Leopard. All MIB but some staining on the boxes. (125-391- jgmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 326 Pair of Remington Silver Bullet knives, sterling silver shields, bone handles, R4466 and R4356 with engraved bolsters, both MIB. (125-392- jgmi) Minimum bid $55.00

LOT 327 Three modern Remington Bullets, Silver Bullet R1306 with sterling shield and bone handles, R1173 Silver Bullet same configuration, and Remington baby bullet Mellinneal edition with pearl bullet shield. All MIB (125-393- jgmi) Minimum bid $70.00

LOT 328 Pair of knives, Camillus 45-70 Cartridge series jumbo trapper (1123 size) with etched blades, and Remington repo R1306, both MIB. (125-395- jgmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 329 Three imported fixed blade knives, Two made for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, one Buck 480, one Browning 087, plus a Boker Magnum dagger with leather sheath, all mint. (125-396- ahmi) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 330 Pair of Knives, Linder Germany Bowie with wood handled 12 3/4" oal, and 7 1/4" unused but specks on the tang and Kopromed Wood handled hunter (Poland) 8 3/4" oal, 4 1/4" , Both mint with sheaths except as noted. (125-397- ahmi) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 331 Group of 9 imported knives, Meyerco MC Para, Gil Hibben, CH501 Camillus, Gigand Falcon, Rough Rider, Marbles whittler , Frost Excecutive pen, stag handled Timberline fixed blade with sheath, most in original boxes plus a Parker Christmas gift knife. (125-398- ahmi) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 332 Two American made knives, Western, Boulder, Colo USA wood fillet knife with sheath, and Ontario USA SO76 Cayuga OCHK-94 stacked leather washer handle with stag pommel and leather sheath, mint. (125-399- ahmi) Minimum bid $50.00

LOT 333 Three knives, Klotzli Swiss made carbon fiber locking liner Walker design, wharncliffe blade with half serrated blade, Timberlite lockblade by Equip, USA, and Boker Tree brand wood serpentine whittler MIB. (125-400- ahmi) Minimum bid $65.00

LOT 334 Three Case XX knives, very well used, 62009 1/2 green bone, red bone 6488, and 6269 bone. All low vg or worse. (125-129- kso) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 335 Trench art Dagger, handle is made from a 50 cal casing with bullets in a guard, exc. No sheath, 10 3/4" oal, 6 1/4" blade. (125-132- ahmi) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 336 Six knives, Schrade USA Merry Christmas 1 blade locking liner SC503, Camillus lockback, Jimmy Allen rough black good only and two pen knives, Griffin and Colonial. Various conditions. (125-133- kso) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 337 Three Knives: Schrade 2008 folding guard lockback with button lock, Star Brand smooth bone folding guard lockback in color Leopard box, and Two blade Parker Rough n Ready, with Teddy Roosevelt on box reading, "The Bravest Man I ever saw followed me up San Juan Hill." All MIB (125-401- ahmi) Minimum bid $35.00

LOT 338 Pair of Case knives, 61225 1/2 lockback with ocean blue bone handles and white jigged delrin mini butterbean 62132 with red relief shield. (125-402- lrm) Minimum bid $45.00

LOT 339 Four thermoplastic lockback knife, Two Buck 364, and Two Gerber 0870518E, and 08718, all mint. (125-403- lrm) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 340 Group of four knives. CRKT frame lock 5810, Imperial fixed blade with sheath, and two Victorinox, Officers 4 blade and a Classic, folders are mint, others are exc. (125-404- lrm) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 341 Three knives, Kershaw thermoplastic lockback 1710 imported, lockback 2 blade with wood handles , and Camillus USA kraton handled 902 2-blade lockback, all MIB (125-405- ahmi) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 342 ABCA Price Guide to Commemorative Knives (1970-1990) by J. Bruce Voyles. Still the only book ever done exclusively on commemorative knives. Will autograph upon request. (125-411- rel) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 343 Bronze bust of John Nelson Cooper, reportedly only five were ever made. Perhaps the ultimate for a Cooper collector. Well done with nice detail. 8" high. (125-407- cbi) Minimum bid $150.00

LOT 344 Primitive wood handled hunter with leather sheath, unmarked. 10 5/8" oal, 6" blade, good condition. (125-262- cbi) Minimum bid $5.00

LOT 345 Sword Brand version version of a kabar style fighting knife and one that is cut down with a shorter handle with USN stamped blade. (125-329- cbi) Minimum bid $15.00

LOT 346 Two Kershaw lock knives. Cryo 1555TI, and Leek 1660, and Cryo 1555 MIB (125-405- dso) Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 347 Two Barehead jacks, Russell (pre-1932) and Holley, Lakeville, Ct. 3 3/8"vg (125-410- pyo) Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 348 Pair of English IXL knives, barehead jack marked IXL Celebrated Cutlery on the pen blade, no England, exc., and 3 1/8" imitation ivory sleeveboard with tip bolsters, mint, with the old style black polish. Mint. (125-413- pyo) Minimum bid $35.00


LOT 349 Pair of bone handled barehead jacks, KA-BAR, Union Cut. Co. 2 blade with green bone handles, near mint, and Norvell-Shapleigh sheepfoot 2 blade low exc. (125-414- pyo) Minimum bid $30.00


LOT 350 Wade & Butcher, Sheffield, England cut down theater knife, aluminum handle, with riveted square leather sheath (likely designed to fit in a back pocket) 6 3/4" oal, 2 3/4" blade. Vg. (125-415- cbi) Minimum bid $10.00

LOT 351 5254 xx, tested frame, poor and 5383 usa exc. (125-418- bev) Minimum bid $40.00

LOT 352 6347 sh punch USA mint (125-416- rgot) Minimum bid $50.00





LOT 353 Miniature three piece picnic set, folding knife, fork and spoon, in a small cloth snap pouch, some staining on the knife, otherwise excellent plus. Pouch shows a lot of storage/carry use. Fishing lure box shown for comparison size, not included. Minimum bid $20.00.


LOT 354 Pair of knives, Case Small Game knife in the original box, stag handled, mint, and Schrade Scrimshaw two blade folding hunter. Unused but there is some splotches of tarnish on the blades, no lid to the box, exc.Minimum bid $40.00.

LOT 355 Robeson No. 2 USN stamped WWII knife, left hand sheath, knife is stacked leather washer with a wood pommel, used because the scarcity of other materials during wartime. From a time when such things were done by the Greatest Generation to save us from dark forces. Mint. Minimum bid 35.00.

LOT 356 Randall Airman with micarta handles, comes in a riveted rough back sheath with gray stone, mint.Minimum bid $300.00

LOT 357 Marbles Hunter, leather washer handles, blade is excellent, Marbles stamped snap on the sheath. Minimum bid $25.090


LOT 358 Randall Model 8-4 stainless with double guard and duraluminum pommel, rough back sheath, swell center micarta handle. Mint. Minimum bid $25.00

LOT 359 Miniature Richards tool knife, one blade metal handled knife with three other implements that will snap in the other end, comes in a plastic pocket pouch. Unused but there is a rough pit in the center of the master blade (see photo). Business card shown in the photo for size comparison. Minimum bid $10.00.

LOT 360 Randall Model 8-4s Stainless with double guard and micarta handle, in a rough back Johnson sheath, mint. Minimum bid $250.00

LOT 361 Unusual knife similar to a Mark II blade, with an overlength handle of stacked leather washers. Stamped on the guard, "Sanssouci, D.R.". Metal round pommel. Blade is near mint, with leather sheath. 12" oal with a 5 3/4" blade. Minimum bid $20.00.


LOT 362 Unusual Theater/Heroes knife, wood handle, 13 1/2" oal, 8 3/4" blade, with brass guard and pommel and three aluminum spacers at each end of the handle. What is most unusual is the full sheath of aluminum, with rotating top piece that fastens to the belt, put together with brass rivets. Not often the sheath is more cool that the knife. Nice package. Minimum bid $30.00

LOT 363 Super Randall Model 5-5, stainless, with double guard, swell center micarta handle and duraluminum pommel, comes with a rough back sheath and white stone. Knife has a serrated top edge, and is marked "Capt. Dan Gray". Enhancing this knife is U. S. Army Master Parachutist Jump Wings (65 jumps to attain) attached to the stone part of the sheath. A story here that begs to be explored by the next owner. Minimum bid $300.00

Lots 1-99

Lots 100-200

Lots 201-300

Lots 300-363