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We have two sites for our auctions. This site is jbrucevoyles.com and the knives in this auction are here as this site allows us to provide you with high-res images. You cannot bid directly from this site. When you click on the thumbnail it should go full screen, but do not stop there. Click on the screen again and the photo will go to actual size, and some of these are one meg images and should allow you to see the knife handles as if you were examining them with a glass. However the actual bidding is done on another server, and the software there does not allow us to offer high res images. To bid in knives in this auction after you have examined them here in high res. click here-THIS IS THE LINK TO THE BIDDING SITE, register, and good luck on your bids.

 400 Case Midnight Pearl set of a 9233 and 92042 in imitation smoked pearl. Mint in presentation box still with original paper insert. (ddc 97351) Minimum bid $35.00

 401 Group of 7 Mesc knives that would be a great fit for most junk boxes. (ddc 97352) Minimum bid $1.00

 402 Original full box of six (yes six) Case USA 6229 ½ bone handled knives. With original box. Mint. (ddc 97353) Minimum bid $150.00

 403 Large Jimbiya with stacked wood and aluminum spacer handle and brass fittings, 13 1/2" oal, 9" blade plus a horn handled Phillippine style Bowie with bug eaten handle 11 1/4" oal, 7 1/4" blade. (ddc 97355) Minimum bid $20.00

 404 Original box of three CASE marked 366 pattern fixed blade knives. (ddc 97357) Minimum bid $120.00

 405 Pair of Spyderco knives, Centofante folder with green rubber insert and serrated Dragonfly (sgb 97358) Minimum bid $50.00

 406 Pair of Wayne Goddard designed green micarta folders, one large folding hunter, the other a smaller pocket size. (sgb 97359) Minimum bid $70.00

 407 Poole.2 Green micarta handled fillet knife, tooled leather sheath, straight tang, 10 1/2" oal, 6" blade. Tooled leather sheath. Mint. (jdm 97360) Minimum bid $60.00

 408 Kevin Cashen Mastersmith Damascus Bowie with ironwood handles, Damascus ferrule and pommel, both grooved, Kenny Rowe windowpane sheath. 13 1/2" oal, 9 1/2" blade, ironwood handle, hidden tang, guard, ferrule, and pommel are all Damascus. Mint and exceptional (dha 97361) Minimum bid $250.00

 409 Case Ballpoint pen with two fold out blades, Mint along with refills in original box with paper. This design was inspired by a Cattaraugus pen of the same style that Jim Parker purchased from the late Paul Davis. (bit if trivia from the "hell I was there" corner of my memory.) (sbg 97015) Minimum bid $24.00

 410 Marvin Poole handmade fixed blade made for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors in 2004. With pouch leather sheath. 6 1/2" oal, 3" blade, with pouch leather sheath, mint (sgb 97365) Minimum bid $40.00

 411 Case Window Lamp, in the original shipping box, and had never been out of the box until it was sent to us, but unfortunately was damaged in shipping. Glass is intact, but the outer shell needs some repair work, broke in a couple of places. Pieces are there but will take some crafty gluing to restore. Mint ones I've seen lately have a $1200 asking price. rare. (ddc 97366) Minimum bid $300.00

 412 Case “The World's Finest Cutlery” sign in the original shipping package from Case in Bradford PA. Mint 29 3/4" X 3 1/2". (ddc 97368) Minimum bid $60.00

 413 Two Safty straight razors, one marked on the handles, "AMF Sickle Bar The Safety Razor of the Fields" and on the back, "Don't change the mowing machine knife, slip a new blade in the AMF Sickle Bar, Compliments of the American Machine & Foundry." and the other "Compliments of W. C. Ellis, Derby Products, Nickerson, Kansas 1925. (pki 97375) Minimum bid $15.00

 414 Duplex Durham Barber Style Safety straight razor in original box comeplete with paperworks, “For Outdoor Beards” (pki 97376) Minimum bid $10.00

 415 Two safety straight razors, in the boxes, Pike Mfg. Co. Pike, NH USA ejectoblade, "Ejectable" in relief on the handle, and Devine Safety Razor, Chicago, Ill. Boxes are not original to the razors (pki 97377) Minimum bid $15.00

 416 Schatt & Morgan 2004 NKCA club knife, one of 1075, cattleman whittler with red bone handles (pki 97378) Minimum bid $20.00

 417 Case amber bone Hawkbill and hobo trapper made for the Ocmulgee Knife Club in Macon Ga, MIB (sbg 97222) Minimum bid $50.00

 418 Set of the three KY Bicentennial Case Sodbusters, stag, pakkawood, and green delrin, plus two bicentennial quarters and one bicentennial half dollar. (sbg 97037) Minimum bid $50.00

 419 Case P197 Case Sharkstooth, MIB 70's 7-dt (sbg 97040) Minimum bid $40.00

 420 Case Buffalo, 8 dots, mint in wood block. (sbg 97478) Minimum bid $50.00

 421 Pair of 70's dot knives, 11031sh and 6347 pu (punch), bone handles. Both unused but spotted. (sbg 97166) Minimum bid $60.00

 422 Two Case bone handled 70's dot knives, 6318 sh PU, unusal flat punch, does not have the lip on it. And 6308 unused but some spotting (sbg 97165) Minimum bid $65.00

 423 Three Case fixed blades, one M5 Finn with CASE tang mark and square pommel, One long blood groove 523-6, and one 323-6. Only 1 sheath (for the Finn), all mint. From the Delavan collection. (ddc 97335) Minimum bid $40.00

 424 Ocmulgee Knife Collectors Ontario stacked leather washer hunter, made as a club knife in 2007, One of 30. (sbg 97336) Minimum bid $30.00




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