J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 105

Auction Ends Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.

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Lot 1 Jess Horn Handmade stag frontlock folder, drilled for lanyard, rare serrated blade model. 3 1/2" closed, 5 7/8" oal, well matched stag, #003. Mint. (v298-lmi) Minimum Bid $500.00

Lot 2 Paul Fox toggle folder with anodized bolster, composite handle, dovetailed bolsters. Round disc on back of blade serves as the thumb opener. 3 3/8" closed, 6" open, A great article about his knives was in a recent issue of KNIFE magazine. (v313-lmi) Minimum Bid $300.00

Lot 3 Bob Conley, Jonesboro, TN engraved lockback folder, blacklip pearl handles, fileworked inside and out, including blade backs, 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open, mint. (v314-rdm) Minimum Bid $250.00

Lot 4 Koji Hara black pearl handmade ATS34 lockback from one of Japan's top long-time makers. 2 3/4" closed, 4 7/8" open. Beautiful, mint. (v260-rdm) Minimum Bid $200.00

Lot 5 Stephan Fowler, Sand Hill, WS Damascus wood handled handmade folder, finger grooved lockback, 3 5/8" closed, 6 5/8" open. (v258-rdm) Minimum Bid $60.00

Lot 6 Randall 13-6, rough back sheath, stacked leather washer handle, excellent, aluminum pommel, grass guard. (v055-mng) Minimum Bid $175.00

Lot 7 Digby's jigged red bone handled work back folder, Sheffield made, Kelham Island mark, fileworked blade back and backspring, easy open, 3 5/8" closed, 6 1/2" oal. Mint. (v264-rdm) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 8 Mayall two blade stag handled folder, 3 5/8" closed, 6 3/8" open, mint except for some light specks. Mayall's knives lean to the crude side, so do not expect a Jess Horn finish. (v266-rdm) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 9 Knife House Hara, Koji Hara pearl handled liner lick with knurled thumbstud, mint. Tang marked "Usleton's" and "Seki, Japan" on the back of the blade, with clip on the back numbered "O6", 3 1/8" closed, 5 3/4" open. Mint (v267-rdm) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 10 Mayall stag handled handmade Texas toothpick, typical Mayall rough finish, 5" closed, mint except for a couple of specks. (v268-rdm) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 11 Miner Handmade sheep horn handled lockback folder, 4 closed, 6 3/4" open, stippled lockback, mint. (v262-rdm) Minimum Bid $60.00

Lot 12 J. N. Lloyd fancy stag handled handmade folder resembling an overgrown corn knife blade, but with double pulls, and through the tang nail mark, nice. Brushed finish, 3 7/8" closed, 7 3/8" open, sliplock. Unused and mint but has a couple of specks. (v271-rdm) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 13 H. L. Morris, Handmade white micarta handled lockback with nickel silver bolsters, 4" closed, 7" open, near mint, marking is pantographed on back side, also has "000-96". Has been carried and used, exc condition. (v273-rdm) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 14 Mayall stag handled one blade sliplock, 2 7/8" closed, 5 1/8" open, nickel silver bolsters, round shield, "hand made" on the back of the tang. Mint except for a check at the front rivet. It looks natural from the stag, but considering the position most will glance quick and call it a crack. (v274-rdm) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 15 Chuck Hawes Bowie, Damascus, with a mokume blade catcher set into the top of the blade, Damascus guard and pommel, and ivory micarta 2 piece handle, hidden tang, 16" oal, 10 1/2" blade, 5" sharpened top edge, 1070-1095-5160-15n20 steels, slanted ladder pattern Damascus. some filework, no sheath. (v308-lmi) Minimum Bid $120.00

Lot 16 Chuck Hawes handforged hunter with green maple ferrule, stag handles, stainless steel guard, W2 steel, nice clay hardened temper line, leather sheath by Hatchet Man Gun Leather, 8 3/4" oal, 4" blade., mint. (v309-lmi) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 17 Chuck Hawes Damascus folder like a small sunfish, Damascus bolsters with black lip pearl handles. 3 3/8" closed, 6" closed, 1095-Pure nickel 120 layer, 416 stainless linings, Mint except for a slight discoloration on the front blade edge. See photo. . (v310-lmi) Minimum Bid $150.00

Lot 18 Hawes Handmade 2 blade copperhead pattern, Damascus blades, ironwood handles, Mokume bolsters, second blade is a wharncliffe shape, master blade is a clip, some fileworked on the blade backs and backspring (nothing elaborate), 4" closed, 7" open. mint. (v311-lmi) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 19 Chuck Hawes wide ironwood handled Bowie, 14" oal, 8" blade, straight tang, brass guard, tooled leather sheath, mint. 1080 and 15n20 steel in 240 layers in a double ladder pattern Damascus. Fileworked blade back, copper rivets (v312-lmi) Minimum Bid $150.00

Lot 20 William Henry folder with pearl insert under the windowpane handle design, mint and very well done. (prop in the photo not included) 4 5/8" closed, 8 3/8" open, "Matt Lock" toggle style lock, marked "Matt Lock" in a circle on the back side. Mint. (v257-rdm) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 21 Mayall handmade Muskrat, genuine stag handles, near mint. (Mayall knives are all a little on the crude side) One spot near the nailmark on the front of the master blade, and a couple of specks on the edge, 3 7/8" closed. (v261-rdm) Minimum Bid $60.00

Lot 22 Tommy Lee handmade ironwood lockback folder, 3 1/5" closed, 6" open, mint, straight bolsters. (v317-lmi) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 23 William Henry pearl liner lock, anodized titanium liner, blue, genuine mother of pearl handle, 2 3/4" closed, 5" open, mint (v320-rdm) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 24 Case XX (1945-65) Rogers Bone 6347 red bone, cleaned to near mint, some specks at the nail mark and a hard to see hairline at the front center rivet (look close and see if it is visible in the photo--you'll see what I mean. (v319-ddc) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 25 Case XX (1945-65) 6380 Carpenter's whittler, bone. Mint. (v321-ddc) Minimum Bid $150.00

Lot 26 Case XX (1945-65) 6205 green bone, rare spear point version, cleaned to near mint. (v322-ddc) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 27 Case 10 Dot 6318 1970 bone handled serpentine, one hard to see handle pin crack at the front rivet. Otherwise mint. (v323-ddc) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 28 Case XX USA 6347 brushed finished first model etch "Tested XX Stainless", mint, but front handle is faded from being on a board (dark line where wire shielded that part of the handle from the sunlight is visible). Two smaller blades are also marked "Stainless". (v324-ddc) Minimum Bid $120.00

Lot 29 Case XX (1945-65) 6445 R Scout/utility pattern bone handles. Mint (v325-ddc) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 30 Case USA (1965-70) 53087 stag three blade. Hairline rivet crack, a spider web on the back of the spay blade, otherwise unused, original polish. (v326-ddc) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 31 Case XX (1945-65) 5233 stag handled pen stock. Some rusting on the top of both blades that has been cleaned, near mint. (v327-ddc) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 32 Case XX (1945-65) 6235 1/2 red bone. Some rusting on the tops of both blades, very light, and the tiniest of a ding in the upper left top of the front handle. Near mint. (v328-ddc) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 33 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6344 sp stock bone handles, mint (v329-ddc) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 34 Case XX USA (1965-70) 6347 bone serpentine, cleaned to near mint (v330-ddc) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 35 Case XX 62024 1/2 bone, heavily cleaned to exc (v331-ddc) Minimum Bid $20.00

Lot 36 Case XX 6275 long pull, moose, red bone. Back side only a little darker than the front, has been cleaned and very very close to mint. (v333-ddc) Minimum Bid $125.00

Lot 37 Case Midnight Pearl set of two small knives made in the 1980's, both with imitation black pearl handles, a 9233 and a 92042. To the best of my knowledge this is the only time these handles were used with a white stamped shield. Also still has the original paperwork about the set. Presentation boxed. Both mint. (v001-mbt) Minimum Bid $70.00

Lot 38 Case 1992 Peanut collection, six peanut '20 patterns, each with a different handle material and a gold raised letter shield. Only 500 sets were made. Handles are Bgirds Eye maple, Burnt white jigged bone, Imitation black pearl, jigged green bone, Maroon micarta, and green jigged bone. Mint in wood laser engraved box. (v002-mbt) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 39 Case 1985 Safari Set, two stag handled fixed blades and a double sheath mounted on a wood wall plaque. Mint (v003-mbt) Minimum Bid $90.00

Lot 40 Case Collectors Club Family mint set, wine colored bone trappers, '07 and '54, scrollwed bolsters, CCC shields, laser engraved trapper shaped box. (v094-trw) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 41 Case Trustworthy Handware collection of five different peanut knives in a delux presenation wall caes. Stag and four bone. (v095-trw) Minimum Bid $110.00

Lot 42 Case Collectors Club 2003 blue bone set: TB62110 small saddlehorn, 611 1/2 small lockback, and 6282 sp, in a deluxe Case collector case (v096-trw) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 43 Case Collectors Club tiny collection, all pink smooth bone and scrolled bolsters, 610096ss, 6282 sp ss, 62154ss, 62165ss, ans 62132ss. Each was a short run of 100 except for the tiny folding hunter of which 65 were made, per the consignor. (v097-trw) Minimum Bid $120.00

Lot 44 Case Collector Club 2004 green bone trapper set, 3 sizes for life, regular and junior members, in a presentation box. (v098-trw) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 45 Case Collectors Club 2007 red bone set in wood Case Collectors Club case (v099-trw) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 46 Case Knife Forums box containing two wharncliffe blade knives in a copperlock and baby copperhead pattern and toothpick, all mint. (v100-trw) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 47 Case 2002 Father's Day set, peanut and 44 pattern with shadow full length jigged bone, mint. (v102-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 48 Large set of Case limited edition peanuts, all with the limited edition etch, various handles and shields, all different, 23 different knives in all, plus a W. R. Case deluxe collectors club display case. (v164-trw) Minimum Bid $450.00

Lot 49 Case Collectors Club Family Traditions mint set, two cranberry folding guard lockbacks, 6111 1/2 and mini-version. Both in a wood fitted case in the shape of a lockback. (v171-trw) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 50 Dave Yellowhorse Buck 112 Buffalo with inlaid turquoise, channel inlay pearl, stippled bolsters and hand cut buffalo emblem, in wood presentation box that has been banged around a little. Knife is unused and mint except for three water speck spots that would clean. (v269-cho) Minimum Bid $140.00

Lot 51 Group of four salesman sample cast iron skillets, "The Blanket Store, Pleasant View, TN, Phillips & Buttorff Mfg. Co. Nashville, Nashville Casting Co., and National Steel Ranges, Nashville". (v004-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 52 Auto Strop Razor valet, Early safety razor by Auto Strop in a metal carrying case. Included blade carrier. Exc. Plus but outside of the box has rusted. (v020-mbt) Minimum Bid $10.00

Lot 53 Gillette early safety razor in a velvet lined case, gold colored, includes metal case for carrying blades, mint. (v021-mbt) Minimum Bid $10.00

Lot 54 Set of weights for a balance scale in a wood case, by Ohaus. Brass weights for the most part. (v022-mbt) Minimum Bid $15.00

Lot 55 Alabama licenses for 1930, one for a Street Seller and ht eother for a Paper Carrier. Both in top condition. 1 1/4" and 1" wide. (v026-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 56 Group of three licenses from 1930, Ohio Chauffer, Dayton, Ohio Licensed Taxi Driver, and Indiana Chauffer. All original and top condition. All appx. 1 1/2" or smaller. (v032-mbt) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 57 Group of three Michigan sports license pinbacks, all from 1930, Resident Deer License with colorful deer, Resident Small Game License with a pheasant, and Non Resident Fishing license. Some ftding on the Small game but others are OK. (v033-mbt) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 58 Pair of pinback 1930 sporting licenses. NJ Residents' Hunting and Fishing License, some cracking and chipping on the front, and NY Conservation Dept Citizen Resident Hunting, Trapping and Fishing License. (v034-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 59 Two Chauffer Licenses for 1930, Oregon and California, both showing use. 1 3/4" OR, 2" X 2 1/4" CA. (v035-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 60 Pair of pinback Sporting licenses, both from 1930, Connecticut Resident Angling License and Pennsylvania Resident Citizen's Fishing License. 1 3/4" (v036-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 61 Two Chauffeur licenses for 1930, Illinois 1 1/4" wide, and Minnesota 2" wide. (v037-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 62 Trio of metal pinback Chauffeur licenses, Michigan, Iowa, and Maine. 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide. (v038-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 63 Two sporting pinback fishing licenses, both for the year 1930. Wisconsin Non-Resident Fishing licenses, some cracking and discolaration around the edges, and Pennsylvania Resident Citizen's Fishing License. 1 3/4" diameter. (v039-mbt) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 64 Two metal Chauffer licenses for 1930 from Missouri and Kansas City Missouri. Both show carry use, see photo., 1 1/4" wide and 1 3/4". (v040-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 65 "The Improved Eagle Razor" etched black handles straight razor, Imperial Razor Co. Germany, (v067-mbt) Minimum Bid $20.00

Lot 66 Metal antique matchsafe, wheat bundle motif, excellent condition. Gold plated. (v072-mbt) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 67 Metal antique matchsafe with elaborate flying storks in relief. Exc. Gold plated. (v073-mbt) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 68 Ohio 10-day non-resident hunting license for 1948. vg condition. 2 1/8" wide. (v083-rel) Minimum Bid $10.00

Lot 69 Brass German compass, 1 3/4" diameter, and pearl handled pump shotgun tie clasp. (v135-mbt) Minimum Bid $15.00

Lot 70 Four different Zippo lighter with Case motif, Oval logo, trapper tang, 120th anniversary, and Bumble Bee. All MIB. (v162-trw) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 71 Four different Case motif Zippo lighters, Collectors club 2011, Oval red logo, W. R. Case & Son box lde, and Zippo/Case Pennsylvania memories. All MIB (v163-trw) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 72 Eight different Case logo caps. (v165-trw) Minimum Bid $10.00

Lot 73 W. R. Case & Sons Cookbook and historical companion. Mint. (v172-tsn) Minimum Bid $5.00

Lot 74 Seven different Case items: Car tag, metal water bottle and five different Case logo caps. (v173-trw) Minimum Bid $15.00

Lot 75 George Wostenholm IXL horn handled razor, couple of hairline rivet cracks vg. (v193-cho) Minimum Bid $5.00

Lot 76 Craftsman (Sears) hand ax, with fancy woven leather lanyard. Ax is vg. 10 1/4" long, head 3 3/4 X 2 1/4" edge. (v210-lmi) Minimum Bid $20.00

Lot 77 Group of seven political buttons, Five are Bush Cheny 2004, one is a 1972 Wallace, originals, and a reproduction Woodrow Wilson. (v213-rel) Minimum Bid $10.00

Lot 78 Three Smith & Wesson boxes, two the old blue with metal reinforced corners, one for a hunting knife, the other for a Chief's special, and a cardboard S&W USA box for a Smith Model 60 stainless snubnose. NO FIREARMS INCLUDED. (v214-mng) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 79 Four Zippo lighters with Cse Themes. Round WR XX mark, Collectors Club, oral logo, and Mery Christmas with Case logo. All MIB (v304-trw) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 80 Argyle Cutlery, Sheffield, English garter dirk, pre-1890, pearl handles, straight guard, 7 3/4" oal, 4 3/8" blade are clear. No sheath. Exc. (v030-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 81 Pearl Garter Dirk by Joseph Allen, Sheffield England, NonXll mark. Fancy ferrule, straight guard. Some pitting, vg. 7 7/8" oal, 4 3/8" blade. (v054-mbt) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 82 NonXLL Joseph Allen Sheffield England Garter dirk with spiral grooved pearl handle, fancy ferrule, straight guard, some pitting almost as if artifically aged, exc. 7 5/8" oal, 4 3/8" blade. No sheath. (v056-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 83 Carved pearl handled Garter dirk with floral ferrule, and a straight PEARL guard. Delicate thin blade, 7 1/2" oal, 4 3/8" blade, no sheath. Blade is marked with five letters much like the date cartouche on a fruit knife, but no actual hallmarks. Not sure if this is actually a garter dirk or a letter opener. Exc except for a crack on the back handle. (v057-mbt) Minimum Bid $20.00


Lot 84 Ron Lake "LakeR" fillet knife, micarta handles with finger grooves, leather sheath. These were made for consumers more than collectors, thus marked LakeR rather than Ron Lake. 11 1/2" oal, 6 3/4" blade, mint, but sheath had a ding or two. (v344-lmi) Minimum Bid $120.00

Lot 85 Digby's Kelham Island pearl handled dagger with fileworked tang and guard. Kelham Island is a historic demonstration shop showing how the old cutlers of Sheffield worked. The few remaining cutlers have all worked here at one time or another. 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade, mint, no sheath. (v068-mbt) Minimum Bid $100.00

Lot 86 Three Pearl fruit knives, two with shields, one with engraved pearl, sterling silver blades, 3 1/4 down to 2 3/4", two are Sheffield, on Birmingham, makers are IJH, JS, and MB. Dates: 1887, 1909, and 1919. (v044-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 87 Three longer pearl fruit knives, all with fancy bolsters, two with bar shields, one with a crest shield. All 3" top 3 1/4, all Sheffield, and all with shields, Makers are Asm TM, FEHS, and dates run 1859, 1863, and 1907. (v045-mbt) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 88 Three pearl fruit knives with pointed pommels, bowtied and bar shields on two. Sterling silver blades. Two Sheffield, one Birmingham. 2 1/4" to 3", dates 1879, 1862-five hallmarks, one hairline crack, and 1904. Excellent except as noted. (v047-mbt) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 89 Four engraved pearl fruit knives, sterling silver blades, all with some kind of decoration on the bolsters. 2 1/4 to 3", all Sheffield made, 1900, 1906, 1919, 1924, one Collingshaw, 1 TM, two others. VG to exc. (v048-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 90 Fancy sterling fruit knife with carved pearl, 3 1/2" closed, engraved bolsters, bar shield, by Collingshaw, exc plus condition. 1906. (v049-mbt) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 91 Fancy bright blade sterling silver fruit knife with engraving on the blade, engraved pearl, grooved bolster, Engraved shield, SK maker, but very lightly stamped, five hallmarks, "JM" engraved on the shield. Consignor dated this one at 1824, but it is not a Sheffield or Birmingham mark so not sure. (v050-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 92 Pair of pistol grip pearl handled sterling silver fruit knives with carving and inlaid pique work pins, one with 17 pins on one side, 2 5/8", 1900 date "FH" maker, the other with SAP on the shield and the same number of pins on front side, 5 hallmarks, date is 1864. JJP maker. (v051-mbt) Minimum Bid $60.00

Lot 93 H&T Birmingham, 3" Long closed, pearl handled sterling silver fruit knife, shadow bolsters with over a dozen inlaid decorative pins, some engraving on the pearl. Dated 1910. (v052-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 94 Pair of late Fruit knives, one with fancy pommel and engraved pearl, both with shields, Sheffield marks, sterling blades, 2 7/8" appx., one marked JYC (JY Collingshaw) and the other W.N. (William Nowill?), one dated 1917, the other 1926. Bear in mind that by this date Sterling silver fruit knives were all but a piece of history, and the late models are much rarer than some of the older marks. exc. (v053-mbt) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 95 Pair of pearl fruit knives, one with fancy bolsters and engraved pearl, five hallmarks, HW&C maker, and smaller WM maker. (v202-cho) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 96 Cargill metal handled boot knife, 5 3/4" oal, 2 3/4" blade, , five holes in the handle, double groung unused but some specks so near mint. No sheath. (v066-mbt) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 97 Fight'n Rooster Tarheel club knife with pearl handles, gunstock pattern, issued in 1978, one of 350, with wood wall plaque in the shape of NC. Mint. (v005-mbt) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 98 Sta Sharp "Chromized Steel" straight razor, near mint in the original box, cracked ice imitation pearl handles. (v006-mbt) Minimum Bid $20.00

Lot 99 Dale Warther miniature Bowie with a brass inlaid guard catcher on the top of the blade, clip point, and comes in a nice wood presentation box etched, "WRCA". 8 3/8" oal, 5 1/2" blade. Mint. (v339-cho) Minimum Bid $100.00






Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-299

Lots 300-323