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We have two sites for our auctions. This site is jbrucevoyles.com and the knives in this auction are here as this site allows us to provide you with high-res images. You cannot bid directly from this site. When you click on the thumbnail it should go full screen, but do not stop there. Click on the screen again and the photo will go to actual size, and some of these are one meg images and should allow you to see the knife handles as if you were examining them with a glass. However the actual bidding is done on another server, and the software there does not allow us to offer high res images. To bid in knives in this auction after you have examined them here in high res. click here-THIS IS THE LINK TO THE BIDDING SITE, register, and good luck on your bids.

 300 Two of the most distinctive club knives ever made, and among the most valuable. First ever use (genuine) of the Case Triple X, on a 62100 pattern, plus a Parker USA 51009 pattern, marking the only knife ever made in the Case factory with a Parker logo, stag handles (sgb 97242) Minimum bid $200.00

 301 Queen pair of Rogers bone knives, Mini trapper tang marked Chattahoochee Cutlery club and 1979 marked Master Cutler Collection green bone gunstock. Both mint. One presentation box. (sgb 97243) Minimum bid $50.00

 302 Pair of knives, Queen City jumbo stockman whittler in stag and Buck smooth blue bone mini-trapper, bot produced in 1991 for the ABCA, 1500 of each made, includes original knifepak. Mint. (sbg 97244) Minimum bid $60.00

 303 Pair of Knives, Parker-Edwards pearl handled Damascus one blade trapper, and four blade sowbelly with pieced abalone and pearl handles, American Blade. Both made in 1986 for the ABCA, includes gold foil stamped original knifepak. Mint. (sbg 97245) Minimum bid $70.00

 304 Pair of Knives, Case mini-muskrat (BV Special) on an '18 pattern (first example ever made by Case) and a folding guard lockback by Schatt & Morgan with a genuine ebony handle. Both min in the case. (sbg 97246) Minimum bid $70.00

 305 Pair of knives for the 1988 issue of the ABCA. Case 61113 swell center green bone with raised letter shield, and Parker-Edwards smooth red bone trapper with one steel blade and one Damascus blade. 2100 of each made. With original knifepak. (sbg 97247) Minimum bid $50.00

 306 Pair of knives, Case stag handled 5200 copperhead with long spay blade and Schatt & Morgan jumbo stockman gunstock with slant grooved bolsters and keystone shield, made in 1992 for the ABCA, includes original knifepak (sbg 97248) Minimum bid $60.00

 307 Case Doctors knives, 5185, SR6185, and 6185, made in the 80's for Matthews Cutlery and Charlie Genella of Hixon Knife Shop as a special factory order, not available through regular Case dealers. All mint. In box. (sbg 97249) Minimum bid $100.00

 308 Pair of knives made for the Ocmulgee Knife Club, Case laser cut bone handled one blade trapperlock made in 2010, 1 of 17, and 2002 Schatt & Morgan physicans knife with stag handles and spatula blade made in 2002, one fo 40. Both MIB. (sbg 97250) Minimum bid $45.00

 309 Twin set of handmade knives by Marvin Poole, stag handled hunter and small skinner in a twin sheath, burnt stag handles, mint. 7 1/2" oal, and 3 1/2" blade on straight knife, skinner is 4" oal with a 1 1/2" blade. Mint. (sbg 97251) Minimum bid $90.00

 310 Pair of Case made club knives. Mid hunter in 6.5 bone made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club 2004 and a 1994 NKCA 6211 2 blade with green bone handles, both MIB. (sbg 97252) Minimum bid $50.00

 311 Two knives. Collins Bros. jumbo stockman with staminawood handles, slant bolsters, and P137 Kentucky Bicentennial knife, MIB. (sbg 97253) Minimum bid $40.00

 312 Group of four stack leather washer Ka-bar knives in Ka-bar marked sheaths IN THE ORIGINAL METAL CORNERED BOX. 7" oal, 3 5/8" blade Some rusting on the edge of one knife, all need some cleaning but unused and restorable into an eye-popping grouping. (ddc 97254) Minimum bid $80.00

 313 Two pearl handled Al Mar front lock knives made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club (CCC on the bolsters) MIB with Al Mar marked leather pocket sheaths. (sbg 97255) Minimum bid $90.00

 314 Two stacked leather washer handled knives. Sabtier Jeun Depose marked brass guard hunter with sheath 9" oal, 5 1/4" blade, and smaller William Rodgers Sheffied, England 6" oal with 3 1/4" blade, no sheath, both mint. (ddc 97256) Minimum bid $30.00

 315 Two knives. Chattahoochee Cutlery 2012 Queen City English jack 2 blade and Pearl CCC Al Mar front lock, both mint. Only the box bottom for the Al Mar. (sbg 97257) Minimum bid $45.00

 316 Two Queen made knives with Chattahoochee Cutlery Club tang marked, large locking liner bone tear drop jack, and winterbottom bone fish knife complete with hook sharpner stone shield. Both MIB. (sbg 97258) Minimum bid $50.00

 317 Three CASE serrif tang marked stacked leather washer 323 pattern hunters, in original pumpkin box, 2 metal wrapped sheaths. (CASE is equivilent to Case XX mark in age). No sheath for one knife. MINT (ddc 97259) Minimum bid $110.00

 318 Three Rare Case stacked leather washer handled knives. CASE sans seriff tang mark 3Finn (8" oal) with squared up pommel with sheath, 323-6 with a single spider spot on the blade, and USA 325-6 marked with long blood groove, mint but no sheath. (ddc 97260) Minimum bid $60.00

 319 Two Case stacked leather washer handled sheath knives, one stamped CASE san seriff 366 the other 362 USA with standard sheath. Both mint. (ddc 97261) Minimum bid $60.00

 320 Two Case stacked leather washer handled sheath knives, one stamped CASE san seriff 366 the other 362 USA with metal wrapped sheath. Both mint. (ddc 97262) Minimum bid $70.00

 321 Two vintage Kabar marked fixed blades, both with bone handles jigged to resemble Winterbottom, with leather sheaths, early 70's or earlier. 9 1/4" oal with 5 1/4" blade reddish handles, and 7 1/4" oal with 3 5/8" blade. Longer knife has Kabar marked sheath, smaller sheath is plain, both mint, from the Delavan collection. (ddc 97263) Minimum bid $50.00

 322 Pair of Case Classic knives, '091 patterns one for the Ocmulgee knife collectors, the other for the Chattahoochee Cutlery club both MIB (sbg 97264) Minimum bid $75.00

 323 Two Winchester stag handled knives, W13 15036 stag lockback toadsticker and Texas Toothpick, both made for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors, 1996 and 1999, both one of 26. (sbg 97265) Minimum bid $60.00

 324 Two Canal Street Cutlery Knives for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors, 2005 one of 40 muskrat bone, and 2006 one of 34 stag four blade jumbo congress. Both MIB. (sbg 97266 ) Minimum bid $75.00

 325 Two Case three blade trappers, red bone and stag, made in 1994 and 1995 for the IBCA (International Blade Collectors Association, formerly the ABCA) both MIB (sbg 97267) Minimum bid $90.00

 326 Three American Blade Collectors Association knives, 5" Damascus with sandbar stag (bone) handles, Your's For Life American Blade 5 blade sowbelly with some discoloration on the liners on the back and a Schatt & Morgan stag handled lockback folding hunter. All three have the matching number L188. Mint except as noted (sbg 97268) Minimum bid $125.00

 327 Seven Case display panel metal emblems (unused with peel off backs) in the original shipping bag from Case to Lois Delevan (ddc 97269) Minimum bid $5.00

 328 Group of five mesc. Cutlery items. Kabar and Cattaraugus household knives, a forged spear tip, smaller Cattaraugus fish knife, and Japanese letter opener. (ddc 97270) Minimum bid $5.00

 329 Cutco sculpted handle fixed blade with leather sheath, exc. 10 1/4" oal, 5 1/4" blade, full blade but stained up. (ddc 97271) Minimum bid $15.00

 330 Two Case knives 6251 bone one of 50 made in 1993 for the Ocmulgee Knife Club and 1998 52100 , 1 of 23, Saddlehorn made for the same club. Both MIB. (sbg 97272) Minimum bid $70.00

 331 Two Case knives, stag copperlock 51549L and trapper lock 6154L made in 2000 and 2010 for the Ocmulgee Knife Club, 1 of 17 and 1 of 27. Both MIB. (sbg 97273) Minimum bid $35.00

 332 Three Case USA bone handled knives, full blades but all spotted and some use, 62048 and 63087 exc. 6318 sh pen near mint. (sbg 97274) Minimum bid $45.00

 333 Two IBCA club knives, 1995 stag Robeson moose, and Case jigged plain bone three blade trapper 1 of 400, 1997 . Both MIB (sbg 97275) Minimum bid $50.00

 334 Three Schrade knives, 194OT marched on the back "1st Production Run", 897UH marked Schrade Classic and marked on the back 1st Production Run, and 835UH stockman . 835 is American made, others are not. (sbg 97276) Minimum bid $20.00

 335 Case Classic 63091 Ocmulgee Knife Collectors club knife, 1994. (sbg 97277) Minimum bid $40.00

 336 Case Cassic 6391 Case Brothers 1990, bowtie relief shield, MIB except for a single spot on the back of the master blade (sbg 97278) Minimum bid $30.00

 337 Two trapper stag handled knives, Cripple Creek and Case 5254 raised letter shield, made for the Ocmulgee Knife Club in 1988 and 1989. 50 of each made. Both MIB (sbg 27279) Minimum bid $75.00

 338 Case Cassic W.R. Case 6391 made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club in 1991, one of 40. So marked on the pen blades MIB (sbg 97280) Minimum bid $40.00

 339 Two stag handled Case 5165 and 5265 folding hunters, one made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery club and the Ocmulgee Knife Club. Both MIB. C. 1990 (sbg 97281) Minimum bid $90.00

 340 Two Stag trappers, one a Cripple Creek made for the Ocmulgee Knife Club the other 1986 Aug. Muller, Germany made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club. Both mint, one box. (sbg 97282) Minimum bid $60.00

 341 Pair of knives. Northfield large four blade congress with grooved bolsters and stag handles, and Winchester 1992 4935S, bot unused some some age specks here and there. (sbg 97283) Minimum bid $80.00

 342 Pair of Case bone handled knives, 61100 saddlehorn and 6240sp green bone, both made for the NKCA, 1985 and 1991. One box. Both mint. (sbg 97284) Minimum bid $60.00

 343 Pair of Case knives, 2138 Sodbuster with no etch modern, and 11031sh one blade 70's dots, both mint. (sbg 97285) Minimum bid $35.00

 344 Two trapper stag handled knives, Cripple Creek and Case 5254 raised letter shield, made for the Ocmulgee Knife Club in 1988 and 1989. 50 of each made. Both MIB (sbg 97286) Minimum bid $60.00

 345 Five used Boker knives, two stock, one bone congress, one right black stockman, and one slick black razor (vg) rest are close to excellent --look close at the high res pix if that is a concern. (sbg 97287) Minimum bid $50.00

 346 Two lockbacks, Kershaw DWO in red (in Cripple Creek box, no relation) and C. Herbertz gentlemans lockback. Both mint. (sbg 97288) Minimum bid $10.00

 347 Pair of Case 70's dot trappers, 6254ss and 6207 (pen) Mint but bolsters need cleaning (sbg 97289) Minimum bid $70.00

 348 Two Aug. Muller Solingen, Germany knives, 4 blade congress with stepped bolsters, one in smooth the other in jigged yellow bone, both mint. (sbg 97290) Minimum bid $75.00

 349 Three Club Knives, Case Ocmulgee club trapper smooth bone with raised letter shield, Boker 1990 canoe for the Chattahoochee club, and 1989 Kissing crane pearl whittler for the Chattahoochee club. (sbg 97291) Minimum bid $60.00

 350 Two stag handled German knives, stag sunfish with Fighting bulldog tang mark and Boker Four blade Congress, both made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery club one in 1988 the other in 1996. (sbg 97292) Minimum bid $90.00

 351 Two IXL Rough black handled 2 blade knives, one serpentine, on square bolsters, both with rough black handles and IXL blade etchings. 3 5/8 and 3 1/4 (sbg 97293) Minimum bid $70.00

 352 Two Case 6205RAZ bone, one is a Case USA, the other a Case XX, both mint except for some specks on the back of the USA. Unused though (sbg 97294) Minimum bid $110.00

 353 Two fixed blade knives, one is unmarked, partially finished, pinned but squared up handle, 10" oal, and Case skinning knife, 9 1/2" oal (comes with a Case orange ovals old style paper blade cover, exc. Unable to make out the Case markings, exc. (ddc 97295) Minimum bid $10.00

 354 Boker Tree brand bone handled razor barlow, etched, mint except for some specks on the pen blade. Salesman sample numbers on the back, #495 (sbg 97296) Minimum bid $30.00

 355 Two Case Fixed blades, wood handled fish knife 5700 CHR , 8 1/4" oal, 4 1/4" blade, mint. and USA marked 2-Finn black handled slight used, no sheaths (ddc 97298) Minimum bid $10.00

 356 Case smooth blue bone desk knife with sheath, mint (sbg 97301) Minimum bid $35.00

 357 LF&C Vintage swell end jack with rough black handles, etched, near mint save for a crack across the handle at the front rivet. 3 3/8" closed (sbg 97302) Minimum bid $20.00

 358 Case 5392 10 dot stag, has been sharpened, near mint. (sbg 97303) Minimum bid $40.00

 359 Case USA 64047P four blade serpentine stock with punch, bone handles, mint (sbg 97304) Minimum bid $40.00

 360 IXL Wostenholm rough black handled premium stock knife (and so etched) mint (sbg 97306) Minimum bid $35.00

 361 Handmade stag slip lock made in 1980 for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club. 2 7/8" closed, stag handled. Not sure of the maker, as I recall it was either Ray Cook or Lou Hegedus, Jr. (sbg 97307) Minimum bid $30.00

 362 Case 70's 5 dot bone muskrat, mint, front handle is more red than the back. (sbg 97308) Minimum bid $30.00

 363 KA-BAR 1992 stag handled dogshead muskrat, mint (sbg 97309) Minimum bid $30.00

 364 Wayne Hensley ivory micarta handled handmade folder made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club in 2000. 4" closed, sliplock. He sold the club these knives for $150.00 he told me recently, but would charge $300 to $350 to make the same knife today. (sbg 97310) Minimum bid $60.00

 365 Case USA 6488 bone jumbo congress 6 dot, unused and mint except for some staining from the gree used to protect it. (sbg 97311) Minimum bid $75.00

 366 Case Factory error. No tang mark on this 3201, mint (sbg 97312) Minimum bid $10.00

 367 Group of Case and related blades, two marked tested, one Queen City, one CASE sticking knife, no handles, from the collection of Mr. I. A. Delavan, a Case salesman in the 60's and early 70's. (ddc 97313) Minimum bid $10.00

 368 Case 6231 1/2 etched bone handled swell end, etched "Belk-Simpson Greenville, TN 1975". As I recall this was in conjunction with Ben Kelley Jr. going to various Belk stores and setting up for a day polishing and repairing Case knives. (sbg 97314) Minimum bid $35.00

 369 Perkins bone handle knife. At first glance it appears handmade but I was told by the consignor he thought the person who assembled it had done so from a kit. No provenance beyond that. (sbg 97315) Minimum bid $30.00

 370 Case XX stainless 8364 sc ss three blade, scissors marked "stainless" too. 70's dots. Mint (sbg 97316) Minimum bid $30.00

 371 Group of five Case leather sheath, three are XX/Tested era. From the Delavan collection (ddc 97317) Minimum bid $20.00

 372 Al Mar micarta handled front lock with pocket sheath, ats34 steel. Mint. 4" closed, looks to be a Falcon, Seki, Japan (sbg 97318) Minimum bid $35.00

 373 Three Tested Era Case marked leather sheaths. (ddc 97319) Minimum bid $10.00

 374 Diamond Edge (Schrade made) long pull English jack, exc. Peachseed bone handles. 4 1/2" c.lsed (sbg 97320) Minimum bid $40.00

 375 Four Case leather sheaths, two polished black leather, two brown russet old Tested style. All mint (ddc 97321) Minimum bid $15.00

 376 Case USA 6217 Bone 2 blade, mint (sbg 97322) Minimum bid $50.00

 377 Three fixed blade knives, one a Case made on a Pukko style, likely a prototype, a Case fish knife 5700 mint, and an unmarked fixed blade 10" oal, 5 3/4" blade, all from the personal collection of Mr. I. A. Delavan, a Case salesman. (ddc 97323) Minimum bid $50.00

 378 Case XX 62009 RAZ bone mint except for some light specking on the top of the back side of the blade. (sbg 97324) Minimum bid $30.00

 379 Case Tested 06230 equal end long pull, green bone handles, exc (sbg 97325) Minimum bid $70.00

 380 CASE with seriffs 5025-5 marked stag handled fixed blade with the ultra rare bakelite pommel (i.e. WWII era), full blades but there is a chip out of the blade edge, otherwise near mint. No sheath. (ddc 97326) Minimum bid $70.00

 381 Case Tested 6347 Long Pull, green bone handles, exc (sbg 97327) Minimum bid $100.00

 382 Two Kabar household knives, c. 1960's. Largest is 8" oal, included paper sleeve with Kabar markings (not pictured)( Mint. (sbg 97328) Minimum bid $5.00

 383 Puma Bantam Stag in original old green and yellow plastic box, mint (sbg 97329) Minimum bid $60.00

 384 Queen 76 Winterbottom bone folding hunter 2 blade, #39, mint although the black in the winterbottom handles has faded out. (sbg 97331) Minimum bid $40.00

 385 Puma Master Germany folding hunter with sheath, green composite handles (sbg 97332) Minimum bid $35.00

 386 Utica Cutlery Co. green bone handled fixed blade, etched “UTK” warranted, made as a club knife in 2011 for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club. (Engraved CCC on the back guard. 8 1/4" oal. MIB. (sbg 97334) Minimum bid $30.00

 387 Tony Bose jigged bone handles Norfolk, T.B. 622009, leather zip up case, MIB. (jdm 97338) Minimum bid $80.00

 388 Pair of Case stacked leather washer handled hunters, one CASE mark 315-4, the other 362 USA 9" overall. From the Delavan collection. With sheaths. (ddc 97339) Minimum bid $70.00

 389 Case XX (no USA) all metal throwing knife, unusual in thiat it is larger than the typical Case throwing knife and this one is polished overall. From the Delavan collection. (ddc 97340) Minimum bid $30.00

 390 Group of Cutlery items, brass showcase emblem, Case display case decal, original pre-1940 Remington knife opener (stamped on both sides), Ka-bar metal display case plaque, and andful of Case advertising handouts for scissors and shears. (ddc 97341) Minimum bid $25.00

 391 Unusual rare CASE serrif marked ?23-5 pattern but with solid wood handles, includes metal wrapped leather sheath. Mint except for some specking. (ddc 97342) Minimum bid $50.00

 392 Rare Case military style knife, CASE seriff mark, slightly bent forward guard like some of the top military knives, flat metal pommel, salesman marks on the back of the blade 3025-6 Full Finish. Mint. Plain leather sheath (ddc 97343) Minimum bid $80.00

 393 Case with seriffs stag handled 516 hunter, with sheath, squared pommel, need cleaning to be awesome. Near mint. (ddc 97344) Minimum bid $40.00

 394 KA-BAR, Union Cut colored hard plastic hunter with micarta washers, aluminum pommel, finger grooved handle. From the Delavan collection. 8 1/4" oal, 4 3/8" blade, KA-BAR marked sheath, unused and original polish but what you would expect from a near mint knife from the 20's. (ddc 97345) Minimum bid $45.00

 395 Group of Case items. Hard Arkansas Stone, brass display case stick on, and a pumpkin box crammed with the price buttons numbered and still intact with their press on thumbtack style spikes. (ddc 97346) Minimum bid $15.00

 396 Keenwell, Brown Mfg. Co. Olean NY (pre Union Cut or Kabar) cutlery handled fixed blade etched, "Rose Steel Guaranteed", original polish but some staining, near mint. Handle is loose but that can be easily repaired by heating in water and restoring with beeswax inside. Leather sheath has a paper label added reading "Keenwell". 8 1/4" oal, 4 1/4" blade. (ddc 97347) Minimum bid $50.00

 397 Case 70's dots 6265 folding hunter with marlin spike and Case sheath manufactured to hold both. Nice short run kit. (ddc 97348) Minimum bid $40.00

 398 Case seriff tang mark military stype fixed blade, stacked leather washer handle with bakelite pommel. , WWII era, with rather plain leather sheath. Back of the master blade is marked in salesman's lettering, "325-5 Full finish, 1.30 each. Mint (ddc 97349) Minimum bid $100.00


399 CASE seriff marked blade with balsa handle, no guard, leather sheath. Back of the blade has salesman's markings "3025-5 glaze finish 1.12 1/2 each" From the Delavan collection. 10" oal, leather sheath. (ddc 97350) Minimum bid $40.00


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