J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers Knife Auction 105

Auction Ends Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bids begin closing at 10:30 Eastern time and close incrementally until all lots close.

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Lot 300 Two Blue bone Case 6220 peanuts, one a limited edition 1 of 2500 with bomb shield Ocean blue, the other is Med. blue, both MIB (v289-trw) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 301 Four Case peanut knives with laser engraving on the handles, light blue, paisly orange, smooth bone with white lettering, one with green latice design and three boxes. All mint. (v291-trw) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 302 Two Case peanut knives, 7220 curly maple handles and moroon micarta, both mint. (v292-trw) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 303 Two Case peanut knives, imitation black pearl and yellow composition jigged, both MIB (v293-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 304 Two Case peanuts, hunter green bone with XX shield and Case Autumn brown bone with script shield. Both MIB. (v294-trw) Minimum Bid $45.00

Lot 305 Pair of USA made hunting knives, 381-6 Case stacked leather washer handle hunter and Schrade USA 144 staglon hunter. Both mint. (v295-trw) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 306 Case antique brown smooth bone saddlehorn 62100, scroll bolsters and elk head scrimmed on the handle. And full cabin and mountain covering the entire handle on the reverse side. , MIB. (v296-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 307 Case Saddlehorn 62100 with Cabernet colored bone handles and brass script shield, scrolled bolsters, MIB (v297-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 308 TOPS USA Night Walker tactical fixed blade, bead blasted blade, micarta handles, ballistic cloth sheath, 12 1/" oal, 7 1/4", finger grove, black guard, straight tang, heavy stock. Mint. (v337-fmn) Minimum Bid $75.00

Lot 309 Case Scroll bolster smooth antique brown bone saddlehorn, 62100, with bowtie shield, MIB (v299-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 310 Pair of Case scroll bolster peanut knives, smooth white bone with green dagional markings Candy Cane green and Caribbean Blue bone with cross as a shield, both mint in Case presentation boxes. (v300-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 311 Pair of knives, unmarked stag 7 5/8" oal and 3" blade, and Frost Cutlery smooth bone Alaska 25th Anniversary (imported) both with leather sheaths and mint. (v301-trw) Minimum Bid $10.00

Lot 312 Pair of Hen & Rooster Germany stag handled skinning knives, Solingen German, with leather sheaths, both mint. Largest is 10" oal, 5 1/2" blade. (v302-trw) Minimum Bid $30.00

Lot 313 Three Case "Prepared for Life" thermoplastic handled official Boy Scout knives, trapper, peanut, and takeapart hobo with spoon, fork and knife blade. All 3 mint in the presentation boxes. (v303-trw) Minimum Bid $60.00

Lot 314 Two fixed blade knives. Buck etched Cabela's Pro Gold, and Buck 119 mint. Leather sheaths. Mint. (v305-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 315 Pair of Case knives. Bone peanut knives, one Harvest orange bone two blade in a tin made to resemble the old style pumpkin box, and a Drink Coca Cola with red bone handles, one blade, and metal relief Case emblem, MIT (v306-trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 316 Chuck Hawes handmade bone handled Damascus push dagger, handforged with filework, no sheath. 6 1/4" oal,  5” blade, fileworked tang, handle is 3 5/8" wide, no sheath. (v307-lmi) Minimum Bid $50.00

Lot 317 Official Boy Scout group of three knives, all with scout emblems and boxed, serpentine stock bone, blue peanut bone and brown bone. All MIB. (v318-trw) Minimum Bid $80.00

Lot 318 Russell Daddy Barlow easy open, good condition. (This is less than very good -- and not a lot good to be said about the condition other than it is a pre-1932 original easy open lockback Russell Daddy barlow. A piece of history that shows it. (v332-ddc) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 319 Buck 104 twin set, 102 and 103 models, in old yellow box, c.1986. Mint. (v027-mbt) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 320 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone. (78-DSC_0204-rel) Minimum Bid $20.00

Lot 321 Pair of Case light blue bone peanuts. One is etched "Limited Edition" with scroll bolsters, the other is not etched but also has scroll bolsters and a brass script shield. Both mint. (v338jpg trw) Minimum Bid $40.00

Lot 322 Case Calypso trapper nut, dark red handles, scrolled bolsters, in presentation case. Mint. (v336-trw) Minimum Bid $35.00

Lot 323 Case pair of trapper nuts, genuine stag handled John Wayne model, and red bone with raised letter shield, both MIB. (v335-trw) Minimum Bid $50.00



Lots 1-99

Lots 100-199

Lots 200-299

Lots 300-323