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Auction 94

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If you are attending the Central Kentucky Knife Show in Lexington, KY, Friday August 18 and Saturday August 19 (No Sunday show) we will be happy to deliver your knives to you there to save shipping--IF YOU LET US KNOW TO BRING THEM!

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Lot 1 Fain Edwards Massive Bowie At the time this knife was made it was Fain's goal to make the largest Damascus Bowie ever made. There in not a belt sheath but a large over the shoulder strap that holds the wood and silver inlaid sheath. The knife is 25" overall, with an 18 1/4" blade. Blade is 2 1/2" wide and 5/16" thick in places. both the guard and the spacer are Damascus, and the guard tips are formed into acorns. The tang is exposed on the top of the handle and has elaborate scrolling. Knife is mint excpeet for a few storage specks which could be restored and re-etched. Marked on both side of the blade. Knife weighs 3 1/2 lbs by itself, over 6 lbs with the sheath and belt. (fen94320) Minimum bid 300

Lot 2 Lile stag handled folder. Lockback. Dovetailed bolsters, 3" mint (odr94116) Minimum bid 200

Lot 3 George Herron wood handled skinner, #1263, tapered tang, 7 1/2" oal, 3 3/8" blade, mint, sheath is not original but fits. (fen94013) Minimum bid 300

Lot 4 Fain Edwards, Jacksonville, AL stag long blade, 19" oal, 14 blade, stag handles, straight tang, spotted, fileworked tapered tang. Awesome sheath with a 3 1/2 swivel ring. Unused. (fen94318) Minimum bid 250

Lot 5 Art Wiman Ax, squared canvas micarta handle, brass ferrule with black and white spacer, 10 3/4" oal, 2 1/2" sharpened blade, exc. plus (fen94308) Minimum bid 80

Lot 6 Early Harvey McBurnette, wood handled hunting knife, burl wood handle, finger grooved completely around the bottom tang and the thumb rest ), 8 1/4" oal, 4" blade, some specking but lightly used. Near mint. (fen94310) Minimum bid 80

Lot 7 Andy Anderson long Bowie with a military issue sword basket guard, wood handles, 16" oal, 11 1/2" blade, very sharp, specked up pretty well so low nm. (fen94312) Minimum bid 50

Lot 8 Fain Edwards crown stag Damascus Bowie, Bob Schrapp sheath, 17 1/4" oal, 11 1/4" blade, half tang with 2 pins, straight Damascus guard, two or three specks that appear to have been natural during making the Damascus, so mint. (fen94316) Minimum bid 250

Lot 9 Will & Finck walrus ivory handled California carving set. 14 1/2" oal, 9 1/2" blade, steel is 14 1/2" oal and 9 1/4" steel, and 11 1/4" oal fork, all marked with the logo. Exc. Not available in Washington state or any other state in which a state ordinance has been passed. Please check your local laws before bidding. (fen94083) Minimum bid 110

Lot 10 Early Harvey McBurnette, (Personal hunting knife of Fain Edwards) with his name engraved on the brass bolsters, fileworked tang on top, thumb rest, and underside of the knife grooved like a thumbrest overall, wood handles with a repaired crack across the front handles. Full blades but some use pitting, exc. 9 1/4" oal, 4 1/4" blade. Leather sheath. (fen94002) Minimum bid 80

Lot 11 Chuck Patrick (flying owl) crown stag handforged friction folder, 9" long closed, 5 1/2" Damascus blade, some storage pitting. Near mint. (fen94014) Minimum bid 60

Lot 12 J. R. Lucie Scagel replica 11" oal, 5 1/2" blade, blade is pitted overall, ABS maker, noted collector of Scagels, and originally Scagel's physician. No sheath. (fen94016) Minimum bid 40

Lot 13 Damascus dagger with carved stone (jade?) handles and gold damascene overlay, 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade. Very old. Pitted. (fen94017) Minimum bid 80

Lot 14 Randall Knives Mini Model 14, with fingergrooved green micarta handles, brass guard, green cord and even a miniature stone. Mint. 6 7/8'', ''M'' marked by the logo. Mint in original butcher paper with the Randall supplied instructions. (moc94352) Minimum bid 150

Lot 15 Ruana ax, aluminun bolsters, stag handles, with leather sheath, 11" oal, 3" cutting edge, "M" exc. (fen94094) Minimum bid 80

Lot 16 Jim Corrado engraved Damascus folder sliplock, 2 3/4" closed, mint. Except for cleaned couple of specks (odr94112) Minimum bid 50

Lot 17 Chris Reeve Sebenza, locking frame , #180, 4" closed, with lanyard. Mint (odr94115) Minimum bid 200

Lot 18 Fain Edwards, Jacksonville, AL stag handle chopper with sheath. 3/4 tang with two rivets, drilled for lanyard, 8" oal, 2 3/4" cutting edge, exc. Plus. Bob Schrapp sheath. (fen94309) Minimum bid 80

Lot 19 Art Wiman folder, engraved brass bolsters, moose horn handle, arrowhead shield, exc., 3" closed, thick stock. Exc. (fen94314) Minimum bid 40

Lot 20 Ralph Dewey Harris, Bradenton, FL skeleton folder, maroon micarta inset into a black micarta frame, thumbstud. Mint (tgg94128) Minimum bid 70

Lot 21 Zolan McCarty stag handled folder made for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors Club of Macon, GA in 1992. 1 of 50.Dovetailed bolsters. Mint (tgg94129) Minimum bid 50

Lot 22 Barrett stag handled folder, 4" closed, stag handles, sliplock, mint. (tgg94130) Minimum bid 70

Lot 23 Ron Hewitt locking liner folder with dovetailed micarta bolsters and blue corian handles, 3 1/2" closed, mint. (tgg94131) Minimum bid 60

Lot 24 Ron Hewitt locking liner folder with wood handles and micarta bolsters, dovetail bolsters, 3 5/8" closed. (tgg94132) Minimum bid 60

Lot 25 Marvin Poole bone handled hunter, fileworked, mint, smooth stag, 8 3/4" oal, 4 3/8", Davidson sheath. (tgg94133) Minimum bid 60

Lot 26 J. Crockford wood handled skinner with leather sheath, handmade, tapered tang, red liner, 7 3/4" oal, 3 5/8" blade. Mint but some dings in the handle and sheath. (tgg94134) Minimum bid 50

Lot 27 Ron Little horn handled handmade folder, 4 1/8" closed, dovetailed bolsters, #479. Mint (tgg94135) Minimum bid 100

Lot 28 POP wood handled drop point hunter with sheath, tapered tang, black liner, 7 1/8 oal, 3 1/2" blade. Mint. (tgg94136) Minimum bid 70

Lot 29 R. L. Welling Grand Haven, Mich. Handmade Stag, wood, micarta and washers stacked handle, leather sheath. 9" oal, 4 1/4 blade, unused, handrubbed finish but for or five storage specks. (tgg94137) Minimum bid 70

Lot 30 Charlton Ltd. Damascus wood handled hunter, not used but some spotting, leather pouch sheath. Near mint. 9" oal, 4 1/2 blade. Spotted. (fen94015) Minimum bid 30

Lot 31 Case Brothers, Little Valley, NY 8250 etched pearl sunfish.Near mint. Spectacular, one of the finest such examples I have seen, original polish. Note blade is etched rather than stamped. Etched Case knives are extremely rare. Beautiful fire in the thick pearl. (mjot94099) Minimum bid 1000

Lot 32 Schrade Old Timer USA display, c. 1980's, all mint, boxes included, and knives are 108OT, 18OT, 34OT, 194OT, 8OT, 51OT, 61OT, 77OT, 125OT, 858OT, 154OT, 152OT, 156OT (spotted), 33OT, 94OT, 25 OT, and HS1 Honesteel. All knives unused and mint for the most part but a speck or two is on some of them. (pdw94022) Minimum bid 200

Lot 33 Parker Cut. Co. folding Bowie replica, wood handles, 7 1/4" closed front lock, "I surpass" etch and "The Great Far West Hunting Knife." This knife was part of a 1980's limited edition series by Parker, based on knives from the collection of Bowie collector Bill Wright. The original knives were sent to Japan where they were copied by the designers there. We are pleased to offer examples of each of the folding knives from this rare series in this auction. (fen94001) Minimum bid 50

Lot 34 Russell Belt knife, has been used and carried, older styling, marked on the back RD1964 and "Made in Canada". Exc plus. 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade. (fen94004) Minimum bid 30

Lot 35 Parker folding Bowie replica, sandbar stag handles, 6 3/8" closed fancy guard, front lock, horse coffin pommel, etched "Long Live and "Warranted Best Quality". See Lot 31 for the background on this series. Mint. (fen94006) Minimum bid 50

Lot 36 Parker Liberty & Union guard folding Bowie replica 5 3/4" closed. Marked on both the relief bolsters and the blade etch. 2 blade. Lockback, smooth bone handles with bar shield. Mint. See Lot 31 for background on this series. Mint. (fen94007) Minimum bid 40

Lot 37 Parker "Real Virginia Knife" 2 blade folding Bowie replica 6" closed, grooved bolsters, smooth bone handles, etched, "The Old Dominion". See lot 31 for background on this series. Mint (fen94008) Minimum bid 45

Lot 38 Parker "Ouselves We Must Defend, Celebrated Cutlery" etched long clip blade, front lock, grooved bolsters, smooth white bone handles, and bar shield. 6 1/8" closed. See lot 31 for background on this series. Mint. (fen94009) Minimum bid 45

Lot 39 Parker folding Bowie replica, buffalo horn handles, 6 3/4" closed, fancy relief bolsters, one stamped "Liberty", etched, "Draw me not in haste." Front lock, long pull, See lot 31 for background on this limited series. Mint. (fen94018) Minimum bid 40

Lot 40 Parker folding Bowie replica, sandbar stag bone handles, 6 1/4" closed, relief guards, "Liberty" etch with a cannon, horsehead and cannon pommel. Front lock. See lot 31 for background. Mint. (fen94019) Minimum bid 45

Lot 41 Parker folding Bowie replica, jigged white bone handles to resemeble stag, 6 1/4" closed, "Rough and Ready" and "I Never Fail", coffin pommel, stamped engraved bolsters, front lock, mint. (fen94020) Minimum bid 50

Lot 42 Parker 2 blade folding Bowie replica, 6" closed, grooved bolster, stamped Pelican relief bolsters with slight coffin shape, "New Orleans Knife" etch. Sandbar stag bone handles, bar shield. Mint. (fen94021) Minimum bid 40

Lot 43 Pair of Case NKCA knives, 62070 jumbo sleeveboard 1989, and C61050 15th anniversary knife, 1980's, jigged white bone handles, both with NKCA shields and mint. (odr94023) Minimum bid 35

Lot 44 Trio of Jumbo trappers, Camillus USA made 2 blade locking Yello-Jacket", Edges 10th anniversary knife (marked on the tang) 1991 smooth bone handles, and 1986 Sear Roebuck 100th anniversary knife, jigged bone handles, all mint. (odr94024) Minimum bid 50

Lot 45 Spyderco serrated steel handle lockback, 3" closed, all metal. (odr94025) Minimum bid 40

Lot 46 Pair of Case stag handled knives. Damascus lockback 51059 L D #0007 and 5279ss red etch (1978). Both mint. (odr94026) Minimum bid 50

Lot 47 Three Buck knives, 305 stag with "V" date mark, 527 lockback with right facing arrow date mark, and 505 with no date mark, Micarta handles. All mint. (odr94027) Minimum bid 40

Lot 48 Al Mar early white micarta handled front lock Ospry, Seki-Japan tang mark. Mint. 2 1/4" (odr94028) Minimum bid 35

Lot 49 Three German made Kissing Crane knives, 155th anniversary lockback bowtie with bone handles, Klass yellow comp spear barlow etched 1 to 100, and bone mini canoe KC2929. All mint. (odr94029) Minimum bid 60

Lot 50 Pair of Browning knives, Browning USA 2 blade brass frame with wood insert, 3 1/4" closed, and stag handled lockback (tiny hairline from the rivet) (odr94030) Minimum bid 30

Lot 51 Pair of 3 7/8" lockbacks, Ventura Cutlery white micarta handled lockback with red liner, and same pattern with burl wood handles and tang mark reading "Titan Coating 440 stainless" (Manufacturer not noted, mint. (odr94031) Minimum bid 15

Lot 52 Pair of German made copperheads, Carl Schlieper Eye brand with burnt jigged bone handles in the standard copperhead length, and a mini version of the same knife by Kissing Crane 1359 with genuine stag handles. Both mint. (odr94032) Minimum bid 50

Lot 53 Pair of fancy color celluloid handled knives. Fightn' Rooster shoe knife, and equal end unused but spotted, marked Herm Konejung Solingen (odr94033) Minimum bid 25

Lot 54 Pair of Henckels stag handled knives. One etched 1731-1975 serpentine 2-blade, 3", unused and etched but one spot on the blade edge, and and Equal end with slant bolsters and bar shield, mint. German made (odr94034) Minimum bid 50

Lot 55 Pair of Rigid etched stag handled knives, well made with "Rigid" shield, reverse etched blades, one a jumbo stockman a big 5 1/2" closed and a standard size trapper, both mint. (odr94035) Minimum bid 50

Lot 56 Pair of stag handled Hen & Rooster knives, 3 1/4" stockman and 2 blade serpentine 2 3/4". Both mint. (odr94036) Minimum bid 60

Lot 57 Three knives. Pair of French G-David (largest is 4 1/4" closed) Laguiole marked blades with the bee on the backspring and a Sheffield 2 blade equal end horn handled, 3 1/4". All mint. (odr94037) Minimum bid 50

Lot 58 Pair of Hen & Rooster knives, one marked 1990 1 of 600 in a 3-blade serpentine pattern, and a coffin bolster barehead jack, both with genuine stag handles. 231ds and 271ds (odr94038) Minimum bid 50

Lot 59 Three Bargeon marked French knives, size ranges from 3 7/8" to 3 1/4" all marked INOX (stainless), two buffalo horn one machined metal. All with bails, six blade, four blade. (odr94039) Minimum bid 35

Lot 60 Three G.David French Lauguiole worked back knives, horn, wood, and buffalo horn with corkscrew marked "Laugiole Extra", 4 1/4" down 3 3/8"to mint. (odr94040) Minimum bid 40

Lot 61 Pair of well-made English knives, pearl 2 blade by W.H. Mills mint, Sheffield and a John Petty stag handled sleeveboard unused but a couple of deep pits, both in the shadow bolsterless style. (odr94041) Minimum bid 35

Lot 62 Pair of Hen & Rooster NKCA knives, 10th anniversary of the National Knife Museum 1981-1991, and jumbo stockman 1990, both with genuine stag handles and mint. (odr94042) Minimum bid 40

Lot 63 Pair of Japanese made knives, Marbles Parker-era smaller size folder, sandbar stag handles, and genuine stag handled "Pit Bull" lockback clasp knife and marked Parker-Frost. (80's). Mint. (odr94043) Minimum bid 40

Lot 64 Four Boker knives. Boker USA cracked 2157 ice equal end 3" exc., near mint rough black pen, mint 230 pen, and 5252 half congress with Tree brand shield unused but spotted, and 82881 2bl pen. (odr94044) Minimum bid 50

Lot 65 Three German bone handled knives, H. Boker & Co. 210 jigged bone sleeveboard, 240ss smooth red half whittler, and Aug. Muller slim trapper in smooth red. All mint except for spot on one tang. (odr94045) Minimum bid 50

Lot 66 Pair of Kabar Club knives, lockback stag handled baby bullet and jigged bone dogshead shield sleeveboard, both mint. (odr94046) Minimum bid 35

Lot 67 Pair of Knife World knives, First edition 1982 Cripple Creek 2 blade with jigged bone handles, and gold blade buffalo horn handled toothpick (1992) third edition, by Fight'n Rooster. Mint (odr94047) Minimum bid 40

Lot 68 Three Boker German knives, 1011 wood handled folding hunter, 2002 440C 1989 wood handled lockback, and Henir Boker Alemania marked rough blade 3 black round bolster premium stockman, all with reverse etched blades and mint. (odr94048) Minimum bid 60

Lot 69 Three Parker custom designs made in Seki City, Japan and based on Aida designs, micarta and metal handled 3 3/4" lockback of the same pattern and a long bolster lockback. All have the same matching etch.Mint. (odr94049) Minimum bid 40

Lot 70 Pair of Case pearl handled knives from the 1980s, 8220 peanut and 82079 1/2 sleeveboard, both mint. (odr94050) Minimum bid 50

Lot 71 Spyderco Terzoula design lockback, mint. 4 1/4" (odr94051) Minimum bid 60

Lot 72 Case Classic Case Brothers 63091 Anglo-Saxon wihttler, bowtie shield, double pulls, mint, no box. Brown bone handles. (odr94052) Minimum bid 45

Lot 73 Case Classic Case Tested marked 1992 63091 Anglo Saxon whittler, arrowhead shield mint. Brown bone handles. No box. (odr94053) Minimum bid 45

Lot 74 Two folding knives. Klotzi Swiss made locking liner, 4" marked "Walker Design" (Michael Walker) with carbon fiber handles and thumb stud, and a Pat Crawford marked metal handled folder marked Pat.Pend. (Made in Japan). Both mint. (odr94054) Minimum bid 60

Lot 75 IXL Pearl handled lobster, full blade but some speck, 3 blade, mint except for a small visible thumbprint, 3 1/8" closed. (odr94055) Minimum bid 30

Lot 76 Jonathan Crookes, Sheffield England worked back lobster whittler. Three blade on one side, and fold out nail mark on the reverse side. Mint. Worked inside and out. 3 1/8" closed. (odr94056) Minimum bid 70

Lot 77 Digby's, Kelham Island (Sheffield) 4" pearl handled swayback hawkbill with metal butt cap, worked back, mint except for a water speck or two. (odr94060) Minimum bid 100

Lot 78 Case Classic 5355 whittler with bowtie shield, grooved slant bolsters, marked Case Tested 1993, etched Hawkeye Knife Collectors 1 of 64, 1994 ninth edition. Mint. (odr94061) Minimum bid 50

Lot 79 Buck 505 customized with filework, engraved bolster, inlaid turquoise and an eagles head. Mint except for a speck or two. (odr94062) Minimum bid 50

Lot 80 Case Classic 51050 coke bottle Case Brothers marked folding hunter, 1990, bowtie relief shield, double pulls, mint. No box (odr94065) Minimum bid 60

Lot 81 Digby's Kellham Island (Sheffield) jigged bone worked back lockback, 4 5/8"oval shield, grooved bolsters. Mint except for a water speck or two. (odr94066) Minimum bid 70

Lot 82 Case Classic Case Brothers surveyor pattern, 62046J spearl and clip blade, Case Brothers mark, 1990, slant grooved and pinched bolsters, jigged brown bone, bowtie relief shield, mint, no box. (odr94067) Minimum bid 60

Lot 83 Boker Damascus III lockback folding hunter, smooth red bone, bolsters in serious need of buffing back, unused but blade is spotted overall. (odr94068) Minimum bid 30

Lot 84 Three pearl Hen & Rooster whittlers, sleeveboard 193mp, wharncliffe 203mp, and swell center with tip bolsters, all mint. (odr94069) Minimum bid 65

Lot 85 Pair of Cripple Creek Knives. Chief Anderson 1 blade mini trapper, 1 of 10, and Knife World Ambassador stag humpback whittler 3 5/8", 1 of 150, unused but some specking on one of the whittler blades. (odr94070) Minimum bid 60

Lot 86 Three John Primble bone handled knives, vintage Belknap 2 blade brown bone serpentine with grooved bolsters exc, and to modern Bluegrass era knives, 3 blade serpentine stockman with bomb shield 5330-88and Texas Jack sowbelly 2 blade 4986-89 with long spay with slant grooved pinched bolsters and big bowtie shield. Mint. (odr94071) Minimum bid 55

Lot 87 Pair of Winchester knives, gunstock 2851-88 and pearl swayback 2 blade 29359-91. Modern. (odr94072) Minimum bid 50

Lot 88 Three knives. Rare Spyderco issue SOLO 3 3/8", G. Sakai 3 3/8" lockback with rubber inset handles, and Tekna buttonlock skeleton frame folder, all mint. (odr94073) Minimum bid 70

Lot 89 Two German bone handled knives. Fight'n Rooster 2 blade physician's knife, and Kissing Crane 1984 small swell end with machined bolsters, Mint. (odr94074) Minimum bid 35

Lot 90 Two AG Russell Issue Cattaraugus marked bone handled folders. One a bolster lock cm-17, the other a tiny toothpick CM-12 with bullet shield, and bolster lock. Both mint. (odr94075) Minimum bid 50

Lot 91 Pair of Schatt & Morgan Titusville PA jigged bone knives. Pen mini trapper and jumbo stockman 4 1/4", both dated 1991 with keystone shield. Mint. (odr94076) Minimum bid 70

Lot 92 Three Case one blade peanuts, green bone with raised letter shield, red bone with engraved bolsters and etched with what looks likes a Mr. Peanut in a reclining glamour pose (Yeah, I thought it was weird too), and a 5120 1980's. All mint. (odr94077) Minimum bid 65

Lot 93 Pair of modern Remington lockback knives,both R5 patterns, relief handled brass outdoor scene, and delrin handle with round shield (early in the modern era) Mint. (odr94078) Minimum bid 20

Lot 94 Pair of Hen & Rooster knives, pearl trapper with 2 312- layer Damascus blades, and two blade 1985 4 5/8" stock with jigged red bone with reverse etching. Small spay blade is marked, "Grinding with a Messerstein" Both mint. (odr94079) Minimum bid 80

Lot 95 Three Hen & Rooster knives, folder with black micarta handles 3 3/8", sliplock CM-9 with metal handles and bullet shield, and a swell end jack maroon micarta handles with reverse etch. All mint. (odr94080) Minimum bid 65

Lot 96 Hen & Rooster stag handled stockman with reverse etching 125th anniversary, and a 2 blade pen knife H&R Voss Cut 3 1/4". Both mint. (odr94081) Minimum bid 75

Lot 97 Pair of stag handled Hen & Rooster coffin folders, 1982 Worlds Fair 1982 one of 800, and mini version with arrowhead shield. Mint. (odr94082) Minimum bid 65

Lot 98 Crown stag long dagger, rusted up retty good, brass guard. This knife is unmarked, but I personally took it from the shop of Fain Edwards. Fain has failing heath and I was asked to pick up his knives and related items for auction. I suspect Fain forged this but have no real proof other than the proximity of it having been in his shop. 17 3/4" oal, 12 1/4" blade. no sheath. (fen94089) Minimum bid 25

Lot 99 Stag cowboy Bowie with brass back, scalloped brass guard, 13 3/4" oal, 8 1/4" blade, copper rivets, unmarked, from the shop of Fain Edwards, (See Lot 98 for detail on provenance) (fen94090) Minimum bid 35


Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-318