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Auction 90

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Lot 1 J Lingard, Pea Croft, Sheffield, (1849-1876) fancy Bowie, 12" oal, 7 1/4" blade, Fancy relief handle has six relief plates, scroll at the ferrule, large eagle with outspread wings in the center, and relief pommel , same as on the back side. Interspaced between are four ivory pieces, of which three are chipped off at one rivet. Blade is full but has some pitting, etching is still visible for the most part, appears to read, "Patent Empire" or something similar. Sheath is color embossed blue leather veneer with nickel silver throat and tip. (90148-rbf) Minimum bid $500.00

Lot 2 R. Bunting & Son Sheffield Fancy folding dirk. 6 1/4" closed, original polish on the blade, except for some splotches along the blade it is near mint, Fancy relief bolsters on each end, bar shield, pressed horn handles. Only thing that keeps it from being near mint is a diagonal rivet crack on the back handle. (90135-rbf) Minimum bid $300.00

Lot 3 Massive Joseph Rodgers Sheffield England stag handled Bowie, 17" oal with a 12" blade, G crown R mark, rounded balls on the ends fo the nickel silver guard, oval nickel silver escutcheon, genuine stag handles, and leather sheath with nickel silver throat and tip. Blade is full and with the age and patina goes excellent. (90222.jog rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 4 George Wostenholm Celebrated IXL Cutlery on the tang, with the blade marked, "The Real IXL Cutlery" and "Hunter's Companion". 5" long closed, clip blade, stag handles, grooved bolster. Blade is well used, very good. A tiny split emanates from the center rivet on the front side but not serious (take a close look at the photo) (90065-rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 5 Jospeh Rodgers Cutlers to Their Majesties Sheffield, England Bowie knife, stag handles, scalloped guard with grooved nickel silver ferrule and pommel with metal wrapped handle around the tang. Scalloped edge throat and tip to the leather sheath. Full blades but there are some digs and gaps to the edge, otherwise high exc/nm (90024-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 6 Mappin Bros. Sportsman's knife, front lock folder, 6" closed, long bar shield, genuine stag handles, fold out large punch and corkscrew on the backspring, fleam fits under the handles as well as a long toothpick (tweezers are missing, milled liners, blade is exc. (90028-rbf) Minimum bid $110.00

Lot 7 S. C. Wragg Sheaf Island Works, Sheffield cutlery handled Bowie, color embossed leather veneer sheath, spear blade that is etched, "The Volunteer" with a lot of other scroll etching. 13" oaL, 7 7/8" blade, (90030-rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 8 Jospeh Rodgers No. 6 Norfolk St. Sheffield (no England) 10" oal, 5 3/4" clip blade, stag handles, with a leather veneer gold embossed sheath, tip missing, full blades but original polish is gone and has been cleaned. Exc. (90036-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 9 John Pound & Co. England large spear point Bowie, checkered horn handle, oval escutcheon, straight nickel silver guard, etched blade, no sheath, a massive 15 1/4" oal, 10 1/8" blade, exc. Still sharp edges to the checkering. Lot of eye appeal. (90041-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 10 Large stag handled folding Bowie, marked Warranted of the Best Quality, with an eagle with spread wings and "Rockingham Works". One crack on the front handle, back handle has been replaced in wood. 6 1/8" closed, blade shows a lot of wear, but Rockingham Works is generally associated with IXL before they moved to the Washington Works c. 1860. Cannot find IXL on this anywhere though. (90044-rbf) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 11 J. Nowill & Sons, Sheffield, white bone handled folding Bowie, 6" long closed, iron bolsters, copper bail, also stamped J. Nowill & Sons on the blade, smooth white bone handles with two chips and three cracks, blade is poor, but understand this is a very old knife. Nowill & Sons mark was in use since the 1840's. The firm won awards at the 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition and later at the Paris World Exhibition. The factory was destroyed by the German Blitz in WWII. (90066-rbf) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 12 IXL Coffin pommel Bowie. 10" oal, 5 3/4" blade, spear point, marked George Wostenholm & Son, Washington Works, Sheffield, also etched "The Real IXL Knife, The Hunter's Companion" IXL stamped leather veneer sheath with nickel silver throat. Ivory handle with oval escutcheon. Front handle has what was probably two pearl inlays that are missing (would be easily restored). Please check your local laws to be sure it is legal for you to have or purchase ivory items in your state. We cannot honor bids from New York, New Jersey, or California on this knife --or any other state that has enacted ivory restrictions. exc plus otherwise. (90256-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 13 S. C. Wragg 25 Furnace Hill stag handled small bowie, blade is etched with an eagle with outspread wings, serpentine escutcheon, nickel silver wrapped handle with n/s ferrule and pommel. Clip blade, with leather veneer sheath with nickel silver throat and tip. Straight guard. 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade. vg. (90138-rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 14 Exceptional E. Barnes & Sons, US brand stag handled spear point Bowie, a big 14" oal, 9 1/4" blade, with original polish and near mint. Etched the Real US knife, Hunter's Companion". Red leather veneer gold embossed sheath stamped US with nickle silver throat and tip with a checkered frog. Near mint or very very close to it (90142-rbf) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 15 Rose, West Phila marked wood handled leather cutters tool. Brass ferrule. Neat artifact bearing the name of one of the major American Bowie Knife makers. This may be your only chance to own a Rose piece of cutlery! Blade is 5 1/4" wide. (90234-rbf) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 16 Manson, Sheffield, dagger with three pearl insets and pearl pommel, exc. Leather veneer sheath with no frog. 9" oal, 4 3/4" blade. Scalloped guard. Exc. Some bug damage. (90169-rbf) Minimum bid $110.00

Lot 17 George Butler & Co. Sheffield white bone handled dagger, "ART" on the back of the tang in script. (Butler obtained the ART mark in 1861) Etching is faint but visible, "Draw me not without honor or sheath me without honor". Straight nickel silver guard, bar escutcheon, straight tang, 9 3/4" oal, 5 1/2" blade, sheath is leather veneer gold embossed with frog intact. Exc. (90170-rbf) Minimum bid $125.00

Lot 18 E Barnes & Son cutlery handled dagger, 9 1/4" oal, 5" blade, full blade but some pitting, leather veneer sheath with tip missing. (90171-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 19 S. Noyland, Sheffield, (1841-1862) clip point small bowie, cutlery handle, 11" oal, 6" blade, straight nickel silver guard, leather sheath with a relief elephant mounted on the sheath. Exc. (90172-rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 20 W. H. Wragg, Sheffield, England stag handled Cowboy Bowie, 10 1/2" oal, 6" blade, straight nickel silver guard, tarnished overall, exc. No sheath. (90197-rbf) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 21 E. Barnes & Son, Sheffield, US stag handled dagger with fancy guard and pommel, floral pattern in relief, 10 1/2" oal, 6 1/8" blade, no sheath, vg (90208-rbf) Minimum bid $130.00

Lot 22 AKXLN marked stag handled spear point small Bowie, scalloped nickel silver guard, bar shield, 11" oal, 7" blade. No sheath. (90211-rbf) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 23 Stand T. Renshaw & Son Sheffield Exhibition Knife. (1841-1900) Imitation tortoise shell handles and original storage box. Has a large hoof pick plus worked backs inside and out 4 3/4" closed, 16 blades plus implements, master blade has been used and has a chip out of it, exc otherwise, other than that many of the blades are unused. Exceptional piece. (90272-rbf) Minimum bid $400.00

Lot 24 Standard Cutlery Co. stag handles pearl pommel dagger, 10" oal, 6" blade, heavy nickel silver guard, bar escutcheon, leather veneer sheath with nickel silver throat and frog, Two rivet cracks on the back handle, original polish but light specking overall. Exc. except as noted. (90214-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 25 Manson, Sheffield cutlery handled Bowie, with clip, straight guard, 11 1/2" oal, 6 1/4" blade, leather veneer sheath with nickel silver throat and tip, frog intact. One dig near the tip, light tarnish and pitting overall, exc. (90215-rbf) Minimum bid $125.00

Lot 26 G. Woodhead, Sheffield, Warranted, cutlery handled dagger, 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade, full blade, near mint, straight nickel silver guard. Comes with a leather sheath that is not original to the knife. (90216-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 27 Stag handled Forester's ax with fold out saw, long genuine stag handles, 10 3/4", great walk and talk on the saw, rivet cracks at most of the rivets, and pitted overall. Comes complete with old leather sheath. Belt loop missing on the sheath (90218-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 28 Rodgers Cutlers to Her Majesty 11" Bowie, checkered horn handle, S shaped ball tipped guard, spear blade, 6 1/2" blade, full blade but some tarnish, exc. Plus. Couple of spots on the handle that are bug damaged. Very kool nickel silver sheath with a flat throat and clip that is in the California knife style. (90255-rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 29 Thornhill sportsman's knife, fixed blade with a worked back and fold out corkscrew, glove hook, and knife blade as well as folding fleam. No sheath, checkered horn handles but some bugs have gotten into it. A couple of under the handle implements missing. 8 3/4" oal, 4 1/2" blade. marked, "V crown R Thornhill London, Wingfield Knife." Exc. except for handles, back side is much better than the front. (90224-rbf) Minimum bid $130.00

Lot 30 G. Woodhead, 36 Howard St. Sheffield Horn handled dagger, long escutcheon, scalloped nickel silver guard, dagger, Red leather veneer sheath with gold embossing and frog intact silver plated throat and tip, 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade, Handle was chipped in a couple of places and expertly repaired. (90225-rbf) Minimum bid $225.00

Lot 31 Southern Richardson Sheffield, spear point Bowie, cutlery handles, straight guard, leather veneer gold embossed sheath with frog intact, full blade and some tarnish. Longest blade I've ever seen on a Civil War Bowie with this type handle. 15" oal, 9 1/2" blade. Full blade but some pitting spots overall. (90227-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 32 Edward Barnes & Son US spear point Bowie, 11 1/2" oal, 7" blade, etched "The Real US Knife" Hunter's Companion" stag handles, long escutcheon, straight tang, thick nickel silver guard shows some bending, blade shows patina one would expect from a knife this age, some blade sharpening wear, excellent overall. Comes with a snake skin sheath that fits it but is not original to the knife or the era. (90230-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 33 IXL George Wostenholm & Son Washington Works, small bowie, "The Real IXL Knife--The Hunter's Companion", stag handles, straight tang, 9 3/4" oal, 5 5/8" blade, IXL sheath but tip has broken. Exc. (90260-rbf) Minimum bid $225.00

Lot 34 IXL stag handled Bowie, 15" oal, 10" blade, 1960's. Knife says "George Wostenholm & Sons, Ltd. Washington Works, Sheffield, England" and also etched "Original design by Colonel James Bowie" Sheath is gold foil stamped IXL Sheffield England. Has been used and has some specks and has been cleaned with some fine grit sandpaper, near mint or close to it. (90269-rbf) Minimum bid $170.00

Lot 35 Hendrix 2006 drop point hunter, tapered tang, fancy wood handles, 8" oal, 3 1/2" blade, pouch leather sheath, handmade, mint. (90187-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 36 Colin Cox handmade drop point, stamina wood handles with finger groove, 7 1/2" oal, 3 5/8" blade, basketweave leather sheath, straight tang. Mint. (90319-rel) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 37 Jim Small art dagger, double ground with a flat that decreases closer to the point. Two different grinding points near the tang, fileworked ferrule, fileworked straight guard, beveled pommel with a rounded skull crusher. Beveled burl wood handles, with a nickel silver escutcheon, and four different strands of nickel silver wire accenting the length of the handles, Mint, no sheath. (90320-fvg) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 38 Rimpler Knives handmade tactical, serrated on both sides, grooved G10 handle and trooved guard too, a big 13 3/4" oal, 8 1/4" blade, black coated blade but is a lttle thin, otherwise mint. (90179-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 39 Matched pair of daggers, stacked leather washer handles, brass turned guard and round brass ball pommel. Both guards marked J.J.S. with a star and half moon on the blade, exquisite balance on both, 11 1/2" oal, 7" blade, high exc. Blades, comes in a burl wood box fitted to the knives (top is loose from the bottom). (90186-rbf) Minimum bid $160.00

Lot 40 Wayne Hendrix 2006 micarta handled hunter, tapered tang, 9" oal, 4 1/4" blade, nickel silver guard, pouch leather sheath, (90202-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 41 Primative Rimpler knives handmade crown stag hunter, brass guard, looks like made from a file, pouch leather sheath with stag tip decoration, mint. 13 1/2" oal, 8 3/4" blade. (90191-rbf) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 42 Rimpler Knives, handmade long skinner, pouch sheath sealed with brass tacks, stag tips, wood handles with a stag pommel, brass ferrule, 11 1/2" oal, 7" blade. Mint. (90192-rbf) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 43 Rimpler Knives long stag hunter, brass guard, a modified Searles style, finger grooved stag, leather sheath with a stag tip decoration, 13 1/4" oal, 8" blade, mint. Handmade. (90193-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 44 Wayne Hendrix 2006 ironwood hunter with red liner, lanyard hole, tapered tang, nickel silver guard, 9" oal, 4 1/4" blade. Mint. (90201-rbf) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 45 Randall Model 1-8 stacked leather washer handle, brass guard, duraluminum buttccap, rough black Johnson sheath, orange stone, unused but specked from poor storage, sheath shows some carry and the brass guard has some pitting from that green crud, some scratched on the butt cap. Not quite mint, but close. (90317-rbf) Minimum bid $225.00

Lot 46 Randall Model 10-7, stainless, micarta handles, Randall stamped snap, orange stone (no stone pouch on the sheath, in the original butcher paper, mint, stainless. (90323-rbf) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 47 Randall Model 5-4, round stag handle, brasss guard, Randall stamped buttons, mint except for a couple of light specks that should clean. Still in the original butcher paper from Randall. (90324-rbf) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 48 Randall Knife Collectors Society knife, round stag handle, 13" oal, 8 1/8", humped long clip, nicklel-silver guard, duraluminum buttcap, leather sheath, unused but some storage speckles on both sides. In the original shipping box from Rhett. (90325-rbf) Minimum bid $160.00

Lot 49 Randall 10-5 Fish knife, dark micarta handles, 9 3/4" oal, 4 7/8" blade, pouch sheath, with green lanyard. In the original butcher paper wrap from Randall, stainless. (90327-rbf) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 50 IXL George Wostenholm Washington Works Sheffield stag handles small Bowie, fancy floral motiff guard, federal shield, 10" oal, 5 3/4" blade. Sheath is not original and homemade. (90167-rbf) Minimum bid $160.00

Lot 51 KA-BAR Union Cut. Greenbone Dogshead jumbo trapper (same size as 1123 Remington Bullet), very rare in a Kabar. Blades are exc with a few pits. (90130-sto) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 52 Remington pre-1940 bullet Remington, bone 4353 Muskrat, one hairline crack on the handles, master blade is half gone, other blade is vg. Good honest knife. (88301-sto) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 53 KA-BAR, Union Cut. Fly fisherman knife, marked "Fly Fisherman" on the handle, back of the master blade is etched, "Iver Johnson" and front of the blade marked, "Endorsed by Zane Grey". The knife has been lightly sharpened, yellow comp. handles. Near mint. (90003-sto) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 54 Union Cut. Co. imitation onyx celluloid handled 3 piece take apart hobo, 5 1/2" long closed, "Sportsman" on the front of the handle, near mint. (90007-sto) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 55 Olcut, Union Cut. Co. imitation onyx celluloid extended bolster coke bottle folding hunter, "Caribou" marked on the handle, full blade, exc plus. (90009-sto) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 56 Union Cut. Co. 4 blade take apart hobo, 3 3/4" closed, green bone handles, KA-BAR shield, one hairline rivet crack. Excellent. Spoon piece also has a fold out can opener in the far end. (90013-sto) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 57 KA-BAR Union Cut. Co. green bone handled Dogshead folding hunter, extended bolster, blade is low very good. No cracks. (90015-sto) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 58 Remington R1123 Bone handled Bullet Remington, pre-1940, no cracks, blades are vg with some pitting. (90016-sto) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 59 KA-BAR, Union Cut. Co. jigged green bone lockback dogshead folding hunter, fold over lever unlocks the blade, blade is low exc except for some pitting and splotches of rusting along the blade back. Rare (90017-sto) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 60 KA-BAR, Union Cut. Co. stag handled take apart hobo, 5", stag handles with spacer, cleaned to near mint except for some specking. (90022-sto) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 61 Randall Model 7-4, stamina wood handle, nickel silver guard and butt cap, Randall stamped snap, separate orange stone, stainless. Mint in the original Randall butcher paper. (90310-rbf) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 62 Randall Model 3-7c, brown micarta handles, brass ferrule and bent guard, brass butt cap drilled for lanyard, mint. (90316-rbf) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 63 Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett pearl whittler, 3 3/8", etched in old English script, "Our Very Best", unused and mint except for some storage specking. Salesman numbers still faintly visible on the reverse of the master blade. (90352-rel) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 64 Ulster Knife Co. 3 1/8" bone handled congress, four blade, etched, Rogers bone handles, pristine mint. Grooved bolsters. (90346-rel) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 65 Ford & Medley Sheffield checkered horn 3 blade whittler with bail, 3 5/8" closed, Mint. Black polish that only comes from buffing on lead faced wheels, old. Pristine mint. (90357-rel) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 66 Schrade-Walden bone handled 3 blade 3 3/8" stockman, peachseed bone, etched "Craftsman", back is inked "$3.69" like a salesman's number, pristine mint. (90355-re') Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 67 Ohio Knife Co. Cincinnati Ohio celluloid self advertisers, unused but some specks, no near mint in the original box and original insert paper. (90045-sto) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 68 Union Razor Co. small stockman, Tidioute marked on all three blades, imitation tortoise shell handles, exc. 3 3/4" closed. (90051-sto) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 69 Wragg No. 25 Furnace Hill, Sheffield, cyphered blade, engraved bolsters, stag handles, 5 7/8" closed, "I surpass" with sphinx designs on the master blade, 2ed blade is broken, handles are cracked. All in all this knife is condition wise a mess, but what do you expect from a folder that dates 1830's-1840's? (90053-sto) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 70 Miller Brothers jumbo skinning knife, 7" long closed (that's right seven inches), wood handles, lockback, with the pat. Applied for fold out gut hook. Wood handles, exc. (90062-rbf) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 71 Rare Union Razor Co. Tidioute PA pearl 3 5/8" equal end, full blades, exc overall except for a repaired small chip on the front handle (see photo). Tidioute marked on the back of the other 2 blades. (90101-sto) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 72 Remington rare 1128 Bullet Remington, pre-1940, wood handles, jumbo trapper, cleaned to low exc. (90127-sto) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 73 Remington R4243 big scout pattern, 4 7/8" long closed, nice bone handles with no cracks, cleaned to exc. (90133-sto) Minimum bid $300.00

Lot 74 Marbles vintage gift set, waterproof matchsafe and waterproof pocket compass, MIB (90175-rbf) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 75 Holland and Holland wood handled small Bowie, leather covered fitted presentation boxed, with H&H label 13 Bruton St. London, 11" oal, 6" blade, "Holland and Holland" etched on the blade, Mint but a couple of specks (90182-rbf) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 76 Case Tested green bone clip point small Bowie, nickel silver guard, 8 3/4" oal, 4 5/8" blade, exc. No sheath. (90205-rbf) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 77 George Wostenholm Three piece carving set in original box with original insert paper. Imitation ivory handles, marked "Firth Stainess, IXL Geo. Wostenholm& Son Sheffield, England, steel is also marked, fork is not. Carver is 13 1/2" oal. Beautiful color label on the box. Knife and steel have been lightly used. (90221-rbf) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 78 CASE green bone slab handled fish knife, serrated blade back, original sheath, 8 1/2" oal, 4 1/2" blade, by Case standards high vg low exc. No cracks (90223-reb) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 79 Unmarked Exhibition knife (often English Exhibition knives were unmarked to not influence judges in competitions). Multiblade is 3 5/8" long closed, 8 backsprings. 23 blades and implements. Unused but blades are spotted, one chip and a hairline where the tweezers go under the handle, otherwise near mint. Exceptional piece of cutlery art. (90236-rbf) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 80 Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. (78-DSC_0185-rel) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 81 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched "Everlastingly Sharp", button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. (78-DSC_0190-rel) Minimum bid $10.00

Lot 82 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (78-DSC_0204-rel) Minimum bid $10.00

Lot 83 Union Knife Works, NY marked swell end jumbo jack, 4" long closed, brown bone handles with no cracks, bowtie shield, blades are very good, long pull. (90001-sto) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 84 KA-BAR Union Cut. Jumbo skinning knife, 5" long close, KA-BAR shield, black bone handles, couple of rivet hairlines and a some chipping along the edge of the back handle, exc. (90002-sto) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 85 KA-BAR bone handled hobo, PAT marked on the folding fork, oval bar shield, brown bone handles, very good blades, chip and crack across the front handle. (90004-sto) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 86 Union Cut. Co. 5" jumbo folding hunter 2 blade folding hatchet, "Boy Scouts" on a bowtie shield, black composition handles that have several cracks and shrinkage, blades are very good. (90005-sto) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 87 Ka-Bar 2 blade folding hunter, jigged black composition handles, "Asten Felts" shield, has been sharpened, near mint. (90006-sto) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 88 Five pearl handled knives. Two Schatt & Morgan sleeveboard with grooved bolsters, vg; Remington R4143 serpentine 3 blade vg with short blade; E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter equal end vg, pen blade is lazy; Robeson equal end lobster etched D. J. Wolverton vg but with a chip on the end on the back handle. (90008-sto) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 89 Union Cutlery Co. Warranted tang mark, 3 3/8" wood dogleg, federal shield, very good blades, repaired chip on the back handle and hairline emanating from the center rivet in both directions. (90010-sto) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 90 Pair of Kabar citrus knives. Two blade stag KA-BAR Union Cut with KA-BAR shield, 4 1/4" one rivet crack and a chip on the other handle, plus Kabar stainless in the same pattern, yellow comp handles. Both are very good condition. Master blades lazy on each. (90012-sto) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 91 Pair of Kabar stainless citrus knives. 4 7/8" one blade with imitation pearl celluloid handles, mint; and 2 blade 4 1/4" with yellow comp. handles advertising Acme Fruit Co. Orlando, Fla, near mint. (90012-sto) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 92 Union inside a North American Shield Union Cut Co. stag handled hobo, 5" long closed, spacer in the center, four pieces of stag in all. Some rusting on the blade back. Otherwise has been cleaned to high exc/nm (90014-sto) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 93 KA-BAR Dogshead one blade, genuine stag handles, repairs on the back handle where chipped, blade is good only. Tang is worn so thin on the top of the R on KA-BAR is visible. (90018-sto) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 94 Pair of Remington pre-1940 Big cigar knives, one handled in white composition R1225, and the same pattern in black comp handles with a federal shield. Both are low vg. (90019-sto) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 95 Union Cut. Co. brown bone 2 blade hobo, take apart, bomb "Union" marked shield, full blades, exc plus. 3 7/8". (90021-sto) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 96 KA-BAR, Union Cut Co. swell end jack sheepfoot with bail, "KA-BAR" shield, green bone handles, matchstriker nail mark, 3 3/4" closed, very good. (90023-sto) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 97 Pair of fancy celluloid KA-BAR, Union Cut pen knives, nickel-silver bordered all the way around, Christmas tree celluloid is near mint, green and yellow metal flake has brass shield made for the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial I926, exc. Both are stainless (90025-sto) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 98 Union Cut. Co. Olean NY four blade hobo, take apart in three pieces, fork blade bears a 1907 patent dated, excellent except for a hairline rivet crack on the front and a crack at the spoon cut out in the handle. (90026-sto) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 99 W. H. Morley, German lockback three blade sleeveboard whittler, bone handles, bar shield, vg. Handles are cracked in several places and repaired. (90027-sto) Minimum bid $20.00

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