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Auction 94

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Lot 100 Round stag Bowie with brass guard and pommel, 14" oal, 9" blade, no sheath, once crack in the handle, rusted blade, from the shop of Fain Edwards (See lot 98 for provenance). (fen94091) Minimum bid 30

Lot 101 Parker Cut. Co. pearl handled Bowie, fancy relief ferrule and pommle, etched, "Self Defender" This knife was part of a 1980's limited edition series by Parker, based on knives from the collection of Bowie collector Bill Wright. The pearl Bowies were produced in much smaller numbers than the folding Bowies and are much rarer. Mint. 13 1/4" oal, 9" blade, no sheath. (fen94092) Minimum bid 60

Lot 102 Unmarked Bowie with brass guard and pommel, 2 piece buffalo horn handles, oval shaped rat tail tang handle, rusted, unmarked. (Sheath pictured with the knife is not included). From the Fain Edwards shop. 12 1/4" oal, 6 3/4" blade. Exc. (fen94093) Minimum bid 20

Lot 103 Pair of Parker Damascus knives, both sold as Blade Show knives, one a smooth bone folding hunter offered in 1990, one of 250, and the other is unmarked. There was supposed to be 200 plus of these, but due to manufacturing difficulties less than 100 were made. They were etched, so this is one of the few unetched models. They were made in the Jacksonville Ala Parker-Edwards factory. This knife is from the shop of Fain Edwards. Couple of storage specks (odr94101) Minimum bid 60

Lot 104 Hen & Rooster, Gutmann era, high quality, stag handled 2 blade stockman, mint. 4" (odr94102) Minimum bid 60

Lot 105 Cripple Creek 20th anniversary of the NKCA pearl handled 2 blade serpentine moose, 1 of 475, both Cripple Creek and NKCA shields, engine turned slant bolsters, mint. 3 5/8" (odr94103) Minimum bid 80

Lot 106 Gerber Paul knife, metal handles, first generation. Number on the inside liner is 4, engraved back side, (odr94104) Minimum bid 100

Lot 107 Benchmade Rollox, Gerber era, black micarta handles, 3 1/2" middle size version, mint (odr94105) Minimum bid 80

Lot 108 Henckels Germany 4 1/8" stag handled sporstsman's knife, spear blade, skinning blade, and corkscrew. Mint (odr94016) Minimum bid 80

Lot 109 Anton Wingen Hare Hunter, stainless steel, spear point folding hunter, genuine stag handled lockback, mint except for some green grunge got on the bolsters and made a pit or two. 4 1/2" (odr94107) Minimum bid 70

Lot 110 Robert Klass Ohlighs, Germany Old Kissing Crane sliplock folder with grooved bolster, exquisite polish, and fine grained old stag. Mint 4" (odr94108) Minimum bid 35

Lot 111 Col. Coon 1983 Collectors Club charter member knife, 4", of 75, full size four blade congress, stag handles, all 4 blades etched, fileworked inside and out, as are the blade backs. This is the top of the line in Col. Coon first generation knives. (odr94109) Minimum bid 75

Lot 112 Cripple Creek, Old Fort, TN daddy barlow, stag handles, 1 of 100, Cripple creek stamped bolsters, Sachem etch. Mint (odr94113) Minimum bid 50

Lot 113 Case 6111 1/2 bone handled folding guard lockback, 7 dots, mint except for specks on the back side of the blade (odr94114) Minimum bid 60

Lot 114 Moki Japan 3 5/8" ats-34 interframe of three pearl inserts on each side, drilled for lanyard. These knives have always been top of the line, as good as anything to ever come out of Japan. Lockback. (odr94117) Minimum bid 45

Lot 115 Benchmade Rollox, 3" wood handles, smaller version, etched "Final Production Run 1990" (odr94118) Minimum bid 45

Lot 116 Digby's Kellham Island, (Sheffield) 2 5/8" Worked back one blade folder, bolsterless shadow design, mint. (odr94120) Minimum bid 45

Lot 117 Buck Yellowhorse 3 1/4" buffalo one blade folder, channel inlay of turquoise, ironwood, and engraved bolsters, mint. (odr94122) Minimum bid 75

Lot 118 Barry Wood butterfly folder, 3 5/8", made by Pacific Cutlery Co. with the Barry Wood logo etched on the blade. Mint (odr94123) Minimum bid 40

Lot 119 Barry Wood butterfly folder, made by Pacific Cutlery Co. Plain blade. PCC marked on inside. Mint (odr94125) Minimum bid 40

Lot 120 Pair of knives, Unmarked buffalo horn Bowie with brass guard and pommel, crude, and old Rapala fillet knife. (Both from the personal shop of Fain Edwards) 14" oal, 8 1/2" blade. (fen94126) Minimum bid 25

Lot 121 Pair of large vintage butcher knives, wood handles, Vulcan Thomas Ellin, Sheffied, 1917, and Nichols Bros. Greenfield Mass. Both exc.18 1/4" oal, 15 3/8" blade. (fen94127) Minimum bid 10

Lot 122 Pair of Hughes Knives, benchmade by Happy Jack, jigged bone and pearl sliplocks, both variations of doglegs, mint. Engraved Indian head on the bone handled with Conestoga wagon on the back. Both marked 1988 and a re 3 1/2" closed. Mint.(Happy Jack was Jack Garlits, a knifemaker who pioneered mid-techs. (Yes, he was a cousin to Big Daddy Don!) (odr94139) Minimum bid 70

Lot 123 Three Case knives, 70's dotes. 23087 USA (65-70), 23087 Coca Cola marked handles 70's dots , and 92033 cracked ice with Chattanooga Coca-Cola. (The coke knives were authorized and sold by Dave Goodwin (Red Stag knives). (odr94140) Minimum bid 50

Lot 124 Pair of Gerber knives, Folding sportsman with wood handles and stiff, tarnished bolster, plus a Silver Knight lockback. Mint except as noted. (odr94141) Minimum bid 45

Lot 125 Pair of Discontinued Wayne Goddard Spyderco knives, one full serrated and one half, both mint. Micarta handles. 5 1/2" on the larger model. (odr94142) Minimum bid 100

Lot 126 Three horn handled French knives, G. David Laguiole Extra with worked back 4", Nogent one blade with bail, and Arbalete one blade. All mint. (odr94143) Minimum bid 80

Lot 127 Pair of stag handled gents knives, bosterless, German. Moede 6 blade 3 5/8" and Kaufmann 4 blade, 3 1/8" (odr94144) Minimum bid 50

Lot 128 Pair of Stag handled Cripple creek knives. Hawkeye 1987 club knife, in a three blade whittler with long pen blades, long pull, 1 of 100, and a 3 1/8" senator knife, both with the three-leg buffalo shield. Mint. (odr94145) Minimum bid 100

Lot 129 Pair of bone handled vintage knives. Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett 3 1/2" swell end jack with grooved bolsters and bowtie shield, and Kutmaster, Utica, NY pen knife with tip bolters. Exc. (odr94146) Minimum bid 35

Lot 130 Pair of matched Hen & Rooster knives, one with micarta handles 3 1/2", the other in stag, drilled with a lanyard, both mint. AG Russell era. (odr94147) Minimum bid 40

Lot 131 Trio of Cripple Creek knives, all metal bead blades 2 blade dogleg 1989, same pattern in stag, and same pattern in smooth bone with a 1983 leaf shield and smoking pipe etched on the blade,(one blade), All mint. (odr94148) Minimum bid 80

Lot 132 Pair of modern era Remington bullets, 1178-1991 delrin handles, and 4466 muskrat with jigged bone handles and sterling silver shield (silver bullet) no box. Both mint. (odr94149) Minimum bid 40

Lot 133 Pair of Cripple Creek copperhead knives, one stag and the other green bone with "Green River Rendezvous" etch. Both mint. (odr94150) Minimum bid 70

Lot 134 Pair of Happy Jack knives. Jigged red bone and 3 1/2" jigged brown bone, mid-techs by Jack Garlitz. Slant bolsters on the 3 5/8" red bone. (odr94151) Minimum bid 60

Lot 135 Pair of matching Happy Jack 3" mid-tech doglegs, one with celluloid handles, the other with jigged red bone. Both mint. (odr94152) Minimum bid 50

Lot 136 Trio of A. G. Russell acorn shield jigged red bone, two with Cattaraugus tang marks on two, and one with A. G. Russell mark, stockman mini-moose CM-15, folding guard lockback FH-4 1992, and two blade European style hunter FH3-1990 that unlocks by pressing down on the pen blade. All mint (odr94153) Minimum bid 70

Lot 137 Pair of Cripple Creek knives, large 2 blade stockman trapper with stag handles 3 1/2", and jigged brown bone mini trapper, Both mint. (odr94154) Minimum bid 65

Lot 138 Pair of Cripple Creek barlows, 1984 1 of 100 AECA show in a pearl handled two blade barlow with long skinner blade as 2ed blade, engraved bolsters, and a standard spear point barlow with bone handles. Both mint. (odr94155) Minimum bid 60

Lot 139 Pair of French knives. 5" Folding hunter with buffalo horn handles by G. David and what would best be described as a Dargeon 5" French utility pattern with punch, can opener, spear blade, and corkscrew, brass bolters and buffalo horn handles, both mint. (odr94156) Minimum bid 75

Lot 140 Three Parker Cutlery knives made for Jim Parker by Tak Fukuta, two are metal handles with locking liners, largest is 4 3/8" closed the other a 3 1/4" micarta handle lockback with micarta bolsters. All mint, except for some scratches on the metal handles. (odr94157) Minimum bid 40

Lot 141 Pair of Barlows. Russell barlow with spear blade (German Repo) exc. and A Kauffman bone handled daddy barlow mint. (odr94158) Minimum bid 30

Lot 142 Trio of Bruckmann knives, c. 1950's or older, pearl handled with bail, wood handle 2 blade with corkscrew, and cracked ice 2 blade. All mint except for some light tarnish on the wood and a few spots 3 1/4" to 3 1/2. (odr94159) Minimum bid 55

Lot 143 Three knives, Parker Stag handled Damascus Japan lockback, and two Kershaw folders, 2101 and 2105 one a thumb rivet opener, the other a lockback, both with smooth bone handles. All mint (odr94160) Minimum bid 45

Lot 144 Pair or stag handled German knives, Boker Germany trapper for the Hawkeye Knife Collector Club mint but with some water specks, 1989, and a Bulldog "Tobacco" bolster razor barlow with S&D on the back of the tang, 2 blades, mint. (odr94161) Minimum bid 55

Lot 145 Three pen knives, Schrade-Walden, KA-BAR imitation pearl pen, and 3 blade pen with match striker nail mark (odr94162) Minimum bid 20

Lot 146 J.A. Henckels pieced pearl 2 blade, pearl overlay on the backspring, colorful black and gold lip pearl, mint. 3 1/8" (odr94163) Minimum bid 50

Lot 147 Two pieced pearl German knives, one with a logo of a man with a fish hung over his back with pearl and abalone Gust Haker , and a Gerb Hoppe gold lip and black pearl. 2 1/2" and 3" (odr94165) Minimum bid 50

Lot 148 Three German pearl handled shadow pattern knives, J. Moede 2 blade pen knife, Proela 4 blade lobster, and equal end in scout configuration. (odr94166) Minimum bid 35

Lot 149 Sargent Cutlery (Queen logo on the back) swell center whittler made for the Hawkeye Knife Collectors club in 1992. Mint. (odr94167) Minimum bid 30

Lot 150 BenchMark wood handled lockback made for the Oregon Knife Club in 1988, 1 of 60. Reverse of the blade is marked, "Blackie Collins/Michael Collins". Blackie Collins design, possibly Michael Collins engraving. 4" (odr94168) Minimum bid 50

Lot 151 Five metal handled knives, Mountain Forge skeleton folders, two Case metal handled knives, Frost NKCA premium knife, and Waltcraft machined handle gent's pen knife with bail. All mint (odr94170) Minimum bid 40

Lot 152 Trio of wood handled knives, KA-LOK lockback, Kissing Crane Rostfrei 3 1/2" sleeveboard, and Contento, Germany hawkbill with an anchor shield inlet into the wood handles. All mint (odr94171) Minimum bid 30

Lot 153 Two pioneering knives. The first major factory to produce a titanium handled factory knife (Boker Titan II) and a Tak (Tak Fukuta) Ceramic blade folder. Both mint and in a single lot. (odr94172) Minimum bid 50

Lot 154 Two Queen knives. Metal handled Citrus knife and Queen City modern easy open slim trapper one blade easy open with slick black handles. Mint. (odr94173) Minimum bid 25

Lot 155 Three Parker knives. Japanese toggle folder, Parkers Japan one blade lockback with jigged bone handles, and a Damascus ABCA club knife with locking liner and stag handles. All mint. (odr94174) Minimum bid 65

Lot 156 Two knives. Ka-Bar club knife, stag handled jumbo swell end jack with dogshead shield, and John Primble (modern) jigged bone moose. All mint. (odr94175) Minimum bid 60

Lot 157 Pair of knives. Zenith Marshall Wells metal handled one blade 3 1/4" marked M.I. Germany, long pull, mint; and Victorinox with aftermarket cast sterling silver handles. (Retail on these at the time the were sold was $100.00) (odr94176) Minimum bid 50

Lot 158 Two knives. Sargent Germany 4 blade congress with pearl handles and stepped down bolsters, plus a Sargent USA 1993 stag stockman 1 of 63 made for the Hawkeye Knife Collectors. Both mint. (odr94177) Minimum bid 40

Lot 159 Two German made Case family names (Imported by Jim Parker when he owned the marks.) Christmas Tree congress whittler with bar shield marked Crandall, and wharncliffe shaped whittler 3 5/8" marked C Platts' Sons, Gowanda, NY. Some pulling on the celluloid but otherwise mint. (odr94178) Minimum bid 40

Lot 160 Two vintage knives. Hammer Brand New York Knife 2 blade pearl handled dogleg, vg; and an Empire pen knife with sterling silver relief handles. (Often this style knife was made with a skeleton frame and sold to jewelers who would add the sterling handle) (odr94179) Minimum bid 35

Lot 161 Four vintage knives, Shapleigh 3 blade pearl with oval shield and tip bolsters, nm, Cattaraugus pen whittler with bar shield and bone handles, exc; Winchester sleeveboard 2 blade bone vg; and E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter 3 1/4" with nickel silver wrapped rough black handles, exc. (odr94180) Minimum bid 50

Lot 162 Three Knives, Happy Jack made mid tech marked Hughes Cutlery, Highland, Indiana 1987, 3 1/2" oal mint; Henckels 1 blade saber ground serpentine 3 3/8", and Hoffritz 3 1/8" Germany long thin sleeveboard with genuine stag handles, etched "Hand Forged" mint. (odr94181) Minimum bid 50

Lot 163 Pair of Beretta folders, Japan, 2 3/4" metal handled and laser engraved wood handles. Both mint. (odr94182) Minimum bid 35

Lot 164 Three German knives, Burnt Chimney green bone one blade trapper, Henckles, Solingen German 4-blade congress with bone handles HK8, and pearl wharcliffe whittler by Boker made for the Hawkeye Knife Collectors in 1988, one of 100. Serial No. 0002 All mint. (odr94183) Minimum bid 55

Lot 165 Two German Knives. Wester Bros.Germany 3 1/4" four blade equal end, pearl handles, bar shield, all blades marked, Salesman sample number still visible, minty except for a rivet crack at the center rivet, and a Hen & Rooster Bertram Cutlery, four blade humpback with tip bolsters, mint. (odr94184) Minimum bid 50

Lot 166 Two pearl handled knives. John Primble Belknap Hdw #5763 pearl pen knife with tip bolsters 2 3/4", etched, mint. And and etched Ulster pearl lobsters 2 blade with shackle. 2 1/4"NM. (odr94185) Minimum bid 40

Lot 167 Five mesc. Knives., including 4" wood Chaperon with an Opinel style lock, LF&C cracked ice birdseye pen, exc, Hen & Rooster red micarta 2 blade with broken backspring, R. Klass pearl whittler with tip bolsters, vg; and a Winchester 2375 pre-1940 2 blade pen with bail, blade "good" condition. (odr94186) Minimum bid 20

Lot 168 Three Knives Fight'n Rooster gold plated toothpick, Knife World 15th anniversary knife 1 of 500 1992, all metal folder "Praunegger", take apart knife and fork and a Khyber micarta lockback (Japan). Mint or near mint each. (odr94187) Minimum bid 40

Lot 169 Bokermatic folder. This novelty knife pushes open with a thumb button and the handle slides over locking the blade open. When moved aside the blade springs CLOSED. (Does not open with spring) Mint (odr94188) Minimum bid 35

Lot 170 Four knives, Queen steel delrin winterbottom pen #75, Remington 1 blade peanut, nm. IXL equal end pen 3", and a Sheffield marked 3 1/8" worked back imitation ivory sleeveboard 2 blade, mint. (odr94189) Minimum bid 35

Lot 171 Pair of knives, P137ss Kentucky Bicentennial by Case, and a "Collectors knives by Sam McDowell" baby bullet pattern with fancy bolsters and well done duck scrimshaw on smooth bone. Mint. (odr94190) Minimum bid 30

Lot 172 Pair of vintage pearl handled knives. Walden knife Co. pearl equal end with saber spear blade, nm, and Ulster USA shadow pen unused but a chip missing from the end rivet to the knife end, salesman number on the back (odr94191) Minimum bid 25

Lot 173 Case XX 2229 ½, slick black handles, exc (odr94192) Minimum bid 10

Lot 174 Pair of Parker knives, 2 1/4' shotgun shell replica with smooth white bone handles, and Parker Colt sliplock. (odr94193) Minimum bid 15

Lot 175 Four cutlery items. Eye brand knife opener, mini kraton handle Cold Steel folder, D. Peres Germany three blade buffalo handled equal end 3 3/4", and metal wrap around Douk-Douk and so etched, mint. (odr94194) Minimum bid 20

Lot 176 Group of four knives, Case 22087 nm, 6235 1/2 and 06263 poor, Robseson equal end vg, and a bone Queen City early stockman and an unmarked 4 blade congress that are good primarily for parts. (mjot94196) Minimum bid 15

Lot 177 Mesc. Group of 7 cutlery items, most junk box material, 3 barlows, 1 razor. (mjot94197) Minimum bid 5

Lot 178 Group of 15 cheap junk box knives, best is a crimped bolster fish knife. (mjot94198) Minimum bid 5

Lot 179 Pair of Case jigged bone trappers, green bone and red bone. 1991. Mint. (moc94203) Minimum bid 55

Lot 180 Pair of Queen knives, Peanut with winterbottom bone handles, and winterbottom bone red bone 6 1/4" 3" blade fixed blade Trout knife with no sheath (moc94204) Minimum bid 35

Lot 181 Three modern USA Camillus trappers, Bartender's trapper with bottle opener pen blade, 4 1/4", delrin handles, 3 5/8" wood handle "Forever Free" mini trapper with eagle and flag color etch on the blade, and a Camillus standard trapper with rough black handles, all mint. (moc94205) Minimum bid 40

Lot 182 Pair of Bear & Bull congress knives by BuckCreek Germany. Cracked Ice celluloid (some pulling) and genuine stag 3 5/8" with a rivet crack. Mint except as noted. (moc94206) Minimum bid 35

Lot 183 Pair of Queen Rogers Bone Master Cutlery Collection knives. 1977 Bone trapper, and 1981 Peanut (first and fourth in the short run series) both mint. (moc94207) Minimum bid 40

Lot 184 Pair of Camillus USA made delrin trappers, one with a cartridge shield and flat ground, the other with a standard #29 oval shield and saber ground. Both mint. 3 7/8" (moc94208) Minimum bid 20

Lot 185 Two Case 7254 wood handled trappers, one 1991, the other later. Both mint. (moc94209) Minimum bid 45

Lot 186 Two standard trappers, Queen wood handled 1979 and a Browing USA with wood handles. Both mint. (moc94210) Minimum bid 35

Lot 187 Four Coleman Western knives, all with thermoplastic handles. (This was a short-run venture when Coleman bought Western and closed down the Colorado manufacturing plant). C. 1983-1986. All mint. Two locking 2 lade folders, mini-trapper, and three blade pen. All mint. (moc94211) Minimum bid 30

Lot 188 Pair of Trappers, Buckcreek with slick black handles, Fight'n Rooster with Waterfall handles with some foxing affecting the edges of the bolsters and shield. FR is nm, Buckcreek is mint except for handle pulling, both made in Germany. (moc94212) Minimum bid 35

Lot 189 Two 70's dots Case trappers, 70's dot 6254 (Bolster conceals part of the dots but early 70's) and 3254. Both mint. (moc94213) Minimum bid 50

Lot 190 Two Western USA derin handled trappers. Standard 691 marked "Western, USA" and the other a one blade with a brass locking liner and the "B" date mark. Both mint. (moc94214) Minimum bid 45

Lot 191 Three jumbo trappers (1123 bullet size). Craftsman bone handled 2 blade honoring the 100th anniversary of Sears ltd-1986, Camillus one blade lockback with cartridge head shield and jigged bone handles, and a Camillus Buford Pusser with Pusser shield inlet into the handles, 1986, All mint. no boxes. (moc94215) Minimum bid 50

Lot 192 Four USA made peanuts. Camillus USA wood handles with brass bolsters, Schrade USA with jigged bone handles, Camillus, NY USA with slick black handles, and Schrade Heritage with cream delrin saw cut handles, all mint. (moc94216) Minimum bid 30

Lot 193 Case trapper with channel inlay handles of ironwood, malachite, jet, and turquoise. Mint. David Yellowhorse mark on back of the master blade. (moc94217) Minimum bid 85

Lot 194 Case trapper with channel inlay handes of ironwood, malachite, jet, and turquoise. Mint (moc94218) Minimum bid 50

Lot 195 Case Peanut with channel inlay handes of ironwood, malachite, jet, and turquoise. Mint (moc94219) Minimum bid 40

Lot 196 Parker "GEM" pattern, abalone handled 1 blade lockback with "Eagle Brand Etch". This one of of the top knives in the Parker line at the peak. (moc94220) Minimum bid 35

Lot 197 ABCA Case 51050L lockback big coke bottle folding guard, 1987, one of 3500, with raised letter shield, long pull, and mint. (moc94221) Minimum bid 55

Lot 198 Pumi Medici folding guard folder, German made, yellow comp handles, lockback, 103rc, p210563cd mint. (moc94222) Minimum bid 60

Lot 199 Case gray etch 5254ss, from the 1976 Case stag sets. Mint (moc94223) Minimum bid 60

Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-318