The link to the bidding site is below.
Revised instructions as of 10-3-23

Common problem: You enter your email address to sign in and it says "Already in the system." IF SO FORGET ABOUT USING SIGNUP. Go staight to login. Put in your email address, and click on "Forgot Password". It will send a link to your email. Click on the link and enter a password (twice). You should be ready to go.
Be sure to check your spam filter for the email.

Please do not wait until the last day.
If you wait until the last minute you could end up being unable to bid should there be an issue.

Register now, look around and see how things work, and be sure you can login again with no issues. This way we have time to fix any issues you may have.

Please read closely.

You must sign up if you have not bid with us before. (Register). Your will register with your email address. You pick your password. When you login in thereafter, your email address is your login word.

If you have bid with us before, your email will be in the system, but you will have to reset your password (see above).

Pay very close attention to your password, as it will be Case Sensitive. If it starts with a capital letter and you leave if off -- it will not let you in.

We do not have the passwords on file at J. Bruce Voyles Auctioneers office. The platform has a button that you can click to reset your password if you forget it. It will send the reset info to the email with which you logged in. You cannot call us for that info as we do not have it.

When you first enter the auction you will see a blue bar under the photo that says "Login to Bid". This is confusing if you have already logged in. Do not try to log in again. Instead click on "Login to bid" and it takes you to the terms and conditions to which you must agree before you continue. Please read them. These are the terms and conditions by which, by the act of bidding, you have agreed.

You may bid from the headline only and picture, OR you can click on the photo and it will open a larger photo, the detailed descriptions, and more photos if they were taken for this item. (However, we will not show eight shots of a common Case Sharkstooth, so don't expect that)

You can enter an "up to" bid, or a standard bid in the boxes underneath the photo--click the bar BESIDE the box to place your bid. The bar at the top will only place your bid for the next stated amount. It will ask you to confirm, click yes and your bids are placed. If you have the wining bid it will show. Be sure this is what you want to bid and the amount is correct before you hit "confirm."

If a bid has been placed on the item it will say, "Current bid". It will also show the next available bid increment under "asking".

VITAL: The increments are pre-stated. This program will not accept bids such as $53.11 1/2 cents on an item. If the bid is $50.00, the next acceptable bid is $60.00 or higher. No odd numbers.

One you have placed your bid go back to the auction with your BACK ARROW. DO NOT hit the "AUCTION" tab at the top of the page as it will take you out of the auction.

You can track your bids under "My Bids". If there is a lot you only want to watch, click on the round button at the upper right of the photo. You may pick how many lots per page you wish to view. At the bottom click "next" to go to the next page.

If you have issues please email, and send a screen shot if you can. It will help us get everything fixed to run smoother. Your suggestions would help too. Thanks.

To reenter the auction later, click on "Login" NOT on "Sign Up". You only sign up once.

You can only Signup an account one time with that email address. If it goofs up, you cannot Signup a second account using that same email, you will have to use another until we can get yours up and running. Again, it is VITAL that you use a correct email--AND be very careful on your password and get it exact.

Click here for the bidding site

The terms and conditions have been in place long term.

There is a 13% buyers premium, reduced to 10% if you pay by check or PayPal within 7 days from invoice.

Important Note On Returns: You have a 3 day return ONLY if the item is not as described. If there is a flaw and it is visible in the catalog that counts as part of the description. If you cannot decide whether the knife is in the condition you will accept from the high-res photo and the description--THEN DO NOT BID ON THAT ITEM. A return on a doubtful issue leaves us explaining to the consigner, to the underbidder, and others who may have dropped out of bidding. Accepting returns simply becase you are picky is not being fair to them.

If we do not know you, and you have never bid with us before, and your bids will exceed $2000 in total you MUST call us to arrange payment and verify your ability to pay for your bids. (If you are a long time bidder this does not apply to you, bid with us as you always have). We have, unfortunatly, been subject to a couple of worthless, deadbeat, dishonorable...etc. bidders who were new and refused to honor their bids. We are currently pursuing legal remedies with them, but we have been forced by them to change our procedures for first time bidders who go for the Tier One knives.

Click here for the bidding site.

Your limit is secret and serves the same purpose as a snipe bid. The bidder’s identity is never shown to other bidders.

This auction has soft closing times. If a bid is submitted and confirmed during the last minute before closing, the closing time will be extended on that lot by three minutes.

CANCELING BIDS. You will not be able to cancel a bid once it has been submitted on the auction website. This is done because other bidders may have acted based on a bid you have submitted. You will need to contact us if it absolutely necessary to cancel a bid. Bear in mind that when you have bid you have clicked twice to review bids and confirm bids. The time to reconsider is BEFORE you hit that CONFIRM BIDS button for the second time. If we must withdraw you bid you must contact us with three hours--and there will be a $25.00 charge.

The act of bidding is your acceptance of all terms.