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Lots 200-301


Lot 100 Case XX red bone 6217, cleaned to exc. Except for two hairlines at the end rivet. (99165 lin) $30.00

Lot 101 W. R. Case & Sons Bradford PA razor with fancy tips, imitation tortoise shell handles, exc. (99166 lin) $35.00

Lot 102 W. R. Case & Sons, Bradford PA Lone Star razor, cracked ice handles with "Lone Star" on the handle and tang. Unused but some tiny light specks. Almost mint. (99167 lin) $35.00

Lot 103 W. R. Case & Sons Bullseye razor, imitation tortoise handles with Tested logo on the handles, "Bullseye" on the tang, with a gold etching on the blade reading "Hand Forged" mint. (99168 lin) $50.00

Lot 104 Case Brothers Cutlery razor with butter and molasses celluloid handles, exc except for a crack at the pivot rivet on one side of the handle. (99169 lin) $40.00

Lot 105 Rare marked Case razor, marked, "W. R. Case & Son" (1903-1905), tang also marked Bullseye and the matching metal inset logo with the same is on the handle, fancy tips, exc. (99170 lin) $80.00

Lot 106 Kinfolks, USA razor, cream celluloid handles, marked on the tang and handle, "Blue Steel Special". Exc 99171 lin) $15.00

Lot 107 Case XX (1945-65) 1139 budding knife, wood handles, cleaned to high vg/exc. (99172 lin) $20.00

Lot 108 Three Case used Delrin handled knives, most cleaned to exc/nm, 62042, 6202 1/2, and 6249, all 70's dots. (99173 lin) $40.00

Lot 109 Pair of Central Kentucky Knife Collectors Club Knives, 2001 Paul Henckels stag handled take apart hobo, and 1991 Queen stag handled gunstock, 1 of 91. Both mint. (99174 lin) $70.00

Lot 110 Cattaraugus Cutlery Co, Little Valley,NY razor, fancy tips with imitation ivory handles and Indian figure inset into the handle, exc. (99175 lin) $20.00

Lot 111 Group of 3 vintage Camillus knives. Sword Brand 3 7/8" 2 blade bone stockman with 4 line Camillus mark on the back of the tang, and "Streamline" stamped into the master blade which is full but has been cleaned. Couple of pits on the back of the blade, plus a #72 three blade swell center pattern in the crest shield and Official Scout shield models, both cleaned to exc. (99176 lin) $75.00

Lot 112 Pair of late 70's knives. 2138LSS locking liner sodbuster, mint. and 6143 Delrin handled daddy barlow cleaned to near mint except for a pit or two that didn't buff out (99177 lin) $40.00

Lot 113 Pair of Case knives. Green bone 6254 trapper and 6111 1/2 second cut, long pull, modern, both MIB. (99178 fmcd) $60.00

Lot 114 Three Case knives, blue-green bone 62131ss canoe, smooth reddish bone 6249 copperhead, and 6286ss sp smooth brown bone 2 blade mini-physican's with spatula blade, all mint. (99179 lin) $65.00

Lot 115 Pair of vintage Case tadpole knives, 6229 1/2. Case Tested Green Bone, cleaned to low very good; and a 2229 1/2 slick black cleaned to excellent. (99180 lin) $70.00

Lot 116 Three Case 1979 1-dot knives, all aluminum handles, two M1056L and one M1051L, some light scratches on the handles, otherwise mint, unused. (99181 lin) $35.00

Lot 117 Three Case knives with moss green handles, arrowhead shields, "Limited XX Edition, 1 of 2500" on the blades, Russlock, 6185ss Physicians knife, and 610094ss Texas toothpick, all mint. Modern (99182 lin) $80.00

Lot 118 Two Case 1990's canoes, Both pocketworn red bone, one standard production, the other with a pearl shield and etched "1997 Pearl Premiers 1 of 100". Both mint. (99183 lin) $65.00

Lot 119 Three Moss green bone handled limited edition Case knives, arrowhead shields, all etched, 1 of 2500, 6220ss peanut, 62132 baby butterbean, and 62165 mini-folding hunter, all mint. (99184 lin) $60.00

Lot 120 Pair of moss green Case knives, both 610096ss mini-toothpicks, one a limited edition 1 of 2500, the other with a Ducks Unlimited shield, both mint. (99185 lin) $55.00

Lot 121 Three Case Moss green limited edition knives, all with Ducks Unlimited shields, modern, 6220 peanut, 610096ss mini toothpick, and 6282 sp mini-physicians with a spatula blade. All mint. (99186 lin) $55.00

Lot 122 Three Case 61953L Russlock knives, modern, smooth red bone, smooth reddish bone, and smooth blue/green bone, all mint. (99187 lin) $80.00

Lot 123 Three moss green bone Case knives with Ducks Unlimited shields, 6383 whittler, 6332ss, and 64052ss. All mint (99188 lin) $90.00

Lot 124 Pair of moss green bone Case Ducks Unlimited knives, both with DU shields, 61265 liner lock with clip, and T.B.61110 designed by Tony Bose. Both mint. (99189 lin) $55.00

Lot 125 Case 82131ss pearl handled canoe, modern, mint (99190 lin) $70.00

Lot 126 Two Case moss green bone, trapper knives, one XX Limited Edition 1 of 2500, the other a Ducks Unlimited shield. Both mint, modern. (99191 lin) $60.00

Lot 127 Trio of Case A62131ss canoes with smooth brownish bone handles, all mint, each with a different style shield: "XX", "Case XX", and "CASE". (99192 lin) $85.00

Lot 128 Pair of Smooth Rose bone handled knives, SR2027 and SR6220 peanut, both mint. 80's (99193 lin) $40.00

Lot 129 Case Tested XX 9269, imitation pearl handles, cleaned to exc. 3" long closed. (99194 lin) $40.00

Lot 130 Pair of stag handled Case Muskrat knives with engraved bolsters, both with bomb shields, modern, one marked Central Ky. Knife Club 2006. Both mint. (99195 lin) $90.00

Lot 131 Group of 4 vintage razors, Two Shapleigh with floral pattern in relief on imitation ivory handles, one yellow Dubl-Duck, and a black handled "King of All Razors". All Exc. (99196 lin) $30.00

Lot 132 Four white bone handled razors. Cosmo Mfg. Co. Germany, Bell, Ruler, and George W. Brown, Hillsboro, IL. All exc to nm. (99197 lin) $30.00

Lot 133 Three Case 6201 pen knives, all 70's dots, two bone, one mint, one near mint, and a 6201R delrin with bail, mint. (99198 lin) $25.00

Lot 134 Three German made half-congress knives with cellulid handle, BuckCreek with red celulloid handles and a duck in flight shield, near mint; Buckcreek Cobra '92, mint, and Bear & Bull imitation pearl, mint except for a couple of specks and a tiny bit of handle shrinking. (99199 lin) $65.00

Lot 135 Pair of John Primble knives, bone Texas Toothpick marked John Primble Belknap USA, cleaned to near mint (no etching visible) and a John Primble India Steel Works with a patched handle and a German look 3 3/8" serpentine. (99200 lin) $65.00

Lot 136 John Primble pair of congress knives. Stag handled jumbo congress marked John Primble Louisville, KY Made in USA (Bluegrass) mint, and John Primble Belknap Mfg. German with star on back of tang, bone, 3 5/8" with stepped down bolsters, cleaned, exc. (99201 lin) $80.00

Lot 137 Four Delrin handled Barlows. Case 62009 1/2 six dot, Belknap Bluegrass heavily cleaned to low exc; two others with Primble bolsters, one mint with brushed finish, the other has been buffed but etching is still clear. (99202 lin) $50.00

Lot 138 Pair of Case knives. 2138L ss liner lock sodbuster mint, and 6143 Daddy Barlow delrin handles, 2 dot, and has been buffed. (99203 lin) $35.00

Lot 139 Pair of modern Case jigged white bone handled knives, 6318 serpentine and 6383 swell center whittler, both mint. 99204 lin) $45.00

Lot 140 Pair of modern Case knives, smooth bone 6249 copperhead and jigged bone copperlock 61549 L SS (99205 lin) $50.00

Lot 141 Three Case bone handled trappers, 6254 2 dot, 6254ss 2 dot, and 80's new grind stainless. All mint (99206 lin) $100.00

Lot 142 Three jigged white bone knives, two 62132ss baby butterbean and 62109W. All mint. (99207 lin) $55.00

Lot 143 Pair of Case Cheetah Cubs, 611 1/2, smooth green bone handles, bolsters engraved on one knife, other is plain. Both mint. (99208 lin) $70.00

Lot 144 Four Case knives, SR6225 1/2 coke bottle 1980's, 6225 1/2ss modern red bone, green bone baby butterbean, and 62154ss tiny trapper, jigged oranish bone with "Case Made in America" shield, all mint. (99209 lin) $80.00

Lot 145 Pair of jigged bone Case 54 patterns, modern, standard trapper and take apart hobo trapper. Both mint. (99210 lin) $75.00

Lot 146 Three jigged white bone Case knives. Russlock, Copperlock, and 64052. All modern and mint. (99211 lin) $90.00

Lot 147 Pair of jigged white bone Case knives, 6111 1/2 cheetah folding guard lockback, and 6270ss jumbo sleeveboard, both mint. (99212 lin) $65.00

Lot 148 Three Case jigged white bone knives, 62132 baby butterbean, 6333 pen, and 6220 peanut. All modern and mint. (99213 lin) $55.00

Lot 149 Three Case jigged white bone knives, modern, Muskrat, 64052 congress, and 6318ss. All mint. (99214 lin) $80.00

Lot 150 Pair of Case Razor barlows 6205RAZ. One is a pre-1965 XX, the other 80's dot redbone with shield. Both have been cleaned to high excellent. (99215 lin) $70.00

Lot 151 Case XX Red stag 5260, cleaned to low exc. (99217 lin) $45.00

Lot 152 Group of five '78 Patterns, Bradford Centennial, nautical scene, plain, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter 1980 political knives, all mint. (99218 lin) $40.00

Lot 153 Case Tested XX 62027 1/2 swell ends, regular bone handles, mint. (99219 lin) $75.00

Lot 154 Case XX 62027 1/2 Mint. Bone. (99220 lin) $50.00

Lot 155 Pair of Queen knives. Mountain Man lockback stainless, 1 rivet crack, and #46 Fish knife (etched, no tang mark, which was how they did their knives in the 70's). Mint except as noted. (99221 lin) $35.00

Lot 156 Three smooth rose bone handled knives, 1979-80's, SR6244, SR6225 1/2, SR62027. All mint (99222 lin) $50.00

Lot 157 Three Appaloosa bone Case knives, 1979 62009 1/2 unused but spotted, and two A6208 half whittlers, both full blades but have been buffed. (99223 lin) $50.00

Lot 158 Four 1980's Case Smooth Rose handled knives, SR6244, SR62027, SR6225 1/2, and SR6220. 99224 lin) $55.00

Lot 159 Case XX office knife, 4247, white composition handles, some pulling and shrinkage on the handles, otherwise cleaned to mint. (99225 LIN) $25.00

Lot 160 Case 8270 pearl pen knife, Case Tested, with dovetail bolsters, blades slow, cleaned to low exc. (99227 lin) $50.00

Lot 161 Case XX 5260 stag pen, tip bolsters, hairlines at the handle rivets, cleaned to vg. (99228 LIN) $30.00

Lot 162 Case Tested Waterfall celluloid handled 9233, long pull, cleaned to exc except for handle pulling on one end. (99229 LIN) $45.00

Lot 163 Two Case knives, 6327 delrin 70's dots, and 62109x bone baby copperhead, 80's dots. Both mint. (99230 LIN) $40.00

Lot 164 Case XX Stainless 8279 equal end, cleaned to near mint. (99231 LIN) $25.00

Lot 165 Case XX Greenbone 6279 equal end, cleaned with vg blade. (99232 LIN) $45.00

Lot 166 Case long tail C under the "ase", not marked Tested but from that era, 8233 long pull, excellent plus but has been rehandled. Master blade is lazy. (99233 LIN) $50.00

Lot 167 Case XX Greenbone 6233 LP long pull, some pitting but other than that blades are a good solid excellent. Hairline rivet crack on the back handle. (99234 LIN) $40.00

Lot 168 Case XX Rogers bone 6233. If there is such a thing as cleaned to mint this one is very close. (99235 LIN) $40.00

Lot 169 Case Bradford bone handled 6233, long pull, diamond shield, old style Case on the shield with the tips of the C turned in. Excellent. (99236 LIN) $50.00

Lot 170 Case XX 6233 reddish bone (not sure it is 100% red bone), cleaned to near mint. (99237 LIN) $30.00

Lot 171 Three Case vintage imitation pearl handled knives. Case XX 9261 with curved cuticle pen blade, Case XX 9233, and 70's dots cracked ice 92042. All mint. (99238 LIN) $30.00

Lot 172 Two Case pearls from the 80's. 8201 and 82079 1/2 sleeveboard, both mint. (99239 LIN) $50.00

Lot 173 Pair of Case USA knives (1965-1970) 8233 and 82053R with bail. Both mint. (99240 LIN) $60.00

Lot 174 Five vintage Case delrin handled knives. 6244, 06263ss, 6279 and 6220 all 70's dots, and 06263ss 80's dots. All mint. (99241 LIN) $45.00

Lot 175 Case XX 6233 Rough black regular pull, unused but has been cleaned with a supereraser or something similar leaving light scratching on the blade, should clean and would look mint. (99242 LIN) $30.00

Lot 176 Case XX 6233 long pull rough black, full blades, mint. Nice. (99243 LIN) $30.00

Lot 177 Two Case XX marked yellow handled Case 3233, one blade is near mint, the other is not. See photo. 99244 LIN) $30.00

Lot 178 Pair of Case stags, 5233 from the gray etch sets of 1976, and 5279ss from the red etch sets of 1978. Both mint. (99245 LIN) $50.00

Lot 179 Three Case stag handled lockbacks, Sharkstooth, Hammerhead, and Mako, in original boxes with basketweave sheaths, all mint. (99247 LIN) $150.00

Lot 180 Case Sidewinder, button lock large folding hunter with basketweave sheath, MIB (99248 lin) $80.00

Lot 181 Case stag sharkstooth, 5197Lssp, Mint (99249 LIN) $70.00

Lot 182 Case Buffalo 4 dot, mint clasp knife in wood presentation box. (99250 LIN) $40.00

Lot 183 Schrade made Spirit of St. Louis commemorative, 4 blade premium stock knife, MIB (99251 LIN) $25.00

Lot 184 Three Case '78 patterns, one marked "Diamond Jubilee 1980, one plain imitation tortoise, and the other engraved brass. All mint except for some brass pitting for the green crud that gets on them when stored in the sheaths during that era. (99252 LIN) $25.00

Lot 185 Case 10 dot 06263ss, bone, mint. (99253 LIN) $25.00

Lot 186 Pair of Case stags, 70's dots 5120R one blade peanut with bail, and 52042R with bail, 80's. Both mint. (99254 LIN) $40.00

Lot 187 Pair of Case 70's dots M279 patterns, one has a file blade and bail, the other is standard. Both mint, some natural occurring scratches from storage on the handles. (99257 LIN) $15.00

Lot 188 Three Case stags, 5279ss from the red etch 1978 sets, and two 1980's stags, 06263R with bail, and 52027. All mint. Natural check on the '63, see photo. (99258 LIN) $50.00

Lot 189 Case USA 6445R bone handles, mint, not original box. (99047 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 190 Case 80's dots 53033 raised letter stag pen knife, mint (99048 fmcd) $25.00

Lot 191 Case USA 83089 lobster knife, mint except for two hairlines on the back handle. (99049 fmcd) $20.00

Lot 192 Case 70's dots 6246R marlin spike with bone handles, mint, not original box. (99050 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 193 Case 70's dots, 3299 1/2 swell end jack, mint. (99051 fmcd) $30.00

Lot 194 Case 70's 2 dot 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback, bone, mint. (99052 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 195 Case 70's 3 dot 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback, bone mint. (99053 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 196 American Tomahawk 2001 Limited edition of the Vietnam Tomahawk with Peter Lagana signed COA, #146. All items matching. Mint. (91037 lm) $60.00

Lot 197 Standing Stone smooth bone handled lockback clasp knife, made to honor the Cherokee legendary Standing Stone near Cookeville, TN, with the seal of the Cherokee Nation on the blade (and approved by the tribe) gift boxed. Mint. Was made by Parker on contract. (99315 rel) $25.00

Lot 198 Case XX (1945-65) 31098 Texas toothpick, unused and full blade but some light pitting. Near mint otherwise. (99032 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 199 Case 51050L lockback folding hunter with folding guard, raised letter shield. There was a small overrun of ABCA club knives that were unetched and were sold by ABCA to James F. Parker unetched. Approximately 100 knives were all that were unetched. This is one of those. Mint (99033 fmcd) $80.00

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Lots 100-101

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