How to Wrap pocketknives for consignment.

We have received knives and shipped knives in all forms, but we have discovered if you
follow these instructions it will afford your knives maximum protection and save us hours
of time on our end.  It is also inexpensive!


1. Here is all you need.  A plastic bag (baggie will do), a roll of paper towels, and of course knives!

2. Tear off one sheet for each knife, stacking them will make it easier.

3. Start with knife in one corner of the towel.

4. Roll the knife toward the center.

5. This gives the knife several layers of protection.

6. When you reach the center, fold the corners in to the center.

7. Continue rolling to the corner

8. Roll to the tip. IMPORTANT--DO NOT TAPE or Rubber band, but leave unattached.
This saves us time--and also prevents the potential of your knife being damaged if we are trying to cut the tape or rubber band.

9. Put this untaped, rolled up single knife in the plastic bag (don't get ahead of me, we're not done yet!)

10. Repeat this until you have enough knives to fill the bag. They will not come unwrapped, they are sealed against moisture, the are cushioned, and you can drop them in a cardboard box with a single sheet of bubble wrap lining the box or just wrap the entire bag in newspaper.

ALSO IMPORTANT: If you label knives with inventory number do NOT put the sticker on the front side of the knife.  That is the side we photograph, and we have to remove that sticker before we photograph it.

Your help in sending your knives in this manner is deeply appreciated.