Important News!

Dalton Knife Roadshow scheduled for March has been postponed until August 13 & 14, in Dalton Georgia.
We were have issues finding a date, and with the cancellation of the Lexington, KY show this year we contacted them and they had no objection to our using their dates this year only. All Central Ky Knife Club members will be admitted free to the Dalton Show. The Dalton show will return to our March dates in 2022. Our thanks to the CKCC for their help.

Friday night at the Dalton Knife Show will be a LIVE AUCTION Featuring a fantastic selection of collector knives, including a full cherry Case Floor display WITH KNIVES intact, many vintage Eye Brand, and more recent old knives such as original Valor Pony knives by the dozens. Do not miss it.

Back to our March Dates Same weekend next year.


A world auction record for this Case knife was set at $14,300.00 for the Case Tested 6488lp Green bone at our Pigeon Forge Auction.

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We look forward to seeing you at future knife shows when it once again becomes possible--and safe--to do so. Please stay safe.

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Auction 127 is NOW!


Click here if you have not bid with us in the last auction.

Click here if you bid in our last auction and are familiar with the all new bidding platform

Click here if you have not bid with us in the last auction.

Click here if you bid in our last auction and are familiar with the all new bidding platform



126 ended on May 12, 2021

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Featuring knives by Richtig, WWII Randalls, many more Randalls, handmades, and more. Large group of Marbles knives.


AUCTION 125 is Over. Bidding closed Feb 23, 2021.

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AUCTION 124 closed on Dec. 10, 2020.

Here's the catalog of what you missed.

Online preview catalog coming in a few days. A wide variety of knives in our last auction of the year, headlined by knives by R. W. Loveless, Michael Walker, Jerry Fisk, Harvey Dean, Ken Steigerwalt, Warren Osborne, Lloyd Hale, Joe Kious, W. D. Pease, Ron Gaston, Russell Easler, Jim Batson, Joel Chamblin, Jay Hendrickson, Eldon Peterson, Bill Luckett, Harvey McBurnette, Frank Centofante, plus Case, Winchester, Puma, Schatt & Morgan, Bulldog, vintage and more.

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Auction 123 ended Nov. 24

winning bidders--watch your email for invoices

Here for the high res non bid catalog

Here are the prices realized. Only up for a short time.




Auction 122 Ended October 20, 2020

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Auction 121 closed August 25, 2020

We are experiencing delays as we are short staffed due to Covid-19 protocols, extending our time between auctions. We are working on auctions every day.

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Click here for the high-res (non-bid) catalog of the ones that got away.




Auction 120 bidding closed June 2.

Click here to see the knives featured in the last auction. These knives are no longer available for bid.

Auction 119 endedApril 28.

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Auction 118-Flash Auction ended 3-26-20

First Auction 0f 2020 Click here for the high-res non-bid catalog

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