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Lot 200 Same knife as Lot 199 the one above, but this one is the ABCA club knife with the etched blade, one of 3500, mint. (99034 fmcd) $80.00

Lot 201 Case USA (1965-70) 32095 Fish knife, yellow handles, mint with hook sharpener shield. (99035 fmcd) $30.00

Lot 202 Case XX Stainless is the tang mark on this (1945-65) vintage fish knife with hook sharpener in place of a shield. Mint. (99036 fmcd) $30.00

Lot 203 Case XX 5392 stag stockman, blades are full but have been cleaned, high exc-nm, except for a rivet crack that extends to the liner, past the rivet and toward the shield. (99055 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 204 Pair of Case knives, 1889-1989 6207ss mini-trapper but without the centennial blade etch, and 6249 second cut 1980's copperhead unused but some deep pitting on the back of the blade, pattern number on the blade is 5249. (99056 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 205 Two Case knives, 62109x baby copperhead, 1980's and 50th Anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (on handles and blade etch) 1979, spotted and pitted but unused, imitation black pearl handles, SM09244 (99057 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 206 Pair of Case '51 pattern lockbacks, one box, 21051L and P1051L, both mint. (99058 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 207 Pair of Case Centennial knives, 1989, 6225 1/2 coke bottle and 62109x baby copperhead, both with red bone handles MIB. (99059 fmcd) $55.00

Lot 208 Pair of matched Case Texas Toothpicks, R1093 and G1093, red and green bone handles. There were not sold as regular production but were a special factory order for a single client. Matching number. Mint. (99060 fmcd) $65.00

Lot 209 Pair of NKCA Club knives, 1978 three blade green bone canoe by Rodgers Wostenholm (England) and Queen 1981 stag handled big cigar. Both mint. (99061 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 210 Two NKCA club knives, 1989 Case 6270 jumbo sleeveboard in green bone, and a 5154ss stag handled one blade trapper produced in 1979. Both Mint. One box. (99062 fmcd) $60.00

Lot 211 Pair of Remington early repo bullet knives, 1984 for both, R1173 1 blade lockback, mint except for a rivet crack at the lanyard, and an R1303 mint. Both with delrin handles. (99063 fmcd) $55.00

Lot 212 Case Tested Green bone saddlehorn, bomb shield, seen better days. Rivet crack on the back, one crack across the front handles from the center rivet, one repaired chip at the barehead end, maybe 40% blade wear. Not sure if this one even makes very good condition--if so it is a close thing. (99064 tsn) $50.00

Lot 213 Pair of stag handled Case lockback knives introduced during the Parker era. 51405L and 51225L, both MIB. (The 405 and 225 numbers are so named because that was the number of the Japanese made Parker knives before he purchased Case. (99065 fmcd) $60.00

Lot 214 Three Parker knives, Born Leaders MIB with Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan's images on the handle, Saturday Night Special jigged brown bone Texas Toothpick, mint, and Pearl Parker lobster, all Japan made. (99066 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 215 Two ABCA/IBCA club knives, 1994 bone handled three blade three backspring trapper, one of 600, and Parker USA Damascus 1 blade mini-trapper, smooth bone on the back and jigged bone on the front. (Made that way as a magicians pattern). Both mint. (99067 fmcd) $65.00

Lot 216 Pair of vintage knives, Challenge Cut Co. lockback, 4 5/8" long, long pull, very good with iron bolsters, rivet cracks on the back and a dig out of the bone, plus an LF&C English Jack with rough blac handles, master blade tang has been struck through as if it is a second but cannot see any major flaw, excellent condition. (99068 tsn) $40.00

Lot 217 Crandall Cutlery Co. Bradford, PA bone 6294 pattern, bowtie shield, small blade is lazy, bolsters are brushed arousing suspicion that the knife has been apart. Judging from the difference in condition of the 2 blades I'd suspect the pen is a replacement, very good except as noted. (99069 TSN) $50.00

Lot 218 Big Q Queen winterbottom bone jumbo congress four blade, low exc, 4" (99070 tsn) $40.00

Lot 219 Case XX 6250 sunfish, exc but has been rehandled in green bone (tint of the color is off and the cut out around the shield is sloppy). (99071 tsn) $70.00

Lot 220 Case XX 5165 SAB, vg, (99072 tsn) $40.00

Lot 221 Case Bros. Little Valley 6250 bone, double pulls on master blade, long pull small blade, very good condition. Hairline rivet crack on the back handle (99073 tsn) $100.00

Lot 222 Case XX 6111 1/2L blade is good, handle is rehandled in green bone, color is a little off and the edges are too squared, not a good fit for the shield. (99074 tsn) $40.00

Lot 223 Schatt & Morgan, Titusville, PA bone handled extended bolster folding hunter, matchstriker nail mark, crest shield, no cracks in the handle, blade is very good (barely). 99075 tsn) $60.00

Lot 224 Remington pre-WWII pearl serpentine, R4144, two blade, etching still clear on the master blade, and full, so a good solid excellent plus. (99076 tsn) $50.00

Lot 225 Remington Baby Ruth bone handled 2 blade serpentine, "Curtis Baby Ruth Candy" oval shield, blade is unused and near mint, hairline crack on the front rivet. (99077 tsn) $45.00

Lot 226 Remington pre-1940 R953 Texas Toothpick, grooved iron bolsters, vg. (99079 tsn) $50.00

Lot 227 Remington vintage letter opener with fold out knife blade, gold plated handles. Exc (99081 tsn) $20.00

Lot 228 Remington pre WWII striped pyremite handled easy open, etching visible, pen blade a little short, exc. R1775. (99082 tsn) $40.00

Lot 229 W. R. Case & Sons 3 1/2" bone handled easy pen, with bail, very good blade. (99083 tsn) $35.00

Lot 230 Remington R7134 pearl handled swell center 2 blade, blades are very good. Handles are intact. (99084 tsn) $30.00

Lot 231 W. R. Case & Sons 3 1/4" 8367 swell center 3 blade, two blades are exc, the smaller blade with the pattern number has been broken off, long pull. (99085 tsn) $50.00

Lot 232 Stainless, ST, G. Schrade Bridgeport, CT, 4 3/4" swell end with imitation pearl handles, extended lanyard ring, wrap around handle is stippled, and salesman sample numbers on the back of the master blade. Pristine mint. (99086 tsn) $45.00

Lot 233 Case Tested XX, 5165 SAB, long tailed C mark, master blade is rough, low very good, one hairline rivet crack at the center rivet on the front handle. (99087 tsn) $40.00

Lot 234 Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. Little Valley, NY bone handled folding hunter, coke bottle shape, long pull. Blade is a tiny bit short and very good or worse, back handle ok, front handle has been chipped and patched in two places. (99088 tsn) $35.00

Lot 235 Case Tested 9200, mottled imitation onyx handles, trapper configuration (both blade marked), very good. Pattern is same as a copperhead. (99089 tsn) $80.00

Lot 236 Pair of vintage American three backspring humpbacks. E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter 3 backspring whittler, excellent except one of the pen blades is broken off 1/2" from the tang, and a Cattaraugus four-blade in very good condition with a rivet crack on the back handle. (99090 tsn) $50.00

Lot 237 Pair of old Case knives. Case & Sons, Bradford, PA in a 3 1/2" 2 blade wharncliffe shape, circle Tested mark on the pen blade, low very good condition, and a Case Brothers, Little Valley with "Tested XX" struck on the blade, 3 1/4" wharncliffe, and low very good or worse. (99091 tsn) $60.00

Lot 238 Schatt & Morgan, Gowanda, NY (RARE mark), nice jigged bone handles, bowtie shield, long pull on both blades, blade are very good only. (99092 tsn) $50.00

Lot 239 Case Bradford, PA 6237 small coke bottle, green bone handles, long pull, blades are very good, no cracks in the handles, XX and pattern number on the reverse of the tang, pen blade has circle Case XX Tested mark. (99093 tsn) $100.00

Lot 240 Remington pre WWII bone handled dog grooming knife, bone handles, exc plus, grooved bolsters, no cracks. (99094 tsn) $50.00

Lot 241 Remington Pre WWII R953 bone handled Texas toothpick, very good. Blade a little lazy. (99095 tsn) $40.00

Lot 242 Schatt & Morgan, Titusville, PA bone handled Texas toothpick, low excellent, iron bolsters. (99096 tsn) $60.00

Lot 243 Remington R7833 Anglo Saxon 2 blade pattern, pre-WWII, pinched and grooved bolsters, crest shield, low excellent blades, bone handles. 4 1/2" closed. (99097 tsn) $50.00

Lot 244 Case Tested 6265 flat ground 2 blade folding hunter, bomb shield, long tailed C mark, tiny chip missing at center of edge of front handle and a good sized patch at the center rivet on the bac, beautiful deep jigged worm groove handles, very goo except as noted. (99098 tsn) $50.00

Lot 245 Three Cattaraugus large patterns, 4 1/4" swell end jack, bowtie shield, blade good; 4 5/8" English jack, very good, no cracks; and big cigar, 4 3/8", master blade has been replaced poorly, vg. (99099 tsn) $100.00

Lot 246 Group of three pre-WWII Remington knives, all bone handles. R1613 toothpick with the round bullet shield, handles intact but blade is low vg at best; R7833 2 blade Anglo Saxon pattern with grooved and pinched bolsters, exc; and R1163 English jack with crest shield. Low exc. (99100 tsn) $80.00

Lot 247 Pair of vintage old Case Knives, both with Case XX marks, 6250 redbone sunfish with rivet cracks on both sides and shield missing, and 5299 1/2 stag swell end, both very good or worse. (99101 tsn) $60.00

Lot 248 Pair of English jack lockback knives, M.C.Co (Meriden Cutlery) front lock with rough black handles, bowtie shield, etching still visible reading "Quality Brand, Great Northern Mfg. Co." exc, and a New York Knife Co. lockback with bomb shield, cracks in the barehead end of the knife at the rivets, very good or worse otherwise. (99102 tsn) $60.00

Lot 249 Pair of pre-WWII Remington knives. R3942 wood handled jumbo sleeveboard, 3 3/4" long, vg, and 3 5/8" teardrop jack with propeller shield, low exc, master blade is lazy. (99103 tsn) $55.00

Lot 250 Three large bone handled English jacks, 4 1/2 to 4 3/4", all bone handles, New York Knife Co., grooved bolsters, crest shield, cracks, vg; Levering, bowtie shield, cracks on the back handle, good-vg; and E. C. Simmons, St. Louis, vg. (99104 tsn) $70.00

Lot 251 Case Bradford PA pair of metal handled Scout utility patterns, scene in relief of Boy Scout holding flag, with outdoor scenes on the back, with bails, one is very good, the other is worse with a broken master blade. Extremely rare knife though. (99105 tsn) $60.00

Lot 252 Pair of NKCA club knives, 1977 Kissing Crane 3-blade gunboat canoe with stag handles, and bone handled jumbo trapper on the bullet pattern made in 1988. Both mint. (99106 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 253 Case 61050 Barehead folding hunter coke bottle, nice green bone handles, blade is low very good. Iron bolsters. One rivet crack on the front handle. (99297 tsn) $80.00

Lot 254 Rare Robeson folding guard stag (not a lockback, never was at Robeson), shield missing, serrated blade, some etching still visible. Excellent. (99271 tsn) $40.00

Lot 255 Case Tested 6265 sab green bone, iron bolsters, never made with a shield, very good blades, rivet crack on back side of handle at the center rivet. (99289 tsn) $70.00

Lot 256 Case Brothers Springville, NY 2294 pattern wood handles, iron bolsters, XX stamped on the blade, both blades marked, bowtie shield, deep pitting so low very good blades. (99290 tsn) $100.00

Lot 257 Case Brothers Little Valley, NY (pre-1914) stag handled 5294 pattern, bowtie shield, "Tested XX" stamped on the master blade, blades are not much more than a memory, about half gone. Now if this one could talk! (99291 tsn) $75.00

Lot 258 Case Tested 61100 saddlehorn, arrowhead shield, very good, crack across the front handle. (99294 tsn) $80.00

Lot 259 Schrade Cut. Co. Walden NY pre 1953 ss, etched “Stainless Steel” with butter and molasses celluloid handles. Tip bolsters. (99298 rel) $50.00

Lot 260 Case XX Stainless 6379 ss Rough Black, mint. (99301 lin) $45.00

Lot 261 Colonial ETAG Bushcraft knife, 4.25” blade, designed by Abe Elias, CE-100, 3/16 inch, G10 handles. Retail is $200.00, special etching on the back, this version was only available through a donation to KnifeRights.org (99302 rel) $70.00

Lot 262 Group of Four Case Delrin handled knives. Late 70's early 80's. 63033, 62027, 6201R, mint; and 6233 pen with faded handles, otherwise mint. (99304 LIN) $35.00

Lot 263 Pair of Case Hawbaker's Muskrats, matched set of jigged red and jigged green bone. This was a special factory order made for Arvis Coffee in the 1980s, unavailable to regular Case dealers. (99305 lin) $90.00

Lot 264 Pair of Case smooth bone 63047 serpentine 3 blades, one is red, the other green, 80's dots. Mint. (99306 lin) $90.00

Lot 265 Pair of Candy Stripe Texas Toothpick, Remington 5", and Pine Knot 3 7/8", both cleaned to very good, little bit of shrinkage on the handles. (99307 LIN) $40.00

Lot 266 Gerber Touche belt buckle and knife, stainless and wood grain, knife removes from the buckle without having to remove belt. Mint. (99308 rel) $30.00

Lot 267 Pair of Case slick blacks, Case XX 6229 1/2 tadpole, and 22087 dogleg, both cleaned to exc. (99309 LIN) $50.00

Lot 268 Group of 5 Appaloosa bone handle knives from 79-80. A62009 1/2 barlow, A6235 1/2 swell end jack, A6208 half whittler, A62042, and A62033. All mint. (99310 LIN) $90.00

Lot 269 Remington repo special limited edition, 2000, one of 500, featuring a shotgun shell shield on an R1306 pattern, MIB. (99311 rel) $25.00

Lot 270 Case, Bradford PA (faint and hard to make out) 6211 ½, no folding guard, long pull 2 blade with arrowhead shield, blades very good at best. Repaired chip and crack at the center rivet on the back side. (99317 tsn) $100.00

Lot 271 RAP Cutler is the marking on this handmade brass bolster 4" premium stock knife, one bolster extend longer, fileworked backsprings and blade back, excellent plus (99282 APT) $40.00

Lot 272 Pair of knives. Taylor-Seto jigged bone tanto, 11 1/2" , 6 1/4" blade and Explorer 21-155 8" tanto with heart sheath and black pakkawood handles, 4" blade, both mint. (99259 dct) $30.00

Lot 273 Japanese specialty knife in a wood scabbard, and 12 1/2" dagger with a finished blade and unfinished handle and nice sheath but did not come with the knife, mint. (99260 dct) $20.00

Lot 274 Judson Cutlery fixed blade, 10" oal, 6" blade, exc condition, multi stacked handle, some are loose, marked on tang, Made in Czechoslovakia Mexican made sheath not original to the knife. 99261 dct) $25.00

Lot 275 Case 5300 stag fixed blade, pouch basketweave sheath, in original matching pumpkin colored box. MIB (99262 LIN) $40.00

Lot 276 Case Select Jigged red bone handled 678 3 1/2 ss, MIB. (99263 LIN) $30.00

Lot 277 Case Cheyenne black comp handled fixed blade, $4000, Mint in original box. (99264 LIN) $30.00

Lot 278 Case XX 6235 bone, cleaned to near mint. (99045 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 279 Four used Case Tested knives, most in the very good condition range, top to bottom Green bone 62031 with iron bolsters; 62028 rough black, 6330 green bone equal end, and 6249 green bone copperhead. (99002 tsn) $100.00

Lot 280 Three Remington jacks, each with a different private label shield, all vg to low exc. Swell end jack with AXTON on a circle shield, bone handles, pen blade has been tipped; black comp handled easy open with bail and Hanover Shoes shield; and bone easy open (low exc) advertising Endicott-Johnson Shoes. Bail is missing. (99004 tsn) $100.00

Lot 281 High Carbon Steel (Camillus made) 5 blade cattle knife, propeller shield, bone handles, 3 3/4" closed. A crack at the back handle pin to the liner that is wide, has been glued in and runs down the opposite side to the outer edge. Excellent otherwise (99005 tsn) $45.00

Lot 282 Case Tested XX 6151L toadsticker lockback, green bone handles, bomb shield with Case in relief, no cracks in the handles, master blade has been buffed to death but it seems to have gotten rid of any pits, shiny. Low exc. (99006 tsn) $90.00

Lot 283 Case Tested XX Green Bone 61050 Coke bottle folding hunter, saber ground, bowtie relief shield, excellent blade, one hairline on the back handle that is not near a a pin, correct frame and correct blade but looks to have been put together (poorly--pin exposed). Still original combo. Master blade is lazy. (99007 tsn) $100.00

Lot 284 Case Tested XX Green bone 61050 coke bottle folding hunter, flat ground, exc except for a repaired spot for a missing chip at the center front rivet. (99008 tsn) $90.00

Lot 285 Case XX C61050 folding hunter, green bone handles, exc. (99009 tsn) $110.00

Lot 286 Case XX (1945-65) Reddish bone 6265 folding hunter, excellent except for a chip missing at the center front rivet. (99010 tsn) $50.00

Lot 287 Three Cattaraugus knives, swell center 4 1/2" jumbo whittler with bowtie shield, bone handles, high vg; Cattaraugus locking liner slim trapper 1 blade, exc; and Big cigar, 4 1/4" closed, vg with a rivet crack except pen blade appears a replacement (original Catt blade). (99013 tsn) $60.00

Lot 288 Pair of pre-WWII Remington knives, 3 7/8" cattle knife, 2 blade, R323 and RS3333 with acorn shield with "Scout" stamped diagonally Both low exc. (99014 tsn) $50.00

Lot 289 High Carbon Steel (Camillus made) 5 blade cattle knife, propeller shield, bone handles, 3 3/4" closed. Exc. (99015 tsn) $45.00

Lot 290 Pair of Remington Scout knives, RS3333 with official Boy Scout emblem, and R3333 scout pattern with acorn shield with Scout stamped on the shield, excellent blades. (99016 tsn) $50.00

Lot 291 Four pre-war Remington celluloid handled vintage knives: All vg or worse. 4" stockman with waterfall celluloid handles, 4 blade pyremite handled pen with tip bolsters, one blade broken, two blade serpentine with Christmas tree celluloid handles that have pulled from the liners (not original to the knife) and Two blade small stockman with pyremite handles. (99017 tsn) $40.00

Lot 292 Trio of vintage Case Bros. Little Valley NY knives. Stag front lock lockback with bowtie shield, XX on the blade, blade is low very good, plus two Case Bros. swell end jacks with wood handles (31 patterns more or less), two different shields, one blade is good, about half gone, the other is only a nub. (99019 tsn) $70.00

Lot 293 Pair of Remington scout knives, small patterns, RS4233 official Scout with acorn shield (punch is topped), blade is very good because of deep pitting, and a Girl Scout knife blade is very good. Hairline crack or two on the Boy Scout. 99020 tsn) $55.00

Lot 294 Case 70's dots 61093 Texas toothpick delrin handles, mint. (99027 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 295 Remington pre 1940 3 3/8" swell end jack, straightline tang mark, rough black handles, exc. (99028 fmcd) $30.00

Lot 296 Rare Case Appaloosa bone 6250 sunfish. This knife originally came in a Case Museum set, only 2500 made and only available at the time to NKCA members. The only reason you can own this is someone broke a boxed set up. Mint. (99029 fmcd) $100.00

Lot 297 Pair of vintage Remington knives, Easy open teardrop jack with Endicott Shoes shield, with bail and rough black handles, and bone handled Wrigley's pattern 2 blade serpentine. Both excellent. (99030 fmcd) $90.00

Lot 298 Remington pre 1940 bone handled square bolster muskrat pattern, expertly cleaned to near mint. (99031 fmcd) $100.00

Lot 299 Pair of Case hunters, one stag one jigged bone, mint in the original boxes. (99322 lin) $60.00

Lot 300 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (rel 78-DSC_0204) (78-DSC_0204) $20.00

Lot 301 Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched "Everlastingly Sharp", button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. (78-DSC_0190 $20.00)


Lots 1-99

Lots 100-101

Lots 200-301