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Auction 87

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Lot 200 Case 1979 Bradford Centennial stag set in Collectors Case, 5275ss Moose, 5292ss, 5249ss Copperhead, 5207ss mini trapper, 5318ss serpentine stockman, and 52027ss 2 blade. All mint. (vks87205) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 201 Case XX 52131 canoe, cleaned to near mint. (1945-1965) (vks87206) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 202 Battle Ax Wood handled coke bottle folding hunter "Ohio Diplomat" with gold etching, handle has a pearl inlay in place of the shield. Mint. (vks87208) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 203 Pair of Winchester bone handled knives. Bone handles. 1927 lockback, 1988, bowtie shield, mint except for some specks on the blade back, and 2913 1/2 Moose, 1988 Mint. (vks87209) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 204 Two Winchester knives, bone handled Anglo-Saxon whittler 39101, 1992, with Winchester marked cartridge shield and etched, "Winchester Cartridge series" on the blade, grooved and pinched bolsters, plus a pearl handled Texas Toothpick made for the Mason Dixon knife club in 1990, 1 of 100. Both mint. (vks87210) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 205 ProTech folding hunter with skull motiff, Skull inlaid shield, and skull on the tip of the woven lanyard. Cordura sheath. Button lock. This is a manual knife, not a switchblade. MIB. (vks87211) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 206 Three Case whetstones, two pocket stones in one pouch, and a double sided stone that fits on the other leather pouch. Unused. (vks87212) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 207 Four Case knives with red backed shields and deep blue handles, 6344, 62109x wharncliffe, 61096 mini toothpick, and a Tiny Trapper, all mint. (vks87213) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 208 Three Case Red pocketwornknives, 61054LCP, 62131ss canoe, and 62017 gentleman swayback. All mint. (llg87214) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 209 Two Case smooth bone knives, 6111 1/2L Cheetah, and 6285 spatula, both with bowtie shields, mint. (llg87215) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 210 Two Case smooth bone knives, Cheetah and Tuxedo, both with bowtie shields. Mint. (llg87216) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 211 Four Case red pocketworn handled knives. 51225 lockback, 61096 mini toothick, 6220 peanut, and 63027. All mint. (llg87217) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 212 Three Case knives with oversized white logo on the handles. 6254 trapper, 62131 canoe, and 6220 peanut. All bone. Mint. (llg87218) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 213 Three Case red pocketworn bone handled knives. 6254 trapper, 6318 serpentine, and 6207 mini-trapper. (llg87219) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 214 Four smooth chestnut bone handled knives. 6254 trapper, 63046 swayback, 61749 small copperlock, and 61096 mini toothpick, all mint. (llg87220) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 215 Three Case knives with autumn bone handled knives, relief bowtie shields, 6254 trapper, 6318 serpentine, and russlock. Mint (llg87222) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 216 Four 6254 Case knives with smooth ultra violet purple handles, 6254ss, 610096, Tuxedo pattern and mini folding hunter. All mint. (llg87223) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 217 Case Navy Blue 6254 trapper, 64052 congress, and 62110 saddlehorn. (llg87224) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 218 Three Case Trappers, smooth bone Brooks & Dunn, Cloudland Corleon Premier edition 1 of 300, and Case 2009 Christmas trapper. All mint. (llg87225) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 219 Three stag handle Case knives with pieced handle, 5207 mini-trapper, 52131 canoe, and 6154L trapperlock. Mint. (llg87226) Minimum bid $85.00

Lot 220 Two Case Prime stag knives, 5254 trapper and 51009 1/2 barlow. Both mint. (llg87227) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 221 Two Case prime stag knives, 5308 whittler, and humpback 2 blade. (llg87228) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 222 Three Case knives, jigged white delrin handles with red shield, 63032, 61749 small copperlock, and 610096 mini toothpick all mint. (llg87229) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 223 Three Navy Blue knives, 6375 jumbo stockman, Russlock 61953, and and 62017 Gentleman swayback. Mint (llg87230) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 224 Two trappers, white delrin handles with red relief shield, '54 trapper and a tiny trapper. Both mint. (llg87231) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 225 Three Case physicians knives, two with long spatula blades. (llg87232) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 226 Three Case Knives. Autumn bone 61048 and 610096 plus an antique bone 6220 peanut. Two boxes. (llg87233) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 227 Kabar stainless T33 Fish gaff and knife, yellow composition handles, mint. (llg87234) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 228 Four Case chestnut bone handled knives, 6207 mini trapper, 6318 serpentine, 62131 canoe, and 6220 peanut. All mint. (llg87235) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 229 Four Case knives with brown corncob bone handle, 6165 folding hunter, 6254 trapper, 6347 stockman, 61749 mini copperlock, crest shields, all mint. (llg87236) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 230 Four orange handled Case knives with arrowhead shields, 6254 trapper, 62046 2 blade, 61117 Swayback gent, and 610096 mini toothpick, mint (llg87237) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 231 Case script shield green bone handled knives. 6375 jumbo stockman, 6254 trapper, and 62131 canoe. All mint. (llg87238) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 232 Four Case corncob brown bone handled knives, TB62110 saddlehorn, muskrat, 610096 mini toothpick and 6220 peanut, all mint. (llg87239) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 233 Two Case Collectors Club knives, 61048 blue bone slim trapper and a green winterbottom bone muskrat, both with CCC relief shield, MIB. (llg87240) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 234 Four Orange bone handed knives with arrowhead shield, 61225 1/2 L lockback, 6344ss, 62156ss tuxedo, 6363 whittler (llg87241) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 235 Three Case Green bone handled, script style inlet shields, 61098, 6375 stockman, and 6254 trapper mint (llg87242) Minimum bid $85.00

Lot 236 Two red pocketworn Case knives, 6207 trapper and 6318 serpentine. (llg87243) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 237 Four Case Limited edition knives, 1 of 3000 each, 610096 mini-toothpick, 62117 swayback gent, 63046 humpback, and 61953L russlock, all mint. (llg87244) Minimum bid $85.00

Lot 238 Three Case Blue delrin handled knives, 6375 jumbo stockman, 6254 trapper, and 6318 serpentine, brushed finish. Ming (llg87245) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 239 Three Case trappers, different style bones, middle trapper is marked, "Standard Cut. Co. and "Standard" on the shield. Mint. (llg87246) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 240 Three Tony Bose designed Backpocket knives T61546ss, red jigged bone, red bone, and smooth brown bone with leather lanyard and "Tony Bose" etched on the blade, crest shield. (llg87247) Minimum bid $110.00

Lot 241 Three Case antique bone knives, all 3 blades, 6392, 6347, and 6318, all mint. (llg87248) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 242 Two Case knives etched, "Pocketworn 10th Anniversary 1996-2006", greenish blue bone handles, trapper and muskrat. (llg87249) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 243 Two Case knives, 6111 1/2 brown bone trapper, and mini folding hunter 62165 mint. (llg87250) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 244 Case Classic engraved gray bone Anglo Saxon whittler, gold etched blade. (llg87251) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 245 Case Classic engraved gray bone 6172 clasp knife with gold etched blade, bowtie shield, MIB (llg87252) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 246 Case Classic engraved bolsters 6200ss 2 blade melon tested. MIB (llg87253) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 247 Four Case tappers, blue bone 6254, 3154LC trapperlock, green bone handle with red shield "Christmas Case XX" stockman, amd white delrin "Case XX Christmas" red shield, '07 mini-trapper. All mint in boxes. (llg87254) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 248 Four different Case Hawkbills, jigged laminated wood, G10, antique jigged bone, and a smooth stamina wood, all mint. (llg87255) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 249 Pair of Case 64052 congress knives, one green bone, the other a cranberry bone limited edition 1 of 3000. 1 box. Both mint. (llg87256) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 250 Four Case knives. Case 64052 Congress 10th anniversary of the Pocketworn handle in a greenish blue bone, Pair of limited edition 1 of 3000 cranberry bone handled knives, a 64052 congress and a TB6112012 saddlehorn, and a brown bone of the same pattern. MIB (llg87257) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 251 Three Case physicians knives, green bone one blade, red stag 2 blade with spatula as a second blade, and an ultra-violet bone 2 blade with the second blade a pen. All MIB (llg87258) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 252 Four Case 610096 mini-toothpicks, two blue bone limited editions, one a green winterbottom bone Case Collectors club, and a leapord motiff white bone handles, all MIB (llg87259) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 253 Three Case knives, Case Vault Sowbelly in metal tin, autumn bone peanut, and antique bone 63027, all MIB. (llg87260) Minimum bid $55.00

Lot 254 Three Case knives, Watermelon bone 61749 copperlock, engraved brown bone 63055 seahorse, and DU reddish purple bone 6185 one blade Doctors knife. 2 boxes, mint. (llg87261) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 255 Three Case knives. 6143 pocketworn brown bone Daddy barlow, 61048 slim trapper autumn bone, and green bone with red shield 62055 Case Christmas knife, all MIB. (llg87262) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 256 Imperial "G-Man" novelty knife, 30's. Much of the handle design is worn, but otherwise near mint. 3 1/4", blade is near mint. (bbn 82-023) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 257 2010 Version of the above. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. rel 78-DSC0204 78-DSC0203 Minimum bid $25.00 (rel 78-DSC_0204) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 258 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched "Everlastingly Sharp", button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. rel 78-DSC0190 78-DSC0191 Minimum bid $15.00 (rel 78-DSC_0190) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 259 Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. rel 78-DSC0184 78-DSC0185 Minimum bid $5.00 (rel 78-DSC_0185) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 260 Case 70's dots bone 06263 ss, mint. (vks87276) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 261 Buck 110 Boone and Crockett Collector Series (Second in the series) etched blade, housed in a presentation tin box, Mint. (vks87277) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 262 W. R. Case & Sons Cookbook and Historical Companion, hardcover. (vks87278) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 263 Case smooth bone trapper etched "North American Hunting Club" on the mastser blade and "Life Member" on the spay blade. With Case sheath. Knife is mint, sheath shows some carry. (vks87279) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 264 KA-BAR Chrome is the marking (I guess they didn't want to say it was stainless), genuine stag handles, knife is mint, and is housed in a kool pouch sheath (no belt loop so made for a creel or tackle box) stamped KA-BAR Trout Knife. (vks87280) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 265 Two knives. Colonel Coon stockman muskrat (clip blades in each end) genuine stag handles, made during the Adrian Harris era in Columbia, TN. Mint except for a tiny storage speck. Also an Old Cutler 2 blade stockman with delrin handles. If you think the two knives look similar it is because Adrian would buy some of the parts he used in Col. Coon knives from Colonial, but he assembled them in Columbia, TN. (vks87281) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 266 Case 1993 Limited Edition green corncob bone jigged knives, complete with the original display case insert. Patterns include 6220ss Peanut, 6333ss Gentleman stockman, 62109xss baby copperhead, 62009 1/2ss barlow, 62131ss canoe, 62005Razss Razor barlow, and 6240ss jumbo trapper. Seven knives in all. Mint. (vks87282) Minimum bid $125.00

Lot 267 Case 70's dots 6308 bone handled whittler, mint. (vks87283) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 268 Case 6380 70's dots. Cleaned to near mint but has been heavily cleaned so that the top of the clip is rounded. Pretty red color to the handles. (vks87284) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 269 Case Bowie knife with large wood plaque, white handles, etched "Pennsylvania's 2001 Elk Outdoor Expo" with images of elk on the blade. Basketweave sheath. (pog87285) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 270 Case 10 dot (1970) stag peanut, 5220. Mint. (vks87276) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 271 Lone Ranger repo set of four knives in a color metal tin, all mint, honoring 60 anniversary of the Lone Ranger knives. (mmm87288) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 272 Three original Lone Ranger knives, silver bullets on one side, in red, white and black handles, condition very good to exc. PLUS a Buck Lancer, mint. (bbn87289) Minimum bid $10.00

Lot 273 Randall Model 25-5, stag and leather washer handle, brass pommel, Aftermarked hand file worked on spite of the blade and pommel. Mint. (87293) Minimum bid $250




Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-272