How to Register and bid  in one of our catalog auctions.  

IMPORTANT: If you have found this page by surfing a knife you have on the internet, be sure to scroll to the top of the page showing that knife to be sure the deadline for the auction has not passed.  We are a real auction house, taking knives from consignors, and selling them to the highest bidder.  When the auction ends the knife sells.  So it does no good to contact us about wanting to buy an item in an expired auction.  Our selection varies with the knives consigned by each auction. We do not maintain a standard inventory of knives we will have in every auction. Thanks, and we look forward to you participating in our auctions.

Click here to go to the Terms that govern this auction.  Be sure to read them because you are bound by them if you bid.

Email bids to: or

You may bid via internet online, by phone, by mail, by email, or by fax.

1.You may register by sending your name, address, city, state, zip, daytime phone number, email address, and if by fax or mail your credit card number and expiration date (if you plan to charge your winning bids). Click here for the latest online bidding instructions and details.
2. In general online registration is only available for a limited number of days prior to the specific auction. However you may register anytime by phone by calling 423-238-6753  between 10-6  Talk to us. Last day we are in until midnight, or following the above link on the latest online bidding instructions and register there.
3. To register by fax send to 423-238-3960.
4. When you register by phone we will assign you a bidder number--just like the real auction this one is! However please understand we will be logging into the internet system. Phone bidding is designed for those customers who do not have internet access.
5. Deadline for fax and email bids is noon the stated auction day.  
6. Deadline for Phone bids is 10 p.m. of the stated auction day. Online bidding continues a few minutes longer, and begins ending in increments beginning at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time.
Every raised bid on any knife in the auction extends the bidding for that lot online. Lots with no active bidding will close at the sated times. 
7. This is a real auction. These knives are consigned by dozens of different consignors to be auctioned-therefore we can't sell them now--and after the auction they will all be gone--and we will not have them to sell then.   Did I say this is a REAL auction?  
8. We hold auctions regularly by catalog, the internet, and live auctions. We are not cannot list your own knives online. We take the photos, verify the authenticity, and stand behind our descriptions. And we've been in knives for over 30 years--so you know where we are if there is a problem. We also use our real name--so you know who you are dealing with. And when you call you talk to a human!
9. The increments are pre-stated as follows below. Please scroll down for an explanation on how this works.

$5.00-50.00 $5.00 increments

$50.00-$200.00 $10.00 increments

$200.00-$500.00 $25.00 increments

$500.00-$1000.00 $50.00 increments

$1000.00-$2000.00 $100.00 increments

$2000.00-$5000.00 $250.00 increments

$5000-$10,000.00 $500.00 increments

$10,000-$20,000.00 $1,000.00 increment

$20,000-$50,000.00 $2,500.00 increments

$50,000-$100,000.00 $5,000.00 increments

Incremental notes:


With online bidding, the next increment is the MINIMUM bid, but you may bid MORE than the minimum, at odd amounts. For instance Lot 22 is $15.00 and you have bid an up to of $20.00, with an up to of $70.00--a competive bidder COULD bid $27.50. Your bid would then advance $5.00 more--so the bid would now be $32.50. The next bid would have to be $37.50, or more if the bidder wanted to add a few dollars or cents to his bid.

Your $70.00 up to is only that, it is as UP TO--and as such you have not BID $70.00 yet. If the bids on lot 22 had advanced in even $5.00 and $10.00 increments, and we have you on the bid at $60.00, the next bid would be $70.00. (Your bid has not been executed because it was not a competitive bid). If a competive bidder bids $70.00, he will not get the bid (you're there!). However, remember he can advance the bid $10.00 or MORE, so if he bids $12.00, it advances the bid to $72.00. And he will be in the lead, even though he is not $10.00 BEYOND your up to, he is over $10.00 beyond the active bid at the time he bid (and your bid was unexecuted). So you would be out and if the auction closed he gets it for $72.00 plus the buyers premium and shipping. THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM OUR PREVIOUS SYSTEM--I personally do not like this type of bidding but for this auction this is how it works.

10. The auction ends when everyone quits bidding--not when time runs out.  You can't snipe this auction. 
11. If you have a problem anytime you have our number above, and when you call if we're in the office you'll talk to a human.  Try THAT with ebay! 423-238-6753 Eastern business hours.
12. Everything we offer is guaranteed to be as described, or you may return it.  No questions asked.  
13. Everything we offer for auction is guaranteed authentic.  We don't tolerate fakes.  (See No. 10)
14. Bid Early, Bid Often, check your bid by phone or online as often as you like. 

To bid in one of our live auctions we strongly advise you to be there, but you can bid absentee.
We do not go into as detailed descriptions for live auctions and everything is sold as is were is and is therefore not returnable.
We will be happy to go over lots over the phone on a limited basis prior to the auction.
We must have absentee bids in hand Wednesday prior to the Friday auction whether by fax,  phone, 
or email. (We leave for the show Thursday morning).
Some items and some auctions require your attendance and we are unable to take absentee bids.