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Lot 200 Collection of 10 various advertising box cutters, including Dial soap, Cepacol mouthwash, detergents, etc. (lcn 98192) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 201 Collection of 16 various low end advertising knives, ranging from serpentine 2 blades to one blade keyring knives. Wide variety of brands represented. (lcn 98193) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 202 Ed Fowler's Knife Talk II, the high performance blade. Book. (jli 98194) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 203 Two knife books, Blade's Guide to Knives and their Values by Steve Shackleford, and Collecting Case Knives Identification and Price Guide by Steve Pheiffer (in full color). (jli 98195) Minimum bid $10.00

Lot 204 Knife Collectors Encyclopedia by John Goins. A great reference on early knife company names. (jli 98196) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 205 Case Centennial catalog, 100th Anniversary Edition, issued in 1989 showing all the knives in the Centennial collections, expertly done (jli 98197) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 206 Full size reproduction of the Remington C-5 catalog, notable in that it shows all knives in actual size (jli 98198) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 207 Bowie Knives Origin and Development by William R. Williamson, a tabloid booklet produced by a Bowie knife exhibit in the Avoyelles Parish of Louisiana in the 70's. Great photos and reference work. (jli 98199) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 208 Presenting American Aristocracy of Fine Cutlery, reproduction of an early Case catalog (and one of the first reproductions of any catalog) by Pryse Robinson. (jli 98200) Minimum bid $1.00

Lot 209 Three Ka-Bar fixed blade hunters, leather washer handles in the original box with Ka-Bar stamped sheaths, two of the knives are etched tangs, one is tamped. Knives are unused but some tarnishing that needs to be cleaned up around the bolsters. 10" oal, 5 1/4" blade. (ddc 98201) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 210 Six rare variations of Case M279 patterns, M279, M279R with file, stippled handles with file and pen, and deep cut jigged one pen and one file. Legend has it that less than a dozen of these sets were made as salesman's samples and the project never took off and those 12 sets are all there are. 1980's, all stainless and mint (sbg 98202) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 211 Two Knives, swell center jigged green bone whittler by Queen with Chattahoochee Cutlery Club tang mark, and Kissing Crane Chattahoochee cutlery Club 1987 pear whittler. Mitn mint. 1 ox. (sbg 98203) Minimum bid $45.00

Lot 212 Five Case items, 4 used knives, USA and 70's dots and Hard Arkansas stone in plastic box, 62131, 61048, 6249, and 6332, all exc or worse, all bone handles. (sbg 98204) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 213 Three cutlery items, Schrade 498DU in Ducks Unlimited marked sheath and so marked on the knife, delrin handles, tarnished brass fittings, small sheep foot fixed blade, and Aero sport shears in leather sheath, all mint. (sbg 98205) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 214 Utica smooth green bone handled hunter made in 2011 for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club, MIB (sbg 98206) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 215 Puma stag handle Pony swell end jack 2 blade, green and yellow plastic box, Mint. (sbg 98207) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 216 Puma Trail Boss, wood handles, lockback, tarnished up bolsters, in paper box, Germany, mint otherwise (sbg 98208) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 217 Case XX 6318 sh sp, spay blade marked "For Flesh Only", rough black handles, unused but some specks here and there, thus near mint. (sbg 98209) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 218 Case XX 54052 congress, exc. (sbg 98210) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 219 Case XX 6318 sh pen red bone, mint. (sbg 98211) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 220 Puma 4 star mini- lockback, black composition handles, mint (sbg 98212) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 221 Pair of English knives, IXL Sheffield, England, Cattleman whittler with punch blade, slant bolsters with bowtie shield, rough black handles, mint. And William Rodgers Sheffield buffalo horn handled pen knife near mint. (sbg 98213) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 222 Three Queen knives, #40, 1979 Delrin swell end, big Q pen knife, winterbottom bone, exc, and winterbottom bone barlow exc. (sbg 98214) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 223 Pair of Puma Bantam knives, one stag one bone, both #673 patterns, both mint. (sbg 98215) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 224 Case Tested 9201 R, full blades but some tarnish, would likely clean to close to mint. (sbg 98216) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 225 Puma stag handled stockman #675, Germany, three blade, mint. (sbg 98217) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 226 Puma Bantam #673 stag handles, long pull mint. (sbg 98218) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 227 IXL Sheffield, England, Cattleman whittler with punch blade, slant bolsters with bowtie shield, rough black handles, mint. (sbg 98219) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 228 Puma Cub wood handled, tarnished but mint. (sbg 98220) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 229 Puma Jr. wood handled 835 2 blade, tarnished but mint. (sbg 98221) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 230 Puma Deer Hunter #965, near mint wood handled lockback folding hunter (sbg 98222) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 231 Pair of stag handled Case Copperlocks, one plain blade, the other made in 1997 for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club. Both MIB. (sbg 98223) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 232 Pair of stag handled Case folding huner, 5265 flat ground made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club 1 of 40, and 5165 presentation boxed made for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors in 1990 1 of 50. Both mint. (sbg 98224) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 233 Three knives, Schatt & Morgan Smooth bone swell center moose made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club, Queen lock back jigged bone tear drop jack, Chattahoochee Cutlery tang mark, and Robeson RCC jigged bone barlow, etched on the reverse of the master blade. 1 of 25 made for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors club in Macon, GA. All three MIB. (sbg 98225) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 234 Frost Cutlery "Little Copperheads" one blade with larger bolster on one end handled in smooth bone, stag, abalone and pearl. Japan. (fjk 98226) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 235 Frost Cutlery "the Doctors" mini-razor barlows etched, "Little Doc" and handled in bone, stag, abalone and pearl.MIB, Japan (fjk 98227) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 236 Frost Cutlery Little Docs set, mini barlows handled in bone, stag, abalone, and pearl, gift boxed. Japan (fjk 98228) Minimum bid $15.00

Lot 237 Pair of stag handled knives. Case 5200 copperhead trapper and jumbo stockman gunstock with slant and grooved bolsters by Schatt & Morgan. Both made in 1992 for the American Blade Collectors Association, 1000 of each made, comes in a gold embossed knifepack with ABCA marking. Mint. (sbg 98229) Minimum bid $90.00

Lot 238 Case XX 5391 red stag Anglo Saxon whittler, cleaned to excellent. (jfm 98230) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 239 Pair of vintage stacked leather washer handled hunters. Kabar 9" oal with 4 1/4", and Case no seriff's (same as XX) 3 Finn, 6" oal. Both mint. (ddc 98231) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 240 Pair of Queen made Rogers bone knives, swell center whittler and mini-trapper, both with Chattahoochee Cutlery Club primary tang marks, both MIB (sbg 98232) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 241 Queen winterbottom bone lockback made in 1983, 1 of 700, "Old Pattern Lockback 6155 Made in USA" in a presentation box. Mint. (sbg 98233) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 242 Keen Kutter USA boxed stag trapper, 1992 Republican Presidential ticket, George Bush and Dan Quale. Mint in presentation box. (sbg 98234) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 243 Case Classic 1992 Barndoor hinge toothpick MB10095, MIB (jfm 98235) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 244 Sheldon crown stag small skinner, brass guard, hidden tang, marked N2-31-132, 8" oal, 3" blade. Sheath is scuffed, otherwise mint save for a speck or two. (jfm 98238) Minimum bid $120.00

Lot 245 Sheldon ivory micarta hunter, straight tang, spotted on back more so than the front, 9" oal, 4" blade, pouch sheath banged up a little. (jfm 98240) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 246 Sheldon stag handled handmade, tine handle, brass guard, hidden tang, pouch leather sheath, marked J23-52, 8" oal, 3 7/8" blade. Unused but some spotting. (jfm 98241) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 247 R. Enders, Michigan, 2 7/8" two blade handmade pen knife with abalone handles, mint. (grn 98242) Minimum bid $130.00

Lot 248 Exceptional Joseph Rodgers No. 6 Norfolk St, sheffield exhibition swell center congress, etched, "Norfolk Knife", silver bar shield, and pinched grooved bolsters, V crown R mark (1837-1901) Blades very good, handle is cracked across the front side, chipped on the back. (Photos of both sides are on the high res catalog on our website). (grn 98243) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 249 Case small stamp 5111 1/2ss 70's Cheetah, the very first in the series, Mint. (jfm 98248) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 250 Case XX 6294 Big Cigar, bone handles, poorly sharpened, exc (jfm 98249) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 251 Case XX 6265 SAB Rogers bone, reddish tint, blades are full but pitted in spots. (See photo) (jfm 98250) Minimum bid $35.00

Lot 252 Case XX trapper, 5254, blades bordering between excellent/nm, exceptional nice old Tested style stag. (jfm 98251) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 253 Case XX 6275 LP red bone moose, cleaned to exc plus (jfm 98253) Minimum bid $65.00

Lot 254 Case Tested XX trapper, 3254, Tested shield, very good condition. (box in photo not included) (jfm 98254) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 255 Case XX 6265 SAB stag folding hunter, vg, some deep pitting, saber ground, not drilled for lanyard. (jfm 98255) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 256 Case XX 6254 Green bone trapper, excellent, old tested style shield, handle has been expertly patched (jfm 98256) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 257 Case XX green bone 6347 sh sp, cleaned to near mint except for rivet crack on the front handle. (jfm 98257) Minimum bid $80.00

Lot 258 Case XX 5165 Red stag, blade has some deep pitting and other issues but VG otherwise. (jfm 98258) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 259 Case Tested Trapper, Tested frame, excellent blades, restored handles in cracked ice celluloid. (jfm 98259) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 260 Case XX 5254 trapper, flat yellow, excellent. (jfm 98260) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 261 Case Tested 9165 Cracked Ice folding hunter, excellent. (letterhead is a prop for the photo and not included) (jfm 98261) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 262 Two Bulldog Brand knives, German, trapper and canoe with blue celluloid handles, btih MIB, 1998, etched, "The Hillside Nursery, Inc. Since 1979". (jfm 98262) Minimum bid $60.00

Lot 263 Case 5111 1/2 70's dots Cheetah. This is the very first one, not to be confused with those that have come since. When Case discontinued stag in 1970, they made a few 23 knife stag sets that zoomed up in value. Then around 1972 enough stag was found to produce some more knives--and for the first time a stainless stag handled folding guard lockback with a Cheetah etch. The only way to obtain one was through one of the issued stag sets, but of course everyone broke them up and sold them individually. This is one of those. Mint. (jfm 98263) Minimum bid $200.00

Lot 264 Bulldog Brand Five blade Anglo Saxon Whittler with abalone handles, oversized, with certificate mint in box. Less than a dozen of these were made with these handles. (jfm 98264) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 265 Case Tested RM6165 flat ground, Original Christmas Tree handles (right down to some shrinkage to attest to the originality), blade is full but some light pitting overall. (jfm 98265) Minimum bid $250.00

Lot 266 Case Tested 6165 flat ground folding hunter, yellow compositions handles, original, some pitting and blade wear, low excellent condition. (jfm 98266) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 267 Case Tested 6165 flat ground folding hunter with metal flake celluloid handles, white liners, excellent. Some shrinkage on the handle, but never seen this handle on a Case knife before. Color is not quite right for gold stone, but similar looking handles are in the Jim Sargent book. Cannot point out anything wrong with it, so sold as is. (jfm 98267) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 268 KA-BAR swing guard dogshead lockback, made for the Kabar Knife Collectors Club. Pretty brown bone handles mint. (jfm 98268) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 269 Case 6111 1/2 bone handled folding guard lockback, USA mark, near mint (jfm 98269) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 270 Pair of stag handled Bulldog Brand knives, made in 1998, Canoe and trapper, German made, both etched, "The Hillside Nursery, Inc. Since 1979", both MIB (jfm 98273) Minimum bid $70.00

Lot 271 Case XX 6296X SS 2 blade red bone handled citrus knife. One of the sought after XX's. Cleaned to near mint. (jfm 98274) Minimum bid $100.00

Lot 272 The club knife that started it all, 1975 NKCA Anglo Saxon whittler made by Robert Klass in 1975. Only 1200 were ever made, and were sold initially for $12.00 but were bringing $600 by the 1980's. While they have decreased a little in value since then this is still one of the significant knives of cutlery history. Exceptional stag. (jfm 98275) Minimum bid $150.00

Lot 273 Case 5220 10 dot (1970) Stag handled peanut, some spots but unused. (jfm 98276) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 274 Case Tested 3220, flat ground, white liners, A Blade, except for the specking on the blades would be near mint but some foxing and light cracking beginning on the surface of the handle (not liner or rivet cracks mind you) (jfm 98277) Minimum bid $50.00

Lot 275 Fight'n Rooster Germany 2 blade Physicians knife with red and black striped celluloid handles, mint. (jfm 98278) Minimum bid $25.00

Lot 276 Pair of Case Louisiana World's Fair 1984 knives. Bleu delrin, '2087 and '1048 patterns mint. (jfm 98279) Minimum bid $30.00

Lot 277 Pair of Case yellow handled knives, 3185 Physican's knife USA with some shrinkage, near mint, and 3220 70's dot exc. (jfm 98280) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 278 KA-BAR, Union Cut Co. yellow and orange metal flake long pull peanut, exc. (jfm 98281) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 279 Union Cutlery modern version of a Union Razor Co. sticking knife,marked Tidioute PA, fancy wrapping paper and gold embossed box, leather sheath. Mint (dbo 98335) Minimum bid $75.00

Lot 280 Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. rel 78-DSC0184 78-DSC0185 Minimum bid $5.00 (rel 78-DSC_0185) Minimum bid $5.00

Lot 281 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (rel 78-DSC_0204) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 282 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched "Everlastingly Sharp", button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. (rel 78-DSC_0185) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 283 Pair of Schrade Scrimshaw commemoratives, some people add these to the Indian series collection, but that's up to you, both are 5" LB7 patterns with color scrimshaw style scenes of a Cowboy and Pony Express rider, both knives comes in a gift box with acetate cover and a rustic leather sheath. Both MIB (fjk 98336) Minimum bid $40.00

Lot 284 Schrade Bald Eagle LB5 lockback, (smaller than an LB7) MIB with certificate, acetate cover and leather belt sheath mint. (fjk 98337) Minimum bid $20.00

Lot 285 "Listen to the jingle," Roy Acuff stag handled gunstock made by Case in the 80's, raised letter shield, in a very nice wood presentation box that is pristine in original wrapping. Box has a winding stem and when you open the box a music box plays the "Wabash Cannonball". (Personal aside: I was lucky enough to hear Roy play that song at the Grand Ole Opry when it was still in the Ryman, back in 19...mumble mumble. (fjk 98338) Minimum bid $70.00





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