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Auction 94

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Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-318

Lot 200 Case blue scroll 5254ss, from the 1977 Case stag sets, mint. (moc94224) Minimum bid 60

Lot 201 Three knives, Tekna keyring knife, Camillus lever opener, and CRKT locking liner Pat Crawford design Point Guard with G10 handles, all mint. (moc94225) Minimum bid 30

Lot 202 Two German knives. Stag handled Eye Brand copperhead 2 blade GXDS, single spot on the front of the blade, and Kissing Crane date stamped "1749XII" bone handled congress. Both mint. (moc94226) Minimum bid 45

Lot 203 Pair of Camillus USA cartridge series knives, pen knife and small lockback, both with .22 cartridge shield and delrin handles LR5-1996. Mint. (moc94227) Minimum bid 20

Lot 204 Three Case trappers, 2007 Christmas trapper smooth blue bone and bell shaped shield, staminawood 80's E254, and a polkadot celluloid modern. Mint. (moc94228) Minimum bid 85

Lot 205 Four Case bone handled peanuts, red bone, jigged brown bone shadow, and smooth red bone, one with shield, one from the 80's without. Mint. (moc94229) Minimum bid 65

Lot 206 Three knives. Schrade USA stag handles with round shield, Bradford Cutlery PA etched Bradford Single Shot with cartridge shaped shield and jigged bone handles,, 2010 on tang reverse, and Case Lightning "S" 6207 mini-trapper. All mint. (moc94230) Minimum bid 50

Lot 207 McCabe wood handled unusual handmade, distinctive grind on the cutting side and long false edge, straight tang, leather sheath. 12 1/2" oal, 7" blade, engine turned flat, rivets need some cleaning up, hairline crack at the lanyard hole to the pommel. Nm. Great balance. (jgl94340) Minimum bid 60

Lot 208 Three Case Genuine stag handled peanut knives, 5220ss red etch from the 1978 stag sets, modern version etched "Genuine India Stag", and one other. All mint. (moc94232) Minimum bid 85

Lot 209 Two Case stag handled knives. 5120ss 1978 with bail, and 5220 barehead version modern, both genuine stag and mint. (moc94233) Minimum bid 50

Lot 210 Pair of Cae 6254 trappers, modern red pocketworn , and 70's dots with nice red matching handles, both mint (moc94234) Minimum bid 60

Lot 211 Two knives, Queen 9135 stainless standard trapper, and Camillus USA bone handled 2 blade peanut, both mint. (moc94235) Minimum bid 25

Lot 212 Three peanut knives, Case '20 pattern with pakkawood handles, engraved bolsters, and round shield with X's on each side of a anchor, mint; Queen 1982 winterbottom bone peanut, and Queen Rawhide staminawood 2 blade, all mint. (moc94236) Minimum bid 40

Lot 213 Three Camillus knives. All USA era. Small 4 blade congress 3 1/2", 2 blade yellow #35 trapper, and black saw cut delrin slim trapper with slant bolsters, all mint. (moc94237) Minimum bid 35

Lot 214 Five mesc. knives, Kershaw locking liner 1700, Rough Rider leg knife with acorn shield, Old Cutler Prov. R.I. 2 blade barlow, Colt black bone peanut, and bone handled Frost Warrior (China). Mint. (moc94238) Minimum bid 15

Lot 215 Schrade Heritage USA delrin trapper with 100th anniversary 2004 shield. Keep in mind the factory closed in 2004 and went into bankruptcy and there were very very few of these commemorative knives thatactually hit the market. (moc94239) Minimum bid 25

Lot 216 Randall "Sergeant" (non catalog item) green micarta handles, with original wrappings (clp94240) Minimum bid 425

Lot 217 Case 70's, 9 dots 6232, bone, mint (clp94241) Minimum bid 35

Lot 218 Case USA (1965-70) bone 6231 1/2 unused but tiny specks on the edge and in a spot or two so mint except for specks. (clp94242) Minimum bid 30

Lot 219 Case 70's dots 62131 canoe, bone, light speck or two, early, as around '76 they started etching an Indian in a canoe on the blade. (clp94243) Minimum bid 30

Lot 220 Case 70's dots 06247pen. Mint except for some specks. (clp94244) Minimum bid 30

Lot 221 Case 70's dots 6383 bone whitter, storage specking damage but unused. (clp94245) Minimum bid 25

Lot 222 Case 70's dots 6308 whittler mint except for a freckle or two , pretty bone handles (clp94246) Minimum bid 30

Lot 223 Case Classic 52050 stag sunfish, Case Brothers markings, bowtie shield, made in 1995 for the Ft. City Knife Collectors, 1 of 100. MIB (clp94247) Minimum bid 50

Lot 224 Case Classic 63091 red bone, bomb shield, W. R. Case & Sons markings. 1991, MIB (clp94248) Minimum bid 35

Lot 225 Case Classic 53083 stag whittler, bowtie shield, #000, Case Brothers markings, 1993, 1 of 500 MIB (clp94249) Minimum bid 50

Lot 226 Three Case trappers with fancy laser cut bone handles, barbed wire motif in amber bone and green bone, plus a snakeskin pattern on a light antique bone. All MIB. Modern (moc94250) Minimum bid 75

Lot 227 Three Case seahorse knives, 5355, Green bone jigged to look like stag, Second Cut stag etch on the second, and a genuine stag with fancy etched blade and bolsters on the third, modern, all MIB (moc94251) Minimum bid 100

Lot 228 Pair of Case Muskrats, green stag, and pakkawood with round shield of an anchor flanked by two X's, engraved bolsters, both MIB (moc94252) Minimum bid 55

Lot 229 Pair of Case 6285 physician's knives. Laser cut barbed wire motif brown bone with engraved bolsters, and smooth bone, both modern and MIB (moc94253) Minimum bid 50

Lot 230 Three '85 pattern Case physician's knives, two green bone knives with tall pines motif laser cut into the handles, one with a round XX red shield, the other without, and a 3285 two blade yellow handle. (moc94254) Minimum bid 80

Lot 231 Pair of physicians knives '85 pattern one blade handled in Mammoth ivory and so etched on the master blade. (These are now prohibited from selling to anyone in California, Washington, New York and NewJersey (Please check your local laws to be sure it is legal for you to purchase). And Genuine stag 2 blade with spatula blade, engraved bolsters, and 5282 genuine stag handles. Both modern and MIB (moc94255) Minimum bid 110

Lot 232 Case trapper with Apache Gold and pearl channel inlay, mint, modern, in presentation case, mint. (moc94256) Minimum bid 70

Lot 233 Matching pair of Case Christmas trappers for 2003, smooth red bone, larger '54 with bell shaped shield as well as the Case shield, and tiny trapper with engraved bolsters, both MIB (moc94257) Minimum bid 50

Lot 234 Three Case Christmas trappers, 2004, 2005, 2006, smooth green bone on each, latter two have smooth red bone, all have engraved bolsters, all MIB. (moc94258) Minimum bid 65

Lot 235 Pair of Case Christmas trappers, 2000 and 2001. Greenbone and red bone, two shields on each, both MIB (moc94259) Minimum bid 50

Lot 236 Pair of handmade knives by Knifemaker's Guild office Wayne Hensley, both knives made in short runs 30 and 31, for the Atlanta based Flint River Knife Club, one in 2007, a wood fixed blade with sheath 6" oal, the other a very well done folder with jigged brown bone handles 3 1/2" oal, both mint. (tgg94260) Minimum bid 95

Lot 237 Two Case trappers, one etched "Rat Trapper" and the other a red bone with two different tang marks, marking the change of the tang mark at the 2000-2010 change. Master blade is so etched with both marks. Both MIB (moc 91261) Minimum bid 75

Lot 238 Case year end Peanut set, one marked 12-31-01 and the other 01-01-02, both with jigged white bone handles and the traditional Case shield on the front. (These shields so marked on on the reverse side of the marked side. (moc94262) Minimum bid 55

Lot 239 Case mammoth ivory handled muskrat (Maerked Mammoth Muskrat on the tang). MIB(These are now prohibited from selling to anyone in California, Washington, New York and New Jersey (Please check your local laws to be sure it is legal for you to purchase) (moc94263) Minimum bid 100

Lot 240 Five blade Case Tiny Beast (Tiny trapper with engraved bolsters) genuine stag handles, MIB (moc94264) Minimum bid 45

Lot 241 Case 5254ss red etch trapper from the 1978 stag sets, Mint. (moc94265) Minimum bid 45

Lot 242 Case stag handled 4-blade Muskrat, modern, MIB (moc94266) Minimum bid 70

Lot 243 Pair of Case fancy bolster knives, XX etched on the bolsters, etched blade, and bowtie shields, genuine stag handles, both MIB, although there is a stress crack on the front handle that is original to the stag in my opinion. (moc94267) Minimum bid 95

Lot 244 Case 5254 second cut stag trapper produced in 1983 as a special factory order by Tommy Shouse. Mint, new grind blades. (moc94268) Minimum bid 45

Lot 245 Four knives in a modern blue etch (Not to be confused with the 1977 set, these are modern), 5220 peanut, 5215 gunstock, 5318, and 5332, all with genuine stag handles and MIB (moc94269) Minimum bid 115

Lot 246 Case Tiny Trapper (Tiny Beast) with five blades in red stag, modern, MIB (moc94270) Minimum bid 45

Lot 247 Fain Edwards, Topton, NC Damascus curly maple handled household knife. Thin blade 9 3/4" oal, 5" blade, with leather sheath. Speckled overall. Well done leather sheath. (fen94307) Minimum bid 25

Lot 248 Case Tiny Trapper (Tiny Beast) with five blades and genuine stag handles, MIB. (moc94271) Minimum bid 40

Lot 249 Pair of Remington Texas Toothpicks. R1615 candy stripe celluloid 1988 (some foxing around the shield and they all pull a little) pllus a delrin handled etched "Powderhorn" with a musket and powderhorn shield. Both MIB except as noted. (moc94272) Minimum bid 30

Lot 250 Three Winchester black composition handled knives, each with a "Yellow Boy) rifle shield, Hawbakers style muskrat usa, Trapper usa, and Jumbo Trapper China, all MIB (moc94273) Minimum bid 35

Lot 251 Pair of Remington Boxed knives, Gene Autry "Riders of the Silver Screen" bullet trapper with inlaid photo of Gene in the handle, and Powderhorn etched premium stockman with round Remington shield and rifle and musket shield. Handles on both are delrin, both MIB (moc94274) Minimum bid 45

Lot 252 Three Remington trappers, green delrin slim trapper 9503, standard trapper with staminawood handles R12, and R10 delrin handled smaller trapper, all MIB (moc94275) Minimum bid 45

Lot 253 Three AG Russell knives, all metal version of a Pat Crawford designed one blade folder 4", brown celluloid handled muskrat with acorn shield and pinched bolsters 1991, and a one blade pearl lockback 2 3/4" Japan. All mint. (odr94276) Minimum bid 65

Lot 254 Pair of Case Christmas trappers, 2008 and 2009, one with jigged red bone handles and the other with red composition, jigged bolsters, and Christmas bell shield, both MIB (odr94277) Minimum bid 45

Lot 255 Pair of AG Russell brown bone handled knives with acorn shields. Folding hunter FH2-1987 and sleeveboard whittler CM14-1989. One speck on the bolsters of the folding hunter (see photo). Otherwise mint. (odr94278) Minimum bid 60

Lot 256 Cattaraugus, Little Valley, NY vintage abalone handled 2 blade lobster. Full blades but some serious tarnishing and some pitting. Exc (odr94280) Minimum bid 25

Lot 257 Pair of Case pearl handled knives. 8364 sc 7 d mint and 8201, 9 dot, mint except for a hairline rivet on back handle. (odr94281) Minimum bid 65

Lot 258 John Primble Belknap Hdw. Louisville, KY 3 5/8" peachseed bone half congress, curved bar shield, grooved bolsters, etched master blade, mint except for a rivet crack at the front center rivet. (rel94351) Minimum bid 25

Lot 259 Four knives, Schrade-Walden stainless cracked ice 2 blade citrus knife, mint, Case 3254 70's era trapper, near mint, Gerber with nm blade but frame is beat up, and 62048sp delrin very good. (jli94283) Minimum bid 50

Lot 260 Three American made knives. Schrade Ducks Unlimited wood handled standard trapper, Buck 311 slim trapper (no date mark, yellow box, and the beating knife blade through a nail shield), and a one blade Uncle Henry peanut with bail. All MIB (moc94284) Minimum bid 45

Lot 261 Trio of Case raised letter shield knives (80's), 31048 slim trapper, 6120 bone peanut, and 5220 stag handles peanut. All MIB (moc94285) Minimum bid 60

Lot 262 Pair of Case stag handled knives, Muskrat and Cheetah cub mini lockback with engraved bolsters, both blades etched Case Razor edge (reminisent of the old Gray etch set of 1976 but modern) both MIB, modern. (moc94286) Minimum bid 55

Lot 263 Pair of Hen & Rooster knives. Fileworked stag handled trapper and six blade congress 345ds with stepped bolsters, MIB (moc94287) Minimum bid 75

Lot 264 Pair of Buck jumbo trappers, one with black comp handles and jigged bone, "Chuck Buck" etched on the spay blade, and etched 2000, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, both MIB (moc94288) Minimum bid 75

Lot 265 Pair of Eye Brand Carl Schlieper stag handled trappers in two different sizes, one 4", the other 3 7/8", Both MIB. Shield on the larger needs serious polishing. (moc94289) Minimum bid 75

Lot 266 Four Case Tiny trappers, 154 pattern, one a left hand model etched "Southpaw" with bluegrass bone handles, green bone laser engraved tall pines, orange bone, and red stag, all MIB. (moc94290) Minimum bid 75

Lot 267 Pair of Case stag handled knives with, Case Razor Edge etching in black, and Cheetah cub mini folding guard lockback and 5220 lockback, both MIB (moc94291) Minimum bid 65

Lot 268 Pair of Case knives, trapper and mini-muskrat with channel inlaid Abalone and purple spiny oyster handles, Both mint in presentation boxes. (moc94292) Minimum bid 110

Lot 269 Hen & Rooster stag handled fixed blade, leather sheath, MIB, HR4803-Spain, stainless. (moc94293) Minimum bid 25

Lot 270 Five Case peanuts, 9220, 2220 (70's dots), Delrin, white bone and yellow composition. All MIB (moc94294) Minimum bid 75

Lot 271 Pair of Hen & Rooster knives, four blade congress stag 324C-ds and 160th anniversary version of a Busch knife, complete with stanhope showing H&R logo. Both MIB. (moc94295) Minimum bid 55

Lot 272 Pair of Case bone handled peanuts, gator back etched and olive green jigged bone, and jigged lime green bone arrowhead sheild, both MIB (moc 24296) Minimum bid 35

Lot 273 Three knives. Smith & Wesson jumbo trapper with turquoise pieced handles, limited edition, marked "First Production Run" plus two pieced pearl fileworked peanuts, one blades, all MIB. (moc 24297) Minimum bid 50

Lot 274 Pair of Buck 110 folding hunters, one etched with 40th anniversary of the 110, one autographed by Chuck in 2003, and both with inset photos of Chuck Buck into the wood handles, with sheaths and in the boxes, mint. (moc94298) Minimum bid 55

Lot 275 Two Case limited edition 6220 bone peanuts, both limited edition of 2500, corncob green bone with bar shield and jigged green apple bone with arrowhead shield, both MIB (moc 24299) Minimum bid 40

Lot 276 Four red bone Case knives, 6227 Centennial model, and three bone handled peanuts in various shades of red, MIB. Three are from the 80's. (moc 24300) Minimum bid 60

Lot 277 Fancy carved handle and sheath throat straight Kris, Damascus blade. Long length of the sheath possibly replacement. 16" oal, 11" blade, (fen94301) Minimum bid 90

Lot 278 IXL stag handled pruner, England marked, raised pin so has likely been repinned professionally. 4" closed, exc. Metal butt cap (fen94317) Minimum bid 45

Lot 279 Group of six knives, J.M.G. YS1 wood handled lockback (imported by Parker from Japan in the 80's, plus four NRA premium knives, (3 lockbacks and jigged bone peanut), plus a worn out imported mini-canoe. (fen94324) Minimum bid 10

Lot 280 Bear MGC lockback, Damascus blade, jigged bone, 4 1/2" closed, unused and spotted but in the original box and sheath. Mint except for spotting. (fen94325) Minimum bid 20

Lot 281 American Blade "Yours for life" five blade pearl and abalone sowbelly, MIB. The only way to have the option to purchase this knife was to become an ABCA life member. (fen94326) Minimum bid 30

Lot 282 Pair of Parker Christmas knives. These knives were never sold but given away by Jim as Christmas knives, thermoplastic lockback Parker USA 1988 in a 20th anniversary Parker box, Parker Cut. Co. Japan 1987. Both mint. (fen94327) Minimum bid 25

Lot 283 Four William Rodgers Sheffield, England knives, Lambsfoot with black comp handles, jigged brown bone equal end, jigged brown bone sleeveboard, and horn handled pen. Exc condition on average. (fen94238) Minimum bid 55

Lot 284 Remington Damascus silver bullet, Sterling silver shield, in box with paper but the Damascus has some storage spotting. Unused. (fen94329) Minimum bid 30

Lot 285 Remington 20th anniversary of the bullet knife, Delrin handles with a gold plated shield, MIB (MOC94330) Minimum bid 20

Lot 286 Case turquoise, pearl and jet channel inlay tiny muskrat in presentation box. MIB (MOC94331) Minimum bid 35

Lot 287 Pair of Case Millennial barehead peanuts with 12-31-00 in a bar shield and 01-01-01 on the back side. All mint. MIB Genuine stag handles. (MOC94332) Minimum bid 50

Lot 288 Bowen Knife Co. fixed blade made for LL Bean and so etched, MIB 8" oal, 3 7/8" blade. (jgl94334) Minimum bid 20

Lot 289 Benchmark stag handled hunter, USA made, matching leather sheath. Mint. 8" oal, 3 3/4" blade. (jgl94335) Minimum bid 50


Lot 290 Blackjack, Effingham, IL HALO I, green micarta handles (similar to the styling of a Model 14 Randall), cordura sheath, Mint. Heavy brass guard. 10" oal, 5 1/4" blade. (jgl94336) Minimum bid 60

Lot 291 Smith & Wesson 6060 folding hunter, with sheath in original box, mint but sheath brass is cruded up with that green stuff. (jgl94337) Minimum bid 60

Lot 292 Pair of Great Eastern knives, both marked Northfield Un-X-ld mini bullet patterns in smooth bone and genuine stag, made in 2007 for the Kentucky Cutlery Association, 1 of 33 Youth knife, and 1 of 25 regular member knife. MIT (Mint in the tube). (jgl94338) Minimum bid 50

Lot 293 Scagel marked Trailmaker model, produced during the time Parker made knives with that mark (1993). USA made, stacked leather washer handles. Near mint. Unused but some specks. (jgl94339) Minimum bid 40

Lot 294 T. M. Enos 440c all metal dagger/boot knife/throwing nife. Made in 1977. Not seriously used but has been banging around in a drawer for years and shows it. Near mint. 9" oal, 4 3/4" blade. No sheath. Some splotches of rust and spotted overall. (fen94347) Minimum bid 40

Lot 295 Blackjack Classic, with ivory micarta handles and deep finger grooves, leather sheath. Marked made in USA. Mint. A2 Tool steel (jgl94341) Minimum bid 60

Lot 296 Smith & Wesson 70's era survival knife designed by Blackie Collins, screw off pommel with hollow handle, stamina wood handles, leather sheath, shows some carry use. Sharpened and used, near mint. (jgl94342) Minimum bid 60

Lot 297 R. G. Flynt handmade Bowie, crown stag handled, fileworked, tooled 2 piece windowpane leather sheath, nickel silver guard has mosaic pins inlaid in each side. 19" oal, 12 1/2" blade. Mint except for some water specking, most on the back. (jgl94343) Minimum bid 50

Lot 298 Smith & Wesson Texas Ranger Bowie, produced in 1973. 1" oal, 6 1/4" blade, has been carried and used, so near mint. (jgl94345) Minimum bid 35

Lot 299 Cold Steel Natchez Bowie, MIB (jgl94346,jpg ) Minimum bid 50

Lot 300 Paul Fox toggle folder, 4 1/2" closed, 7 3/4" open, pearl handles with a lot of fire, dovetailed bolsters, mint. (odr 93083) Minimum bid 300

Lot 301 Jess Horn Beretta jigged bone lockback, dagger ground, 4 3/4" closed, made by Moki, Japan (very high grade top end Japanese manufacturer). Lanyard hole. (odr 93172) Minimum bid 40

Lot 302 Randy Lee skinner, red work groove bone,mosaic pins, drilled for lanyard, straight tang. Mint. Pouch leather sheath. Mint. 6 3/4" oal, 3" blade. (rlc 92158) Minimum bid 200

Lot 303 Case Collectors Club 2008 set of life, regular, and junior member knives. 62100 Saddlehorn, 62131 canoe, and tiny muskrat, all with burnt jigged white bone handles, presentation boxes for each. All MIB (MRI 92106) Minimum bid 60

Lot 304 Case XX 8364 Scis SS three blade with scissors, nail file, genuine mother of pearl handles, tip bolsters. Mint. (fet 92150) Minimum bid 40

Lot 305 Case Legends smooth red bone congress, MIB, in tin box, 6468 pattern, different Case people's names on the blade. (MOC 92234) Minimum bid 40

Lot 306 Two Case Knives. 2008 Artisan's tour with relief cut bone handles reading W. R. Case & Sons, and etched "Artisan's tour" and William Russsell Case jigged bone folding guard lockback with engraved bolsters. Mint (JLI 92291) Minimum bid 60

Lot 307 R. L. Pelton, San Diego, CA mini lockback, 2 5/8" long closed, 4 1/4" open, buffalo horn handles, dovetailed bolsters. Hand rubbed finish. (odr 93097) Minimum bid 30

Lot 308 RWB (Ron Wilson) 3 1/4" lockback, white delrin handles, handmade, some rust spotting on the blade. D2 steel. Unused, so near mint. (odr 93135) Minimum bid 20

Lot 309 Pair of Case made "C. Platts' Sons" models, stag 54052 congress and 6254 bone trapper, both with small propeller shields, etched blades, and mint. (llg 86081) Minimum bid 50

Lot 310 Cory, Hamilton, MT handmade pearl handled lockback folder, dovetailed bolsters, 2 1/2" oal. Mint (odr 93122) Minimum bid 40

Lot 311 Russell Stag handled vintage carving set, carver, fork and steel. Exc condition but the ferrule on the fork is loose. (rbf 92006) Minimum bid 50

Lot 312 Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. rel 78-DSC0184 78-DSC0185 Minimum bid $5.00 (rel 78-DSC_0185) Minimum bid 5

Lot 313 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched "Everlastingly Sharp", button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. (rel 78-DSC_0185) Minimum bid 20

Lot 314 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (rel 78-DSC_0204) Minimum bid 20

Lot 315 Marvin Poole micarta handled hunter made for the Flint River Knife Club in 2006, straight tang, leather sheath, 1 of 50 mint. (tgg94138) Minimum bid 30

Lot 316 Four knives, Camillus USA Delrin handled Bartender's trapper, and Forever Free color etched wood handled Camillus USA staminwood 3 7/8" trapper plus a 6220 delrin 80's) and fancy celluloid Case peanut, all mint (MOC94348) Minimum bid 65

Lot 317 Pal Cutlery Co. Made in USA (1941-1953) Rogers bone handled 2 blade serpentine, 3 5/8" mint. (MOC94350) Minimum bid 30

Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-318